Morinaga Ramune Candy - Blue Hawaii

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Ramune is a well known Japanese citrus flavored refreshing soda drink, which is popular especially during hot summers. The soda drink comes in a special shaped bottle which is sealed with a glass marble. Enjoy the Ramune in a candy form with these cute powder sweets by Morinaga, the makers of Hi-Chew! The candies are made from compressed ramune soda -flavored powder, and the Blue Hawaii flavor tastes like a tropical breeze! The candies are packed in a little bottle shaped packages just like the real Ramune soda bottles!
  • Content: 27 g
  • Made in Japan by Morinaga
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  • Product Code: 09315
  • Brand: Morinaga Ramune
  • Manufacturer: Morinaga
  • Best Before: 2021-06


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