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Curl up with a warm bowl of instant noodles that tastes like the famous “Iekei Ramen” or Tonkotsuya that has thick noodles and a broth made with pork marrow and strong soy sauce! This ramen flavor originated from Yokohama Prefecture.
  • A bowl of Yokohama Tonkotsuya-flavored instant ramen with thick noodles
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Customer Reviews

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Steve M.i.#.
Verdict: I’m alive!! They were great!

received the noodles just a few days after they expired, I was scared to eat them because I thought they would make me gravely sick and stuff. The pork bone sauce was a bit separated but I suppose that’s normal. All in all, everything you get exactly matches the lid, which pleasantly surprised me. Even the slice of pork and seaweed are included. It’s nice to finally try instant noodles that are actually from Japan. I was pleased with them.