Koala's March Cookies - Blueberry Cheesecake

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Lotte's Koala's March cookies are very popular all over Asia, and now you can taste this new exciting flavor! This special edition for autumn, the sweet blueberry cheesecake, will make your start of autumn more delicious! Enjoy the crunchy cookies shell filled with lip-smacking blueberry and cheesecake cream filling while looking at each little koala's cute activities. Each character is creatively designed! There are koalas in different costumes, moods, and themes. In total there are 200 different koala designs! Koala's March also supports the Australian conservation group Australian Koala Foundation!
  • Famous Lotte Koala cookies with blueberry cheesecake filling
  • Autumn edition!
  • Contents: 37 g
  • Made in Thailand by Lotte
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  • Product Code: 14154
  • Manufacturer: Lotte
  • Dimensions (cm):
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  • Contents (g): 37 g
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  • Best Before: 2019-10