Re-Ment Rilakkuma Omotenashi Japanese Sweets

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“Rilakkuma’s Omotenashi Japanese Sweets” miniatures series features Rilakkuma and his friends having fun while playing with different omotenashi or Japanese desserts that are only served for special guests! This super cute set includes sweets like matcha pudding, monaka, shaved ice, purple potato pancake, anmitsu parfait, zenzai, sakura roll cake, and of course — Rilakkuma’s favorite dango! This series has eight kawaii miniatures that you can collect to complete this set of Rilakkuma-themed desserts! Re-Ment miniatures are popular keepsakes in Japan because of their cuteness and meticulous attention to detail. Each package comes blind-boxed so every order is a wonderful surprise!
  • A highly-detailed collectible miniature from the Rilakkuma Omotenashi Japanese Sweets Series
  • The series has a total of 8 miniature designs
  • Original & licensed Rilakkuma theme by San-X Japan, manufactured by Re-Ment
  • This is a miniature collectible not recommended for small children
  • By ordering, you’ll receive 1 random design out of 8 mini collectibles
More Details
  • Product Code: 18244
  • Manufacturer: Re-Ment
  • Character/series: Rilakkuma
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):

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Customer Reviews

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Very cute figure but the colours are very faded compared to the pictures on the box