Lotte Yukari no Land Choco Pie - Lemon Custard Petit Choux

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Savor the taste of “Petit Choux” or the famous French pastry that’s filled with lemon and custard cream as you bite into these mini choco-coated pies! This special flavor was created for the “Yukari no Land” series which features France and the palace of Versailles. Share these treats with your pals as the box contains six individually wrapped pieces!
  • A box of special edition mini chocolate pie sandwiches that taste like French Petit Choux with lemon and custard cream
  • Created for the Yukari no Land series
  • Total of 6 individually wrapped pieces
  • Made in Japan by Lotte
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  • Product Code: 33508
  • Manufacturer: Lotte
  • Best Before: 2022-12