Time Travel with Doraemon!

Time Travel with Doraemon!

Time Travel with Doraemon!

Buckle up because we’re traveling in time with Doraemon, the iconic blue cat from Japan! Created by Fujiko F. Fujio, this iconic manga and anime character isn’t just any ordinary cat. Doraemon is a time-traveling robot cat with a pocket full of awesome tools! Let’s learn more about this futuristic cutie who has captured hearts around the globe!

  • Japanese name: ドラえもん (Doraemon)
  • Nickname: Dora, Dora-chan
  • Birthday: September 3
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Cat-like robot
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Personality: Very caring but also impatient
  • Hobby: Reading manga and playing puzzles
  • Favorite food: Dorayaki
  • Special skills: Super strength and gun shooting
  • Weakness: Cold weather
  • Fun fact: Doraemon doesn’t have ears because they were bitten by a robot rat!



    What is Doraemon

    MS-903 Doraemon or simply Doraemon is the main character of the manga series with the same title, created by Fujiko F. Fujio. He’s from the future, specifically the 22nd century, which is like a hundred years from now. He's sent back in time to help his friend Nobita Nobi, who's kinda clumsy and needs a little push to become successful.


    What is Doraemon

    Now, Doraemon's not your average robot. He's got a blue body with a big, round face and a red nose. Although his appearance is cat-like, he acts like a human. Sometimes, people who see him for the first time think he's a raccoon dog, and that makes him really mad! 


    Doraemon’s got some super cool features too! He can see in the dark with his infrared eyes, hear super well with his special ears (even though they got bitten by rats and work like human ears now), and his big mouth can even fit a whole washbasin! Doraemon also used to have a super powerful nose and a radar beard, but they’re now out of order.



    What is the meaning of Doraemon

    The name "Doraemon" can be roughly translated to "stray cat" in English. “Dora” comes from “dora neko,” which means a bold or stray cat. And “emon” is like an old-fashioned ending for boys’ names. You may think that Doraemon comes from dorayaki, a pancake sandwich that’s actually Doraemon’s favorite food, but it’s not!



    Which country is Doraemon from?

    Doraemon is from Japan! This earless robot cat from Fujiko F. Fujio’s manga first appeared in 1970 in a Japanese magazine. Then, they made it into anime TV shows and movies. Various types of Doraemon merchandise and media have also been developed.

    "The accumulation of small daily efforts will create history!"

    Because of really good feedback, the manga and anime were licensed for English-language release, making this character popular worldwide.



    The Doraemon manga is about a ten-year-old boy named Nobita who’s nice but lazy, not really good at school or sports, and has bad luck. One day, a blue robot cat named Doraemon comes from the future to help him. This robot was sent by Nobita's future grandchild, Sewashi, to make sure Nobita had a better life.


    What is the story of Doraemon

    Every episode is about Doraemon taking a special tool from his pouch to help Nobita solve his problems. They usually fix a problem but sometimes cause new ones if they use the tool too much. In their daily life, Doraemon, Nobita, and their friends have many adventures and fun!



    In the early summer of 1969, Fujiko F. Fujio and his team began planning a new series after his previously written manga, Umeboshi Denka. When thinking of new ideas, Fujio wished there was a machine that could help him come up with ideas for his manga. Then, he tripped over his daughter’s toy and heard cats fighting in his neighborhood.


    When was Doraemon created

    That’s how he came up with the idea of Doraemon! When creating the character, Fujio drew many manga versions of cat drawings. The first Doraemon manga was published in a magazine called Shogakukan in January 1970. In the beginning, Doraemon wasn’t very popular, but after it became an anime, it was a big hit!



    How old is Doraemon

    Doraemon was created in the future, in the year 2112. If we count back from the current year, he would be "minus" 90 years old. Even though he was made in the future, he first came to our time and became popular in 1970 through a manga and anime series. So, while Doraemon is -90 years old in his own timeline, he made his first appearance as a beloved character more than 5 decades ago in the manga series.



    What does Doraemon look like?

    Doraemon is a robot cat with a round and thick body. He has a special pocket on his belly called a "four-dimensional pocket" where he keeps all kinds of gadgets from the future. Even though he's a robot, he worries about his weight and has tried dieting because he doesn't like when people call him fat or say he has a big head.


    Doraemon ears

    And guess what? Doraemon’s original color is yellow, but he turned blue from sadness and crying for three days because a robot rat chewed off his ears. He has big, infrared eyes that help him see in the dark and whiskers that should work like radar but are broken. He also has a red tail that acts like a switch for his functions and sways just like a real cat’s when he’s mad! 



    How tall is Doraemon

    Doraemon’s height is exactly 129.3 centimeters! This figure was determined by Fujio in 1975, as it was decided that Doraemon’s height, weight, and birthday were all the same sequence of the numbers, 1293! At first, Doraemon’s height matched Nobita’s, but as the manga series went on, he was depicted as slightly shorter.



    Doraemon's pocket

    Doraemon is famous for his special pocket and for good reason! The pocket on his belly is called a “four-dimensional pocket,” and there’s a “four-dimensional warehouse” inside where he can store all sorts of tools, big or small. Doraemon can take out whatever you need just by thinking about it!


    Doraemon 4D pocket

    When Doraemon takes out a tool, he likes to hold it up and say its name. In the anime, it’s even accompanied by special music and sound effects! But here’s the catch: when Nobita needs something urgently, Doraemon sometimes makes a mess and pulls out the wrong tools first. That’s because Doraemon doesn’t keep things organized!



    Doraemon's favorite gadget

    As we’ve explained, Doraemon’s 4D pocket can hold unlimited storage of amazing tools. So, does Doraemon have a favorite gadget? Yes! First, there’s the Take-copter, or as they call it in Japan, the taketombo. It’s like a tiny fan placed on the head that lets Doraemon and Nobita zoom around the sky on their adventures.


    Doraemon's gadget

    Then, there’s the Dokodemo Door or the Anywhere Door that lets you go anywhere you want to go. It can be in a different country or even a different planet! Another gadget for traveling is the Time Machine. Unlike Doraemon’s other gadgets, this one’s not stored in his pocket. Instead, it’s in Nobita’s desk drawer.



    Doraemon's favorite food

    Doraemon's favorite food is dorayaki, a yummy Japanese sweet made of pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste. In one story, Doraemon's girlfriend, a dancing robot cat named Noramyako, gave him dorayaki for the first time, and he loved it ever since. He's really picky about how it tastes, saying that dorayaki that's too sweet is bad. There was even a time that he had a big argument with a shopkeeper over the taste of dorayaki!


    Doraemon Dorayaki

    Doraemon loves dorayaki so much that he once ate the world's biggest one all by himself and won a dorayaki-eating contest. If he goes too long without eating dorayaki, he gets really cranky and can't think straight until he eats some.

    “No way, the dorayaki is sold out!”

    Sometimes, Doraemon does sneaky things to get dorayaki, like raising the price of food or starting a business just to make more money for dorayaki. He even thought about making a special bacteria to turn water into dorayaki! 



    Why is Doraemon scared of rats

    You may think this robot cat will chase rats, but it’s actually the other way around. Doraemon is really scared of rats! It all started when he was taking a nap and a robot rat chewed off his ears. Just hearing the word “mouse” gives him chills! He’s also scared of other animals that look like rats, like hamsters, guinea pigs, and a mouse-shaped alien named Chimpui!


    When Doraemon sees a rat, he screams loudly and runs away at a super speed of 129.3 km/h! Sometimes, he even passes out. To get away from rats, Doraemon might climb up high or stick to the ceiling. Sometimes, he has to face his fears and help Nobita by confronting a mouse. But most of the time, rats really scare Doraemon!



    Doraemon characters

    Even though Doraemon is a robot, he has his own family back home. And when he traveled to the past, this cutie got to meet a lot of new friends to have adventures with! Let’s learn about Doraemon’s crew of family and friends from Fujiko F. Fujio’s beloved manga and anime series!



    Nobita Nobi (のび のびた)

    Born on August 7, Nobita is not the best at studying or sports, and some people think he’s lazy. But when he puts his mind to it, he can really shine! He often relies on Doraemon’s gadgets to help him out, but sometimes he shows his strong side and solves the problems by himself. And guess what? He can fall asleep super fast, in just 0.93 seconds!

    Shizuka Doraemon

    Shizuka Minamoto (みなもと しずか)

    A friend and crush of Nobita, this girl is super smart and has a kind heart. Her favorite food is roasted sweet potatoes, but she doesn’t eat them often to keep up her good shape. She’s learning to play the violin, and while she’s not the best, it’s still better than Gian’s singing!

    Gian Doraemon

    Takeshi Goda (ごうだ たけし)

    Also known as Gian, he’s a classmate of Nobita. Gian may seem tough and bossy, but deep down, he really cares about his little sister Jaiko and has a soft side when it comes to love. He loves singing, but unfortunately, he’s not the best at it and can make your ears hurt with his tone-deaf tunes. Still, he’s super proud of his songs and loves sharing them!



    Suneo Honekawa (ほねかわ スネお)

    Suneo is one of Nobita’s classmates who often hangs out with Gian, sometimes teaming up to bully Nobita. But he’s not all bad. He sometimes shows his softer side by helping Nobita. Suneo comes from a wealthy family and loves admiring himself in the mirror!



    Dorami (ドラミ)

    Doraemon’s little sister robot, Dorami also lives with the Nobi family in the 22nd century. Unlike Doraemon, she’s pretty strict and believes in helping Nobita figure things out himself instead of just lending him tools. She’s a solid dependable robot who always looks out for her brothers and friends!



    Noramyako (ノラミャー子)

    A cat-shaped robot with droopy eyes and a sassy attitude, Noramyako was once Doraemon’s girlfriend. She teased Doraemon a lot, playing with his feelings. When she saw Doraemon without ears, she burst into laughter! That’s why they broke up.


    Tamako Nobi

    Tamako Nobi (のび たまこ)

    Tamako is Nobita’s mom, a 38-year-old housewife. Nobita and even Doraemon call her “Mama.” She’s known for giving Nobita a lot of advice and sometimes nagging him, just like a caring mom would!


    Nobisuke Nobi

    Nobisuke Nobi (のび のびすけ)

    This man is Nobita’s dad, a company employee. He’s not as strict as Tamako but does give Nobita a pep talk now and then, pushing him to do his best. He's always there to support and encourage Nobita when he's going through a tough time.



    Sewashi (セワシ)

    Nobita’s great-great grandson is Sewashi, a person born in the year 2115. He's the one who sent Doraemon back in time to help Nobita with his problems.


    Mini Doras

    Mini-Doraemon (ミニドラえもん)

    Also called Mini Doras, these are miniature robots made by the Matsushiba Robot Factory. They were created to honor Doraemon for his bravery in helping the Time Patrol catch some bad guys. They look just like a mini Doraemon! Most of the time, they stay hidden in Doraemon's special pocket, ready to help out when needed.



    Gatchako (ガチャ子)

    Gatchako is a unique duck-shaped robot who wears a cute dress and a ribbon on her head. She even has a square tooth at the tip of her beak! While she can talk like humans, she also makes animal-like noises. Just like Doraemon, she has a secret tool, but instead of keeping it in a pocket, she spits it out from her mouth.



    Jaiko (ジャイ子)

    Gian's younger sister, Jaiko is at first a bit mischievous, but soon after, she becomes good friends with Nobita. As the series goes on, Jaiko dreams of becoming a manga artist and sometimes struggles with her brother's overprotective love.



    Doraemon Girlfriend

    Doraemon's love life is quite the kitty tale! In the manga, Noramyako is his ex-girlfriend. In the modern stories, he has a crush on different female felines like Tama, Mii, and Shiro. Sometimes, he even falls for a toy cat! There's also the animated movie Nobita's Wanyan Jikuden, where Doraemon falls head over heels for a cat-like human named Shammy.


    Doraemon idol

    But wait, there's more! Even though he's a robot cat, he's got a soft spot for human female idols in the manga series. He even had a poster of a fictional idol named Tsubasa Ito hanging in his closet. Doraemon sure knows how to keep his heart—and his paws—busy!



    Did Doraemon leave Nobita in the end?

    Well, the end of Doraemon and Nobita's time together is a bit of a tearjerker. When Nobita gets a bit older, Doraemon has to leave because of some new time-travel rules. So, Doraemon goes back to the future, leaving Nobita with just memories and an empty drawer that used to hold the time machine.

    "Farewell, Nobita. I will never forget the fun memories I had with you. Forever and ever..."

    Even though Doraemon's gone, every time Nobita opens that drawer, he's reminded of his amazing friend. So, while they might be apart, they'll always be in each other's hearts!



    Where to watch Doraemon anime

    Wondering where to watch the Doraemon anime and join in on his extraordinary adventures? In Japan, Doraemon series and movies are regularly broadcast on TV channels. But for other countries, you can enjoy watching Doraemon using various streaming platforms, including Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Netflix in some regions.



    In total, there are over 40 full feature films starring our favorite blue robot cat. Some of the most popular Doraemon movies are Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops, Stand by Me Doraemon, and Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum.

    “Do you think you can suddenly become a great person one day without much effort?”

    Each movie takes Doraemon and his friends on new adventures, and they never fail to bring some fun and excitement. At the Japanese box office, Doraemon has surpassed Godzilla as the highest-grossing film franchise in Japan!



    Is Doraemon popular

    If having more than 40 movies is not enough to prove Doraemon’s popularity, here’s more! In Japan, Doraemon is a big hit. It’s been on TV since 1979 and still receives super high ratings. This robot cat is considered one of the best-known manga of all time, a true Japanese pop culture icon!


    Doraemon Asian Hero

    He’s not just any regular anime character, he’s a real superstar! In the special issue of Time Magazine, Doraemon was the only anime character to be named one of the 22 Asian Heroes. He was even described as “The Cuddliest Hero in Asia.” Plus, Doraemon was voted as the second-strongest manga character ever, right after Son Goku from Dragon Ball.


    Doraemon worldwide

    People absolutely love Doraemon, and it shows! Over 250 million Doraemon manga books have been sold worldwide, and Doraemon anime is watched in over 60 countries. Even Doraemon merchandise has raked in billions of dollars!



    Drawing a Doraemon picture is a blast! Start with a big, round head, and then add two big eyes in the middle. Don't forget his cute, tiny nose right below. Now, give him a big, wide smile because Doraemon is always happy! For his body, draw a chubby oval shape right under his head and add two small arms on the sides and cute little feet at the bottom. Finally, top it off with his magical pocket on his tummy to complete your very own Doraemon!



    Ambassador Doraemon

    Since Doraemon is super popular, it’s no surprise that he was selected as an ambassador in Japan! In 2008, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs picked Doraemon as the first-ever anime ambassador. They wanted to help people all around the world get into Japanese anime and culture.


    Doraemon Tokyo Olympics

    And in 2013, Doraemon was the face of Tokyo's campaign to host the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. He even showed up at the 2016 Summer Olympics closing ceremony to get everyone excited for the big event in Tokyo!



    Doraemon has made quite a splash in the world of video games! There are classics like Dokodemo Dorayaki Doraemon by Bandai and Doraemon by Hudson Soft. Sega also joined the fun with Doraemon Wii, the first Doraemon game for the Wii console. Doraemon even danced his way into the rhythm game Taiko no Tatsujin. Additionally, Doraemon ventured out into the world of farming with Doraemon Story of Seasons!


    Doraemon Fall Guys

    As if the original Doraemon video games aren’t enough, Doraemon’s also been busy teaming up with big names in the gaming industry. In the puzzle world, he’s joined forces with "LINE: Doraemon Park," where players create their own Doraemon-themed park. What’s more, Fall Guys gamers also got to enjoy limited-edition Doraemon special costumes!


    Doraemon Granblue Fantasy

    Popular online game Roblox also featured Doraemon in Doraemon & Nobita’s Go-Go Ride! Then there’s Granblue Fantasy, where Doraemon's Nobita's Skyfaring Boat made a grand appearance. The mobile games Monster Strike and Puyo Quest got in on the action too, adding Doraemon characters and special rewards.



    If you’re more into playing games with your friends, you can also enjoy Doraemon tabletop games during your free time! There’s the Doraemon Pocket Life Game, a pocket-sized mini-adventure board game so you can play it on the go. Another fun game to share with your buddies is Doraemon & Nobita’s Logical King, a strategic card game where Doraemon’s secret tools come into play.



    Doraemon treats

    Doraemon’s popularity is enough to make food brands all over Japan and even the world collaborate with him. You can find food and drinks in Doraemon-themed packaging like Lupicia’s limited edition doroyaki-flavored black tea and special-flavored UCC coffee.


    Baskin Robbins Doraemon

    Additionally, there are lots of Doraemon candies for fans to enjoy! Tabemas Candy, Tokyo Banana, and Marlowe are among the famous snacks that feature this blue cat. You can also enjoy an ice cream from Imuraya in a Doraemon-shaped container. Then, to celebrate the release of Doraemon’s movie, Baskin Robbins added Doraemon-themed ice cream to their menu, complete with Doraemon stickers for extra fun!



    Among popular Japanese characters, Doraemon is also a favorite guest star in the world’s leading fast-food chain, McDonald’s! Doraemon fans can collect different sets of Happy Meal toys featuring Doraemon. And that’s not all! McDonald’s also launched special treats like McShake Doraemon Ramune, Doraemon Choco Banana Pie, and yogurt-flavored McShakes called “Yogurudo.” These goodies are inspired by Doraemon and summer festivals!



    Doraemon makeup

    In the beauty industry, Doraemon teams up with popular cosmetics brands such as Paul & Joe from Japan, I’m Meme and A’Pieu from Korea, and Colorkey from Singapore. These collaborations are as cute as it gets! The designs didn’t hold back; every product in their Doraemon collection is decorated with meticulous details. It’s not just cute cases, even the lipstick and pressed powder are engraved with Doraemon’s faces!


    Doraemon soap

    Speaking of beauty collabs, Doraemon also partnered with lots of beauty products. That’s right, this robot cat is a favorite beauty brand partner! You can find Doraemon in cute packaging of Japanese cosmetics like Merit, Steam Cream, Naive, and Sun Smile.



    Doraemon kitchenware

    How about filling your house with everything Doraemon? Premium cookware brand Le Creuset Japan released a collection of Doraemon cookware across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand to celebrate Doraemon’s 50th Anniversary. That means you can cook using pots, pans, and other kitchenware decorated with Doraemon! Imperial Enterprise also joined the celebration with traditional limited-edition Edo Kiriko cut glasses.



    With lots of brand collaboration, Doraemon has been making waves in the fashion world! Japanese brands BLACK OJICO, UNDONE watch, and PORTER launched bags and watches to celebrate Doraemon's 50th anniversary. Felissimo and Uniqlo also teamed up with Doraemon for a stylish lineup of bags, tees, and practical items.


    Doraemon Gucci

    Even international brands are joining in! Italian shoe brand SUPERGA's "2725" sneaker showcases Doraemon's face, while GUCCI launched an exclusive Chinese New Year collection with over 50 items, blending GUCCI's chic style with Doraemon's iconic blue and white. It's Doraemon like you've never seen before!



    Doraemon x Hello Kitty

    We know Doraemon is already a popular character, but still, he teamed up with Hello Kitty, one of the most famous characters in the Sanrio Universe. Two of Japan’s pop culture icons in one collaboration? Now that’s something kawaii fans wouldn’t want to miss! This collaboration became a hit for fans of all ages, especially those who grew up loving both characters.


    Doraemon and Hello Kitty collab

    Since 2015, Sanrio and Fujiko-Pro have already released four collections featuring the dynamic duo and their iconic symbols like Doraemon’s bell, and Hello Kitty’s ribbon. Whether it’s kawaii handbags, accessories, or stationery, there’s something for everyone in these fun and playful collections!



    Doraemon gachapon

    Even Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai has got something exciting for Doraemon fans with their Doraemon gachapons! These are little capsule toys you can get from vending machines, and they're packed with Doraemon-themed goodies like mini figures and charms. If you want to learn more about this iconic capsule toy, you can check out our blog post about Japanese gachapon.



    The 42nd Doraemon movie, Nobita’s Sky Utopia, hit screens in March of 2023. Doraemon, Nobita, and the gang went on a sky-high adventure to find a perfect land of happiness called Utopia. To celebrate, the real world got a treat too—fans got to help in naming a huge 17-meter Doraemon airship soaring in the skies! It's all about aiming high and chasing dreams, showing that both kids and grown-ups can look up and move toward their hopes.



    Doraemon exhibit

    In 2017 and 2019, Doraemon fans got a chance to see two awesome Doraemon exhibitions. One was held in Tokyo and the other was in Osaka. The exhibit combined Doraemon’s world with art from top-notch Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami. Imagine seeing a massive Doraemon artwork as soon as you walk in!


    Doraemon exhibit merchandise

    Plus, there’s a special menu at the gallery’s cafe, filled with Doraemon-themed food visitors get to enjoy. There’s also limited-edition merchandise that could only be bought from the exhibition, like a cute backpack featuring scenes from the original Doraemon manga! It was a fantastic chance to dive into Doraemon’s world!



    Even if you're not in Japan, you can still dive into the magical world of Doraemon! Doraemon is so popular that he holds events in different countries as well. In Vietnam, there was an event called Doraemon and Friends to celebrate the manga character’s 20th anniversary in the country.


    Doraemon Doki Doki in Busan

    In Korea, a park is planned to be transformed into a Doraemon world for the Doki Doki Doraemon in Busan event in May 2024. Not only that but in 2023, Taipei also had an exhibition similar to the one held in Osaka, Japan where international artists created unique, Doraemon-inspired pieces. So, wherever you are, there's a Doraemon adventure waiting for you!



    In 2020, our favorite blue robot cat celebrated half a century of fun! To mark this special milestone, there were tons of awesome events and collabs. A monument called Doraemon Mirai no Tobira, or Doraemon’s Future Door was installed in Miyashita Park, Tokyo, to commemorate Doraemon’s 50th year. Even Seibu Railway Co. joined the fun with their eight-car "Doraemon-Go!" train that was decorated with the blue robot cat!


    Doraemon 50th anniversary

    From tasty kawaii confections featuring Doraemon to Doraemon travel accessories, it was a blast! Lots of brands like McDonald’s, Razer, and Takara Tomy released special collections for Doraemon’s 50th anniversary. There was even an online fair launched on TSUTAYA Ginza’s website where fans could buy Doraemon manga.



    Ready for a Doraemon adventure? You can dive into the world of Doraemon at the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum! Located in Kawasaki, this museum is the ultimate place for Doraemon lovers. You'll find original manga artwork, life-sized Doraemon figures, and even a recreated streetscape from the series. There’s also a Doraemon cafe where you can enjoy everything Doraemon!



    Doraemon Universal Studios Japan

    Doraemon is also an attraction at Universal Studios Japan, especially when there’s a new Doraemon movie to be released. For example, in 2020 and 2023, USJ launched a Doraemon-themed XR ride and a high-speed VR coaster to promote the movies Stand by Me Doraemon and Doraemon: Nobita’s Sky Utopia.


    Doraemon goodies at USJ

    But the fun doesn’t stop there! Mouthwatering Doraemon-themed food was also served at the theme park, along with limited-edition merchandise. This included key rings and plush toys featuring the cute robot cat! It was a limited-time experience for all Doraemon fans and USJ visitors alike.



    Doraemon hotel

    How about a Doraemon-themed sleepover? Royal Park Hotels decorated their rooms with a giant stuffed Doraemon and scenes from the movie Doraemon: Nobita’s Earth Symphony. Imagine Nobita and friends jamming on musical instruments right by your window, and Doraemon playfully waving his magic tact in the bathroom. You can even hunt for secret tools hidden in drawers and bookshelves in the room!



    Step into the whimsical world of Doraemon at Little Planet, Japan's charming theme park in Tokyo! Here, Doraemon's iconic blue and white design comes to life, with playful attractions like the Drawing Stage where kids can draw and a colorful stage where they can see their drawings come to life! These attractions are something the whole family will surely enjoy.



    Doraemon Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest Park

    To mark the release of Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Earth Symphony, the Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forest Park lit up with a special illumination show that combines music and magical lights. The 250-meter-long park was adorned with vibrant illuminations of musical notes, Doraemon, and his friends. The park's "Hall of Light and Sound" even hosted an enchanting music and light show, making it feel like Doraemon was right there performing!



    Doraemon merchandise

    Want to start your Doraemon collection? You’re in luck because Doraemon goodies aren’t hard to find! You can find them in toy stores, department stores, and even specialty anime shops. Don’t forget online stores, too, where you can browse through a massive collection right from the comfort of your home.


    Doraemon merchandise

    Check out our Doraemon collection on Blippo! Whether you’re hunting for Doraemon plushies, Doraemon toys, or Doraemon snacks, there’s something for every Doraemon fan! So, gear up and start shopping to have the biggest Doraemon collection ever!


    Doraemon idols

    Well, that was a lot! We’re done learning about Doraemon, the robot cat from the future. His adventures remind us of the power of innovation, friendship, and never giving up, no matter the odds. Dive into his world, and who knows? You might just find the gadget you need to make your day a little brighter!


    Are you a long-time fan or new to the Doraemon universe? There’s always something new to discover and enjoy about this timeless character. If you want to add more, let us know in the comments!

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