Tanbaya Honpo Ramune & Konpeito Set - Cats

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Share this transparent case filled with delicious ramune and konpeito candies with your friends! It’s packed with ramune-flavored sweets that are shaped like cat heads and also come with colorful konpeito or Japanese star-shaped sugar candies that come in four different colors with corresponding flavors: white yogurt, pink peach, yellow yuzu, and purple blueberry.
  • A clear case filled with cat head-shaped ramune candies and colorful konpeito treats
  • Ramune candies come individually wrapped
  • Konpeito comes in 4 flavors and colors: yogurt (white), peach (pink), yuzu (yellow), and blueberry (purple)
  • Made in Japan by Tanbaya Honpo
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  • Contents (g): 71 g
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  • Best Before: 2023-05