Time to See the Sentimental Circus!

Time to See the Sentimental Circus!

Time to See the Sentimental Circus!

Abandoned in the corners of recess rooms and streets, the Sentimental Circus is a group of stuffed toys that come to life under the cover of night! Created by San-X (the mastermind of other kawaii characters like Rilakkuma and the Sumikko Gurashi), these forgotten plushies gather together to put on a magic show for everyone to see. With so many different Sentimental Circus merchandise to choose from, kawaii fanatics are promised a whole lot of cute moments.

  • Japanese name: センチメンタルサーカス(Senchimentaru Sākasu)  
  • Species: Plushies 
  • Skills: Circus performances 
  • Number of members: Eleven   

Shippo & Spica



Sentimental Circus Together

A little bit sad but a whole lot magical, Sentimental Circus is a troupe of plushies and toys that were abandoned by children. Left to the sides of rooms and streets, these plushies sit neglected all day. But at night, it’s a different story! These cuties come to life to put on a magic show, one of the most dazzling ones that you can imagine. It’s a nightly spectacle for people who love all things kawaii! 



The Sentimental Circus taps into a deeply relatable feeling of nostalgia and the longing to be loved. Each character in the Sentimental Circus comes with their own unique tale of abandonment, adding an extra dash of sentiment to their circus performances.

Even people who seem carefree, if you tap the bottom of their hearts, they will sound somewhat sad.

It’s not just about their super cute appearances; it’s also about their heart-touching backstories. Even abandoned toys just want to be loved! 



Sentimental Circus Dance

In the land of its birth, Sentimental Circus is known as センチメンタルサーカス (Senchimentaru Sākasu). It’s not that hard to remember - it’s just the Japanese way of saying Sentimental Circus. Try saying that out loud, girls, and feel the magic of those syllables roll off your tongue! Fun, isn't it?



San X Characters

These magical plushies were created IN 2010 by San-X. Like Sanrio, San-X makes iconic characters that are well-loved in kawaii culture. That includes the super popular but lazy bear Rilakkuma and the corner-loving cuties the Sumikko Gurashi. Like their siblings, the Sentimental Circus are loveable but flawed characters that a lot of people can relate with. If you'd like to learn more about the kawaii company that the Sentimental Circus came from, you can check out our San-X blog!


Sentimental Circus Members

Each member of the Sentimental Circus has a role to play during the troupe’s nightly performance. Composed of 11 characters, the Sentimental Circus is lead by Shappo, a mysterious but magical plushie. 



Shappo (シャッポ)

The ringmaster of the Sentimental Circus, Shappo is a stuffed animal that’s shaped like a rabbit. However, unlike the most characters in the group, no one is sure what kind of animal plushie Shappo is! This cutie wears a magic hat with needles, threads, and other things that the group uses to fix things up. Shappo is great at handicrafts. It even remade it’s entire body after being torn apart! 



Toto (トト)

Made from scraps by Shappo, Toto is a plushie that is in charge of juggling. No one knows what kind of animal Toto is since it was made from leftover cloth. Still, Toto tries its best! It’s Shappo’s partner in the magical Sentimental Circus. 


Mr Bear

Mr. Bear  (Mr.ベア) 

This Tin Bear is in charge of riding a bicycle. It is capable of doing its own thing without the help of others! Mr. Bear loves doing what it loves at its own pace. 


Pig and Marmo

Pig & Marmo (ピグ&マーモ)

Made of lint, these twin monkeys are super curious! They’re in charge of the aerial trapeze in the magical circus show. Did you know that they’re made from scraps of yarn? 



Kuro (クロ)

In charge of balancing on top of globes, Kuro is a shy black cat in the Sentimental Circus. It loves round things and it’s great at balancing. Kuro sometimes looks a bit like an owl. 


Piyo Ballerina

Piyo Ballerina ( ピヨバレリーナ)

Piya Ballerina is a group of three little bird sisters. They talk a lot, crowding around the dressing room. These birdies are in charge of the ballet act. 



Poni (ポニ) 

Always hard-working, Poni the wooden horse tries to give its very best every night despite having short legs. Poni is in charge of hurdle jumping. 



Rio (リオ) 

Rio is the largest stuffed toy in Sentimental Circus. In charge of jumping hoops, Rio is fun to watch! This cutie can remove its lion’s mane and turn it into a hoop to jump through. 



Mouton (ムートン) 

An easygoing elephant, Mouton is in charge of acrobatic performances in the nightly spectacle of the Sentimental Circus. Though usually laid-back, this elephant becomes active when the show starts. 



Spica  (スピカ) 

Spica is Shappo’s twin stuffed toy! Sometimes they perform together. You often see Spica together with Shappo. 




Shappo and the gang don’t just spend their time starring in the circus, they take center stage in books too! These cuties have their own special Japanese books titled Sentimental Circus, Sentimental Circus Act 2, Sentimental Circus Act 3, and Sentimental Circus Fantasy Antique Night Story. Each of these books talks about the gang's nightly adventures and the shows they perform!




Like the group’s kawaii siblings Rilakkuma and the Sumikko Gurashi, the Sentimental Circus also gets its own pop-up cafes every now and then. One was held in Osaka where Sentimental Circus fans could get meals, desserts, and drinks that looked like their favorite magical circus characters!

If you want to give happiness to others, you must be happy yourself.

This pop-up collab cafe also had commemorative Sentimental Circus goodies that could only be found on site. Sentimental Circus fans in Japan certainly had a good time visiting the cafe. 




Falling in love with the whimsical Sentimental Circus is easy, and a lot of fans want to fill their rooms with goodies that remind them of Shappo, Spica, and the rest of the gang. There are tons of Sentimental Circus goodies to choose from. There are Sentimental Circus plushies, Sentimental Circus stationery, Sentimental Circus home essentials - you name it. Though most of these can be found in Japan, you can also find them online. You can check out our very own Sentimental Circus collection on Blippo to start your own kawaii haul! 


So, lovely readers, now that you've got completed the magical course on the Sentimental Circus, what are you waiting for? Come join the enchanting world of Shappo, Toto, Kuro and their friends.

You must never lose your only true ticket in the Milky Way!

You’ll find them performing their greatest tricks under the moonlight, ready to capture your heart with their charm and their longing for love. 


Sentimental Circus Goodbye

What do you like best about the Sentimental Circus? Who's your favorite circus performer, Shappo, Toto, Spica? Let us know in the comment section below. Remember, every night is magical at the Sentimental Circus!

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