Re-Ment Sumikko Gurashi Oyama No Kanmiyasan

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The cute “Sumikko Gurashi Oyama No Kanmiyasan” miniatures series features the characters from the Sumikko Gurashi series popular Sanrio characters as cord organizers! This kawaii set includes monaka mold, matcha green tea, tricolored dumplings, a tororo, an anmitsu, a rakugan, a sakura mochi, and boxed sweets. Each replicated mini item is highly-detailed! This series has eight kawaii miniatures that you can collect to complete the Sumikko Gurashi desserts series! These Re-Ment miniatures are bought as keepsakes in Japan as they look cute and meticulously detailed. Each package comes blind-boxed so every order is a whimsical surprise!
  • A highly-detailed collectible miniature from the Sumikko Gurashi Oyama No Kanmiyasan Series
  • The series has a total of 8 miniature designs
  • Original & licensed Sumikko Gurashi theme by San-X Japan, manufactured by Re-Ment
  • This is a miniature collectible not recommended for small children
  • By ordering, you’ll receive 1 random design out of 8 mini collectibles
More Details
  • Product Code: 19812
  • Manufacturer: Re-Ment
  • Character/series: Sumikko Gurashi
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):

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I bought 5 and didn't get any repeats! They are super cute and you can stage all of them together to look like they are all hanging out in a resurant.