Re-Ment Kirby & Words

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Make space in your display case for this super cute miniature set. It comes from the Kirby & Words collection which features Kirby characters playing around with cute words. There are six different miniature sets in the collection for you to gather! 

Re-Ment figures are popular Japanese collectibles that are known for their meticulous design that pays attention to detail. Surprise yourself with a random miniature set! These miniatures come blind-boxed so you'll never know what kind of fun design you'll get. 
  • This is a miniature collectible set not recommended for small children
  • Series lineup: Welcome, Kirby, Swim, Cafe, Discovery, and ZZZ. 
  • By ordering, you will receive a random miniature set from a set of 6 designs 
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  • Product Code: 35979
  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Manufacturer: Re-Ment
  • Character/series: Kirby
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):