Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag

Fukubukuro lucky mystery bags are popular in Japan. The bags are packed with random items and sold for a substantial discount! Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag is packed with a random assortment of cute and practical items! Each bag includes a mix of at least 15 products chosen randomly from our kawaii warehouse. The retail value of the included products is approximately 45 USD! The bag is also a perfect gift for anyone who loves mystery surprises!

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  • A surprise bag packed with at least 15 randomly selected kawaii items
  • Items come in exclusive Blippo bag that cannot be purchased seperately
  • Retail value approx. 45 USD

Additional Info

Additional Info

Product code 10968
Manufacturer Blippo


Customer Reviews (210)

Yomaira Review by Yomaira
Bra kvalitet och hade många fina delar (Posted on 12/21/2019)
Love love love itReview by Nolita
Received my order faster then expected. It's so cute, everything that came in it so so kawaii! My daughter is going to love it. Can't wait for her to open it up for Christmas (Posted on 12/7/2019)
LOVED THIS BAGReview by sstwins
I LOVED this bag!!! It was definitely worth the money in my opinion. I am a crafter as well as an all around kawaii lover, so a lot of these supplies were things I could use in crafts if not for their intended purpose.

In my bag, I received:

1. A Hello Kitty mermaid plush! This plush is SO cute, she has a little keychain at the top, and the tag on her says that she originally sold for 2000 yen (already making this bag very much worth it). She's pretty big too (about the size of my hand!).

2. A slightly smaller, buttery soft kitty plush! My cat was orange with some darker stripes. I cannot convey to you how soft this cat is, but just know that it is MARSHMALLOW SOFT. It has a keychain attachment on the top as well, and is about the size of my fingers.

3. A pink coin purse with a polar bear on it with the words 'I love you' in Korean! The purse is honestly fairly large, the base of it is about the size of my palm.

4. A dessert phone charm! It was a pink cup with vanilla ice cream and blueberries. It's also pretty big, about two knuckles worth of size there. It's not soft at all, and feels pretty sturdy!

5. A medicine box keychain with frogs on it and three spaces for pills. Since I actually take three pills a day, this was PERFECT and the frogs are unbelievably cute.

6. Some jewelry seal multidimensional stickers. They are in the shape of blue rhinestones and will find their home in some craft!

7. Seven very cute rings with strawberry, mushroom, and other designs on them! These fit down to the second knuckle on my pinkie as a 21 year old woman with fairly large hands, so I might take the cute charms off and glue them to the base of some other rings!

8. A plastic jump rope! I haven't tried it yet to see if it would work for an adult.

9. A hand-sanitizer case with a cute cupcake on it! The case is made out of a silicone material and comes with an empty bottle (which you could fill with a sanitizer of your choice, or put in one of the little bottles from Bath and Body Works!).

10. A small plastic jar filled with crystalline plastic beads! I'll use these as accents for kandi rave bracelets.

11. Plastic (silicone) cat bookmarks! These are ADORABLE, there are 4 cats with funny faces each attached to a paperclip-like piece that is coated in silicone.

12. A set of various nail charm items, including tiny fruits, mini hollow stars, three colors of glitter, and some rhinestones. These are going to work PERFECTLY in resin crafts!

13. A kit to make and decorate mini cupcakes and parfaits! It comes with white and brown tubes of... something liquidy (probably the cake/parfait base), three cupcake molds, three parfait molds, and jars containing snowflakes, more mini fruit slices, beads, and hearts and stars! I am literally so excited to use this kit and make some mini foods!!

14. A Little Twin Stars keyholder! The silicon holder has Lala on it and is ADORABLE.

15. Two hairclips with cherry candy designs on them! These are so cute and hold my hair wonderfully!! They're honestly more heavy duty than I would have expected.

All in all I would definitely recommend this bag!! I easily got my money's worth in the first two items alone, and I was pleasantly surprise to receive several complete craft/art kits in there as well as some branded Sanrio items! Some of the items are sized for children, but with just a little effort I think they'll work perfectly for me.! (Posted on 12/7/2019)
Surprise bag!Review by Kawaii princess!
I love getting the kawaii surprise bag with lots and lots of goodies and stuff like that! They’re so totally cute! (Posted on 10/29/2019)
CuteReview by Patty
I loved everything came with so many different stuff a lot of fun really recommend (Posted on 10/23/2019)
Alright..!Review by Haya
I have been a longtime fan of Blippo and this is the first bag I get that felt disappointing, nothing much worth the price or the surprise. I hope it gets better as before. (Posted on 9/17/2019)
Super kawaii, loved it!Review by Avie
Everything in the bag was so kawaii and i loved it so so much! Definitely recommending to a friend :D
(Posted on 8/28/2019)
Great Variety Review by Stephanie
I love getting these Mixed Bags. I hadn’t purchased one in awhile but still ended up getting some of the same items as I did months ago. They are really cute items tho. This is a Great Gift Especially for a little girl. (Posted on 8/9/2019)
Really liked it, but...Review by Anabel
First of all, I want to say that I loved the cute surprise and that tbh it deserves 4.5/5 stars. Also, it was super safe packaged. My bag had:

1) Cute shocks with a ribbon print.

2) A panda sleep mask- my favourite thing, so so cute! I love pandas and I just lost my old sleep mask, so this is super convenient :)

3) A purse with cats dancing in it, it's adorable.

4) A sweet-themed phone charm with a mirror on it.

5) A pom-pom key chain.

6) A key chain/purse in the form of a macaron. Veeery cute.

7) A travelling tag, also with macarons on it.

8) A key chain with a whistle- it doesn't work but I don't really mind.

9) A fan in the form of orange juice... it's really cute, I wouldn't use it outside but I sure will use it at home! :)

10) Jewel stickers.

11) A Mermaid purse.

12) Hair accesories in the form of cherries. Again, I wouldn't use it outside, but they are cute and I plan to use them at home when studying or cleaning :)

13) A kickstand for a mobile phone. This looks super good quality, plus it's useful and cute.

14) A bracelet, mermaid themed.

15) I think this is the Harajuku pin... I saw this in this website a while ago. It's pink and it says "Eww"- it totally goes with my personality so that's why I remember it... As with the panda mask, it seems like you guys knew just what I needed xD

16) It suprised me that it had 16 items because it says 15 items... Not complaining tho ;P It's sort of a card to congratulate birthdays or whatever. It's 3D, it has a lion on it and it includes an envelope. I've already planned who I want to dedicate this to :)

17) A Summer gift, won't say it so I don't spoil the surprise to anyone else in case they read this... But I loved it :D

So, don't get me wrong. It was such a treat and I'll definetly get another one in the future. My only complaint is that it had 2 purses and 2 keychains (even tho I love all of them, except maybe the whistle one but oh well, I didn't expect to like ALL the items anyways). Plus the macaron one works as both as well, so it's like... 2 and a half of each :P

I think it would to remove 1 of each (leaving the macaron one aside) and instead add a pen and some candy, for example. I was expecting something more similar to the picture here, like, no "repeated" items.

Still, I think my money was well spent and I'll try to use everything eventually. I also enjoyed that it had a "theme" going on- Summer, mermaids, sweets, macarons. So cute! Keep up the good work :D (Posted on 8/6/2019)
Loved it ! Came with so much stuff!!! (⌒▽⌒)☆Review by Jada
The bag came with lots of little cute stuff and I would definitely get it again (Posted on 7/14/2019)
Super fun !Review by Cécile
Tous les produits ne seront pas utiles mais ils sont assurément Kawaii et fun :) (Posted on 7/6/2019)
Yay !Review by Caroline
So many sweet surprises !
And sole will be nice little gifts for my nieces. (Posted on 7/1/2019)
Fabulous!Review by Kerry
I bought this as a birthday gift for my niece and she absolutely loved it! There was a really great range of different items, more than I expected, all good quality and all very cute. I thought it was very good value and it arrived in the time frame suggested. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a gift for someone who loves kawaii! (Posted on 6/8/2019)
Surprise bagReview by Megan
I bought this for my daughter for her 13th birthday. She loved it. There were many small gifts inside. (Posted on 6/6/2019)
DisappointedReview by Raquel
I was expecting things like the ones that are shown in the photo they have, but nope, just cheap (and not so cute) stuff, not even a litlle plushie. If I were a little kid, I could have been happier with what I got, but that's not the case. (Posted on 6/1/2019)
NiceReview by Valentina
All the things inside my bag were cute and nice, just 2 of them that I cannot use. I found a bracelet, a hairclip, laces, cardholders, a pouch, a mirror and other cute things. The only things I can't use are a pack of little rings (too small) and a kit for false nails. In the end I liked the surpise bag very much. It was very funny to search what was inside, the object catched one by one. Lovable (Posted on 4/26/2019)
alrightReview by Faith
had some fun stuff in but some was useless like that no one would want. (Posted on 4/10/2019)
Very NiceReview by Ramona
The surprise bag was very nice there were a few small things with which I can do nothing but the rest was really nice I was very happy about it and the money was really worth it (Posted on 3/28/2019)
a lot of miscellaneous poor quality plastic accessoriesReview by bb
The quality in the products in the bag vary. Majority of the items in the bag were more plastic and dollar store type (e.g. plastic kids rings and cheap pins) and not very useful. DEFINITELY not worth $19.90. I don't recommend purchasing. (Posted on 3/25/2019)
Super fun!Review by Michelle
Loved everything in this! Super fun and cute (Posted on 3/24/2019)

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