Meito Puku Puku Tai Taiyaki Wafer - Chocolate

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Taiyaki, a fish shaped wafer that usually has a cream and red bean filling in it, is popular street food in Japan. This Puku Puku Tai Fish Shaped Wafer is an unusual snack made by Meito which consists of a monaka wafer on the outside and air-bubble chocolate on the inside. The chocolate inside is like a fluffy mousse and has a delicious chocolate flavour. The crunchy outer wafer with the soft inside together make a very pleasant and mouth-watering contrast in your mouth! Take a trip to Japan by eating this famous snack!
  • Contents: 16.5 g
  • Made in Japan by Meito
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  • Product Code: 8935
  • Manufacturer: Meito
  • Best Before: 2023-07, 2023-08