Time to Meet Cinnamoroll

Time to Meet Cinnamoroll

Time to Meet Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll is a lovable, fluffy white puppy with a tail resembling a cinnamon roll. He spends his days spreading cheer at Café Cinnamon, hanging out with his best friends, and embarking on fun, lighthearted adventures that bring joy to everyone he meets. Let's meet this Sanrio cutie!

  • Japanese name: シナモロール (Shinamorōru)
  • Birthday: March 6
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: Cafe Cinnamon
  • Species: Dog
  • Skills: Flying by flapping his ears
  • Fun fact: Cinnamoroll was first designed as a chubby rabbit!
Cinnamoroll jumping



What is Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll is a cute little puppy with fluffy ears and a tail that looks like a cinnamon roll! Though he’s a bit shy, he can spread happiness wherever he goes and make friends with everyone he meets. Plus, you’ll often find him hanging out at Cafe Cinnamon, where he snuggles up for naps on customer’s laps. If he isn’t at the cafe, you can see him flapping his huge ears to fly around clouds as fluffy as him!



who created cinnamoroll

In 2001, the Sanrio wizards waved their magic wands, and poof, Cinnamoroll was born! This fluffy, chubby-cheeked, cinnamon roll-tailed pup instantly stole the hearts of teens and young girls (and let's be real, everyone else too) with his sweet, innocent charm.


Cinnamoroll creation

Cinnamoroll was created by the über-talented Miyuki Okumura, who, while sipping on her coffee, saw a fluffy cloud in the sky that looked like a cinnamon roll. That moment of divine inspiration led her to create this heavenly pup that we all know and adore.


Baby Cinnamon

At first, he was called “Baby Cinnamon” but later changed to Cinnamoroll. He was initially meant to compete with Ocha-Ken, the colorful puppies from Sega Toys. At that time, cute characters that promote relaxation and “healing” were very popular.




Did you know that Cinnamoroll was first proposed to be a rabbit? Well, obviously, that was not approved because now he’s a super cute little dog! At first glance, you may think he’s a bunny because he’s white and he has big ears, but he’s actually a puppy. Those ears needed to be big so he could fly!




Cinnamoroll is a boy! He's a super cute and chubby male puppy with blue eyes, pink cheeks, and an adorable tail that looks just like a cinnamon roll. He's a perfect balance of adorable and adventurous, making him a good fit for Sanrio fans of any gender or age! He's like a furry friend that brings smiles wherever he goes.



Cinnamoroll is so cute because he's like a perfect mix of awesome things! First off, he’s a dog, which a lot of people love. Next, in terms of adorable looks, Cinnamoroll has a lot to offer. He’s small, fluffy, and has chibi-style proportions. What’s more, his white, blue, and pink color is versatile and popular! With his small size, color, and calming vibe, it's no wonder everyone finds him so lovable!



Cafe Cinnamon

Our lovable puppy's story begins when he falls from the sky (yes, literally!) into Café Cinnamon, a little coffee shop located on top of a hill. The café owner, who's totally chill about this skydiving pup, decides to adopt him and names him Cinnamon because, well, he's got a cinnamon roll for a tail. Duh!



In the real world, Cinnamoroll officially debuted in June 2002, making him more than two decades old. He even celebrated his 20th anniversary with big events, and we’ll talk more about that later. But in the Sanrio Universe, Cinnamoroll was born on March 6 and has remained a tiny puppy ever since!



Cinnamoroll's friends

Who has a crush on Cinnamoroll? Who is Cinnamoroll’s best friend? Let’s answer these frequently asked questions about Cinnamoroll’s buddies!


Mocha Cinnamoroll

Mocha (モカ)

Meet Mocha, the chatty and chic puppy! She's super friendly and dreams of being a fashion designer. She’s part of the Cinnamoangels! The yummiest treats for her are gateau chocolate and fruity tarts.


Cappuccino Cinnamoroll

Cappuccino (カプチーノ)

This chill and food-loving puppy from Cinnamoroll has a mouth that resembles a creamy cappuccino. He's all about those cozy nap times and happens to be Cinnamoroll's best bud. Cappuccino's home sweet home is a red-roofed house just across from Cafe Cinnamon.


Espresso Cinnamoroll

Espresso (エスプレッソ)

Espresso is the brainy and playful pup star who once won a dog contest. When it's bedtime, he can’t doze off without his favorite blanket. His special skill? Speaking English like a boss! His charm point is his Mozart-style hair and his favorite food is creme brûlée.


Chiffon Cinnamoroll

Chiffon (シフォン)

A bubbly and energetic puppy, Chiffon is the life of the party who doesn’t care about small details. While studying and sitting still aren't her strong suits, you can always find her dashing through the park with her fellow Cinnamoangels. Check out her adorable fluffy ears, just like a chiffon cake!


Milk Cinnamoroll

Milk (みるく)

Milk is the teeny-tiny puppy who’s super sweet but easily cries if he doesn’t have his pacifier nearby. Milk is a pro at chugging milk in one go and loves imitating Cinnamoroll. Milk lives in a cozy house near the park, ready for cuddles and his favorite treats: milk and cinnamon rolls!



Cornet (コルネ)

This unicorn boy is a space-time traveler who can even travel the world of picture books! When the new moon rises, you can catch him sipping drops from Lake Croissant in Shukuru Town. His twisty horns look just like chocolate coronets!


Poron Cinnamoroll

Poron (ポロン)

Poron is a mysterious puppy girl who rides Cornet's back. With her magic key and time compass, she can travel time and space. Sporting fluffy ears like clouds and a sky-blue ribbon, she's as charming as can be!


Coco Cinnamoroll

Coco (ココ)

Coco is the cheerful and lively twin brother of Nuts and the younger brother of Cappuccino. With his constant giggles and endless energy, he brightens up every room. Don't forget to celebrate his birthday on July 25th!


Nuts Cinnamoroll

Nuts (ナッツ)

The mischievous younger brother of Cappuccino and twin of Coco, Nuts is a total foodie and nap enthusiast. He’s also a bit of a scaredy-cat.


Azuki Cinnamoroll

Azuki (アズキ)

Say hello to Azuki, the gentle puppy with two pink wings on her head! With her own tempo and a knack for sharp comments, she adds a unique flavor to her group, the Cinnamoangels. She is bright but a little clumsy, and she loves drinking tea!


Berry Cinnamoroll

Berry (べリー)

Berry is the mischievous male demon with ram horns and black bat wings from Cinnamoroll’s Demons, the Lloromannic. With his talent for making potions and transforming into a devilish form, he loves to play tricks on kids with his friend Cherry by sneaking into the human world through a magic mirror.


Cherry Cinnamoroll

Cherry (チェリー)

This sassy female demon is one of the Lloromannic, and she transforms into her devilish form to stir up some mischief! Cherry loves to play jokes on Berry and she has a secret crush on Espresso.


Shirotaro Cinnamoroll

Shirotaro (シロ太郎)

Shirotaro is the coolest cat ever! You can find it chilling at the Shironekodo Bookstore on Wasanbong Street, rocking it as the signboard cat. He also loves strolling around the garden of Café Cinnamon.


Mr. Bird Cinnamoroll

Mr. Bird (鳥さん)

Mr. Bird is always surrounded by yellow Koritori birds who love popping into Café Cinnamon. He lives in an apple tree in the park.


Bear Cinnamoroll

Bear (くまさん)

Bear is Cinnamoroll’s favorite stuffed toy! It’s the perfect snuggle buddy.



Cinnamoroll girlfriend


Cinnamoroll’s love life is a bit complicated! We can say it’s a love triangle between Mocha and Chiffon. There seems to be a hint of Cinnamoroll and Chiffon's romantic relationship in the Cinnamoroll manga, but lately, Sanrio has been shipping the Cinnamoroll & Mocha love team with their Cinnamoroll plushies and other merch. Now, fans are rivaling over which one should be Cinnamoroll’s girlfriend!



Sanrio Character Ranking

Cinnamoroll's popularity skyrocketed, and he was crowned the most popular Sanrio character in 2017-2018 and 2020-2022 (sorry, Hello Kitty, but everyone loves an underdog... or underpuppy). His cute little face and cinnamon bun tail inspired a whole range of merch, from Cinnamoroll plushies to stationery, making it impossible to resist his squishy, sugar-sweet charm.



Cinnamoroll cafe

This cute puppy has become so well-loved that he even has a cafe in his name! Cinnamoroll Cafe has two branches in Japan. One is in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and the other is in Osaka. Both are perfect spots for photo ops with this adorable Sanrio character. The cafe boasts pastel-themed interiors and offers an irresistible menu featuring adorable Cinnamoroll-inspired dishes and drinks.



It’s only fitting for a very popular character to have its own movie. That’s why Cinnamoroll stars in one! In Cinnamoroll: The Movie! Cinnamoroll and his friends embark on a magical adventure to save the skies after the villain, Chowder, puts a spell on them. Talk about a pup with star power! The movie is 45 minutes long and was released in 2007.



Cinnamoroll anime

Aside from the movie, you can also watch Cinnamon Anime Damon, a short anime series on Cinnamoroll’s official YouTube and TikTok channels. It’s the first Cinnamoroll anime since the Cinnamoroll: The Movie. You can also watch the English version on Sanrio’s official YouTube channel, Hello Kitty and Friends. With the number of episodes constantly growing, get ready for non-stop fun with Cinnamoroll and his pals!



Cinnamoroll tourism ambassador of Shinagawa

Out in the real world, Cinnamoroll was appointed as the official tourism ambassador for Shinagawa City, spreading his awesome charm all around the neighborhood! You’ll see the pup in the windows of the city’s tourist information center, and you can also enjoy Cinnamoroll treats at the Info & Cafe Square.


Cinnamoroll ambassador

Cinnamoroll also served as Nakakai Support Ambassador by Nakai Town in Kanagawa Prefecture, and he was the image character for Asahi Life and Tokyo Tomin Bank. What a busy puppy!



Cinnamoroll Nintendo

Get ready to join Cinnamoroll and his pals in some super fun video games! There are lots of Nintendo games featuring our fluffy friend. The earliest ones were made for Game Boy Advance, and the next ones were for Nintendo DS. To add more cuteness, you can even play with a Cinnamoroll Nintendo Switch!


Cinnamoroll Hello Kitty Island Adventure

But wait, there's more! Cinnamoroll also joins Hello Kitty in games like Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Big City Dreams, Birthday Adventures, and Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends. You can even find him racing in Hello Kitty Kruisers on Android, iPhone, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch! With all these games, get ready for endless adventures with Cinnamoroll and his friends!



Cinnamoroll isn’t only about cuteness, he’s also a rockstar! He teamed up with the Japanese band Scandal for a music video, and even had his own animated music video for his 10th Anniversary! Plus, he's got his own album called Cinnamon Trip! with nine awesome songs sung by Cinnamoroll and his pals. With catchy tunes, you’re sure to sing along and dance to the beat with Cinnamoroll.



Cinnamoroll Cooking Show

Want a tasty treat from Cinnamoroll? His popularity knows no bounds as he stars in an awesome cooking show in Japan called Cinnamon and Ken Yasuda’s YuruDoki Cooking. It’s the first Sanrio original cooking show ever! This show is a mix of animation and reality with Cinnamoroll and Japanese actor Ken Yasuda as the hosts.



If you want to take a photo or hug this adorable puppy, head over to Sanrio Puroland! Cinnamoroll is a regular character in this amusement park, along with other cute Sanrio Characters. You can line up to meet the Cinnamoroll mascot, or have tasty Cinnamoroll treats at the Dream Cafe!



Cinnamoroll may be super popular and well-loved, but recently, he found himself targeted by bullies on Twitter. Some people were saying not-so-nice things and posting funny pictures to try to make others feel bad about Cinnamoroll.

“I’m sad that my friends who look forward to my tweets are feeling so bad. I’m fine, so don’t worry! I’ll tweet again tomorrow, so please wait for me.”

Good thing that Cinnamoroll’s fans and friends weren’t having any of it! They rallied in support of Cinnamoroll and sent lots of love and good vibes.



Hatsune Miku x Cinnamoroll

Mean bullies didn’t have much impact on Cinnamoroll’s popularity. A lot of brands and other kawaii characters still wanted to work with this lovable pup! Cinnamoroll collaborated with equally adorable characters like Crayon Shin Chan and Hatsune Miku. He also joined the Sanrio gang in teaming up with Sailor Moon!


Pringles Cinnamoroll

Aside from that, you can also often see Cinnamoroll in various treats. He’s in yummy desserts like Tirol Chocolate and Floresta Doughnuts, and savory snacks like Pringles. Even international brands like Hershey’s Kisses and Baskin Robbins Korea didn’t miss the chance to collaborate with this sweet puppy. Cinnamoroll is definitely an eye-catcher so brands that use him as an image character sell hotcakes!


Joshua and Cinnamoroll

And did you know that Cinnamoroll also found his K-pop match? That’s right! K-pop idol Joshua from Seventeen recently associated himself with Cinnamoroll. Fans supported this 100%, stating that Joshua’s lips curve up just like Cinnamoroll’s and both have matching levels of irresistible charm.



Cinnamoroll Harajuku Fashion Week

With his cuteness, it’s no surprise that Cinnamoroll is also a fashion icon. In fact, he recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as the main star of the 2022 edition of Harajuku Genderless & Free Fashion Week. Cinnamoroll was also featured in fashion brands like Seiko Watch, Beams Couture, and The Kiss. Kawaii style is really made much cuter with Cinnamoroll!



So you want to become a kawaii artist and learn how to draw Cinnamoroll. We’ve got you covered! Cinnamoroll is actually made of simple lines and shapes, and it won’t take all afternoon to learn. Just grab some pencil, paper, and get to sketching with this fun tutorial video!



Sanrio Store

Are your shopping bags ready? Japan is filled with lots of shops that sell Cinnamoroll merchandise. Whether they’re popular products, gachapon capsules, or exclusive merch, you can find them in Sanrio stores and other specialty shops.


Cinnamoroll goodies

But don’t worry if you’re not in Japan! You can also find Cinnamoroll goodies in other stores and online shops. Blippo has a ton of Cinnamoroll items waiting for you! From Cinnamoroll plushies to Cinnamoroll stickers, there’s something for every Cinnamoroll fan.


Cinnamoroll fans

And there you have it! That’s a lot to learn about Cinnamoroll. Are you Team Mocha or Team Chiffon? Would you like to start a Cinnamoroll collection? It will be a cute reminder of the delightful pup who turned a simple pastry into a worldwide symbol of cuteness. Here's to many more years of fluffy, cinnamon-swirled adventures!



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