What Are Squishies?

Squishy, or sometimes incorrectly written as squishie, is a super soft foam toy designed to be held and squeezed. The definition of the word squishy is "being soft" and "not firm", meaning that almost anything foam-y and soft can be defined as squishy. Squishies come in different shapes and sizes from cute animal squishies to realistic-looking food squishies. Some of them are even infused with variety of sweet scents, so you can have double fun by enjoying a sweet scent of a squishy while squeezing it! They are the perfect for relieving stress and anxiety, but they can also be used as toys or decoration!

The most important feature of a squishy is its texture and rising quality. Squishies can be slow rising or fast rising, extremely soft, or made of more dense material. To see what kind of squishy you are holding, just squeeze it, release, and let it re-inflate itself! Maybe it pops back up immediately or takes several seconds to reach its original form. It’s always so exciting to try new squishies and see how they react after a firm squeeze!

Nowadays squishies have become a big hit and you can find them all over the Internet; squishy lovers have squishy-themed Instagram accounts and blogs. It is a popular hobby to share pictures and videos of your squishy collection and squeeze them on camera to show other squishy fans the quality and rising speed of different squishies. A great way to explore more awesome squishies is to exchange them with other squishy lovers like many hobbyist do! There are so many squishies out there that you will always find more cute and exciting squishies to add into your collection!

Because there are many squishy categories and not-so-familiar words in the squishy world, we have compiled a short squishy vocabulary here to help you understand squishies and their features better. We hope this list is helpful in your path of becoming a master of squishy knowledge!


Slow-rising Squishy

A squishy that re-inflates slowly after it has been squeezed. The speed can vary from several seconds to even minutes! Some squishies are labeled as semi-slow rising because they are not super slow or fast - just perfectly there in between.


Fast-rising Squishy

A squishy that re-inflates fast after it has been squeezed. These kind of squishies can rise in a couple of seconds, or pop back up immediately instead of actually rising.


Scented Squishy

A squishy that is infused with a scent. These kind of squishies have sweet scents which are usually related to their shapes; a flower squishy can have a lovely floral fragrance while a toast-shaped squishy can smell like a butter!


Soft Squishy

A squishy that is smooth and extra soft. These squishies are more softer than normal squishies and have extremely squishy texture. They are perfect for those who like their squishies as squeezable as possible!


Dense Squishy

A squishy that is the opposite of soft squishies (above). As the name suggests, they are denser than normal squishies and take more effort to squish. Perfect for those who want to relieve stress with firm squeezes!


Deco Squishy

A squishy you can decorate by yourself. Deco squishies usually have very minimalist colors and decorations because they are meant to be painted or decorated with your own personal touch. You can use stickers, markers, glitter, or any other crafting materials to create a squishy of your liking. Let your imaginary fly!


Licensed Squishy

A squishy that is made by a squishy creator or manufacturer. These kind of squishies are more special and usually made of high-quality material with more details. Some of the most popular licensed squishies are made by Puni Maru, Creamiicandy and iBloom.


DIY Squishy

A squishy that is made by oneself. DIY stands for do-it-yourself, and is a fun way to do creative projects and have the feeling of success when completed. Also known as homemade squishies, DIY squishies can be made using sponge material, memory foam, clay, certain liquids, and even duct tape. When you do squishies by yourself, you can shape and color them in any way you want! Here the creativity is the key. Check out our page about how to make squishies!


Squeeze Toy

A soft squeezable toy that resembles squishies but is not a squishy. Squeeze toys are usually made of more rubbery material and they don’t have those slow- or fast-rising qualities like squishies do. However, they are equally fun and great way to relieve stress!


We hope that this article helped you learn the basics about squishies! Please tell us if you have anything to add.