Ribon Soft Plum & Super Sour Candy

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This bag of famous Ribon sour candies includes soft salty plum-flavored candies with a super sour plum paste inside. The Japanese sure love their sour candies! These candies are flavored with pickled plum, a fruit known as umeboshi in Japan. Add some excitement to your daily snacks with these juicy but extremely sour treats! It's a great choice when you cannot decide whether you want to have something sweet or sour! Yummy!
  • Each candy inside the package is individually packed
  • Umeboshi plum flavored candies
  • Contents: 70 g
  • Made in Japan by Ribon
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  • Product Code: 14613
  • Manufacturer: Ribon
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Best Before: 2024-10

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This is what Gaga & BlackPink wrote the song about.

These candies are soo delicious! The outside part is soft & sweet with a delicate plum flavor that is kinda floral. It reminds me a little bit of tea. The inside is gushy & super sour! You can choose your own adventure by how long you savor the sweet outside part before biting into the sour middle bits. They’re definitely addictive & it was hard to not eat the whole package. NGL, my teeth hurt some afterwards but that’s not going to stop me from getting more as soon as they are restocked!

Pretty good - addicting

The out is soft and chewy (kind of like a lady taffy). It’s sweet on the outside. And the inside - oh boy - is a sour (and I mean SOUR) paste.

The reason I didn’t enjoy it at first is because I didn’t eat it properly. Apparently it taste much better when you chew the candy until the sour paste inside mixes completely with the sweet taffy on the outside.

I ordered FOUR bags and finished them in 3 days. I’m gonna die from diabetes, but definitely ordering more anyway.

The best sh*t ever!!!!!!!!!

First when I added it in my cart I was like "how sour can it be" but boy was I wrong. This candy is more sour than a lemon, the sourest (??) thing on Earth, I suffered while eating them but I couldn't stop. Just a little downside, the filling was kinda spilled out but I guess it's not the candy's fault. My life was 80% better while I was eating them but I do not recommend if you are not a fan of suffering. It's like eating something really spicy but it's sour and you'll think you're going to die but it's the best feeling ever actually. I would give it more than 5 star's.