Re-Ment My Hero Academia Desktop Heroes 2nd Mission Collectible

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Add this cute My Hero Academia desktop collectible to your anime collection. It comes from the "My Hero Academia Desktop Heroes 2nd Mission" series which features My Hero Academia characters doing different poses! The series has six different designs for you to collect. Surprise yourself with a random design when you order!
  • A kawaii desktop collectible from the My Hero Academia Desktop Heroes 2nd Mission series
  • Total of 6 designs: Izuku Midoriya (hanko stand), Eijiro Kirishima (card stand), Tenya Iida (glasses stand), Denki Kaminari (cable box), Kyoka Jiro (smartphone stand), Shota Aizawa (Maste Holder / Pen Stand)
  • By ordering you will receive one random collectible design
  • High-quality product manufactured by Re-Ment
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  • Product Code: 31403
  • Manufacturer: Re-ment
  • Charcter/series: My Hero Academia
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