Puccho Chewy Candy - Miracle II

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Puccho limited edition "Puccho Kun II" or "Endless Miracle" fruit and yoghurt candies include delicious gummy pieces and real fruit juice. The secret to success of Puccho is that each soft and milky candy piece is embedded with chewy fruit gummy bits. You can enjoy milky and chewy candy and less chewy fruity bits simultaneously. Like eating rainbows! The brightly colored packaging is also extremely kawaii and and Puccho candies come in several different flavors. Try them all!
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  • Product Code: 05356
  • Brand: Puccho
  • Manufacturer: UHA Mikakuto
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Best Before: 2024-09

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

I already tried one of these chewy candies. This one is very nice, very sweet, although I couldn't taste distinct flavours. I love the combination of fruity jelly and yoghurty chewy candy.

delicious rarity

i just ordered six of these because i have been looking literally everywhere for these for years, i first had them when i went down to the florida disney and it was so delicious i loved it so much, i had to buy these as soon as i saw they actually had them open to buy because i know ill be enjoying these very much.

Great product and customer service, just a long wait.

When forst ordering, my phone autofilled in the wrong information for shipping. When I messaged them about the issue, I got a quick response and fix to my problem. After that, though, began the wait. I ordered the product on Oct 31, and didn't receive it until mid November. That being said, it was reasonably priced and the tracking did help alleviate some fears, but just be aware that there could possibly be a long wait from order until the product is received.
Great product. Great price. Great service. Long wait.