Sweet Glittery Sticker Book

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This cute sticker book has a fun, glittery cover that's made of thick and soft material! Use it for your sticker collection. It features prints of hearts and other cute things. Surprise yourself with a random design when you order!
  • A super kawaii sticker book illustrated with prints of cute things
  • Features a fun glittery cover made of thick and soft material
  • By ordering you will receive a random design
  • Materials / ingredients: Paper PVC PP
  • Total of 30 plain pages
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Wish it had more pages but I love the use of it for all my stickers since I’ve been needing a book for them

It’s cute

A cute book, not at all flimsy. Cover and back is pretty thick and the pages wasn’t super thin either, but I wish it had contained a plastic film on the pages if not wanting to use up your collection of stickers. The more you move a sticker the lesser the glue will stick and as a big collecter I’m not a fan of that.