Meet All The Cures, Fairies, and More in Pretty Cure!

Meet All The Cures, Fairies, and More in Pretty Cure!

Meet All The Cures, Fairies, and More in Pretty Cure!

Welcome to the magical world of Pretty Cure! Also known as PreCure, this sparkling anime franchise Izumi Todo and Bandai created in 2004 has become massively successful. Embodying the themes of courage, friendship, hope, and love for nearly two decades, Pretty Cure has been loved in Japan and around the world. 


Pretty Cure 20th Anniversary

Did you know that Pretty Cure has 20 main series as of 2023? That’s right. Twenty. And that’s not all - it’s also got quite a number of anime films, musicals, plays, light novels, art books, and video games. That’s a whole lot of material for a Magical Girl franchise! 


Pretty Cure is all about magical girls! The franchise is filled with young, strong-willed, and hopeful girls (and sometimes boys) who transform into heroes called Cures who defeat the shadows of evil. These girls always have a special weapon to help them transform and cute allies called fairies to help them with their battles. 

Let's jump right in!

  1. Futari Wa Pretty Cure
  2. Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
  3. Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
  4. Yes! Pretty Cure 5
  5. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
  6. Fresh Pretty Cure!
  7. Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
  8. Suite Pretty Cure♪
  9. Smile Pretty Cure!
  10. Doki Doki! Pretty Cure
  11. Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
  12. Go! Princess Pretty Cure
  13. Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!
  14. KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode
  15. HUGtto! Pretty Cure
  16. Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
  17. Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure
  18. Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure
  19. Delicious Party♥Pretty Cure
  20. Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure


Soaring Sky Pretty Cure

In each main series, PreCure showcases a different set of girls (and boys) with different personalities, weapons, and magical abilities. They also showcase a different set of transformations as well as a different set of fairy partners. It’s a hoot-and-half seeing how many Pretty Cure characters there are! 


Pretty Cure Girls

In our last Pretty Cure blog, we gave a pretty extensive overview of the PreCure franchise. Today we’re going to explore all the different main Pretty Cure shows, all of the different Cures, their fairy allies, and some of their biggest enemies in one big comprehensive blog post. Sit tight, because this is going to be a long magical ride! 

Pretty Cure



Futari wa Pretty Cure

This is the very first Pretty Cure series that spawned the entire PreCure franchise!  Released in 2004, Futari Wa Pretty Cure centers around two middle school girls named Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka. The two gain magical abilities after coming into contact with the fairies Mepple and Mipple. 


Though Nagisa and Honoka have a lot of differences, the two eventually become good friends. In the course of the series, Nagisa and Honoka become inseparable partners in fighting the forces of evil from the Dotsuko Zone.



Misumi Nagisa  (美墨なぎさ) / Cure Black (キュア・ブラック)

Athletic and spunky, Nagisa is the star lacrosse player at Verone Academy!  Though she’s bad at studying and a bit childish, she’s always guided by a strong sense of justice. Her catchphrases are “Unbelievable!” and “Give me a break.” Nagisa transforms into Cure Black who is incredibly strong and powerful!



Yukishiro Honoka (雪城ほのか) / Cure White (キュア・ホワイト)

In the same class as Nagisa, Honoka is a super smart girl who is often called by her classmates the “Queen of Knowledge.” She is gentle, compassionate, and full of hope. Honoka is super serious though and she can be strict with others who are lazy. Since Cure Black is stronger than her, Honoka as Cure White focuses on her agility and intelligence when she fights. 



Mepple (メップル)

Mepple is a fairy that’s in Nagisa’s care. Sometimes he can be quite arrogant and he argues with Nagisa a lot. Mepple loves Mipple, the fairy that’s together with Honoka. Mepple ends his sentences with “-mepo” in the Japanese episodes of the show. 


Mipple ( ミップル)

Unlike Mepple, Mipple is a calm and agreeable fairy who gets along with her caretaker, Honoka. She’s also known as the Princess of Hope. Mipple ends her sentences with “-mipo” in the Japanese version of the series. 



Pollun (ポルン)

Pollun is the third fairy that appears in the second half of Futari Wa Pretty Cure. Ending his sentences with “Popo,” Pollun can be extremely selfish. He lives together with Nagisa and ends up annoying both her and Mepple. 



Queen (クイーン

The Queen is the ruler of the Garden of Light (the world of light in Pretty Cure). She is the one who grants the first generation's Pretty Cure’s powers. The queen is one of the two largest characters in the series. She is only rivaled by the Evil King himself.  


Evil King

Evil King (ジャアクキング) 

The ultimate villain of the series, the Evil King is the ruler of Dotsuku Zone. The largest character in the show, he is made of evil energy and has red glowing eyes. The Evil King is defeated in the series by Cure Black and Cure white together with the help of the Queen. 



Max Heart

Max Heart is the sequel to Futari Wa Pretty Cure. In the series, Nagisa and Honoka are in their third year of middle school. With the earth threatened by the resurrection of the Evil King, the two are forced to take the mantle of Pretty Cure once more. They also gain a new ally, Kujou Hikari, a mysterious girl who can transform into Shiny Luminous. 


Max Heart

Since the series showcases the same main characters from Futari Wa Pretty Cure, we’ll be listing down the new characters here. Let’s get started! 



Kujou Hikari (九条ひかり) / Shiny Luminous (シャイニールミナス)

Kujou Hikari mysterious girl can transform into the Cure, Shiny Luminous. This Cure is a warrior with special powers that aid Cure White and Cure Black while fighting. Hikari is sweet and gentle and always thinks of others. She works with Akane at the Tako Cafe. Later on in the series, Hikari is revealed to be the life of the disappeared Queen. 



Lulun (ルルン) 

This fairy is also known as the Princess of Light who can connect with the future. Lulun lives together with Pollun and Hikari in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. Her sentences end with the cute phrase “-lulu.” 



Heartiels (ハーチイエル) 

Fairy-like creatures, the Heartiels are the embodiment of the Queen’s will. There are 12 Heartiels. Each one represents each of the Queen’s qualities like intelligence and will. 



Kujou Hikaru (九条ヒカル)

At first, Kujou Hikaru seems like a small, ordinary boy who likes to play. However, as Max Heart goes on, he becomes quieter and stares out the window. The show later on reveals that Hikaru is the "life" of the Evil King while going through resurrection.  



Splash Star

Showcasing brand-new characters and a new storyline, Splash Star is the third series in the franchise. Unlike the first two shows, Splash Star is focused on nature. Its story revolves around the classmates Hyuuga Saki and Mishou Mai who are chosen by the spirits of the birds and flowers to become Pretty Cure warriors. In the series, the Cure’s signature sign is the Japanese idiom “flower, bird, wind, moon.” 



Hyuuga Saki (日向咲) / Cure Bloom (キュアブルーム) / Cure Bright (キュアブライト)

A lot like Nagisa from the first two Pretty Cure shows, Saki is a cheerful and sporty girl who loves sweets and isn’t too good at studying. Saki is a member of the school's softball team. She has a pretty bright and easygoing personality. Her alter ego, Cure Bloom, has powers representing the earth. Later on, she can also turn into Cure Bright whose powers represent the moon.


Cure Windy

Mishou Mai (美翔舞) / Cure Egret (キュアイーグレット) / Cure Windy (キュアウィンディ)

Mai is a quiet artist who loves drawing. She’s introduced in the show as a transfer student in Saki’s class. Like Honoka, Mai is good at academics and has a keen awareness of her surroundings. She can transform to Cure Egret who has powers representing the sky. Later on in the show, she also transforms to Cure Windy with powers that represent the wind. 



Flappy (フラッピ

The flower spirit/fairy that allows Saki to transform into Cure Bloom, Flappy is responsible and willing to take charge. He ends his sentences with “-rapi.” He and Saki bicker from time to time. Flappy has a crush on the fairy Choppy! 



Choppy (チョッピ)

A bird spirit and fairy, Choppy allows Mai to transform into Cure Egret. She is bashful and soft-spoken. Choppy has no idea that Flappy has a crush on her. She ends her sentences with “-Chopi.” 



Moop (ムープ )

Together with Foop, Moop is a moon spirit or fairy that can call upon the Pretty Cure’s upgrade accessories. They’re both fascinated by the land of greenery. Sometimes Moop and Foop wander off, causing trouble for their friends. Moop ends his sentences with “-mupu.” 



Foop (フープ)

The spirit of the wind from Fountain Sky, Foop ends her sentences with “-pupu.” She helps Moop summon the Pretty Cure’s upgrade accessories. Though she wanders off a lot like Foop, Moop is actually a shy fairy.


Princess Filia (フィーリア王女)  

Princess Filia is the ruler of the Spirit World Tree and the Land of the Fountains. Every time a Pretty Cure restores a ruined fountain, Filia appears to provide a hint on what might happen in the future. 



Kiryuu Kaoru (霧生薫)

Kiryuu Kaoru and her sister Michiru are denizens of Dark Fall. They guard the infiltrated Fountain of the Sky. Kaoru is cold and dismissive. She and her sister try to infiltrate Pretty Cure by coming to Yuunagi Junior High as exchange students but eventually become friends with them instead. 


Kiryuu Michiru (霧生満)

Like Kaoru, Michiru is a denizen of Dark Fall. She seems very cold-hearted at first but mellows out after meeting Saki and Mai. In the series, she gets a chance to transform into Cure Bright while her sister gets the chance to transform into Cure Windy. 



Akudaikan (アクダイカーン)

Akudaikan is the evil ruler of the Dark Fall, the source of all trouble in Splash Star. His main goal is to take over the World Tree, capturing six of the seven fountains that water it. Later it is revealed that Akudaikan is actually a puppet controlled by Goyan! 



Goyan (ゴーヤーン)

Initially perceived to be one of the lesser villains in Splash Star, Goyan is actually the creator of Akudaikan and the main antagonist of the show. Most of the time he looks like a small frog man, but his true form is much larger and menacing. His true goal is to destroy the earth and the Land Fountains! 


YES! PRETTY CURE 5 (YES!プリキュア 5)

Yes Pretty Cure 5

Despite its nature theme, Splash Star didn’t really do too well. As a result, the studio decided to go with a new concept with Yes! Pretty Cure 5. This time, the show is about five girls with different theme colors just like Super Sentai. It  also puts a stronger focus on romance as Nozomi and her friends save Palmier Kingdom from the evil company, Nightmare.



Yumehara Nozomi (夢原のぞみ) / Cure Dream (キュアドリーム)

Nozomi is the first to become a Cure in Yes! Pretty Cure 5.  She isn’t very smart, and her goofiness constantly gets her into trouble. However, her strength and kindness allows her to lead the Cures in the show. Nozomi’s alter ego is Cure Dream (the Cure of Hope). Her powers are starlight-related.  



Natsuki Rin (夏木りん) / Cure Rouge (キュアルージュ)

The best friend of Nozomi since childhood, Rin is proficient in sports and a responsible older sister. She’s the more reasonable one in the group. Rin didn’t want to be a Pretty Cure at first, but she accepts the Pinky Catch when she tries to protect Nozomi from danger. In the show, she transforms into Cure Rouge, the Cure of Passion with powers related to fire. 



Kasugano Urara (春日野うらら) / Cure Lemonade (キュアレモネード)

An exchange student aspiring to be an actress, Urara is half Japanese and half French. Before becoming Pretty Cure, she did not have any friends and could not be herself in front of others. In the series she can turn into Cure Lemonade, the Cure of Effervescence. Her powers are related to light.



Akimoto Komachi (秋元こまち) / Cure Mint (キュアミント)

Though she is kind and shy, Komachi is the type to snap and release her temper when angered. She comes from a family with a traditional Japanese sweets shop (that’s where she gets food for Coco and Nuts). Komachi is an aspiring author halfway through her first book. She is one of the popular seniors at school with Karen (they’re in the same class together). Komachi can turn into Cure Mint, the Cure of Tranquility. Her powers are related to the earth. 



Minazuki Karen (水無月かれん) /Cure Aqua (キュアアクア)

Like Komachi, Karen is a senior at  L'Ecole des Cinq Lumieres. She’s the oldest member of the team and is the president of the student council. She’s popular, calm, stoic, and she comes from an affluent family. Despite that, Karen is actually lonely at home and has problems sharing her feelings. Before Nozomi, the only person she used to talk with before was her best friend, Komachi. Her Cure is Cure Aqua, the Cure of Intelligence. Aqua’s powers are related to water. 



Coco (ココ)  / Kokoda Kouji (小々田コージ) 

One of the fairies from the Palmier Kingdom, Coco can turn into a human at will! When he’s in his fairy state, he looks like a yellow tanuki (a Japanese racoon) and he ends his sentences with “-coco.” As a human, Coco takes the alias Kokoda Kouji and works as a teacher at Nozomi’s school to keep an eye over her. Coco is revealed to be the prince of Palmier Kingdom along with Nuts. 



Nuts (ナッツ) / Mr. Natsu (夏さん)

Another fairy from Palmier Kingdom, Nuts looks like a brown squirrel. He ends his sentences with “-natts.” In the beginning he is aloof and cold, however he eventually warms up to the Cures. He becomes especially fond of Komachi who likes books as much as he does! Nuts can also transform into an extremely handsome human. He takes on the alias Mr. Natsu and works at a jewelry shop called Natts House. He is also the prince of Palmier Kingdom like Coco. 



Milk (ミルク) 

Milk is a fairy that resembles a white and pink lop rabbit. She appears halfway through the series. Unlike Nuts and Coco, Milk is unable to transform into a human. Milk and Nozomi are always arguing over food and how the Pretty Cures treat Coco and Nuts. After all, Milk just wants to be the perfect servant to Coco and Nuts. 



Desperaia (デスパライア)

The leader of the Nightmares in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Desperaia wants to gain eternal life and to bring despair to the world. For this to happen, she orders her subordinates to obtain the Dream Collet, a magical Pretty Cure device that can grant any wish. Desperaia is cruel and selfish. Deep down she is afraid of growing old, believing that eternal youth will make her happy. 



Yes Pretty Cure 5 GoGo

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 was a big hit among PreCure fans. So, it got a sequel. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!  series is the fifth in the franchise. It brings back the girls from the previous series to the forefront, granting them new powers, allies, and responsibilities. 


Pretty Cure 5 Gogo

This time the girls have to save the Four Kings of the kingdoms that surround the Palmier Kingdom as well as The Cure Rose Garden. There’s also a new villain in the show, the evil organization Flora. Since we already mentioned the main Pretty Cures in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, we’ll just be listing down the new characters in this section. 



Mimino Kurumi (美々野くるみ) / Milky Rose (ミルキィローズ) 

Kurumi is the newest Cure in the series. She is first seen when she saves Pretty Cure from Eternal but does not present herself properly. When she appears in L'Ecole de Cinq Lumieres as a transfer student, Kurumi showcases her refined, yet sometimes bizarre, personality. It turns out she’s actually Milk!  In GoGo! the fairy has gained the power to transform into a human. When she is human, she prefers being called Kurumi, and not Milk. Her Cure is called Milky Rose, the Blue Rose. 



Syrup (シロップ) /  Amai Shiroh (甘井シロー)

A fairy that looks just like an orange-feathered bird, Syrup can turn into a human just like Coco and Nuts. His human alias is a teenage boy named Amai Shiroh. In the show, he had amnesia so he can’t remember where he comes from. Syrup works as a delivery boy and he helps the Pretty Cure in order to regain his memories. As a fairy, Syrup ends his sentences with "-rup". Besides his fairy form and human form, Syrup can also turn into a giant bird. 


King Donuts

King Donuts (ドーナツ国王)

In GoGo!, Donuts is the first ruler to be found by Pretty Cure. The ruler of Doughnut Kingdom, Donuts is a small blue dragon. He is dignified and smart, however he can be a bit arrogant sometimes.


Queen Bavarois

Queen Bavarois (パパロア女王) 

A pink-and-red colored bird, Bavarois is the Queen of the Bavarois Kingdom. She is sociable and energetic. She can get a little bit too chatty sometimes though. Queen Bavarois’ power allows communication between Pretty Cure by making their transformation items act like phones!


Princess Crepe

Princess Crepe (クレープ王女) 

Crepe is the princess of the Crepe Kingdom. She looks like an orange-striped tiger. Crepe is in love with Coco and believes that the two of them became engaged when they were children. Unfortunately, this was merely a cultural misunderstanding on Coco's part. Despite that, Crepe still loves Coco and takes the “engagement” seriously. 


King Montblanc

King Montblanc (モンブラン国王)

The king of the Montblanc Kingdom, Montblanc is the last known ruler with a key. His kingdom is north of the Palmier Kingdom. He is a green and tan turtle, the eldest of all four rulers, despite his cute appearance, and is the most intelligent.



Flora (フローラ)

The mysterious woman guarding the Cure Rose Garden (a special world of Roses), Flora has long, pink hair with a tiara upon her head that is composed of five jewels in each of the five Cures' colors. The boss of Eternal is in love with Flora. 



Boss (館長)

Boss is the leader of Eternal. He wants to gain eternal life by finding the keys to Cure Rose Garden. The boss is usually seen with a large, elaborate mask while sitting in a hovering chair. In the past he was able to get into the Cure Rose Garden where he saw Flora and fell in love with her. 


FRESH PRETTY CURE! (フレッシュプリキュア!)

Fresh Pretty Cure

With a new producer on board, Fresh Pretty Cure was given a more modern “pop” feel that revitalized the franchise. It introduced the characters Love, Miki, and Inori - girls in a dance group called Clover. They eventually become Pretty Cures that protect people from the evil organization Labyrinth. Fresh Pretty Cure’s themes are fruits, clovers, card suits, and dancing. 


Fresh Pretty Cure is also one of the rare series in the PreCure franchise to introduce a villain that eventually turns from their evil ways, transforming into an official Pretty Cure. She even becomes part of the official team in the show! 



Momozono Love (桃園ラブ) / Cure Peach (キュアピーチ)

Cheerful and selfless, Love is well-liked by the people in her town. She hates to see others suffer, even her enemies. Love is the leader of the Pretty Cure in this series. She can transform into Cure Peach who represents the power of love through the symbol of the Heart.



Aono Miki (蒼乃美希)/ Cure Berry (キュアベリー)

Miki is an an elegant, popular, and extremely talented young girl. She dreams of becoming a model. Pretty Cure and her friends always come first in her life though. Her alter ego is Cure Berry. She represents the power of hope through the symbol of the Spade. Her catchphrase is “I’m perfect!” 



Yamabuki Inori (山吹祈里) / Cure Pine (キュアパイン)

A shy girl who loves nature and animals, Inori wants to become a vet just like her parents! Inori’s nickname is Buki. Her quiet gentleness makes her stand out from the other rambunctious Cures. Buki transforms Cure Pine who represents the power of faith through the symbol of the Diamond.



Higashi Setsuna (東せつな) / Cure Passion (キュアパッション)

At first, Setsuna was introduced as Eas, a member of Labyrinth and enemy of Pretty Cure. However, after a change of heart, she is revived as Cure Passion, the previously missing fourth Cure. Passion represents the power of happiness through the symbol of the Club/Heart.



Tarte (タルト)

Tarte is a fairy from the Kingdom of Sweets that looks a lot like a ferret. He is Chiffon's caretaker and speaks in Kansai dialect. He ends his sentences with “-ya.” A worrisome fairy, Tarte likes good stories and is overly emotional. He also loves Kaoru's donuts.



Chiffon (シフォン) /  Infinity (インフィニティ)

A baby fairy from the Kingdom of Sweets, Chiffon is a cutie who likes to play practical jokes using her psychic powers. Chiffon is a main fairy in Pretty Cure lore - according to legends, she only appears when ready to be used as a tool to evil. Later on in the franchise she is revealed as Infinity, a god-like entity. 



Moebius (メビウス) 

Moebius is the main villain of this series. He is the leader of the evil organization, Labyrinth. Moebius wants to rule all worlds. He thinks of all his subjects to be only mindless pawns.



Heartcatch Pretty Cure

The seventh series in the PreCure franchise, Heartcatch Pretty Cure! is popular among fans because of its unique art style. It’s actually one of the most successful series in the world of Pretty Cure! A lot of Pretty Cure fans love collecting merch from Heartcatch. 



In the show, junior high schoolers Tsubomi, Erika, Itsuki and Yuri come together as Pretty Cures to prevent the Great Tree of Hearts, the source of all human hearts and fairies, from dying. The series themes are fashion, flowers and their true definitions of Hanakotoba or the language of flowers. 



Hanasaki Tsubomi (花咲つぼみ) / Cure Blossom (キュアブロッサム)

A second-year junior high school student who just moved to Kibougahana City, Tsubomi lives in a flower shop run by her parents. That’s why she loves flowers! She’s also a bit shy and reserved though she strives to change herself when she transferred schools. Together with the help of the fairy Chypre, Tsubomi can transform into Cure Blossom. She’s the leader of the Pretty Cures. 



Kurumi Erika (来海えりか) / Cure Marine (キュアマリン)

Erika is very feminine and loves fashion. Like Tsubomi, she’s in her second year in junior high school. Erika is a cheerful and positive girl who can be occasionally selfish and immature.  She has a complex with her beautiful and stylish older sister.  Erika can transform into Cure Marine with the help of Coffret. 



Myoudouin Itsuki (明堂院いつき) / Cure Sunshine (キュアサンシャイン)

Princely and wise, Itsuki is the granddaughter of the president of the school. Though she has to dress like a boy to follow in the footsteps of the Myoudouin family on behalf of her sick older brother, Itsuki actually likes cute things. With the help of Potpourri, Itsuki can transform into Cure Sunshine.



Tsukikage Yuri (月影ゆり) / Cure Moonlight (キュアムーンライト)

Yuri is a smart and good-looking second-year high school student known for her cold demeanor. She can change into Cure Moonlight with the help of the fairy Cologne. Unfortunately, Cologne dies in one of the battles and Yuri becomes unable to turn into a Pretty Cure again because of the trauma. Thankfully, with the help of her friends and the Heart Tree, she overcomes her trauma and transforms back into Cure Moonlight.  



Chypre (シプレ)

Chypre is a cute fairy that ends her sentences with “-desu.” She is Tsubomi’s fairy partner. Chypre was the one who came to look for Pretty Cures to save the Tree of Hearts. She acts like an older sister to Tsubomi. 



Coffret (コフレ)

Coffret is a fairy who joined Chypre in the search of Pretty Cures. He is Erika’s fairy partner who ends his sentences with “-desu” like Chypre. Coffret is like Erika’s younger brother - cheeky, playful, and spoiled.  



Master Coupe (コッペ様)

A superior fairy, Master Coupe is greatly admired by other fairies like Chypre and Coffret. He lives in the botanical garden that Tsubomi's grandmother cares for. Though he doesn’t say it, Master Coupe is always watching over Tsubomi and Erika. He used to be the fairy partner of Hanasaki Kaoruko who used to be Cure Flower when she was younger. 


Pot Pourri

Potpourri (ポプリ)

Born from the Tree of Hearts, Potpourri is a baby fairy that sometimes act selfishly towards Chypre and Coffret. Potpourri possesses incredible protecting powers and ends her sentences with “-deshou.” She is Itsuki’s partner fairy. 



Cologne (コロン)

Cologne was Yuri's fairy partner. Unlike the other fairies, he was mature, calm, and thoughtful. In the show, Cologne sacrificed his life during the battle against the Desert Apostle to protect Yuri. He is still watching over her from the Tree of Hearts.


Dune 2

Dune (デューン) 

Appearing as an ageless young man, Dune is the true leader of the Dessert Apostles (the group of villains in the show). He had actually fought against several generations of Pretty Cure before facing Cure Flower (Kaoruko) 50 years prior to the events of Heartcatch PreCure.


SUITE PRETTY CURE♪ (スイートプリキュア♪)

Suite Pretty Cure

Returning to the formula of Futari Wa Pretty Cure which showcased a team of two Cures, Suite Pretty Cure has music as its main theme. The story focuses on childhood best friends Hibiki and Kanade. Despite having many differences, the two share a great love for music. 


In the series, they come across the fairy Hummy and then turn into Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm to prevent the villain Mephisto and his minions from finishing the Melody of Sorrow. The two also meet other Cures as well! 



 Hojo Hibiki (北条響) / Cure Melody (キュアメロディ)

A cheerful 14-year-old girl, Hibiki is great at sports, especially soccer. She also loves to eat sweets like the delicious cakes from Kanade's family shop. She isn’t very good at studying. Hibiki can transform into Cure Melody.



Minamino Kanade (南野奏) / Cure Rhythm (キュアリズム)

Like Hibiki, Kanade is 14 years old. They’re both childhood friends. Kanade isn’t great at sports like Hibiki, but she is an excellent student. She’s kind of a celebrity at school. Her dream is to become a pastry chef and take over her parents’ shop, the Lucky Spoon. Kanade’s alter ego is Cure Rhythm. 



Siren (セイレーン) / Kurokawa Ellen (黒川エレン) / Cure Beat (キュアビート)

Siren was actually a former Cat-like Fairy of Songs. At some point, she betrayed Major Land and allied with the enemy Mephisto. Realizing her mistakes, she betrays Mephisto for Hummy's sake. Her strong feelings of friendship with Hummy turned her into Cure Beat. It also turned her into the human Kurokawa Ellen. 


Masked Pretty Cure

Shirabe Ako (調辺アコ) / Cure Muse (キュアミューズ)

Ako is an elementary student who’s very mature for her age. She can also be cold and a bit naggy, particularly towards Hibiki and Kanade. She was previously known as the Masked Pretty Cure who wore a disguise while helping the Pretty Cures when they were in a pinch. She later revealed her identity as Mephisto’s daughter in the show. That’s when she turned into Cure Muse. 



Hummy (ハミィ) 

The Fairy of Songs, Hummy looks just like a cute cat. She is both Hibiki and Kanade’s fairy partner. The best friend of Siren (who also used to be a cat), Hummy was the one sent off to the human world to collect the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness. 


Fairy Tones

The Fairy Tones (フェアリートーン) 

Nine creatures with different colors, these jewel-like beings lend powers to the Pretty Cure in different ways. Each one of them is named after a different note.  



Mephisto (メフィスト) 

At first, Mephisto seems to be the main enemy of the series. The king of Minor Land, Mephisto tries to turn the Melody of Happiness into the Melody of Sadness just so he could fulfill his taste in music. However, that would turn all worlds tragic. It turns out that he was simply a pawn and hypnotized. Before being an enemy, he was the King of Major land, the husband of Aphrodite, and the father of Ako. 



Noise (ノイズ) 

Noise is the true villain of Suite Pretty Cure. Controlling Mephisto and the Trio Minor with Evil Noise, he creates Minor Land. Noise’s goal is to complete the Melody of Sadness. Before the series began, he had been sealed away but was revived when the Melody of Sadness was performed. He wishes to erase all sound from the world. 



Aphrodite (アフロディテ

The Queen of the nation Major Land, Aphrodite hosts the anniversary of the Melody of Happiness to pray for peace of all worlds. A brainwashed Mephisto shows up at the concert to turn the song into the Melody of Sadness, and so she scatters the notes into the air. She then sends Hummy to Earth to find the Pretty Cure and find the notes again. Aphrodite is actually Ako’s mother and the wife of Mephisto. 


SMILE PRETTY CURE! (スマイルプリキュア!)

Smile Pretty Cure

The ninth series in the franchise, Smile Pretty Cure! is one of the few where no mid-season Cure joins the team. Its motif is fairy tales and magic. In the show, a magical place called Marchenland exists. That’s where characters from fairy tales live. 



In Marchenland is a corner called Bad End Kingdom where fairytale villains scheme to show everyone the “Worst Ending,” and make all worlds in the universe suffer. Hoping to prevent that, 5 legendary Pretty Cure gather. 



Hoshizora Miyuki (星空 みゆき) / Cure Happy (キュアハッピー)

The lead Pretty Cure in the series, Miyuki is cheery, optimistic, and a tad bit clumsy. This 14-year-old girl just recently transferred to Nanairogaoka Middle School. She likes picture books and fairy tales. Miyuki can transform into Cure Happy who uses the power of light.



Hino Akane (日野 あかね) / Cure Sunny (キュアサニー)

A member of the school’s volleyball team, Akane is a passionate girl from Osaka with parents who run an okonomiyaki shop. She might be a jokester, but she’s also pretty dedicated to achieving her goals. Akane’s alter ego is Cure Sunny who uses the power of fire.  


Cure Peace

Kise Yayoi (黄瀬 やよい) /  Cure Peace (キュアピース)

Part of the Homemaking Club, Yayoi is timid, shy about her work, and a bit of a crybaby. She’s also very diligent and loyal. Yayoi aspires to be a mangaka. She transforms into Cure Peace and uses the power of lightning and thunder.


Cure March

Midorikawa Nao (緑川 なお) /  Cure March (キュアマーチ)

A tomboyish girl from a big family, Nao is a member of the school's soccer team. She is straightforward, reliable, and has a strong sense of justice. However, she can get frustrated with things don’t go according to plan. Nao can transform into Cure March who uses the power of wind.



Aoki Reika (青木 れいか) / Cure Beauty (キュアビューティ)

Reika is the student council vice president. She’s also a member of the Art Club who is often seen writing poems and tanka. Generally elegant and kind-hearted, Reika has a father who is a painter and a mother who practices aikido. Reika has a frightening temper once her patience reaches its limit. She transforms into Cure Beauty. Her powers are snow and ice. 


Royal Candy

Candy (キャンディ)

The main fairy of the series, Candy was sent to Earth by the Royale Queen to find the Pretty Cure in order to save Märchenland by collecting Cure decor. She ends her sentences with "~kuru." Candy can take on a human form as Royale Candy.  



Pop (ポップ)

A lion-like fairy, Pop is Candy’s big brother who came to earth to help his sister and the Pretty Cures. He ends his sentences with the phrase "~de gozaru.” Unlike Candy, Pop is mature and responsible. 



Pierrot (ピエーロ) 

Pierrot is the sinful emperor of Bad End Kingdom and the main villain of the series. He invaded Märchenland to steal the Cure Decor so he and his lackeys could bring about the "Worst Ending".



Doki Doki Pretty Cure

The landmark tenth series in the franchise, Doki Doki! Pretty Cure has poker card suits as its signature motif. Meanwhile, its central theme is emotions and selflessness. It focuses on middle schoolers Mana, Rikka, and Alice who are given the power to transform into Pretty Cures to defend their town and the universe from evil Jikochuu monsters. The series shares the same character designer as Suite Pretty Cure♪. 


Cure Heart

Aida Mana (相田 マナ) / Cure Heart (キュアハート) 

Mana is the bright and energetic student council president of Oogai First Public Middle School. A second year student, Mana believes actions speak louder than words. She has strong leadership skills and she will jump in to help people even without thinking about it. 



Hishikawa Rikka (菱川 六花) / Cure Diamond (キュアダイヤモンド) 

The student council secretary in Oogai First Public Middle School, Rikka is Mana's childhood friend. She is in the same class as Mana and Makoto. Intelligent and introverted, Rikka is of the ten best students in national mock exams.  



Yotsuba Alice (四葉 ありす) / Cure Rosetta (キュアロゼッタ) 

Unlike the other main girls in the series, Alice is a student at the wealthy Nanatsu Hashi Academy for Girls. Alice is the heir to the Yotsuba Zaibatsu.  She is kind sweet, talented, and gentle, but often flaunts wealth involuntarily. Despite being in Nanatsu Academy, she's actually childhood friends with Mana and Rikka. 



Kenzaki Makoto (剣崎 真琴) / Cure Sword (キュアソード) 

The royal guard of the Trump Kingdom in parallel worlds, Makoto came to Japan to find the princess after her nation was invaded. When she got to Japan she became extremely popular as an idol and fashionista. Makoto is cool and always has a strong sense of responsibility. However, because of her guilt for not protecting the princess, she has trouble getting along with her Cure allies. 



Madoka Aguri (円亜久里) / Cure Ace (キュアエース) 

A fourth-grader, Aguri is composed and wise beyond her years. As Cure Ace, Aguri initially watched over the other four Pretty Cures to make sure they would grow stronger. She only revealed herself as Aguri, the good side of the daughter of King Jikochu, in the 23rd episode. 



Cure Empress (キュアエンプレス) 

A legendary Pretty Cure which protected the world from evil, Cure Empress is the original user of the Magical Lovely Pad. Melan is her fairy partner. Her teammates were Cure Magician and Cure Priestess. 



Cure Magician (キュアマジシャン) 

The Partner of Cure Empress and Cure Priestess, Cure Magician is another legendary Cure. She is the original user of the Miracle Dragon Glaive. Cure Magician seems to be the leader of the trio.



Cure Priestess (キュアプリーステス) 

Another legendary Pretty Cure, Priestess is the original user of the Eternal Golden Crown. She seemed to be the most intelligent of the team. Priestess worked together with Cure Empress and Cure Magician. 



Sharuru (シャルル)

The most passionate of all fairies in the show, Sharuru is Cure Heart's partner. A hard worker, Sharuru looks like a rabbit. She ends her sentences with "~shuru". Sharuru can turn herself into a human, taking the shape of a young middle school student. 



Raquel (ラケル) 

Reliable to the other fairies and to his partner Cure Diamond, Raquel is a cute dog-like fairy. Like Sharuru, Raquel can also turn himself into a human. He takes on the form of a young elementary school student. This fairy ends his sentences with "~quel!"



Lance (ランス) 

Cure Rosetta's bear-like fairy partner, Lance is a little bit spoiled because he’s the youngest out of all the fairies. Like the other fairies, he can take on a human taking the form. His shape is that of a kindergarten student. Lance ends his sentences with "~lance!"



Dabyi (ダビィ) 

Independent and smart, Dabyi is the cat-like fairy partner of Cure Sword. She often worries about her partner. Her sentences often end with "~dabyi!" Dabyi’s human form is Makoto's manager under the name "DB."



Ai (アイちゃん) 

Ai, Cure Ace’s fairy-partner, looks a lot like a baby. She was actually reborn as an egg by King Selfish's power. Ai made her first appearance in episode 8. She ends her sentences with "~kyupi."


Selfish King

King Jikochuu (キング ジコチュー

The main antagonist of the series, King Jikochuu is the leader of the Selfish group and the Jikochuu. He is the one responsible for the destruction of the Trump Kingdom. It is revealed that he is actually the former king of the Trump Kingdom while his daughters Regina and Aguri were the darkness and light of Marie Ange. 



Regina (レジーナ

One of the popular villains in Pretty Cure, Regina is the bad side of King Jikochuu's daughter, Princess Marie Ange. Regina acts as his second in command. She can be cruel and selfish. However, over the course of the series, she actually becomes friends with Mana! 



Happiness Pretty Cure

The eleventh anime series in the PreCure franchise, Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! still celebrates Pretty Cure’s 10th anniversary. With themes of love and happiness, its focus is on Hime or Cure Princess trying to find another partner after she suffers another major defeat. Teaming up with Megumi or Cure Lovely, the two fight against the Phantom Empire to protect the earth. Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! is the series that introduces the “baton pass” to the franchise. 


Aino Megumi

Aino Megumi (愛乃めぐみ) / Cure Lovely (キュアラブリー) 

Megumi is the lead Cure of the series. Though she can be awkward and tactless, she has a great happy-go-lucky attitude and smile. Her signature color is pink and she can transform into two alternate Cure forms -  the red "Cherry Flamenco" and the yellow "Lollipop Hiphop.” As a Cure, she is represented by hearts.



Shirayuki Hime (白雪ひめ) / Cure Princess (キュアプリンセス) 

The princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, Hime is a rather selfish and spoiled fashionista. Hime became a Pretty Cure to help save her Kingdom from the Phantom Empire. However, she gets scared and tries to escape in the middle of fights. She never had friends before meeting Megumi. Her two forms are dark blue “Sherbet Ballet” and “Macadamia Hula Dance.” She is represented by circles and feathers. 



Omori Yuko (大森ゆうこ) / Cure Honey (キュアハニー) 

Yuko has a soothing personality that calms the people around her. She is Megumi’s friend and classmate. Her home is a bento store, that’s why she loves eating and making food. Yellow is her signature color and she can change into two alternate forms: the blue and red "Popcorn Cheer" and the orange "Coconuts Samba.” She is represented by clovers.



Hikawa Iona (氷川いおな) / Cure Fortune (キュアフォーチュン) 

With her parents living in America, Iona is cool, serious, and capable. She’s great at studying and she’s a bit of a perfectionist. As a Pretty Cure, Iona has a strong sense of justice with excellent fighting abilities. Her standard signature color is purple. She can change into two alternate forms: the turquoise and yellow "Pine Arabian" and the blue and pink "Anmitsu Komachi.” She is represented by stars.



Ribbon (リボン

Ribbon is the fairy partner of Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, and Cure Honey. She may look cute but Ribbon is actually pretty gutsy and has quick wit about her! Ribbon ends her sentences with “desu wa.” 



Glasan (ぐらさん) 

Like Ribbon, Glasan is a panda-like fairy. She is Cure Fortune's fairy partner. Glassan is friendly but she talks and acts a lot like a delinquent. She helps Cure Fortune during her battles.



Blue (ブルー

Blue might look human but he’s actually the deity of Blue Sky Kingdom. He and Red are gods and siblings. Gentle and kind towards people, Blue is Mirage’s romantic interest.  


Queen Mirage

Queen Mirage (クイーンミラージュ)

The secondary villain of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!, Mirage is the ruler of the Phantom Empire. She loves to see people fall into despair and sorrow. Before she became evil, she was a shrine maiden in Pikarigaoka. She actually used to be a Cure named Cure Mirage who was in love with Blue. When the Cures purify her she regains her Pretty Cure powers and her love for Blue. 



Deep Mirror (ディープミラー) / Red (レッド) 

Queen Mirage's adviser, Deep Mirror appears as a mirror with an unknown figure inside. He shows things such as a map of the Phantom Empire's influences and any new Cures and often orders the generals under Mirage's command. It turns out he’s actually Red Planet's god secretly controlling Queen Mirage. When all life on his planet disappeared, Red grew jealous of his younger brother Blue, who protected the Earth. He wants to destroy the Earth so Blue would feel the same despair.  



Go Princess Pretty Cure

Go! Princess Pretty Cure takes place in a boarding school - the only one to have that kind of setting in the PreCure franchise. It also started the tradition of showing the Cures in the future at the end of the series. The themes are princesses, personal goals, and dreams. 


Princess Pretty Cure

The series centers around Haruka who arrives at the Noble Academy to learn that she is one of the legendary Pretty Cure. Together with student council president Minami and the model Kirara, she tries to protect humanity’s hopes and dreams from Dys Dark. 



Haruno Haruka (春野はるか) / Cure Flora (キュアフローラ)

The leader of the Cures, Haruka is the main protagonist. Energetic with a beautiful smile, the 13-year-old girl is in her first year at Noble Academy. Haruka has always admired the princesses in picture books. Though she’s grown up now she continues to cherish her dream of "becoming a Princess.” Haruka becomes Cure Flora, the Princess of Flowers. Her theme color is pink. 



Kaido Minami (海藤みなみ) / Cure Mermaid (キュアマーメイド) 

A 14-year-old sophomore at Noble Academy, Minami is responsible and slightly stern at the front. She is the student council president and is referred to as the 'Academy's Princess.' Her dream is to become a respectable person who can be useful to others. Minami can become Cure Mermaid, the Princess of the Sea. Her theme color is blue. 



Amanogawa Kirara (天ノ川きらら) / Cure Twinkle (キュアトゥインクル) 

The same age as Haruka, Kirara is a first year in Nobel Academy whose also a popular model. A fashionable 'my pace' kind of girl she’s often very busy, going in and out of fashion shows almost daily. Her dream is to become a top model like her mother. Kirara can become Cure Twinkle, the Princess of Stars whose theme color is yellow.


Cure Scarlet

Akagi Towa (紅城トワ) / Cure Scarlet (キュアスカーレット) 

The young princess 13-year-old princess from the Hope Kingdom (and sister of Prince Kanata), Towa was brainwashed into becoming Twilight. She was thought be Dyspear's daughter. With the help of the Cures and Kanata, Towa was freed from the influence of Dyspear. With her keys and Princess Perfume purified, Towa became Cure Scarlet, the Princess of Flames. Her theme color is red. 



Pafu (パフ) 

Spoiled,chatty, and carefree, Pafu is a poodle-like fairy that can transform into a little girl. She was the one sent out together with her brother Aroma to look for the Princess Pretty Cure. She loves fashion and ends her sentences with “-pafu.” 



Aroma (アロマ) 

The second lead fairy of Go! Princess Pretty Cure, Aroma is Pafu's cheerful and reliable older brother. He and his sister fled their world, Hope Kingdom, after it was invaded by the Zetsuborgs.Pafu says “-roma” at the end of his sentences. 


Prince Kanata

Prince Kanata (カナタ王子) 

The prince of Hope Kingdom, Kanata is kind and brave. Towa is his younger sister who went missing, brainwashed intoo becoming Twillight. To save the Hope Kingdom, Kanata entrusted the Princess Perfumes to Pafu and Aroma. In the manga, Kanata actually has a crush on Haruka. 


Miss Shamour

Miss Shamour (ミスシャムール) 

Miss Shamour is a fairy found the Cures found inside a Lesson Pad. A Siamese cat that can take human form, she acts as the Cures’ teacher. Though serious and stern when teaching the Cures, Shamour is actually patient and passionate about learning. 



Dyspear (ディスピア) 

The main villain of the series, Dyspear is the ruthless leader and sorceress of Dys Dark who took over Hope kingdom with her minions. She is ruthless and cunning. Hating dreams and hope, Dyspear hopes to spread despair and chaos around the world. 



Mahou Tsukai

While the series is officially translated as "Maho Girls Pretty Cure!", this series is occasionally called "Witchy Pretty Cure!” by fans. Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Focuses on the story of Mirai and the young witch Riko who both become the legendary Pretty Cure. Their mission is to find the powerful Linkle Stones and stop the assault of the Dark Magicians while they attend the mysterious Magic School. 


Centered on themes of magic, witches and gemstones, Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Is known for giving Cures multiple forms with different powers. It’s a pretty fun series!



Asahina Mirai (朝日奈みらい) / Cure Miracle (キュアミラクル)

Mirai is the lead character of the series. This thirteen-year-old girl who is just about to enter her second year in middle school is strange, lovely, and funny. When she becomes a Pretty Cure, Mirai is given the chance to attend magic school. Mirai can turn into Cure Miracle. Her theme color is pink. 



Izayoi Riko (十六夜リコ) / Cure Magical (キュアマジカル)

A young thirteen-year-old girl attending magic school, Riko is great at studying but weak at magic. Her dream is to become a respectable witch. She met Mirai while searching for the Jewel “Link Stone Emerald” in the “No Magic” world. Now she lives together with Mirai and her life is brighter and less worrisome. As Cure Magical, Riko’s theme color is purple. 



Ha-chan (はーちゃん) / Hanami Kotoha (花海ことは) / Cure Felice (キュアフェリーチェ)

The third main cure in the show, Ha-chan is actually a mysterious baby-like fairy residing in the Linkle Smartbook. She grows up with the help of Mirai and Riko, becoming a young girl by the name of Hanami Kotoha. Later on Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Reveals that she is actually the reincarnation and successor of the divine being Mother Rapapa. Ha-chan can transform into Cure Felice, a cure with the theme color green. 



Mofurun (モフルン)

A teddy bear that was given to Mirai, Mofurun became a fairy with the ability to speak when Mirai became a Pretty Cure together with Riko. In the movie Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Kiseko no Henshin! Cure Mofurun!, the fairy becomes the Pretty Cure known as Cure Mofurun. As a fairy, Mofurun ends her sentences with "~mofu."



Dokurokushe (ドクロクシー ) 

The main villain of the first half of the series, Dokurokushe is the leader of the Dark Magicians. His main goal is to plunge the world into darkness by obtaining the Linkle Stone Emerald. After being purified with Diamond Eternal, he reverts to his human form and dies. 



Deusmast (デウスマスト) 

While viewers believed the Dokurokushe was the main enemy of Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!, the second half of the series revealed the true main antagonist to be Deusmast. A god-like being that created Mugic, Deusmast wishes to unleash chaos upon the world. 



Pretty Cure Ala Mode

With the themes being sweets, animals, and creativity, the Cures manage a Patisserie in KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode! It’s the first PreCure series to break away from the usual “Monster of the Week” format. Not only that, but most episodes of the show have a segment showing the viewers how to make the sweets presented. 


Ala Mode

For the story, KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode focuses on aspiring patissier Ichika who gains the power to become Cure Whip. Together with a team of Cures, they help stop Noir and its servants from stealing the energy source of all sweets, Kirakiraru. 


Ichika Whip

Usami Ichika (宇佐美いちか) / Cure Whip (キュアホイップ)

Ichika gets bouncy and cheerful like a rabbit when she’s excited or happy. A second-year middle school student, Ichika loves sweets and has the talent to make animal sweets. Her Cure alter ego, Cure Whip, is based on shortcakes and rabbits.



Arisugawa Himari (有栖川ひまり) /  Cure Custard (キュアカスタード)

A hard-working second-year middle school student, Himari is as fast and light as a squirrel. Himari is a bit shy but becomes chatty when she talks about her favorite sweets.  She’s known as the Sweets Doctor who knows everything about sweets and how they affect your body. Her alter ego is Cure Carstard who is based on pudding and squirrels.



Tategami Aoi (立神あおい) / Cure Gelato (キュアジェラート)

Enthusiastic and independent like a lion, Aoi is a second-year middle schooler who loves singing. She is the vocalist of the rock band Wild Azur. In the patisserie, Aoi in charge of the parts that use her muscular strength. She can transform into Cure Gelato who is based on ice cream and lions.


Cure Macaron

Kotozume Yukari (琴爪ゆかり) / Cure Macaron (キュアマカロン)

Yukari is a beautiful and noble second-year high school student. Cat-like in nature, Yukari can be a bit fickle and above everyone else. She is one of the openly LGBTQIA characters in the PreCure franchise. Her alter ego is Cure Macaron who is based on macarons and cats. Yukari and Akira form a relationshion in the series.


Cure Chocolat

Kenjou Akira (剣城あきら) / Cure Chocolat (キュアショコラ)

The other LGBTQIA character in the series, Akira is a gentle but boyish second-year high school student. Loya and reliable with a strong sense of justice, Akira has been described to be just like a dog. She tries to cheer up her sickly young sister by giving her chocolates. Akira can turn into Cure Chocolate who is based on chocolates and dogs. She and Yukari form a relationship in the show.



Kirahoshi Ciel (キラ星 シエル) / Kirarin (キラリン) / Cure Parfait (キュアパルフェ)

A genius patisserie who came from France, Ciel is actually is also a fairy named Kirarin who resided in Ichigo Mountain. She followed her dream to become a Pretty Cure to make everyone happy with her sweets. Ciel can transform into Cure Parfait who is based on parfaits and pegasi. 



Pekorin (ペコリン)

Pekorin is a chubby fairy who’s a bit spoiled. A sweet-tooth fairy, she always seems to be hungry. Her ear color changes depending on her mood and she can feel the scent of the Kirakiraru energy that resides in sweets. She ends her sentences with "~peko". On special occasions, Pekorin can become Cure Pekorin. Pekorin can also transform into a human child. 



Chourou (長老) 

A wise old fairy, Chourou lives on Ichigo Mountain. He often practices making sweets with his disciples. However, after getting caught in a cream explosion, he can only take the appearance of a ghost.  



Noir (ノワール) 

The main villain of the show, Noir has corrupted all the other villains over the course of the last hundred years. Selfish and hot-tempered, Noir has a huge grudge against sweets after Lumiere failed to fulfill his needs. 



Bibury (ビブリー)

One of the standout villains of the PreCure franchise for her Gothic Lolita design, Bibury was a ventriloquist who had power over rumors. She used to work under Noir until she was purified. At the end of the show, she starts working at Ciel’s restaurant and eventually becomes Pekorin’s assistant. 



Hugtto Pretty Cure

Also referred to as HUG! Pretty Cure on Toei Animation's English website, HUGtto! Pretty Cure celebrates the 15th anniversary of the franchise. The series has all of the former Cures making appearances at certain points in the show.  


With the themes being destiny, futures, parenting, and jobs, HUGtto! Focuses on Hana, Saaya, and Homare who become Pretty Cure to protect the baby Hugtan. They take on the fearsome Criasu Corp, an evil company that plans on freezing time to prevent everyone’s futures from happening. 



Nono Hana (野乃はな) / Cure Yell (キュアエール)

Clumsy and a bit short for her age, Hana is often seen as a child. That’s why her dream is to become more stylish like a mature big sister. Hana is a middle school student who transferred to class 2-3 of L’Avenir Academy with Saaya and Homare. She can transform into Cure Yell, the Pretty Cure of High Spirits. 



Yakushiji Saaya (薬師寺さあや) / Cure Ange (キュアアンジュ)

Saaya is the class president of class 2-3.  Soft-spoken and kind like an angel, she can transform into the Pretty Cure of Wisdom, Cure Ange. Saaya was once a child actor but now in middle school, she doesn’t know what to do about her own future.



Kagayaki Homare (輝木ほまれ) /  Cure Étoile (キュアエトワール)

In the same class as Hana and Saaya, Homare is a charming and mature girl who loves fashion. A former figure skater, Homare is great at a lot things. However, she stopped skating after she failed to complete a jump. She was able to overcome her weakness after meeting Hana and Saaya, becoming the Pretty Cure of Strenth, Cure Etoile. 



Aisaki Emiru (愛崎えみる) / Cure Macherie (キュアマシェリ)

Emiru is Kotoro’s classmate who’s always looked up to the Pretty Cure after seeing them. She even created her own alter ego, Cure Emiru, to help the Cures out. She befriends Ruru back when she was Criasu and helps her gain emotions. When Ruru is purified and miraculously receives a PreHeart, the two transform. Emiru then becomes the Pretty Cure of Love, Cure Macherie.  



Ruru Amour (ルールー アムール) / Cure Amour (キュアアムール)

Ruru is an android who worked as a former part-timer in the Azababu branch office of the Criasu Corporation. She developed a human heart after meeting the Cures and became close friends with Emiru. After watching the Pretty Cure a lot, she and Emiru decide they want to become ones too. When she miraculously receives a PreHeart, she and Emiru transform. Ruru then becomes Cure Amour, the Cure of Love 



Hugtan (はぐたん) 

A mysterious baby who fell from the sky along with her guardian Hariham Harry, Hugtan is sensitive to the Tomorrow Powerer (the power to create tomorrow). She gets weak when the Tomorrow Powerer’s power gets weak.  Hariham Harry, while being chased by the Criasu Corporation. Hugtan’s favourite things are milk and the Cures. She ends her sentences with "hagyu.” 


Hariham Harry

Hariham Harry (ハリハム・ハリー) 

This fairy is Hugtan’s guardian. Harry’s role among the Cures is to guide them but he often fails to motivate them properly.  Like other fairies, Harry can transform into a human. He takes on the shape of a handsome boy that speaks the kansai dialect. 



George Kurai (ジョージ・クライ) / President Kurai (プレジデント・クライ) 

George is the head of the Criasu Corporation. He is the main villain of HUGtto! Pretty Cure. George dreams of creating a world where everyone is eternally happy. To do so, George wants to freeze time so nothing can move forward. On the outside George may seem gentle, kind, and sophisticated, but he’s actually pretty obsessive and delusional.



Wakamiya Henri (若宮 アンリ) / Cure Infini (キュアアンフィニ)

Henry is Homare’s childhood friend. Friendly and gentle, Henri has is predisposed to wearing more feminine clothes. He’s one of PreCure’s LGBTQ characters. In the series a miracle allowed him to transform into Cure Infini. 


STAR☆TWINKLE PRETTY CURE (スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア)

Star Twinkle

The16th series in the franchise, Star Twinkle Pretty Cure has an art design based on the retro charm of 80s anime. Its themes are space, astrology, and imagination wherein the Pretty Cure girls go on adventures through space where they explore different planets and meet different characters. 



The series focuses on the girls Hikaru, Lala, Elena, and Madoka who all become Pretty Cure to stop the invasion of the Notraiders. Their goal is to restore the Star Princesses and bring back the balance of the universe. 


Cure Star

Hoshina Hikaru (星奈ひかる) / Cure Star (キュアスター)

Imaginative and curious, Hikaru loves constellations and outer space. This second-year student is a thorough investigator who acts on intuition. She can be a bit stubborn at times though. Hikaru can transform into the Pretty Cure of the Stars, Cure Star.  


Cure Milky

Hagoromo Lala (羽衣ララ) / Cure Milky (キュアミルキー)

An alien from Saman, Lala is treated more like an adult than the other Cures. Though this serious girl has a strong sense of responsibility, she occasionally makes mistakes. Lala has a charming antennae on her head. Her alter ego is Cure Milky, the Pretty Cure of the Milky Way. 



Amamiya Elena (天宮えれな) / Cure Soleil (キュアソレイユ)

Known as the “Sun of Mihoshi Town,” Elena is a popular third-year student with a radiant smile. She’s in the same class as Madoka. Her family owns a flower shop called Sonrisa where she sometimes works. Elena comes from a big family with 6 younger siblings. She can trasform into Cure Soleil, the Pretty Cure of the Sun. 



Kaguya Madoka (香久矢まどか) / Cure Selene (キュアセレーネ)

In the same class as Elena, Madoka is a polite third-year student who’s always trying to do her best. Her father works in the government while her mother is world famous pianist. Madoka is multi-talented, holding championship titles for archery and piano. She can also do flower arrangements, and tea ceremonies, and she gets good grades. Her Cure is the Pretty Cure of the Moon, Cure Selene.  



Yuni (ユニ) / Blue Cat (ブルーキャット) / Cure Cosmo (キュアコスモ)

Not from Earth, Yuni is a resident of Planet Rainbow. She took on various aliases to try and restore her planet. That includes the space idol alias, Mao, the phantom thief Blue cat, and Bakenyan. Yuni can be cunning and self-reliant. She transforms into the Pretty Cure of Space, Cure Cosmo.


Fuwa 2

Fuwa (フワ)

Fuwa is a fluffy universe fairy. She was created by the Star Princesses as the last hope. Though she might seem young an innocent, Fuwa has the power to open warp holes as well as the mysterious power to release the Star Princesses. She lives with Hikaru, dwelling inside the Twinkle book. 



Prunce (プルンス)

This fairy is an alien from Puru Puru who had served the Star Princesses in the Star Palace. He ends his sentences with "~de purunsu" or "~de purunstar.” Prunce has the special ability of deforming freely. 



Darknest (ダークネスト) 

Darknest is the main villain of the series. She is serious and power-hungry, desiring the full power of Fuwa and the Star Princesses. In the later episodes of the series, Darknest is revealed to actually be one of the Star Princesses, Ophiuchus Star Princess. 


HEALIN' GOOD♥PRETTY CURE (ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア)

Healing Good Pretty Cure

 Healin’ Good PreCure is all about health, nature, and animals. It centers around the girls Nodoka, Chiya, and Hinata who all use the power of Healing Animals to become Pretty Cure. The girls protect the earth from the infection-spreading enemies called Byogens. 


They also take care of the cute little puppy named Latte. Like other shows released at the time, Healin’ Good Pretty Cure was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The show was forced to go on hiatus for a while but then returned when the production team’s medical situation got better. 



Hanadera Nodoka (花寺のどか) / Cure Grace (キュアグレース)

Calmly going at her own pace, Nodoka is the type to strive to try many different things. Though she doesn’t have the athletic ability to accomplish most of them, she likes trying. Nodoka just recently moved to Sukoyaka city as a second year middle school student. With Rabirin’s help, she can transform into Cure Grace, the Pretty Cure of Flowers. 



Sawaizumi Chiyu (沢泉ちゆ) / Cure Fontaine (キュアフォンテーヌ)

A second-year middle schooler like Nodoka, Chiyu likes to live a hygienic and cheerful lifestyle. With an older sister-type of personality, Chiyu has a strong sense of responsibility and will try to do everything herself. She’s sporty and smart, especially when it comes to science. Chiyu can transform into Cure Fontain, the Pretty Cure of Water, together with the help of Pegitan. 



Hiramitsu Hinata (平光ひなた) / Cure Sparkle (キュアスパークル)

Bright, outgoing, and friendly, Hinata is the type to speak her mind. This second-year middle schooler always apologizes when she realizes she did something wrong. She loves fashion and cosmetics. Hinata isn’t that good at studying. With the help of Nyatoran, Hinata can transform into Cure Sparkle, the Pretty Cure of Light. 



Fuurin Asumi (風鈴アスミ)​ / Cure Earth (キュアアース)

Unlike the other girls, Asumi is actually a spirit who was born through the power of the Earth as a human. She came about as a response to Teatinu’s prayers. Asumi looks like she’s 20 years old. In reality, she is a "newborn" who doesn't understand anything about being human.With Latte’s help Asumi can transform into the Pretty Cure of Wind, Cure Earth. 



Rabirin (ラビリン)

An energetic and high-spirited fairy, Rabirin is a rabbit-like Healing Anmal. Rabirin can sometimes cause trouble. She is Nodoka’s fairy partner. Rabirin always ends her sentences with the phrase "~rabi.” .



Pegitan (ペギタン)

Chiyu’s fairy partner, Pegitan is very modest. Even though he has a lot of intelligence, he can be shy and lack a lot of confidence. Pegitan loves hotsprings. He ends his sentences with “-pe.” 



Nyatoran (ニャトラン)

Just like his Cure partner Hinata, Nyatoran is a fairy that’s free-spirited and says whatever is on his mind. This cat fairy can be a show off too, trying to act cool. When he gets impatient or in a serious mood, he adds "-nya" at the end of his sentences. 



Latte (ラテ)

A puppy-like fairy, Latte is a young princess from Healing Garden. When she was young she couldn’t speak though you could hear her inner voice with a stethoscope. Latte can detect when Byogens infect the Earth just like her mother, the Queen. She later on becomes Asumi’s fairy partner. When listening to her inner voice, Latte ends her sentences with "~latte.”



King Byogen (キングビョーゲン) 

The main antagonist of the series, King Byogen is the leader of the Byogens. Heis very power hungry. King Byogen wants to regain his body so he can defeat Queen Teatinu. He’s so obsessed with defeating her that he even absorbed his own powered-up generals to get that power. 




The eighteenth anime in the PreCure franchise, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure has mermaids, cosmetics, and club activities as its central themes. It focuses on the story of the members of the Tropical Club, Manatsu, Sango, Minori, and Asuka. They decide to become Pretty Cure to protect everyone’s motivation from being stolen by the generals of the Witch of Delays. 



Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure is the first Pre-Cure series to feature a non-pink lead Cure (since Cure Summer has a more rainbow-themed design). It’s also one of the first to have a mermaid Cure! 



Natsuumi Manatsu (夏海まなつ) / Cure Summer (キュアサマー)

Energetic and motivated, Manatsu is the type to act before thinking. Occasionally though, her recklessness backfires. This 1st year middle school student just recently moved from Minamino Island to Aozora City. She’s the leader of the Cures in Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. Manatsu’s alter ego is Cure Summer. Her charm point is her lips. 



Suzumura Sango (涼村さんご)  / Cure Coral (キュアコーラル)

Stylish and cute, Sango knows a lot about makeup and cosmetics since her family owns a beauty parlor. Like Manatsu, Sango is in the 1st year of middle school. They’re actually classmates.Sango is kind and can get along with anyone!  As Cure Coral, Sango’s charm point is her cheeks.



Ichinose Minori (一之瀬みのり) / Cure Papaya (キュアパパイア)

Unlike Sango and Manatsu, Minori is in her 2nd year of middle school. She’s an honor student who loves to read. This intelligent girl has a poker face, so it’s hard to read her feelings sometimes. Minori has always loved the fairytale The Little Mermaid as a child. She really likes mermaids. Transforming into Cure Papaya, Minori’s charm point is her eyes. 



Takizawa Asuka (滝沢あすか) /  Cure Flamingo (キュアフラミンゴ)

Asuka might seem cool and unapproachable, but this athletic 3rd year middle school student is actually a reliable big sister type. She loves to cook and play kawaii animal games. Asuka also has a strong sense of justice. Her alter ego is Cure Flamingo and her charm point is her hair. 



Laura (ローラ) / Cure La Mer (キュアラメール)

Though Laura’s the same age as Manatsu and Sango, Laura is actually from the Grand Ocean, the land of mermaids. To become the next queen of the Grand Ocean, Laura has to find the legendary warriors, the Pretty Cure. Coming to the surface to find them, she lives together with Manatsu. Laura can transform into Cure La Mer. Her charm point is her nails. 



Aunete (アウネーテ) / Cure Oasis (キュアオアシス)

Aunete is a legendary Pretty Cure that both befriended and fought the Witch of Delays long, long ago. She was a kindhearted girl that always did her best to help the needy. Her alter ego is Cure Oasis. 



Kururun (くるるん)

A sea fairy from Grand Ocean, Kururun is the current Queen's pet. It always goes at its own pace. It’s cry is "kururun~!"  This cutie’s name is based on the word Kurukuru (くるくる) which means "round and round."


Mermaid Queen

Mermaid Queen (人魚の女王) / Melusine Muses Mnemosyne ( メルジーヌ・ミューゼス・ムネモシュネ)

The Mermaid Queen is the queen of Grand Ocean. Also known as Melusine Muses Mnemosyne, the Mermaid Queen is kind and trusting. She trusts Laura most especially.  The Mermaid Queen is the one who gives Laura a Tropical Pact, telling her to find the Pretty Cure to fight the Witch of Delays.



Butler (バトラー)

The Witch of Delay’s butler, this character is actually the hidden main antagonist of the series. Calm with quite the poker face, Butler is cunning. He knows that the Cures’ desire to protect the Grand Ocean would result in the appearance of the Marine Ring, allowing him to take it before they get the chance. 


Witch of Delays

Witch of Delays (あとまわしの魔女)

The series may present the Witch of Delays as the main villain, however, she’s the secondary antagonist of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. The Witch of Delays is cunning, however she’s also highly unmotivated and procrastinates a lot. Later on viewers learn that she’s just afraid to change her own destiny. 



Delicious Party

Delicious Party Pretty Cure is the first PreCure series to use a narrator. The nineteenth installment in the Pretty Cure franchise, its main themes are food, gratitude, and sharing. The show is all about Yui, Kokone, and Ran who transform into Pretty Cures to protect the Recipepes as well as everyone’s smiles. With the help of the fairies and other allies, the girls try to recover the Recipe-Bon from the Bundoru Gang. 


Cure Precious

Nagomi Yui (和実ゆい) / Cure Precious (キュアプレシャス)

An only child, Yui is straightforward and energetic. This 2nd year middle school student has an outstanding physical drive. She gets hungry a lot! Her family owns a diner and her grandmother’s motto “food brings smiles,” is something that she cherishes. Yui also loves fresh vegetables. With the help of the fairy Kome-kome, Yui can transform into Cure Precious. 



Fuwa Kokone (芙羽ここね) / Cure Spicy (キュアスパイシー)

Kokone’s family owns a fine restaurant. Like Yui, Kokone is in the 2nd year of middle school. Cool, fashionable, and beautiful, she’s admired by a lot of people. Kokone prefers to be alone though and doesn’t speak much until later episodes of Delicious Party. She can transform into Cure Spicy with the help of the fairy Pam-Pam. 


Yum Yum

Hanamichi Ran (華満らん) / Cure Yum-Yum (キュアヤムヤム)

A cute 2nd year middle school student, Ran loves to talk. She is very curious about food, and when she gets excited, she can't stop talking. She secretly posts about food on "CureSta.” Her family actually owns a ramen shop. With the power of the fairy Mem-Mem, she can transform into Cure Yum Yum.



Kasai Amane (菓彩あまね) /  (キュアフィナーレ)

A third-year student at Shinsen Middle School, Amane is reliable and has a strong sense of justice. She’s actually the school’s student council president. Good at both sports and studies, Amane is refined, diligent, and thoughtful. Her family owns a fruit parlor. Using the power of the Heart Fruits Pendant, Amane can turn into Cure Finale. 


Kome Kome

Kome-Kome (コメコメ)

The Energy Fairy of Rice, Kome-Kome is Yui’s partner. She’s young, innocent, and energetic. Yui enters her "rice ball form" whenever she combines her power with Yui’s. This cutie ends her sentences with "~kome.” 


Pam Pam

Pam-Pam (パムパム)

A female doggy, Pam-Pam is the Energy Fairy of Bread. Pam-Pam is actually 4 or 5 in human years. She loves her Cure partner Kokone a whole lot. She also loves getting compliments.When she combines forces with Kokone, she enters her "sandwich form". Pam-Pam ends her sentences with "~pamu.” 


Mem Mem

Mem-Mem (メンメン)

Mem-Mem is a male dragon fairy that works together with Ran. About 4-5 in human years,  Mem-mem is the Energy Fairy of Noodles. He's very calm and usually doesn’t make a fuss. Mem-mem is always impressed by Ran's passion. When he combines forces with Ran, Mem-mem enters the "bowl form". He ends his sentences with "~men." 



Godatz (ゴーダッツ) 

The main antagonist from Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure, Godatz is the leader of Bundoru Gang. He wants to steal all of the Recipepes so he can own all types of cuisines. Later on in the series, Godatz real identity is revealed. He’s actually  Fennel, the former Imperial Guard Captain for CooKingdom and one of Ginger's students.



Hirogaru Sky

Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure celebrates the 20th anniversary of the PreCure franchise. It only has one theme this time which is heroes. The show’s motif is endless skies. Like Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure, the show’s lead character doesn’t have pink as her theme color. 


In the series we get to see Sora ending up on Earth together with Ellee-chan, the Princess of Sky Land. There she transforms into a Pretty Cure with others who fight against the Undergu Empire. Sora must fly between worlds to protect both Sky Land and the Earth as well as send Ellee-chan back home. 



Sora Harewataru (ソラ・ハレワタール) / Cure Sky (キュアスカイ)

Sora isn’t from Earth, she comes from the floating kingdom in the sky, Sky Land. This athletic 14 year old girl has trained hard everyday to become a hero like the person of her dreams who saved her when she was a child. Ending up on Earth with Ellee they stay together at Mashiro’s house in Sorashido City. Sora’s alter ego is Cure Sky. 



Nijigaoka Mashiro (虹ヶ丘ましろ) / Cure Prism (キュアプリズム)

The same age as Sora, Mashiro is kind, thoughtful, and knows a lot about cooking as well as nature. She lives in Sorashido City with her grandma since her parents are working overseas. Her nickname is "Mashiron" (ましろん). Mashiro can transforms into the Pretty Cure of Light, Cure Prism. 


Cure Wing

Yuunagi Tsubasa (夕凪ツバサ) / Cure Wing (キュアウイング)

Tsubasa is the first official male cure of the PreCure franchise. A bird fairy from the Sky Land’s Puni Bird Tribe, this 12-year-old boy was born into a tribe who gave up flying in exchange for the ability to become human. Tsubasa has always wanted to fly, trying to learn about aerodynamics in Sorashido City. He can transform into Cure Wing, the Pretty Cure of Wings. 



Hijiri Ageha (聖あげは) / Cure Butterfly (キュアバタフライ)

18 years of age, Ageha is childhood friends with Mashiro. She always does her best and gets along with people. Fashionable, reliable, and cheerful, Ageha moved to Sorashido City to attend a vocational school to become a nursery school teacher. Her alter ego is the Pretty Cure of Butterflies, Cure Butterfly. 



Ellee-chan (エルちゃん) / Cure Majesty (キュアマジェスティ)

Ellee came to Sorashido City together with Sora after she was kidnapped. She’s actually the young princess of Sky Land. Ellee has the power to create the Sky Tones (the objects that give the Pretty Cure the ability to transform). Her strong desire to protect everyone gave Ellee-chan thhe ability to turn herself into Cure Majesty, the mythical Pretty Cure. 



Skearhead (スキアヘッド) 

Skearhead is a general from the Undergu Empire, the main villain of the series. He is Empress Undergu's right-hand man. He is cold, threatening, and hard to read.  


Pretty Cure Outro

So there you have it! All the main cures, fairies, and villains of the Pretty Cure franchise. That was quite a long read, don’t you think? Pretty Cure is a very complex series with so much material for fans to enjoy. You can learn more about the franchise in our complete guide to the Pretty Cure franchise



Which Pretty Cure series are you excited to check out? Which of the girls is your favorite? Which fairy would you like to be your partner if you were to become a Pretty Cure? Don’t be shy and share your magical thoughts in the comment section below. Until next time, stay kawaii! 

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