Macaron Animal Plushie Charm

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Bring this fluffy mini animal plushie that looks like a macaron! It has a removable ball chain so you can attach this charm to your favorite backpack. Surprise yourself as you’ll receive a random charm out of eight possible designs when you order!
  • A round-shaped animal plushie charm that looks like a macaron
  • Made of super-soft material
  • Comes with a detachable ball chain
  • High-quality item made in Japan by Yell World
  • By ordering, you’ll get a random charm out of 8 available designs
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  • Product Code: 31729
  • Manufacturer: YELL
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):

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Customer Reviews

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I bought one of these at an anime convention last year but had to forego more bc they were pretty expensive. I also found them in stores like Hot Topic and Lunchbox, but again pretty expensive. However, I kept thinking about all the different colors and wanting more for myself but also for some friends that I finally found this website and just had to take advantage of the incredibly better price (and that they were brand-new and not handled by a bunch of people). I bought 5 at random hoping that even if I got repeats or ones I already owned, that I could give them away as gifts to friends. By pure luck I not only got no repeats but the exact ones I had been eyeing. I'm thrilled! They are brand-new in package, just as lovely if not moreso than when I bought them in stores. Even without the wholesale they are leagues cheaper than the inflated price in stores, so it is well worth shipping to get several. I love these so much - immensely soft, great material that feels soft, and cute stitching. Hilariously I don't even like macarons: but for once in my life, I can love these colorful desserts!

Very cute!

Lovely soft material