Kracie Tsukameru Jikken Fushigi Dama Mystery Ball DIY Candy Kit

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Kracie DIY sets are a fun and interesting way to make your own candy, and it is easy too! This DIY set allows you to make colorful jello drops that feel super fun when you hold them and taste so sweet! The set includes all the necessary ingredients, tools, and instructions, you just need to add water and start mixing! Yummy and fun for kids and adults!
  • Features 6 possible flavor combinations: grape, muscat soda, grape soda, muscat, clear soda, and rich grape
  • Set includes 5 powders, 1 tray with 3 molds, and 2 spoons
  • Check out this video tutorial on how to make the kit
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  • Product Code: 15114
  • Manufacturer: Kracie
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  • Best Before: 2025-11

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
not again

It tastes not good. It is easy to do. It is not really what it seams on the picture


The texture of the jellies is definitely weird, but the fun of making them and how they look at the end is so so good! I recommend making more, but grape sized balls. The big ones are too liquidy inside and the small ones seem too hard. Texture and fun is better then the taste itself, but I still highly recommend it!

Easy and Fun

It tastes good, it was a lot of fun and really neat to watch, the instructional pictures are super-easy to understand. it would even make a good learning experience.

When I started it, I was a little intimidated but it was extremely easy.