Delicious Party Pretty Cure Insect Repellent Stickers

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Use this super kawaii resealable pack of insect repellent stickers to keep bugs away from your camping site. It features prints of Delicious Party Precure characters! These stickers contain natural ingredients like eucalyptus oil which is safe for babies. Each sticker is effective for a 20 cm radius. Remember that you should attach the sticker closest to the exposed part of the skin when you're placing it on clothing like shirts and hats! Do not apply directly on skin.
  • A resealable pack of insect repellent stickers showcasing Delicious Party Precure characters
  • Contains: Eucalyptus essential oil (plant extract), eucalyptus fragrance, propylene glycol, methylparaben, pigment
  • Most effective to use 6 to 8 sheets for adults and 5 or 6 sheets for children
  • Stickers are effective within a 20 cm radius
  • Not safe to use directly on skin
  • Total of 72 pcs in the pack
  • High-quality item made in Japan by Skater
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  • Product Code: 32917
  • Manufacturer: Skater
  • Character/series: Pretty Cure
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