Blippo Surprise Gachapon Bag

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Fukubukuro mystery bags are packed with random items and sold for a substantial discount! This Gachapon Bag is filled with a random assortment of Gachapon capsules! 

Every bag includes a mix of at least 10 capsules that each have a random collectible item inside. Normally these capsules are available only from Gachapon vending machines. Perfect gift for anyone who loves mystery surprises!

  • A surprise bag packed with at least 10 randomly selected Gachapon capsules
  • Items come in an exclusive Blippo bag that cannot be purchased separately
  • Retail value approx. 55 USD
  • Perfect gift idea for all Japan fans!
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  • Product Code: 38393
  • Manufacturer: Blippo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very anime themed

I did hope for this to have a bigger variety in types of gachapon you get, I got 2 gachapon that were things I actually liked (one Sanrio, one a cute dog), and the rest were of 3 anime I haven't seen. I'm glad I can give them to my friend but I do wish this product was advertised to be mostly anime themed. I wouldn't have purchased it otherwise. Great value though, you get a lot for what you pay for and if you're an anime fan you will LOVE this. I got so much more than I thought I would :) Just wish it was advertised as anime themed, is all!

lots of gacha balls!

would've only got half the gacha balls myself- but still worth it for those! plus the balls from anime i didn't like, i have friends who like those anime- got to share with them!

Wanted to try it myself, even after reading reviews, but they're true, it's all just anime

I read the reviews that said it was all anime stuff, but I was curious if that was actually common with this and tried it myself. But the same thing happened to me. It was all just anime that I don't even watch, and some anime I don't even recognize. Out of all 10-11 items I only kept one. And out of all the items I was only familiar with the characters in one. The one I kept was some super cute bear in a dress little figure, and it sits on a little plate. No idea what series of characters this is from, but I instantly fell in love with it. The other was a Sumikko hair tie, this was the only character series I was actually familiar with. Though not sure if I will keep this one. While I do use hair ties, I don't really know how to use ones with stuff hanging on them like this has, and don't see myself ever using it for it's intended purpose. All the other items were things from animes, multiple things from the same 2-3 animes or so. A lot of Demon Slayer, a lot of Jujutsu. I've never watched either before, but the characters and logos are recognizable. Then things from another one or maybe two animes that I didn't recognize at all.
This mystery bag would be better suited to having "anime" in the title tbh...