Re-Ment Pokemon Forest 6 Shining Place

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Add this super kawaii Pokemon miniature to your display case! This Pokemon miniature is sitting on top of a branch of an enchanted tree. It comes from the "Pokemon Forest 6 Shining Place" miniatures series. The full set includes Diancie, Pikachu & Melecie, Elfie, Blacky, Mawhip & Peroppafu, and Galar Ponyta. Each replicated mini item is highly-detailed and comes with free gum! Collect all six miniatures in this series to complete the entire Pokemon enchanted tree! Re-Ment miniatures are popular keepsakes in Japan because of their cuteness and meticulous attention to detail. Each package comes blind-boxed so every order is a wonderful surprise!
  • A highly-detailed collectible miniature from the Pokemon Forest 6 Shining Place series
  • The series has a total of 6 miniature designs
  • Comes with one piece of free gum
  • By ordering, you’ll receive 1 random design out of 6 mini collectibles
  • This is a miniature collectible not recommended for small children
  • Original & licensed Pokemon theme by the Pokemon Company, manufactured by Re-Ment
More Details
  • Product Code: 21988
  • Manufacturer: Re-Ment
  • Character/series: Pokemon
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Contents (g): 1.6 g
  • Contents (oz):

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Customer Reviews

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Fun and cute!

Very cute collectible blind boxes, I got the one of the two I really wanted so I'm happy. It has a very sweet pastel colour so it's perfect for the pastel aesthetic I'm working on in my room. The only negative is that it sits a bit loose on the tree stumps, so it isn't super stable, however the tree trunk pieces connects pretty firmly.