Ito Langley Fukuoka Amaou Strawberry Biscuit

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Indulge in the delicious strawberry flavor of these delicious langue de chat biscuit sandwiches. Each piece has a sweet strawberry center made with Amaou strawberries from the Fukuoka prefecture!
  • A box of langue de chat biscuit sandwiches with a strawberry center
  • Total of 4 packs with 3 biscuit sandwiches in each tea
  • Made by Ito Confectionary
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  • Best Before: 2023-09

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

So very good

Taste how like you’d imagine

Was probably the second best thing i ordered from here, i feel like the prices are expensive for the amount you’re getting which is why i rated it 3 stars, along with the fact that they tasted a little cheap and powdery - kinda similar to something you’d find at the dollar tree in the usa. Spent a little over $50 at this shop and was only happy with about 2 of my items. Very overpriced for the amount you get like i said!!