Sakuma Chocolate Milk Crunchy Candy

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious candies! Each piece is bonbon-like or looks like a boiled sugar candy that tastes like millefeuille biscuits and chocolate.

  • Candies come individually wrapped

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    • Product Code: 35533
    • Manufacturer: Sakuma
    • Dimensions (cm):
    • Dimensions (inch):
    • Contents (g): 62 g
    • Contents (oz):
    • Best Before: 2024-11

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    Customer Reviews

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    was not my favorite

    i love chocolate, but unfortunately did not enjoy this one. i thought it would be something like a kit-kat, where it’s a chocolate covered wafer-type bon bon. instead it is hard like a dum-dum lollipop, that becomes crunchy when you bite it. still glad i tried it!