Kit Kat Chocolates - Apple Pie

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Grab a pack of these chocolates when you crave a slice of tasty apple pie! The individually wrapped apple pie-flavored chocolates come in different fun Halloween packaging designs.
  • A limited-edition Halloween pack of chocolates with an apple pie flavor
  • Contains 12 individually wrapped mini packs in different Halloween designs
  • Made in Japan by Nestle
More Details
  • Product Code: 16895
  • Brand: Kit Kat
  • Manufacturer: Nestle
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Best Before: 2021-06

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's legit

I don't know what everyone else is saying, but I have these from a different source and I bought these again because I love them so much. The ones I ate had this small gritty texture that reminded me of sugar and cinnamon. It has a taste flavour, where a feint sharp sour taste will come through. I love these kitkats to no end and I usually hate apple pie except for Mcdonald apple pie. Take what you will with this information.

You're missing out if you like Kitkats and you haven't tried these yet!!!

Strange but delicious anyway!

I think it’s obvious that you can’t expect REAL apple pie flavor in it. I perceived the taste as weird at the beginning. But when my mouth was used to this kind of flavor, I can say that although they didn’t really hit the apple pie flavor, these KitKats actually pretty approximates to apple pie, especially the smell. I like them anyway.
I’d recommend these to everyone who’s curious about trying new flavors, but maybe not for those who aren’t that experimental about food.