The Ultimate List of Sanrio Characters

The Ultimate List of Sanrio Characters

The Ultimate List of Sanrio Characters

It’s time for you to meet everyone in the kawaii universe of Sanrio! Everyone knows Sanrio’s iconic cuties like Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll, but did you know that the Japanese kawaii powerhouse has more than 450 characters? That’s right, there are hundreds of Sanrio characters in the Sanrio family! 


Sanrio Characters

While most of the famous kawaii characters are anthropomorphized animals like My Melody, Pompompurin, and Pochacco, Sanrio has also made cuties based on food like Gudetama, Kirimi-chan, and more. There are also a bunch of Sanrio characters based on people! 


Today we’re going to learn about all the different characters that Sanrio has to offer - whether they’re based on people, animals, food, and other strange kawaii things. Buckle up and get ready because it’s going to be a pretty long list! 

Sanrio Characters Band

Let's jump right in!

    1. Cinnamoroll Universe
    2. Pompompurin Universe
    3. Kuromi Universe
    4. Pochacco Universe
    5. Hello Kitty Universe
    6. My Melody Universe
    7. Hangyodon Universe
    8. Little Twin Stars Universe
    9. Tuxedosam Universe
    10. Bad Badtz-Maru Universe
    11. Cogimyun Universe
    12. Keroppi Universe
    13. Gudetama Universe
    14. Jochum Universe
    15. Wish Me Mell Universe
    16. Pekkle Universe
    17. Kirimichan. Universe
    18. Show by Rock!! Universe
    19. Marumofubiyori Universe
    20. Jewelpet Universe
    21. Sugarbunnies Universe
    22. Maimaimaigoen Universe
    23. Nya Ni Nyu Ne Nyon Universe
    24. Aggretsuko Universe
    25. Cheery Chums Universe
    26. Hagurumanstyle Universe
    27. Mewkledreamy Universe
    28. Beatcats Universe
    29. Rilu Rilu Fairilu Universe
    30. Ichigoman Universe
    31. Bosanimal Universe
    32. Fancy Friends Universe
    33. Sanrio Unknown Universe



Cinnamoroll Universe

Cinnamoroll is one of the most popular Sanrio characters. These are some of the main characters that fill up his universe! Let’s fly out and meet them in Cinnamoroll’s kingdom of clouds. 



Cinnamoroll (シナモロール)

Also known as Cinnamon, Cinnamoroll is a small, chubby dog that lives on a cloud far up in the sky together with his family and friends. Though he can be a bit shy, Cinnamoroll is friendly and helps out his friends when they need him. He works at Cafe Cinnamon where he sometimes sleeps on customers’ laps! 



Azuki (アズキ) of the Cinnamonangels (シナモエンジェルス)

Azuki is a member of the Cinnamonangels together with her best friends Mocha and Chiffon. This ladylike pup is known to be calm though sometimes she can be slightly off-tempo by making sharp remarks. She runs a traditional sweets shop called Angelan. Azuki’s dream is to become a true Japanese lady someday! 



Chiffon (シフォン) of the Cinnamoangels (シナモエンジェルス)

Chiffon is an athletic and energetic little puppy that can come up with games for her friends on the spot. Together with Mocha and Azuki, this cutie is part of the idol group Cinnamoangels. Her charm point is her fluffy ears that look a lot like chiffon cake! 



Mocha (モカ) of the Cinnamoangels (シナモエンジェルス)

The leader of the Cinnamoangels, Mocha is a kind and caring friend. She’s an older sister figure to Cinnamoroll. Fashionable and chatty, Mocha loves talking to customers at Cafe Cinnamon. She dreams of hosting a fashion show of her own someday.   



Lloromannic (ルロロマニック)

This devilish demon duo is formed by Berry, a little boy demon with big ram horns, and Cherry, a girl demon with bat wings and fangs. These two live in an abandoned gothic mansion. Aside from the Cinnamoroll universe, Cherry and Berry have also appeared in Onegai My Melody as the sidekicks of Kuromi



Poponen (ポポネン) 

Born from a collab between Sanrio and SINANEN, Poponen is the mascot of SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki together with Cinnamoroll. The project aims to provide clean, energy-efficient plans to households. Poponen is an otter from the future. He’s the keeper of the Akari no Mori or the Forest of Light, the place where he met Cinnamoroll.   


Cinnamoroll Friends

These are just a few of the friends that Cinnamoroll has. If you want to get to know all of the lesser-known characters in Cinnamoroll’s wonderful world of clouds, you can head over to our Cinnamoroll blog to check them out! 



Pompompurin Universe

Like Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin is a very good-natured dog. That’s why he’s loved by everyone around him. He has a lot of friends! In this section we’ll learn more about him and his best buddy, Muffin! 



Pompompurin (ポムポムプリン) 

Born on a sunny day, Pompompurin is a good-natured golden retriever who lives in his own little basket at the entrance of his sister-owner’s house. His favorite food is his mama’s pudding and he loves collecting shoes to hide them away. Pompompurin might love spending time sleeping, but he also loves hanging out with his buddies! He always perks up when he hears his owners say “Let’s go out!” to him. 



Muffin (マフィン)

Pompompurins’ best friend, Muffin is a smart hamster who will eat just about anything. He loves cracking open nuts and storing them inside his cheeks! Muffin often hides inside Pompompurin’s beret!  



Being the friendly dog that he is, it comes to reason that Pompompurin has more friends than you can count on your hand. If you’d like to get to meet them, you can read about Pompompurin’s Mama, Papa, and everyone else in our Pompompurin blog




Kuromi is a cool and cute baddie! She’s often surrounded by others just as cool and cute as her. Here, in this section, we’re going to explore Kuromi’s main family and friends. 


Kuromi (クロミ)

Manifesting as a white rabbit with a black jester’s hat, Kuromi is known to be My Melody’s rival.  Her name translates from Japanese to English as "black beauty.” She might look tough and punk, but Kuromi is actually very girly. She’s attracted to good-looking guys, writes in her diary, and enjoys romantic short stories. Though she’s a villain, Kuromi likes good food and cooks! 



Baku (バク) 

Baku is Kuromi’s sidekick. He flies around sniffing dreams! This purple boy tapir character from Sanrio has purple fur. He’s pretty chill and doesn’t let things like Kuromi’s teasing affect him. 



Romina (ロミナ)

Kuromi’s older sister, Romina’s true identity is the wishing stone, a magical item that can make any wish come true. Romina came to life because of Kuromi’s desire to have a cool, cute, and mysterious older sibling. She disappeared while Kuromi was growing up. 


Kuromi's 5

Did you know that Kuromi has her own gang? That’s right. She’s got her own set of followers who love to go on adventures together with her. You can learn more about them in our complete Kuromi blog




Sporty and friendly, Pochacco has tons of animal buddies. In this section though we’ll get to know more about Pochacco and his best bud, Choppy. 



Pochacco (ポチャッコ)

Pochacco is a sporty white dog with black floppy ears! This cutie was designed after Snoopy. Referred to as “The Yorimichi Dog” in his early years, Pochacco loves athletic activities like basketball, soccer, and skating. Though he’s a really active boy, Pochacco has a tendency to trip often!  



Choppy (チョッピ) 

Everyone needs a BFF, and Pochacco's no different! His best buddy is none other than the sweet and kind-hearted Choppy, a mouse who's always there to cheer Pochacco on, from the sidelines of his basketball games to his various sporting adventures. Their bond proves that dogs and mice can, indeed, be the best of friends!



Pi-Chans (ぴーちゃん)

The Pi-Chans are made up of three chick sisters named Piyo, Pico, and Peep. These cuties might seem a bit mischievous but they always charm people with their beautiful three-part chorus. 


Pochacco Friends

Like we mentioned earlier, Pochacco has a lot of animal friends. After all, he is one friendly pup that loves to play around! You can check them all out in our Pochacco blog



Hello Kitty Universe

It’s time we learn about everyone surrounding Sanrio's cute little poster girl, Hello Kitty. This cutie may get along with all her siblings from Sanrio, but she also has her own circle of family and friends. We’re going to tackle her main gang right here in this section. 


Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty (ハロー・キティ) 

Based on a white Japanese bobtail cat, Hello Kitty is one of the biggest icons of the kawaii-sphere. Living in the suburbs of London with Mimmy and the rest of her family, Hello Kitty is a bright, kind-hearted girl. She’s as tall as five apples and weighs as much as three. Hello Kitty is very close to her twin, Mimmy. She’s good at baking, likes to play the piano, and collects cute things.  



Mimmy (ミミィ) 

Hello Kitty’s twin, Mimmy is a cat that looks a whole lot like her sister with her beautiful white hair. The only difference is that she wears her ribbon on the right side of her ear (Hello Kitty wears it on the left). Unlike her sister who is curious, active, and a tad bit reckless, Mimmy is polite and homely. Sometimes she has to hold Kitty back from doing rash things! 


Tiny Chum

Tiny Chum (タイニーチャム)

Hello Kitty’s best friend, Tiny Chum can be a bit mischievous. Sometimes he imitates Kitty by wearing a ribbon on his head. He ends up living at Kitty’s house after his father moves to New York for work. Tiny Chum has six siblings with different colors (cafe au lait, pink, light blue, yellow, lilac, and mint green.)


Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel (ディアダニエル)

Dear Daniel’s full name is Daniel Starr (ダニエル・スター). This cutie is based on a Japanese male bobtail cat, just like Hello Kitty. Trendy sensitive, and naive, Dear Daniel is Hello Kitty’s boyfriend. 


Charmmy Kitty

Charmmy Kitty (チャーミーキテ)

Hello Kitty’s pet cat, Charmmy Kitty is cute, spunky, and friendly. She was named Charmmy since she wears the key to Kitty’s jewelry around her neck. Though she is kind and polite, Charmmy can be sassy at times.


Hello Kitty Universe

Hello Kitty is popular and she has a whole village of friends and acquaintances in her cute Kitty universe. Since we didn’t want to make this list too long, we only kept to her main crew. You can check out our Hello Kitty blog for a list of ALL her family and friends! 



My Melody Universe

Like Hello Kitty, My Melody is a pretty popular character in the kawaii realm of Sanrio. She has a lot of friends and family members. However, for today, we’ll be taking on the people that My Melody hangs out with the most.


My Melody

My Melody (マイメロディ)

A white rabbit character, My Melody debuted as the kawaii version of Little Red Riding Hood. This honest, good-natured girl is best friends with Hello Kitty. You can also call her by the name My Melo. My Melody lives in the magical forest of Mariland together with all her animal friends! She loves pound cake a lot. 



Araiguma (あらいぐまくん) 

One of My Melody’s friends, Araiguma is a yellow raccoon character with black pointy ears, a striped tail, and an orange oval nose. This cutie loves cleanliness and observing things. 



Flat (フラットくん)

This blue mouse is My Melody’s best friend. Flat is a bit shy. He loves spending time with his bestie, My Melody. They’re almost always seen hanging out together. 


Little Forest Fellow

Littleforestfellow (リトルフォレストフェロォ)

This cutie is also known as Mellow (めろぉ, Melo). A boy rabbit who likes collecting buttons, Littleforestfellow is actually My Melody’s cousin. She was the one who gave him the red hood that he treasures so much. Littleforestfellow’s catchphrase is “nanodesu,” which means “a bit strange,” or “interesting” in English. 


My Sweet Piano

My Sweet Piano (マイスウィートピアノ) 

Originally debuting in 1976 as Hitsuji, this cute sheep character got her name My Sweet Piano in 2005. My Sweet Piano is My Melody’s best friend. She’s soft, girly, and kind. Her hobby is playing the piano and making flower crowns and necklaces. 


My Melody Universe

Being as sweet as she is, it comes as no surprise that My Melody has tons of small animal friends. You can learn more about the other people surrounding her by checking out our main blog on My Melody.  




Like his Sanrio siblings, Hangyodon has his own set of friends and family. In this section, we’ll be learning about Hangyodon and his best friend, Sayuri. Let's get cracking!



Hangyodon (ハンギョドン)

Half-fish, half-person, Hanygodon is a nice guy who loves to make people around him laugh. He’s a softie who doesn’t really like to be left alone. Though he’s shy around women, he’s a huge romantic. Hangyodon wants to be a hero someday. Unfortunately, most of his heroic plans go awry.  



Sayuri (さゆり)

Sayuri is Hangyodon’s best friend. She’s a happy, optimistic, and curious female octopus who was born in Japan with a B blood type. She likes collecting fans. Her favorite kind of food is dumplings and sour foods made with lots of vinegar. Since she’s an octopus, Sayuri can do lots of acrobatic moves. She’s very flexible!  


Hangyodon Friends

The truth is, Hangyodon doesn’t have as many buddies as Hello Kitty or Melody. He still does have a few acquaintances and friends though. You can learn more about them in our full Hangyodon blog



Little Twin Stars Universe

The Little Twin Stars (リトルツインスターズ) is a duo made up of stars named Kiki and Lala. In this section, we’ll get to learn about the two cosmic children themselves and their most important friends! 



Kiki (キキ) of the Little Twin Stars (リトルツインスターズ)

In the Little Twin Stars, Kiki is the younger brother with short blue hair. He loves fishing for stars. Kiki also likes inventing things! This cheeky cutie is curious about everything in the world! Before he was given a name, he and his sister Lala were known as the Charmers. 



Lala (ララ) of the Little Twin Stars (リトルツインスターズ)

Lala is the older sister among the twins in the Little Twin Stars. This cutie with long pink hair can be a little bit timid. She loves to write poems, draw, and cook!  Lala always worries about Kiki since he sometimes puts himself in dangerous situations with his curiosity. 



Lili (リリ) of the Magical Twin Comets (マジカルツインコメッツ) 

The Magical Twin Comets are twin witch girls that are childhood friends with the Little Twin Stars. Lili wears a ponytail and a purple pendant around her neck. She has a boyish and energetic personality. She’s also good at spells that use moon drops.



Lulu (ルル) of the Magical Twin Comets (マジカルツインコメッツ) 

Lulu has twin tails and wears a red pendant. She’s the other twin in the Magical Twin Comets. This witch girl is talkative, likes fashion, and specializes in spells using star fragments.


Kiki and Lala

Kiki and Lala are stars with their own cosmic friends and pets. If you’d like to read up on Kiki and Lala’s cosmic friends, you can head to our Little Twin Stars blog




Tuxedosam is a very dapper little bird of the sea. While Sanrio fans might know him as a member of the boy group Hapidanbui, Tuxedosam has his own set of friends he hangs out with. In this section, we’ll get to know Sam and his brothers! 



Tuxedosam (タキシードサム) 

Fashionable and dapper, Tuxedosam is a young penguin from Tuxedo Island. He’s the older brother of Tam and Pam. Coming from a distinguished family, Tuxedosam likes looking good - that’s why he has 365 bow ties! Though he can speak English really well, this penguin occasionally overeats and is a bit clumsy. 



Tam (タム)

Tam is the shy but oh-so-sweet penguin. He’s Sam’s youngest brother. While he may be a bit spoiled, Tam has a special talent – calming everyone around him. His favorite pastime? Snoozing! That’s why he loves collecting pajamas.



Pam (パム)

Tuxedosam’s other younger brother, Pam tends to be a curious and energetic little penguin. This cutie is the life of the party! Not only does he like having fun, he looks for exciting things to do. He also collects hats! 



So now you’ve met Tuxedosam and his brothers. If you’d like to learn more about his friends, you can check out our Tuxedosam blog and read all about them! 




Bad Badtz-Maru might be one of the cool boys in the Hapidanbui, but he has a soft heart and is surrounded by people he loves. Let’s meet the main run around together with Sanrio’s badass penguin! 


Bad Badtz-Maru

Badtz-Maru (バッドばつ丸)

This cutie is the bad boy of the kawaii world of Sanrio. His signature pose is one where he pulls down one of his eyes and sticks out his tongue! Bad Badtz-Maru wants to become the boss of everything when he grows up. He’s a bit mischievous and attracts a lot of attention.  



Hana-Maru (グッドはな丸) 

Bad Badtz-Maru’s complete opposite and ultimate best friend, Hana-Maru is a seal who’s always friendly. His hobbies include ball acrobatics and when he’s not doing that he’s tending to his flowers. He's part of the XO clan, Badtz-Maru's special gang. XO is a play on the Japanese words badtsu (which translates to X) and maru (which translates to circle or O). 



Tsunko (バッドつん子)

Tsunko is Bad Badtz-Maru’s younger sister, who likes to dress as a nurse. Despite being younger, she’s just as cheeky as Badtz-Maru. Born on April 2nd, she celebrates her birthday just after her big brother! She attended a prestigious boarding school in Oahu, Hawaii but that doesn’t stop her from playing pranks! Her hobbies include taking ballet lessons, so she has the habit of striking a ballet pose whenever she talks. 


Badtz-Maru Friends

Of course, Hana-Maru and Tsunko aren’t the only people in Bad-Badtz Maru’s life. If you’d like to get to know the whole big bad circle of family and friends that Badtz Maru has, you can check it out on our Bad Badtz Maru blog.  



Cogimyun Universe

Cogimyun might be a small little wheat flour fairy, but that doesn’t mean she’s lonely. This Sanrio cutie has a ton of friends to hang out but for today we’ll focus on Cogimyun herself and her cute little pet Ebifurai. 



Cogimyun (こぎみゅん) 

A cute little character made of wheat flour, Cogimyun is sensitive and easily falls apart. Sanrio has revealed her to be a Cogimuna (コギムーナ) or a wheat flour fairy in English. She wants to become an onigiri rice ball even though she’s made of wheat. That’s because onigiri is her grandpa’s fave food! Her pet is Ebi Furai. 


Ebi Furai

Ebifurai (エビフライ)

Cogimyun’s pet, Ebifurai is a fried shrimp that also goes by the name Ebi-chan (エビちゃん). Though they both argue from time to time, Ebi-chan is really supportive of Cogimyun. This fried shrimp was found in the forest by Cogimyun when she was young.  




Like an actual frog, Keroppi lives in a pond with lots of frog family and frog friends. Right now, we’ll just give you a rundown of Keroppi and his best friend. 



Kero Kero Keroppi (けろけろけろっぴ) 

One of the smallest characters in Sanrio, Kero Kero Keroppi (or Keroppi for short) comes from a big family of frogs that live in Donut pond. He’s extremely optimistic with a bubbly personality. Keroppi is a great swimmer! His mouth is usually seen in a V-shape when it’s closed. 


Den Den

Den Den (でんでん)

This trusty snail is Keroppi’s best friend. You’ll always see him tagging along with Keroppi, even if he’s a little behind.


Keroppi Family

As we mentioned earlier, Keroppi has a lot of frog family and friends in his little pond. You can learn more about them in our Keroppi blog



Gudetama Universe

One egg is never enough! Just like his siblings from Sanrio, Gudetama hangs out with his own crowd of eggs. Here in this section, we’ll get to learn about Gudetama’s main egg friends. 



Gudetama (ぐでたま )

Everyone’s favorite lazy egg,  Gudetama is well known for having an apathetic attitude. It loves two things - soy sauce and being left alone. The name "Gudetama" is a blend of two Japanese words: "gude gude," which describes someone with no energy or enthusiasm, and "tamago," which means egg.



Shakipiyo (しゃきぴよ)

This energetic character is a yellow-feathered chick that wears an eggshell as its pants. It’s so hyperactive that Gudetama always feels bothered and harangued whenever Shakipiyo is around. 



Hardboiled (ハードボイルド)

Hardboiled is an egg character just like Gudetama but with thick, menacing eyebrows. It was made just like its name suggests - after boiling in hot water for more than 15 minutes. Maybe that’s why it’s a bit jaded. 


Gudetama Characters

Gudetama might be lazy, but he makes time for his other egg friends. All of his minor egg buddies are listed down in our official Gudetama blog. You can check them out there! 



Jochum Universe

Jochum (ジェオチャム) is a kawaii group of eleven cuties made by Sanrio in collaboration with JO1, the popular Japanese boy group. Each one has different hopes and dreams that they work toward to together! These characters are all living together in one big house. 



PiHai (ピハイ)

This cutie is a black fox that loves mangoes, apples, and grapes. He’s a member of Jochum. His charm point is his baggy clothes! PiHai wants to become a pilot someday. When he doesn’t have his tongue sticking out, PiHai seems to have an expressionless face. PiHai represents JO1 member Sukai Kinjo. 



Rain (レイン) 

A blue fox born on March 2, Rain is a magician whose dream is to use his magic to surprise people everywhere! He is PiHai’s older brother in Jochum. The luscious blue coat that he has is his charm point! His favorite color is blue and he likes any kind of blue. Rain represents JO1 member Ren Kawashiri. 



Miken (ミケン) 

Unlike Rain and PiHai who are based on animals, Miken is actually a light blue microphone character in Jochum. This cutie’s dream is to make everyone happy with a song that everyone can sing together. He likes long walks, eating out, sleeping, and singing. Miken represents Junki Kono from JO1. 



Chimata (チマタ) 

A purple rabbit with a fluffy white tail, Chimata represents Syoya Kimata from JO1. His sparkly purple eyes are his charm point! Chimata loves sushi so much that his dream is to eat all the sushi in the world. He loves playing games too! Most of the time you can see Chimata wearing black headphones. 



Yanukami (ヤヌカミ) 

A green dragon with a purple tail, Yanukami’s dream is to be a guardian deity. He loves staying at home and protecting the house. Yanukami’s favorite colors are green and orange. His favorite snacks are chocolate chip cookies and sata andagi (sweet deep fried buns). Yanukami represents JO1 member Sho Yonashiro.  



Mamechii (まめち) 

Mamechi is a tan corgi representing Mamehara Issie from JO1. This cutie admires heroes and dreams of becoming one himself someday. He likes motorcycle touring, being in nature, and fighting to protect people’s smiles.



Popo (ポポ) 

This pink penguin has a strawberry on its head! Easygoing in nature, Popo loves to sleep and eat. His favorite treat is ice cream - strawberry, chocolate, and mint are his favorite flavors. Popo’s catchphrase is “Yappo!” He represents Takumi Kawanishi from Japanese boy group JO1. 



Chulala (チュララ)

Like Popo, Chulala has his own little hat, but instead of a strawberry it’s a purple octopus that can shoot lasers. This gray chihuahua loves traveling space. His dream is to invade it someday! Chulala’s favorite color is the darkest shade of black. He represents JO1 member Shion Tsurubo.  



Moco (モコ) 

Unlike most of the other Jochum members, Moco isn’t an animal but an angel. He represents Shosei Ohira from JO1. This cutie’s favorite place is above the clouds and his dream is to make everyone in the world happy. Moco just wants to make people feel better!



Ruru (るる) 

A fluffy white dog with a crown on its head, Ruru represents Ruki Shirowa from JO1. This cutie can sleep anywhere - he just needs to have his pacifier so he can sleep. Ruru loves desserts like crepes, daigaku, and parfaits. 



Bira (ビラ)

Bira is a bright sunflower that enjoys sunny weather and sunshine! He has red lips in the shape of his heart. Bira’s charm point is his flower petals! This cutie represents Keigo Sato from the Japanese boy group JO1.  



Landlord (家主)

The name says it all! This cutie is the landlord of the house that the Jochum gang is living in. 



Wish Me Mell Universe

She might be clumsy, but her heart is always in the right place! That’s why Wish me mell has a lot of friends who love her. In this section though we’ll get to know Mell and one of her most important friends, Mai Mai. 


Wish Me Mell

Wish me mell ( ウィッシュミーメル )

Created in 2010 by Cinnamoroll's designer, Miyuki Okumura, Mell is a clumsy but kind little rabbit. This cutie helps out delivering mail around Merci Hills. She loves collecting stamps and writing letters! Wish Me Mell was made for young women who are too shy to express their feelings. She represents kind phrases like “I like you,” or “Thank you.” 


Mai Mai

Maimai (マイマイ)  

A gentle pink puppy, Maimai is actually based on the Japanese pop singer, Mai Kuraki (she collabed with Sanrio to release some of Wish Me Mell’s songs). Like the actual singer, this cutie expresses all her feelings through songs that cheer people up. She likes playing the piano. Maimai’s fave food is watermelon! 




Being the good duck that he is, it should come as no surprise that Pekkle has a lot of friends even outside of the Hapidanbui. In this section, we’ll get to learn about Pekkle and some of his friends! 



Ahiru no Pekkle (あひるのペックル) 

Also known as Pekkle, this cutie is based on a Japanese duck with white feathers and orange legs. Pekkle enjoys tap dancing and taking dance lessons. He’s a gentle and kind-hearted boy. In the Hapidanbui, Pekkle is in charge of the keyboard.



Pitch (ピッチ)

This fish is good friends with Pekkle! He’s also a pretty good swimming teacher. Pitch is actually trying to teach Pekkle how to swim. Pitch’s biggest dream is to live outside the water. Maybe someday he can roam around on land too! 



Ran (ラヌ)

Like Pitch and Chap, Run was born on March 17. This girl fish is actually Pekkle’s best friend. Run might be a small fish, but she has big dreams, hoping to become a model! 



Chap (チャップ)

Chap is one of Pekkle’s other fish friends. He shares the same birthday as Pitch on March 17! This fishy cutie wants to become a professional surfer someday. 


Pekkle Friends

Pekkle isn’t the only duck in his pond. He also has a lot of duck family and friends that you can read up on in our complete Ahiru no Pekkle blog




Kirimichan might be one of Sanrio’s stranger creations, but that doesn’t matter because she has a lot of food friends to hang out with. Pick up your chopsticks and get ready because we’re going to dig in and learn about the most important food characters that surround this cute salmon slice!



Kirimichan. (KIRIMIちゃん.

Based on a slice of salmon, Kirimichan. dreams of becoming part of a delicious meal. She was born the moment someone sliced a piece of fish on 31st August (which ironically is Vegetable Day in Japan). Kirimichan. wants to be served with all of their friends at the dinner table. Her closest friend is Kamaboko-chan. 


Kamaboko-chan (かまぼこちゃん)

Kamaboko-chan is a character based on cured surimi (a Japanese processed seafood product). Though she’s a bit clumsy, Kamaboko is a caring person that people like. She loves girl talk.



Takuwanwan (たくわんわん)

This is Kirimichan’s pet that she rescued her from the Takuwanwan protection facility. She wasn’t too close to Kirmichan at first, but now she’s really attached to her and sleeps together with her. 



Ichigo-chan with condensed milk (練乳がけいちごちゃん)

This cutie was born when a human poured condensed milk over Ichigo-chan. She works hard every day in promotion. When her favorite is happy, Ichigo-chan with condensed milk is also happy. When they are sad, she is sad. Who’s her favorite? That’s a secret!



Maguro-kun (マグロくん) 

A stylish traveler with a wasabi hat, Tuna-kun has a lot of stories from his trips around the world. He’s always traveling! Kirimichan looks forward to Maguro-kun’s stories all the time.  



Show by Rock Universe

For those who aren’t familiar, Show by Rock!! (ショウバイロック! !)  was originally a videogame based on characters produced by Sanrio. It also got an anime adaptation showcasing rock bands! Let’s get to know the main bands and their members. 



Cyan Hijirikawa(聖川ひじりかわ 詩杏シアン) 

Also officially known as Cyan (シアン), this character is the main heroine of the Show By Rock!! anime. She is a member of the band Plasmagica. Cyan has a straightforward but gentle personality. She loves Gothic Lolita fashion. 



ChuChu (チュチュ)

Charismatic and diligent, Chuchu is the leader of Plasmagica. She acts as the secondary guitarist and main vocalist of the band. Even though she secretly dreams of becoming a solo artist someday, she actually likes her band and is liked by her bandmates as well.  



Retoree (レトリー)

The bassist and vocalist of Plasmagica, Retori seems to be cold and cool. However, the Show By Rock!! anime reveals that there is more to her than meets the eye. She calls her bass the “Blue Station.” 



Moa (モア)

Moa is the drummer and vocalist of Plasmagica. Sometimes she can’t get to band practice because she has to work at a bedding store. Her drums are called “Super Cosmos.” 



Crow (クロウ)

The lead vocalist and guitarist of the band ShinganCrimsonZ, Crow comes from a family of dairy farmers. He gets defensive whenever someone mocks the farming industry. He drank milk every day to try to make himself taller but it didn’t really work out. Crow’s guitar is called “Red Tomahawk.”  



Aion (アイオーン)

Upholding himself in a regal manner, Aion calls himself either the “Dark Sun God” or the “Black Monster.” He is the lead guitarist of the band ShinganCrimson Z and the older brother of Ailane. “Holy Ark” is the name of his guitar. 



Yaiba (ヤイバ)

Playing bass for ShinganCrimsonZ, Yaiba respects the soul of rock and Bushido. His bass named “Ryukenden” takes the shape of a katana. He doesn’t have any problem holding and playing it despite its strange shape. Yaiba describes Ryukenden as if it were a sentient being.  



Rom (ロム)

The drummer of ShinganCrimsonZ, Rom tends to be hot-blooded with a fist that moves faster than his mouth. Considered the leader of the band, Rom inspires the other members of ShinganCrimsonZ. Cocky and proud, he loves his physique and shows it off whenever he wants. 




Marumofubiyori (まるもふびより) is actually a group of three characters - a homebody Polar bear, a blue fish plushie, and a red crab plushie. While the trio are generally homebodies, they do have a few friends they hang out with. 



Moppu (モップ) 

The main character in the group of Marumofubiyori, Moppu, is a polar bear cub that loves to laze around at home. He’s always draped in his favorite blanket. This cutie is a homebody who lives together with a girl roommate who works at an aquarium. His roommate was the one who gave him the name “Moppu,” since he always drags his blanket around as if he were mopping the floor.   



Gyoniku (ギョニクさん)

Gyoniku is a stuffed fish animal plushie that was given to Moppu by his roommate. He loves to live at his own pace. Moppu isn’t really sure what kind of fish it is. There’s also a mysterious antenna growing out of its head. Gyoniku is the second member of the Marumofubiyori. 



Kanikama (カニカマさん)

A stuffed toy crab, Kanikama is pretty reliable. Like Gyoniku, she was given to Moppu by his girl roommate. Sometimes she’s scared of what might happen in the future. 



Jewelpet Universe

Jewelpets (ジュエルペット) are the magical animals that live in Jewel Land. According to Sanrio’s story, these pets were given birth by the Princess. However, Jewelpet also has an anime series where the Jewel pets live in Jewel Land, a place ruled by their queen and creator, Jewelina. In this section, we’ll get to learn about the lead Jewelpet characters. 



Ruby (ルビー)

Polite and cleanly, Ruby loves the cherry blossom season. It might be a bit obvious seeing how she has a cherry blossom tucked in her ear. She’s the mascot of the Jewelpet franchise. Her gem name is Kogyuko. 



Garnet (ガーネット)

He has a beautiful coat that he’s very proud of. While he might have a lot of pride, Garnet is also a very hard worker. Garnet’s gem name is just the same as his real name. He’s one of the three mascots of the Jewelpet franchise.



Safi (サフィー)

An understated and quiet Jewelpet, Safi’s gem name is actually Sapphire. She loves spending time by the window just looking out into the world. Safi is one of the three mascots of the franchise. 



Labra (ラブラ)   

A super kawaii baby Jewelpet, Labra is also called Labradorite (its gem name). It can’t use magic that well yet, however, it may actually have a great power hiding inside it. 



Call (コール)

A Jewelpet that tries to be patient, Call never gives up even when it fails. Its gem name is Coal. This creature likes to nibble on leaves in grasslands or places near water at its leisure.  



Granite (グラナイト) 

Calm and Gentle, Granite is a Jewelpet that likes to spend its time in trees. Its gem name is the same as its actual name. Granite doesn’t like to show any weakness because he’s kind of a perfectionist.



Rua (ルーア) 

Rua is a bright and positive Jewel Pet that says what it thinks immediately. She has a lot of talents including playing the piano, dancing, and singing. You can also call her by her gem name, Blue Apatite. 



Jasper (ジャスパー)

Sure, Jasper might be quiet and unfriendly, but he’s actually really kind. Not only that, but this Jewelpet is also pretty smart too. His gem name is also Jasper.




The Sugarbunnies (シュガーバニーズ)  started out as twin bunnies called Shirousa and Kurousa that love making sweets and pastries. Soon they became a big hit and so Sanrio decided to give them their own anime with even more Sugarbunny friends!  In this section we’ll meet some of the main bunnies in the Sugarbunnies universe. 



Shirousa (しろうさ) 

One of the two lead characters of the Sugarbunnies, Shirousa is Kurousa’s twin brother. He’s a white bunny with a bowtie. He and his twin are both patissiers, professionals at making pastries. Always seen together, they really love making sweets. Like his brother, Shirousa lives in Bunniesfield. 



Kurousa (くろうさ)  

Shiorusa’s twin brother, Kurousa is a brown little bunny. He specializes in making pastries just like his brother. His favorite treat includes cream cakes. Together with Shirousa, this bunny lives in Bunniesfield with 14 genius maestros of sweets. 



Momousa (ももうさ)  

A florist bunny in the Sugarbunnies, Mimosa is twin sisters with Hanausa. She’s the older twin with an excellent sense of flower arrangement.
Florist. The older twin sister is a florist and has an excellent sense of flower arrangement.



Hanausa (はなうさ) 

Like Momousa, Hanausa is also a florist. She’s good friends with the flowers.



Strawberryusa ( ストロベリーうさ) 

Strawberryusa is a girl rabbit who works as a jam maker. Her twin is Blueberry rabbit. Strawberry bunny is the one who is good at growing fruits.



Blueberryusa (ブルーベリーうさ) 

The twin of Strawberry Bunny, Blueberryusa also works as a jam maker. She’s a good cook and she loves to throw parties.  




Maimaimaigoen (まいまいまいごえん) is the first ever ensemble drama by Sanrio. It follows the story of 16 nursery children from Hydrangea nursery school and their two teachers. Sure, the story might sound strange, but Maimaimaigoen really found its niche! Let’s get to meet the shows’ main kids and their teachers. 



Shinta (シンタ)

Born on August 3, Shinta is a bright and lively boy that stands out among the rest in the nursery with his red hair and blue eyes. He’s an honest and gentle cutie.Shinta often wears a white shirt with black shorts.  



Hikaru (ヒカル)

A responsible young girl, Hikaru is tough but fair. Everyone loves her like an older sister! The kids in the nursery think that Hikaru is the glue that keeps the place together. Hikaru can be sweet towards her childhood best friend, Maria. 



Daigoro (ダイゴロウ)

Daigoro has orange hair and green eyes. This energetic young boy is super friendly! The kids at the nursery say that Daigoro manages to make everyone around him happy with his energy. He loves to exercise. That’s probably why he gets hungry so quickly!  



Kanata (カナタ)

This cutie has yellow hair with blue highlights. He likes wearing a blue-gray jacket and gray shorts. Kanata can be a tad bit naughty but that’s because he wants attention from people. He’s always bringing around his beloved plushie, Hinata together with him.   



Hayate (ハヤテ)

An independent young boy, Hayate tends to put up a front. He always stays a bit distant from the other children in the nursery. Despite that, Hayate is actually pretty insightful. He has gray hair, pink eyes, and he likes to wear a black mask and a purple jacket. 


Yuu Okada

Yuu Okada (岡田ユウ)

Yuu is the male teacher of the nursery. Though he’s bright and kind, he’s also inexperienced and indecisive in class. His lack of training makes him appear a bit unreliable at times. Yuu wants to have a good relationship with the children. 


Rumi Sensei

Rumi-sensei (ルミ先生)

The senior teacher to Yuu, Rumi is the female nursery teacher. Strong, kind, and dependable, she’s well-liked by her students, the parents, and her coworkers. She always remains calm for the children so they don’t panic.  



Nya Nyi Nyo Nyon Universe

Nya Ni Nyu Ne Nyon (ニャニィニュニェニョン) is actually a family of five cute and cheeky little kittens born on January 17. Sanrio calls them Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow. Everyone loves these cuties! They actually placed 35th in the 2023 Sanrio ranking. Get ready to get up close with these kitties! 



Nya (ニャ)

Nya is the most grown up among the bunch. He’s a solid little kitty!



Ni (ニィ)

Ni is a kind boy kitten who loves marshmallows. He’s absolutely crazy about them.



Nyu (ニュ)

Even though he was born on the same day as his siblings, Nya acts like a bit of a baby. He really likes milk.



Ne (ニェ)

Ne is the fashionable one among the kittens. She’s trendy and precocious.



Nyon (ニョン)

Nyon is the one who likes to stir up trouble among the five cute Sanrio kittens. He’s a bit naughty and filled with mischief. 



Aggretsuko Universe

Also called Aggressive Retsuko (グレッシブ烈子)  in Japanese, Aggretsuko is an animated comedy series from Sanrio showcasing kawaii animal characters. It centers around the story of Retsuko, a single 25-year-old red panda who’s working in the accounting department of a trading firm. Let’s get to meet the main characters in her story! 



Retsuko (烈子)

A red panda in her mid-20s, Retsuko is an amiable introvert with social anxiety and unrealistic dreams in life. She works in an accounting department with frustrating superiors and coworkers. Because she can’t let out her negative emotions in front of people, she takes it out by singing death metal at a local karaoke pub. Retsuko is the lead character of Aggretsuko. 



Washimi (鷲美)

Washimi is a beautiful snake sardine or secretary bird who’s very good at what she does as the secretary of the company president. She knows how to recognize the president’s pain points! However, she can also be fed up with the harsh way the president manages people and all of his mental weaknesses


Director Gori

Director Gori (ゴリ部長)

Despite her powerful appearance, Director Gori has a delicate heart. She has trouble expressing what she thinks sometimes. This character is outstanding at work and serves as one of Retsuko’s mentors together with Washimi. She works as the manager in the marketing department.  


Director Ton

Director Ton (トン部長)

Literally a pig, Director Ton is Retsuko’s supervisor who has a lot of backward beliefs. This character thinks that women should just serve tea and that they should listen to his every whim. He can be very cantankerous, and his mood affects everyone in the workplace. He has a tendency to bully Retsuko because of her demure nature. 



Feneko (フェネ子)

Feneko is one of Retsuko’s friends at the office. They work at the same time together and they have the same complaints as her boss. However, unlike Retsuko she has a better handle at dealing with the world. Feneko the Fennec avoids sharing private matters.  



Haida (ハイ田)

A hyena working in the same department at Retsuko, Haida does pretty okay at work. Haida the Hyena is actually interested in Retsuko however he has a hard time getting along with her because of her lack of self-confidence. He’s often teased and supported by Feneko about Retsuko since most of the time he just watches her from the sidelines.  



Tadano-kun (只野くん)

One of Retsuko’s lead love interests, Tadano-kun is an IT president who believes that wasteful labor should just go to AI to help make the world a more efficient place. He’s a genius at IT and because of that, he has a hard time at understanding people’s feelings sometimes. He has a rough-at-the-edges aura which makes it hard to believe that he’s actually a company president. 



Mr. Resasuke (れさすけさん)

Resasuke was one of Retsuko’s other main love interests. Retsuko was attracted to him for a while. When she was in love with him, he seemed to have a handsome face. The reality of it was that he was a normal Red Panda with a salty face. Resuske moves at his own pace and speaks with a unique mysterious pause. He likes plants. 



Cheery Chums Universe

Cheery Chums (チアリーチャム) is actually the group name for animal characters from Sanrio. It’s headed by Chum, a cute bunny who’s actually lonely. Luckily she got herself some friends! Let’s meet Chum and some of her friends. 


Cheery Chums

Chum (チャム) 

A fun-loving bunny, Chum is really friendly but she’s a bit lonely. She loves baking cakes, cookies, and having parties. 



Pam (パム)

Pam is a dependable leader. He’s a gentle but strong boy elephant who’s friends with Chum.



Pooh (プー)

A romantic and shy pig boy, Pooh is part of the Cheery Chums. He’s actually in love with Chum.



Myuu (ミュー)

Mischief-loving, this cat loves to play outside. Myuu is hard to hate because he’s super cute.



Mu (ムー)

Mu is a knowledgeable and studious boy bear. He’s also fashionable and listens to people’s concerns. 



Chu (チュ)

A bit spoiled, Chu can’t calm down unless Chum is around to help him. He’s a clumsy little boy mouse.  




 You can’t just have one tooth character, no! That’s why Hagurumanstyle (歯ぐるまんすたいる) from Sanrio is actually a group of teeth characters. The name translates to “tooth-picking teeth” in English. They’re part of the stranger side of Sanrio. Prep your toothiest grins, because we’re going to meet the teeth of Hagurumanstyle! 



Okuba (奥歯)

An unsung hero in the mouth, Okuba is always working hard. He might seem plain and ordinary, but this tooth’s single-minded efforts though shine through from time to time. Sometimes Okuba doesn’t realize his importance. Though he feels frustrated because of it, he actually lives his day happily for the most part.



Ohaguro (お歯黒)

Described as a Yamato Nadeshiko or an old-fashioned type of character, Ohaguro is rather mysterious. He only appears when you eat black sesame treats or dark dishes like squid ink meals. Polite and filled with common sense, he always gives good advice. Like, for better or worse, he wants you to go at your own pace.



Deppa (出っ歯)

A tooth that speaks with the Kansai dialect, Deppa is a moodmaker. He’s always proactive and he likes to take a lot. Deppa makes everyone freeze with the use of his noritsukkomi. He is sincere even though he has a bad mouth at times.



Yaeba (八重歯)

This business woman tooth stands firm in what she believes in. She has a bright smile that she wants to be her charm point. She likes wearing red lipstick because she’s proud and wants to look confident. The truth though is that Double Teeth is actually fragile and has a complex.



Kinba (金歯)

Is Kinba a true rich tooth or nouveau rich tooth? Nobody really knows, but the fact remains that he has a lot of money. In fact, a dizzying amount of money. This gold tooth has extraordinary financial sense. He’s also a gentle, flexible, and powerful leader of the Hagurumanstyle.



Ginba (銀歯)

Ginba is a silver tooth that really wants to stand out. While that might sound like a good thing, it’s actually a blemish on his nerves. He has a glaring high tension that tends to stand out in the Hagurumanstyle. Stoic and loyal at heart, this tooth has a heart made of oxidized silver that’s hard to beat.



Zonbiba (ゾンビ歯)

Sure, Zonbiba might seem insensitive, but the others really can’t come to hate him. He was originally a serious and delicate white tooth. However, he lost his nerves and ended up becoming a callous zombie tooth. Despite that, he’s miraculously able to live his life as comfortably as he can.



Implant (インプラント)

A high-spec elite tooth, Implant is a handsome tooth with a dazzling aura. This member of the Hagurumanstyle lives a life that everyone else envies. Despite that, he actually feels empty inside because he can’t find any fulfillment in what he does.


Plaque Teeth

Plaque Teeth (プラーク歯)

Plaque Teeth is a calculating tooth boy that tries to control everyone’s hearts with how cute he looks with his pink appearance and his kawaii gestures. In reality, though, this member of the Hagurumanstyle is terrifying with a dual personality and ambitious aspirations in his career.



Kenshiro (けんしろう)

This is a pet dog teeth that lives at the back of the mouth. In English, you would call it a canine tooth.



Kibanyan (きばにゃん)

Kibanyan is actually a zombie tooth pet that’s a cat. 



Mewkledreamy Universe

Mewkledreamy ( ミュークルドリーミー) is a world of cute characters created in collaboration between Sanrio and Mayumi Yanagita. It’s filled with cute cat-like characters led by the cat, Mew. In Sanrio, these cuties are cats that like to have fun. In their anime adaptation by JC Staff, they get magical powers. Let’s go and meet the leads! 



Mew (みゅー)

The main kitten of the Mewkledreamy universe, Mew is a light violet stuffed kitten that ends her sentences with “mya.” She’s a sweet and kind girl. Mew is a bit afraid of dogs, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since she’s a kitten.  In the anime adaptation, Mew has the power of “Dream Synchro.” It allows her to enter anyone’s dream. 



Peko (ぺこ)

Peko loves eating! He’s a chatty stuffed boy kitten who loves playing around. He and his human partner in the Mewkledreamy anime adaptation have their own comedy duo named "Dasshi♡Fun'nyuu" (lit. "skim milk powder").



Suu (すう)

One of Mew’s friends, Suu is a cute girl stuffed kitten. She’s kind and she’s reliable! In the Mewkledreamy anime, this cutie’s glasses have multiple abilities. That includes detecting Black Abysses and watching past events by rewinding time. 



Nene (ねね)

A cheerful and caring girl stuffed kitten, Nene is one of Mew’s other friends. She really loves flowers. In the anime adaptation of Mewkledreamy, she’s good at dream divination, sports, and singing. 



Rei (れい)

This white stuffed kitten might act tough, but he’s actually pretty kind and cool. His full name in the Mewkledreamy anime is “Rei de Richard.” Rei tends to refer to himself as a “prince of a royal family from the country of love.” 



Chia (ちあ)

A baby stuffed kitten, Chia is a lively little sweetie that loves being cuddled. The Mewkledreamy anime adaptation, later on, reveals that she’s actually the princess of Miracle Dreamy Kingdom with the seed of the Dreamy Lavender Flower sitting inside her heart. 



Yuni (ゆに)

This boy stuffed kitten loves playing pranks. He’s a bit clumsy though. Yun cares a lot about Tsugi and Hagi. In the anime, he created the two when he was lonely, and that’s why treasures them a lot. Yuni wasn’t made by the same fairies who created Mew and her friends.



Tsugi (つぎ)

A two-piece girl stuffed kitten created by Yuni, Tsugi always ends her sentences with “-tsugi.” She likes Yuni a lot. 



Hagi (はぎ)

Hagi is a boy stuffed kitten created by Yuni. Like Tsughi, Hagi likes Yuni a lot. He ends his sentences with “-hagi.” 



Yume Hinata (日向 ゆめ) 

Yume is the lead human character of the Mewkledreamy anime. This bright girl filled with energy is the partner of Mew in the show. Though she’s pretty lively, Yume is also a bit of a scatterbrain and her clumsiness can sometimes get in the way. She loves the color pink and wears a pink outfit when she transforms. Yume isn’t that fond of tomatoes. 



Maira Tsukishima (月島 まいら)

One of the main human protagonists in the Mewkledreamy anime, Maira debuted in the first episode of the show together with Yume. She’s partnered together with Peko. This 12-year-old girl loves fashion and works as a model. At the same time, she also loves comedy like Peko. 



Tokiwa Anzai (安西 ときわ) 

Adventurous and sporty, Tokiwa is one of the main human protagonists of the Mewkledreamy anime. A transfer student of Ichigo Junior High School from the Yamanashi prefecture, Tokiwa made her debut in the show in Episode 13. She discovered her Mewkledreamy partner Nene by the river. Tokiwa is part of the cheerleading and choir club. 



Asahi Minamikawa (南川 朝陽) 

The only male character with a Mewkledreamy partner, Asahi is good at sports and studying. The partner of Rei in the Mewkledreamy anime, Asahi is shy with his feelings, especially those he has for Yume. Though he’s a bit clumsy, Asahi likes to show off from time to time. 



Kotoko Imai (今井 ことこ Imai Kotoko)

An intelligent third-year junior high school student, Kotoko is one of the five main human protagonists of the Mewkledreamy anime. She’s partnered together with Suu. Great at taking care of people, Kotoko can be dense and oblivious when it comes to romance. She treats confessions as acts of admiration and respect instead of anything romantic. 




Coming from a character franchise collab between Sanrio and Sega Toys, the Beatcats (ビートキャッツ) is a kawaii band made up of cats! These cuties feast on the pitter-patter of human hearts (like the excitement brought about by their fans). Get your lightstick ready, we’re going to meet up with the members of the Beatcats!  



Mia (ミア) 

A pink cat that wears a large, black bow, Mia loves observing girls whose hearts are pounding with wild ideas. Her ears and her hot-and-cold personality are what makes Mia interesting. She loves sweet things, especially strawberry-flavored chocolate. Mia also loves romcoms. When she transforms into her vampire state, she gets wings on her back and the tips of her ears, paws, and tail become grey. Her pupils also get slimmer! 



Chelsea (チェルシー)

Chelsea is a light blue stripped cat with a clear, whispery voice. Though her comments can be harsh, they always come from a good place of friendship. This cat is always sleepy! She enjoys Vocaloid music and electronics. In her vampire form, Chelsea gains wings and the tips of her ears, and the stripes on her body become dark grey.   



Rico (リコ)

A yellow zombie cat with patches and a frazzled lion tail, Rico is a member of Beatcats that’s full of energy and tension. Her tongue tends to hang out of her mouth! Rico is an agile dancer - she loves running and exercising. When she turns into a vampire like Mia and Chelsea she gets wings on her back and the stitched parts of her body become dark grey. This cutie loves eating meat like a lion! 



Layla (レイラ) 

Always wearing her headphones on, Layla is a purple cat with a sharklike patch going down her face. She has an expression that doesn’t change that much even though she’s always paying attention to the things going on around her. Layla livens up the Beatcats performance with her rap! When she transforms into her vampire form she gets wings on her back and parts of her body become grey. Her pupils also get slimmer like Mia.  



Emma (エマ) 

Gentle and kind, Emma is a fluffy-mint green cat with bows on her head. She’s a bit of an airhead, though she’s not entirely convinced that she is one. A flexible kitty, Emma can dance gracefully. In her vampire form, this cat gets wings on her back and the tips of ears, paws, and tail turn grey. She loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and nice, long baths.  


Rilu Rilu Fairilu

Created by a collab between Sanrio and Sega, Rilu Rilu Fairilu (リルリルフェアリル)  is a kawaii franchise filled with magical fairies that represent flowers, insects, and other things. All born from Fairilu seed, these fairies have magical keys that can open doors and cast spells. Let’s traverse the magical world of Little Fairilu together and get to know the main cast! 



Lip (りっぷ) 

This Fairilu is called Lip because she comes from a pink tulip! Even though she cries easily, Lip doesn’t give up. She has a kind and strong heart. When she was about to be born from her Fairilu Seed, Lip struggled to open the Door of Birth but was encouraged by Nozumu. She always thinks of him. Lip is a pink tulip Fairilu who cries easily, but has a kind heart and does not give up. Lip is also in love with Drop, Nozomu’s Fairilu form.  



Himawari (ひまわり) 

In Japanese, Himawari means sunflower. As her name implies, this fairy is a sunflower Fairilu. Innocent and cheerful, Himawari is good at dancing. Shining bright, she’s popular with everyone!  



Sumire (すみれ) 

Sumire is a violet Fairilu. She is good at painting and likes beautiful things that bring a little happiness. She is extremely sensitive. Her dream is to be a fashion designer.



Rose (ローズ) 

As implied by her name, Rose is a red rose Fairilu. Hard-working and proud, Rose first saw Lip as her rival. She wanted to be alone, but eventually, thanks to Lip’s efforts, Rose learned how to get along with other Fairilu. Though she’s good at hair styling and cosmetic blending, Rose is also a bit clumsy.  



Rin (りん) 

Born one year later than the other Fairilus of Lip’s generation, Rin is carefree and sweet. She likes making perfumes and hopes that one day she can create perfumes that can help other people’s feelings. 




Did you know that Ichigoman is actually just Hello Kitty in disguise? This character was born when Hello Kitty decided to become a superhero in her own fun Ichigoman manga series. In the Ichigoman Universe, this alter ego of Hello Kitty has her own set of super friends. Let’s meet them! 



Ichigoman (イチゴマン) 

A superhero that fights monsters that were created by humans with wicked, unhappy hearts, Ichigoman is the lead of her own manga series from Sanrio. The alter ego of Hello Kitty, Ichigoman translates to “strawberry man” in English. This alter ego was born when Kitty White stumbled on an ancient picture book at the library containing mysterious strawberry-shaped smartphone. Suddenly, Kitty was surrounded by evil forces! When she raised the strawberry phone in the air, she transformed into Ichigoman, a hero ready to protect the town. 


Darkgrape man

Dark Grape Man (ダークグレープマン) 

Another superhero character based on Hello Kitty, Dark Grape Man is Ichigoman’s partner in crime. Dark Grape Man has a signature line. While flipping his cape and showing off his grape mark, he calls out “Martial Artist of Justice! Dark Grape Man!” while he goes and attacks his enemies. His sidecar is actually a secret weapon. 



Honeymomo (ハニーモモ) 

A peach-inspired cat hero, Honeymomo is Dark Grape Man’s sexy secretary. She manages Dark Grape Man’s schedule. In the manga, she sits in the sidecar that Dark Grape Man rides in. Though she might seem cute and unassuming, Honeymomo is actually a martial arts expert who can surpass her boss Dark Grape Man, and even Ichigoman. 




Bosanimal (ぼさにまる) or Bosamaru is actually a group of animal characters from Sanrio that have philosophical thoughts and opinions. These cuties stay true to themselves, even when they feel out of place. The Bosanimals became so popular that they got their own anime, movie, and TV drama series! Let’s get to meet the main members of Bosamaru.   



Sakura (さくら)

Sakura is a curious bunny Bosamaru who takes an interest in people’s lives. She lives with her grandma. This cutie has a positive attitude and says “Let’s try it!” no matter how hard the task might be. Sometimes Sakura is easily swayed by others because of her good nature which makes her want to take care of other people.  



Kathy (キャシー) 

A veteran stray cat Bosamaru, Kathy is a shrewd creature who tends to be lazy at work. She’s one of the three lead characters of the Bosamaru. Kathy likes doing things at her own pace. Her daily routine consists of staying and lazing around at Sakura’s house. Because of her experience in the Bosamaru, Kathy tends to be the calmest lead character in the group.  



Ran (蘭)

A hamster Bosamaru that lives next to Sakura’s house, Ran lives together with a junior high school student. She’s a very clean creature and tends to be impatient even though she has an easygoing personality. That allows dogs to bully her sometimes. Like Kathy, Ran has had a long history as a Bosamaru. Being exposed to a lot of human c culture, Ran is pretty knowledgeable.  



Fancy Friends

The Fancy Friends (ファンシーフレンズ) was a brand that Sanrio created for more “sophisticated” families with the target audience being children and adults. It was made up of several retro characters. Though the brand only lasted from the 70s to the 90s, it’s worth exploring! Let’s get to know some of the Fancy Friends characters. 



ALFREDALOHA (アルフレッドアロハ) 

Introduced in 1986, ALFREDALOHA was created by Sanrio as part of the group Fancy Friends. This male elephant character likes wearing posh shirts, a hat, and sunglasses. Sometimes he’s entirely yellow, sometimes he’s brown. 


Chelsea Stripes

Chelsea Stripes (チェルシーストライプス)

A couple of Sanrio characters made for the Fancy Friends brand, the Chelsea Stripes are fairies that wear striped clothing and matchy pointy hats. These two appear at exactly twilight on Chelsea Streat. That’s why they’re called Chelsea stripes.   


Fancy Elephant

Fancy Elephant (ファンシーエレファント) 

Debuting in 1977, this elephant character was made specifically for the Fancy Friends Line. 


Funnybones (ファニーボーンズ) 

Created especially for the Fancy Friends line, Funnybones is a dog character with a polka dot ribbon around its neck. 



Hanatousagi (花とうさぎ)

A rabbit character made for the Fancy Friends line, Hanatousagi’s name translates to “flowers and rabbits” in English.  


Hopty Copty

Hopty Copty (ホプティコプティ)

Designed by the Fancy Friends brand by Sanrio, Hopty Copty is a colorful helicopter boy. He’s very cheerful!  


House Train

House Train (ハウストレイン) 

As strange as it might sound, House Train is a character that’s both a house and a train. It runs freely through the world of dreams! House Train was created by the Fancy Friends brand.  



Howdy (ハウディ)

A yellow bear character from Sanrio, Howdy is also known as KIDSBEAR (キッズベア). He has tiny little eyes filled with kindness and he wears a signature red bow tie. This character has the unique talent of warming the hearts of the people around him. Howdy is part of the Fancy Friends lineup. 



Kamome (カモメ) 

A seagull character, Kamome was designed for Fancy Friends. Its name translates to “seagull” in English. 



Mokuba (木馬)

A group of carousel horse characters, Mokuba is part of the Fancy Friends lineup. The group's name translates to “horse,” “rocking horse,” or “horse used in gymnastics in English.  



Monsieur Marin (ムッシュマリン)

A male character, Monsieur Marin was created for Fancy Friends. He has a nice European art design to him.  


Playing Paradise

Playin' Paradise (プレインパラダイス) 

Playin’ Paradise is actually a group of characters made for the Fancy Friends brand. The group is made up of a rabbit, a dog, and a cat. 


Little Train

The Little Train (ザ リトルトレイン) 

A train character with a cute retro design, The Little Train was made for the Fancy Friends lineup for Sanrio. 



The Mainstream (ザ メインストリーム)

Created by the Fancy Friends brand, this group of Sanrio characters is made up of a boy rabbit, a boy bear, and a girl cat. 


Toby Trix

Toby Trix (トビートリックス)

Toby might seem like a fox, but Sanrio just describes the character as a white animal with pointy ears. It was created by the Fancy Friends brand. 



Winkipinki (ウィンキーピンキー)

A fashionable romantic, Winkinpinki is a cute cat character from Sanrio. She’s one of the retro Fancy Friends characters that still gets voted in the Sanrio rankings. 



Unknown Sanrio Universe

These are Sanrio characters without universes of their own. Some are strange, others are bizarre, and most are downright cute! Let’s get ready to learn about the cuties from Sanrio’s Unknown Universe. 



Adorozatorumary (アドローザトルマリィ)

Created in collaboration with the Japanese singer Ado, Adorozatorumary is a cutie from Sanrio that looks like a cat. Unlike normal felines though, Adorozatorumary can’t walk on all fours. Ever since it was born from an egg that mysteriously appeared at SANRIOLABO, this cutie has been eating everything that’s come its way. She even eats inedible things like paper, flowers, and even metal! 


Arie (アリー)

One of the newer Sanrio cuties, Aerie actually comes from Sanrio English Master, a series of educational English material from Sanrio. This cool boy is an orange cat-like cutie who loves kiwi and curry. As cool as he is though, Aerie is not that great at sports. 


Atchan ga Ichiban! (アッちゃんがいちばん!)

Atchan ga Ichiban is a baby character who’s curious and loves adventure. His real name is actually a secret! Atchan might be a child, but he can talk to trees, flowers, and animals by using baby talk. This cutie can be a bit mischievous at times!  



Ayankey (アヤンキー)

Born out of a collaboration between the Japanese actress Aya Matsura and Sanrio, Ayankey is a pink monkey that wears a heart antenna headband and heart earrings. This cutie was made to accompany Aya when she’s lonely. She has heart beads on her tail. 



Beetroid (ビートロイド)

Beatroid is the name of a group of high-performance insectoid androids whose special skill is understanding human language. These android beetles hope to create a world where humans and insects get along. 



Benjaminbear ( ベンジャミンベア) 

A teddy bear character from Sanrio, Benjaminbear is good at cooking. He loves traveling everywhere! Born in the Charlotte Forest, Benjaminbear is good with his hands. Though he’s a curious and independent bear who’s content living alone, he’s always seen with his teddy bear! Benjamin Bear also always comes to help his friends when they’re in need.  


B. Hills Kid

B. Hills Kid (ビバリーヒルズキッド)

This dog character is named B. Hills Kid because he was born in Beverly Hills. His real name though is Philip Allen. People usually call him Phil! Smart and curious, Phil’s father is a film director while his mother is an actress. Since his parents are busy at work, he usually stays at home alone. He’s an independent little boy!   


Billy Pie

Billy Pie (ビリーパイ)

A white and unique bear, Billy Pie wears a hat with mysterious powers. This retro character made its Sanrio debut in 1981!


Big Challenge

Big Challenge (ビッグチャレンジ)

A crocodile character, Big Challenges is a unique character with a goofy crocodile face who always seems to be smiling. He was created by Sanrio way back in 1978 but he didn’t really appear on any Sanrio product in any form until 45 years later in the game Hello Kitty Island Adventure.  



Bogo the City Boy (ボゴ ザ シティボーイ) 

People aren’t really sure what kind of animal Bogo the City Boy is, but most of them guess he’s a gorilla. What everyone is sure of though is that he’s a 100% city boy, born and raised in the city. Bogo loves music and he’s always listening to the latest trends!


Boo Gey Woo

Boo Gey Woo (ブーギーウー)

A group of three pig siblings, the Boo Gey Woo live in a small rural town in the United States of America. They want to open a restaurant along the national highway. In the group Boo is the head cook. He’s also the oldest son. Gey is the youngest child who likes croquettes. He’s kind of a glutton. Woo is the middle child and caring eldest daughter. She’s the poster girl for the family restaurant.   


Boo Gie Boo

Boo Gie Boo (ブーギーブー)

Created in 1978, Boo Gie Boo is one of Sanrio’s retro characters. This naughty white dog likes adventures. He’s always wearing his favorite blue hat, a trademark that lets you know it’s Boo Gie Boo!  



Bonbonribbon (ぼんぼんりぼん)

A pink girl rabbit character from Sanrio, Bonbonribbon debuted in the kawaii-sphere in 2012. She’s called Bonbonribbon because she wears a ribbon on her head. This fashionable girl loves singing and dancing. She takes after her mother who is a fashion mother. It was her mom who designed the ribbon on her head, her charm point. Bonbonbribbon’s dream is to become a fashion designer like her mother.   


Boy and Girl

Boy & Girl (ボーイ&ガール)

Another pair of retro characters, Boy & Girl were created in 1978. They’re very simple characters with their plain blue and red clothes. Boy & Girl are good friends who like to bring happiness to the people around them. People say the duo’s charm point is their round eyes. 


Brownie's Story

Brownies' Story (ブラウニーズストーリー) 

Living in a cute animal village, the Brownies’ Story is a group of three close friends born on the night of the Spring Moon Festival. They are only children. Penny is a chicken with a laidback and easygoing personality. She grows veggies and plays the accordion. Jingle the dog is romantic and good-natured. He loves going on walks and taking time fishing. Rex, the fox, is the last member of the group. He’s fast-paced, strong-willed, and inventive.  The group made its debut in 1986. 


Bubble Cheeks

Bubble Cheeks (バブルチークス)

Made up of a rabbit, a bear, and a mouse, the Bubble Cheeks is another retro Sanrio group that made its debut in 1981. They live in Peppermint Village where something interesting is always going on.  


Bunny and Matty

Bunny and Matty (バニー&マッティ) 

Bunny is an adventurous and mischievous rabbit. Meanwhile, Matty is clumsy and careless. He’s also a bit mischievous like Bunny. This duo was made by Sanrio in 1974. In 2013, Sanrio made a deal with fans that they’d give Bunny and Matty some space in the Strawberry News if they made it to the top 25 of the ranking. Unfortunately, the two didn’t make it, and now they’re one of the lesser-known Sanrio characters. 



Button Nose (ボタンノーズ) 

Created in 1978, Button Nose is a cute and kind girl character made by Masayo Hirose for Sanrio. Her real name is Trish but she got her nickname from her round little nose! She’s a master strawberry jam maker. People say that the taste of Button Nose’s jam can make anyone instantly better.   



Caribadix (カリバディクス) 

A group of animal rockers, Caribadix was made in collaboration between Sanrio and the music publisher Rockin’on. It’s made up of Gaokii, the purple cat mascot, Dickie, the wolf that wears the Gaokki outfit, Carina the pinkish squirrel guitarist, Chipper, the yellow wolf drummer, and Fine, the blue squirrel keyboardist. 



Cherinacherine (チェリーナチェリーネ)

Chernacherine is the group name for a couple of Sanrio cuties named Cherina and Cherine. These fairy characters live in the cherry forest and sometimes help with the harvest. Pampered and a bit of a crybaby, Cherina wears ribbons in her ears. She loves cherry pies and is great at making them. Cherine who wears a ribbon around her neck is a quick and nimble fairy. She loves fresh cherries and can tell a good one from a bad one.   


Chippy Mouse

Chippy Mouse (チッピィマウス)

A cheerful and mischievous boy born in Holland, Chippy Mouse is a white mouse who loves music and sweets. His favorite food is cheese biscuits! You can see his tail changing shape depending on his mood. Chippy is always busy singing, dancing, and laughing. He’s good friends with his three siblings Pat, Goo, and Choki.  



Cinnamon (シナモン)

Not to be confused with Cinnamoroll, everyone’s favorite flying pup, Cinnamon is a sweet little mouse. He’s actually Marroncream’s friend and loves to play dress up with her. 



Corocorokuririn (コロコロクリリン) 

Also known as Kururin (クリリン), Corocorokuririn is a curious golden hamster. Sometimes a little bit timid, Corocorokuririn loves cherry blossom. This small-minded hamster’s trademark is his flower hat. He will chew on anything, however his favorite snacks are sunflower seeds and cookies. Kuririn’s special skill is fitting into tiny spaces and collecting things from around the house. 



CHOBOT (ちょボット)

A robot character with a body shaped like a cube, CHOBOT is known for his shape and for his round blue hands and feet. This character was made by Sanrio in 2004. He’s been in the lower ranking of Sanrio from 2015-2021. Since 2022 he hasn’t really been participating in the Sanrio Ranking. 



Chococat (チョコキャット) 

A sweet black cat with big black eyes and four whiskers, Chococat is another cat character from Sanrio. Like Hello Kitty, he has no mouth. His name comes from his nose which looks a lot like chocolate! A spunky cat who loves to play around, Chococat loves fooling around with his pals. His whiskers work like antennae that pick up information everywhere, so he’s always the first to know about things! 



Chocopanda (ちょこぱんだ)

Chocopanda is a group of panda bears that work hard. The biggest panda is Oyakata Panda. He’s kind, knowledgeable, and the object of admiration of his apprentices. Though he can be strict at times, he’s a kind panda master who trains his apprentices to become great pandas. He has them training in bakeries, fairs, flower shops, and other places. 


Chunenheroine Ojisans

Chunenheroine Ojisan's (中年ひろいん おじさん) 

One of the stranger Sanrio characters, the Chunenheroine Ojisan’s is a group of old men who wear dresses and carry wants. These middle-aged ojisans (old men) work hard every day. Their careers come first and so do their retirements! Their special skill is making handmade tea (which is only limited to green tea).  



Chuppies (チュッピーズ)

Created in 2001, the Chuppies is a group of girl mice that includes Berry, Soda, Mint, Grape, and Lemon. These cuties love singing. Chuppies do cute dances every day in fields of flowers! Berry is everyone’s big sister. Soda is a hard worker. Mint is laidback and works at his own pace. Grape is shy but great at singing. Lemon is good at dancing and loves playing pranks.



Chu~Chu~Ta~co (チューチューターコ)

A red girl octopus, Taco gets the nickname Chu-Chu Taco because she always wants kisses. She’s always saying “Let’s kiss” to her boyfriend, Kota the squid! Taco has big eyes and really pink lips 



Cottontails (コットンテイルズ)

The Cottontails isn’t made up of one bunny! No, it’s a group of 3 girl bunnies that live in a house in a rainbow-colored valley. Each one has a tail that’s just as fluffy as wool. The Cottontails make jam from the berries they pick in the valley. They love playing hide-and-seek.


Country Fresh Veggies

Country Fresh Veggies (カントリーフレッシュベジーズ)

Another food-based idea, the Country Fresh Veggies is actually a group of vegetables that’s come to life! They’re enjoying their country life filled with energy.  

 Crafty Crew

Crafty Crew (クラフティクルー)

These animals love crafting! The Crafty Crew is made up of a lion, a rabbit, a bear, a cat, and an elephant that loves to do things. Right now their favorite hobby is baking cookies and cakes.


Culture Shock

Culture Shock (カルチャーショック)

Created in 1985 by Sanrio, Culture Shock is actually a pair of samurai characters named Yumenosuke and Tesunoshin. They’re called culture shock because the two travel towards Paris towards the end of the Edo era and receive the culture shock of a lifetime! They want to bring Western culture back to Japan at the end of the trip. In the group, Tesunoshin is kind and dedicated. He can be stubborn at times though. Yumenosuke the younger one is a “man of his time” - he’s excited and curious about Western culture to learn new things. 



Dachonosuke (だちょのすけ) 

An ostrich character from Sanrio, Dachonosuke is a high-spirited master host that is now the face of the Ichigo Shimbun’s character award. 



Dean The Bean (ディーンザビーン/)

Not much is known about this group of characters except that they’re an all-boy group of football players. They were created way back in 1987. 


Deery Lou

Deery-Lou (ディアリールー)

Otherwise known as Lou, Deery is a brown (but sometimes pink) fawn character who makes his tail wag when he’s having fun. Created by Sanrio in 2002, Lou lives in the Rainbow Forest, a forest where there are colorful rainbows, flower gardens, and big trees. He loves to take walks in the forest with his buddies.



DinDonDanny (ディンドンダニー)

A group of three energetic brothers, DinDonDanny always gets along pretty well. It’s named that way because the bear brothers' names are Din, Don, and Danny! Put together it is DinDonDanny.



Donjarahoi (どんじゃらほい)

Created by Hisato Inoue (the creator of Hangyodon) for Sanrio, the Donjarahoi is a group of animal characters that include a cow, a raccoon, a fox, a wild boar, a goat, and a mouse. The name of the group translates to “longevity” in English. Each member of the group loves festivals and has different skills they show off during the festival season. 


Dopey Demons

Dopey Demons (ドゥーピーデーモンズ)

A pair of silly characters, the Dopey Demons are mixed bunnies like Kuromi. They enjoy wearing demon-like costumes, that’s why they’re called Dopey Demons. Not only that, but they’re a bit clumsy and filled with mischief. Coming to Earth on a cloud from outer space, these two have a knack for dark jokes. 


Dreamtale Kubear

Dreamtale Kubear (ドリームテイルクーベア)

Dreamtable Kubear is the name for a collection of stylish and positive stuffed bears that aim to send positive power to everyone. The main bear in Dreamtale Kubear is a pink bear with a heart-shaped nose. Sometimes the bears are shown in alternate colors with different symbols. 



Duckadoo (ダッカドゥ)

A sweet duck character, Duckadoo is always wearing a straw hat. This mature duck has a shy personality with a quaint country style. People seem to like that about her. She’s also very fashionable.


Fairy Charmer

Fairy Charmer (フェアリーチャーマー)

There isn’t that much information about Fairy Charmer. All that people know about her is that she’s a girl flower fairy with a pure heart. Fairy Charmer brings happiness to everyone! 



FORMULIXZ (フォーミュリックスゼット) 

One of Sanrio’s vehicle-based characters, FORMULIXZ is an advanced car (advanced research experimental car) released in the year 2102 in the future. It’s an amphibious all-purpose car that can drive anywhere - from deserts to mountains, even through water! FORMULIXZ has a will and can actually drive by itself! 



Framboiloulou (フランボアルゥルゥ) 

Made up of a little girl and her big teddy bear, Framboiloulou was made in 2010 by Sanrio for older girls and women who love romance. The girl is named Lulu. She’s a five-year-old child who lives together with Fram, a raspberry-colored bear she found at a shop window in a street corner in Paris.



Frooliemew (フルーリーミュー) 

A girl cat with fluffy pink fur, Frooliemew loves cute things. She likes hearts, checks, and ribbons! This cutie was made by Sanrio in 2004.  


Fresh Punch

Fresh Punch (フレッシュパンチ) 

Fresh Punch isn’t really a character but instead a Sanrio design collection that debuted in 1981. It’s a stylish design studded with candy, lipstick, and other things. is a Sanrio design collection. Despite being a design collection, Fresh Punch is somehow seen as a character. It won the 54th place in Sanrio’s ranking in 2023! 



Friendly Kokkochan (フレンドリーコッコちゃん) 

A girl chicken from Sanrio, Friendly Kokkochan can be mischievous and at the same time calm. You can always see her together with her little chick brother, Chiko-kun. Friendly Kokkochan is good at dancing and making puns. She wants to be beautiful! Her only problem is that she’s a bit chubby right now. 



Fukuchan (ふくちゃん) 

The mascot dog of the Japanese drug store “Kasuri no Fukutaro,” Fukuchan is a kawaii dog character that Sanrio shares with Fukutaro. Wearing a blue and white striped shirt, this dog has brown and white fur with droopy ears. Born in the Alps, Fukuchan is a big fan of soccer and football. Lately, though, he’s been into a lot of art. His favorite thing to say is “Smile every day!” 


Fun come alive

Fun Come Alive (ファンカムアライブ)

The name might seem a little bit odd, but Fun Come Alive is actually a group of stylish sports-loving bears. They attend the Los Angeles Bear Academy on the West Coast of the US. Fun Come Alive likes Ivy League Fashion. 


Fuzzies Family

Fuzzie's Family (ファジーズファミリー) 

Debuted in 1987, Fuzzie’s Family is made of paper bear and his cub. They’re very close to one another. 



Gaopowerroo (がおぱわるぅ) 

Gaopoweroo might look like a cat, but he’s actually a dinosaur-like creature that lives in a two-story house on the island of Omuraisu. Powerful and positive, he makes everyone happy. He solves people’s problems by using his special power: roaring. Aside from using his powers for good, Gaopoweroo loves to play and eat his favorite food Omurice.



Gatogags (ゲーターギャグズ)

A boy alligator that loves mischief, Gatorgags is really good at silly poses. He might be a bit of a bumbling alligator, but he is full of love. He’s also full of energy, even when he’s under the heat of the midsummer sun.



Gentle Bear League (ジェントルベアリーグ)

The Gentle Bear League is a group of Sanrio bears that love both sports and fashion. The leader bear likes to wear a scarf and hat combination! 


Gimme Five

Gimmefive (ギミーファイブ)

Another set of characters based on a sports team, Gimmefive is a group of boys that play sports like baseball, soccer, and rugby. They always wear matching uniforms! The Gimmefive has been described as having lots of sportsmanship and friendship.   



Gingersnap (ジンジャースナップ)

A grey and black mouse character, Gingersnap is a fashionable mouse. His trademark is a yellow ribbon tied with a butterfly knot. Sanrio designed him to have a stylish and gentle design that reminds people of European picture books.  


Go Expanda

Go Expanda (ゴーエクスパンダ)

Go Expanda is a panda prince from the planet Expander. He’s currently the mascot character for TV Asahi. His big eyes shine and give everyone courage while his big ears hear everyone’s thoughts around him. He can hear from 360 degrees! Although Go Expanda is shy, he is kind and has a strong sense of justice. 



Goropikadon (ゴロピカドン) 

The Goropikadon is actually not one character but a group of three cavepeople named Goro, Pika, and Don. They’re cheeky cave brothers who come from the land of Thunder. Despite being a cave person, Don’s dream is to win the noble prize. He’s a serious and polite boy. His brother, the second eldest in the family, Goro, is funny and greedy. The youngest, Pika, is a bit spoiled and withdrawn. 



Hannari Komachi (はんなりこまち)

A pure Japanese cat girl, Hannari Komachi made her debut in the year 2000. She loves everything Japanese! Her room is a Japanese-style room and she loves to relax on a purple zafu (Japanese cushion). Komachi’s favorite food is the tri-colored dango and her special skill is calligraphy. Born and raised in Kyoto she walks in Japanese gardens. Komachi is described as having the Japanese Nadeshiko (traditional girl) spirit.  



Happakids (ハッパキッズ)

Like the Beetroids, Happakids is a group of Sanrio characters based on insects. It includes a butterfly, a dragonfly, a ladybug, an ant, a bee, and a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. This group was created by Sanrio in 1994.  



Heysuke (へーすけ) 

One of the stranger characters from Sanrio, Heysuke is a baby character whose name translates to “toe” in English. No one is really sure what gender Heysuke is. They’re just certain that Heysuke is a naked little baby. 


holly's bear

Holly's Bear (ホリーズベアー)

A stylish bear, Holly’s Bear looks a bit like an adult. This teddy bear has various designs that she loves to tie around her neck. 



Honeyfield (ハニーフィールド) 

Another bear character, Honeyfield got his name from the forest he lives in, Honeyfield. It’s full of nature! This cute bear loves picnics and parties. He spends a lot of time relaxing with everyone in the great outdoors.  



Hoshinowaguma (ホシノワグマ) 

Hoshinowaguma is another bear character from Sanrio. A blue bear with a star, Hoshinowaguma means “star bear” in English. This cutie lives on a small star! 



Hummingmint (ハミングミント)

A female fawn character, Hummingmint was born in the beautiful mint-green northern night. A curious and gentle creature, she loves to sing. Hummingmint lives in the forest with the birds and the flowers. She has a pink, heart-shaped nose. This character used to be very popular in the Sanrio universe. However, over the years she’s gotten less attention, nabbing the 61st place in the 2023 Sanrio ranking. 



Ikkuchan (いっくちゃん)

One of Sanrio’s human characters, Ikkuchan is a girl who wears a kimono all the time. Her name can be translated to “one verse” in English. This girl loves writing what she’s feeling in her heart in the form of haiku poetry. She always has a paper and brush with her so she can write her poetry!



Jivexpress (ジャイブエクスプレス)

This group of Sanrio characters is made up of colorful sea animals. The most popular in the group was the ocean sunfish! Jivexpress was created for a promotional summer campaign in 1988.  



Kabukinyantaro (かぶきにゃんたろう)

Based on a calico cat and kabuki (a traditional Japanese dance show), Kabukinyantaro lives in a Kabuki-za theater in Tokyo. He dreams of performing Kabuki on stage someday. This cutie wears a green and white striped color with a golden bell that makes noise when he walks! Kabukinyantaro has a shared copyright with Shochiku and Sanrio. 


Kappa no Kappy

Kappa no Kappy (カッパのカッピー)

Kappa no Kappy is a character based on a kappa, a mythical water creature from Japan. It loves nature and wears a backpack! This creature loves cucumbers so much that it can even make cucumber ribs! It has many mysterious friends like the flower girl Rinrin and the Otamacopter. 



Kappa Rumba (カッパルンバ)

Like Kappa no Kappy, Kappa Rumba is based on the mythical water creature from Japan, the Kappa. Rumba isn’t his real name though, it’s Rupapa. He lives in Run Run Land and wears a lily pad on his head. Because he’s a kappa, Rupapa loves water surfing and other water sports. He loves fresh fruit, especially watermelon. Kappa Rumba is always seen holding a watermelon.  



Kinderkidz (キンダーキッズ) 

The Kinderkidz is a duo made up of a girl rabbit and boy bear. These cuties love flowers, animals, and vehicles. 


Kashiwankomochi (かしわんこもち) 

Both a mochi and a dog, Kashiwankomochi steals hearts with his cute looks. He was born on Children’s Day in Japan, the day that kashiwa mochi is usually eaten. During that time, an unsold kashi mochi magically transformed into half a dog, hoping that it would be purchased and adopted! Now, its dream is for you to eat delicious food every day all year round.  



Kumamilen (クマミレン) 

One of Sanrio’s newer character lines, Kumamilen made its big debut in the kawaii-sphere in 2022. Kumamilen is the group name for Sanrio’s alien bears that live on the planet Bearth. The group’s main character is Guu, an orange bear that was born on a night when many Ursid meteor showers were passing through the sky. Guu is a curious and lazy bear who loves to eat. His favorite food is honey-filled pancakes. Guu is mostly seen with UFB, a mysterious being that floats around him. 



Landry (たらいぐまのらんどりー)

His full name being Taraiguma no Landry, this Sanrio character is a boy raccoon from Sanrio that made his debut in 1990. He lives in a wash basin! Landry will wash anything that he can get his hands on. This raccoon also loves to eat. He’s always full of beans and is a tad bit cheeky.  



Leosuke (れおすけ)

This cute lion character was designed by Japanese enka and kayōkyoku singer, Leon Niihama (新浜レオン). Not much is known about this lion with a beautiful violet mane, but he does okay in the Sanrio rankings. In 2023, Leosuke nabbed the 84th spot in the Sanrio ranking. 


Les Nonours

Les nounours (レヌヌオース)

A teddy bear character that likes dancing and acorns, Les Nounours means “stuffed bears” when translated from French to English. It steals everyone's attention with its dancing skills! 


Little Cottonwood Cottage (リトルコットンウッドコテージ) 

Little Cottonwood Cottage is a group of characters that look like elves. They live in the woods of the Cottonwood Field. Each member wears a different color. Purple loves music while Yellow loves sweets. Blue is capable of talking to animals in the forest. Orange knows a lot of things. Red is good friends with flowers. Gray is the master at making instruments. 


Little Lovin

Littlelovin (リトルラビン) 

A boy dog character from Sanrio, Littlelovin has brown fur, droopy black ears, and rosy cheeks. He wears a white hat. His favorite is ogura toast (buttered toast with red bean paste slathered on top of it). 



Lookyloo (ルッキールー)

A giraffe with a silly face, Lookyloo is characterized by her vivid colors and simple patterns. Most of the time you can just see her neck and head.  



Lovee Days (ラビーデイズ) 

It might seem odd to see a cat and mouse get along, but in Sanrio’s Lovee Days duo, they’re a heartwarming fit. These two get along really well! 



Lullaby Lovables (ララバイラバブルズ)

A duo set of characters, the Lullaby Lovables are two curious angels named Winkle and Winky. They spend a lot of the time with their favorite teddy bear reading books, singing songs, and getting into mischief together. 



Marroncream (マロンクリーム) 

Marroncream is a girl rabbit character that was born in the suburbs of Paris in France. Cheerful and optimistic, this cutie has a lovely fashion sense. A student of the Lycee School in France, Marooncream is known for her handicrafts and delicious sweets. Her best friend is Cinnamon the Mouse.  



Masyumaro (マシュマロみたいなふわふわにゃんこ)

A young cat character from Sanrio, Masyumaro’s full name Mashumaromitainafuwafuwanyanko means “ fluffy nyanko (little meow) like a marshmallow” in English. This small, fluffy kitten lives in an apartment in Paris. Though it can’t speak human language, it has a mysterious language that everyone can still understand.    



Mellotune (メローチューン)

Sensitive and sometimes lonely, Mellotune is a Persian cat character from Sanrio. It loves looking at the stars and it treasures beautiful flowers. Mellotune can often be found in quiet places is a sensitive and sometimes lonely little Persian cat who loves beautiful flowers and gazing at the stars, and can often be found somewhere quiet, listening to soft violin melodies.



Milly Pixie (ミリーピクシー)

Sweet as honey and cute as a cupcake, Milly Pixie is a girl bear that loves spending her time in meadows and flowerfields. She loves taking naps in a bed of hay. Sometimes you can see Milly Pixie waving a flag. She has black fur and a white face with a red triangle nose. 



Mimicmike (ミミックマイク)

Mimicmike is a male bull terrier dog whose hobbies are watching TV and reading magazines. A curious boy, this cutie is looking for new things and things that he can do his best in. Right now he lives alone in Beverly Hills in LA in the US. Mimicmike has the same birthday as the American novelist Hemingway.  


MV Tabo

Minna no Tabo (みんなのたあ坊) 

One of the rare human characters from Sanrio, Minna no Tabo’s name means “everyone’s altruistic boy” in English. His name could also translate to “Everyone’s Boy,” too. When he first debuted, Minna no Tabo had no hair! He was created by Sanrio designer Ms. Shimasue while working to create summer postcards.


Minny le Mew (ミニールミュー) 

Born in France, Minnie Le Mew is a spoiled kitten that loves milk. Careless and a bit lazzy, this cutie just wants to have milk all the time.  


Miss Bear's Dream

Miss Bear's Dream (ミスベアーズドリーム) 

Miss Bear’s Dream was made by Chocolina’s mother in a little sweet shop somewhere in New York. She’s the cousin of Mr. Bear’s Dream.  


Monkichi (おさるのもんきち)

A monkey character created by Sanrio, Monkichi’s full name is actually Osaru no Monkichi which means “Monkey's Monkey” in English. This upbeat monkey is pretty easygoing. He loves puns but he loves bananas even more! He can eat 10 bananas in one minute. Monkichi’s dream is to become a poet. He lives in a small mountain with his family and friends.   



Mr. Bear's Dream (ミスターベアーズドリーム) 

The cousin of Miss Bear’s Dream, Mr. Bear’s Dream is a fluffy and soft boy teddy bear that loves picture books. He also likes having parties with his friends in the forest! This retro character was created in 1983. 



Nezumikozou (ボ・ボクねずみ小僧だい!) 

Though he’s usually quiet, the boy Nezumikozou becomes very rowdy and full of energy when he turns into a mouse. He has two different dumplings with him. The pink one helps make him strong while the white one turns him into a mouse boy!  



Noranekoland (ノラネコランド) 

A group of kawaii cat characters from Sanrio, Noranekoland is made up of cuties named Mike, Tora, and Kuro. One is a tiger tabby, one is a gray-spotted cat, and one is a calico. Despite her name, Mike is actually a girl who loves making sweets. Kuro is the oldest one. He loves to play. Tora is the second son who loves taking on challenges. 


Nyokki and Penne

Nyokki & Penne (ニョッキ&ペンネ) 

This group is a pair of Sanrio cat characters owned by a cat-loving chef of an Italian restaurant. Nyokki and Penne can be mischievous - they want to go to more places outside of their home. Nyokki is a clumsy, mischief-making kitten. He likes to go at his own pace and doesn’t know how to make fun of himself. He’s the big brother of Penne, a kitten that’s good at navigating around the world.   



Okigaru Friends (おきがるふれんず)

A group of animal characters, Okigaru is made up of a dog, a cat, a bear, a penguin, a rabbit, and a panda. They came from a car series themed “greeting cards that can be easily given.” The dog O-chan is popular because he’s good at socializing. Ki-chan is a cat that’s timid. Gan-chan the bear is a big brother you can rely on during emergencies. Run-chan the rabbit always pretends to be cute. Fren-chan is the rabbit member whose hobby is love counseling. Meanwhile, the panda, Zun-chan is an outlaw who follows his own path. 


Osaketachinonichijo (お助けたちの日常) 

A food-based character, Osaketachinonichijo is a living glass of beer. It used to be in the lower ranks of the Sanrio yearly ranking, nabbing the 87th spot in 2016. 


Pajama's club

Pajamasclub (パジャマクラブ) 

Also known as Little Rory, Pajamasclub is a baby elephant that looks great wearing pink pajamas. She loves playing in the bath! Her best friend is a stuffed rabbit that’s always with her. 



Pankunchi (ぱんくんち)

Pankuchi is a baby boy panda bear that was abandoned in a cardboard box in a bamboo forest. Inside the box you could see a pair of mittens which he now comes to treasure. Seeing no one around him he decided to leave the forest to look for bread to eat. That’s how he ended up with his bread friends, Shokupan the sliced bread, and Koppepan the Japanese bun.  


Pannapitta (パンナピッタ) 

Pannapitta is a little boy panda. He’s only three months old but he’s already full of energy. Pannapitta hardly ever keeps still; he’s always just running around! His hobbies include running, eating, and sleeping. When he runs out of energy, Pannapitta falls asleep. He loves caramel ice cream and bamboo. This panda dreams of becoming a hero someday. 


Paradise Lives ( パラダイスライブス)

Paradise Lives is headed by the platypus Camo Camo who likes going at his own pace. He’s always with his friend Harry. 


Party A La Carte

Party a la carte (パーティアラカルト ) 

Another set of food item characters, Party a la carte makes for a full meal. It includes fried eggs, octopus sausages, and snow peas that chat happily on a plate. Meal time is always fun for Party a la carte! 



PataPataPeppy (パタパタペッピー)

Interested in so many different things PataPataPeppy is a little blue boy owl character based on the horned owl. He might be a little bit panicky but he loves exploring and seeing new things. Peppy is good at low-altitude flight and he loves things like cherries, nuts, and naps. Born in the northern forest, PataPataPeppy got lost one day while playing with a mountain mouse. Now he lives in a human house!  


Patty and Jimmy

Patty & Jimmy (パティ&ジミー)

As old-fashioned as their art style might seem, Patty and Jimmy are pretty well loved in the Sanrio Universe. They even made it to the 41st place in the 2023 Sanrio Ranking! Patty was the first to be created out of the two in 1974. Jimmy came a year after in 1975. These two live right next to each other in Kansas. Between the two, Patty is more athletic and Jimmy is better at his studies. 



Paupipo (パウピポ)

A male giraffe character, Paupipo is the lonely, attention-seeking prince of the planet Kirin. His name “pau pipo” is a phrase from the language of stars and planets which means “a small happiness.” His head has ossicones with mysterious powers that shine when he uses them. The ball he carries is actually a vehicle that can fly him anywhere! That includes dreamland. 


PePePePengiin (ペペペペン議員) 

PePePePengiin is a blue penguin character that is the senator of the United States of Antarctica. This country is where penguins live normal lives like humans do. This cute penguin has a natural attitude that makes him popular among girl penguins. PePePePengiin likes sardines. He treasures his Member of the Parliament badge which is shaped like a fish. 


Petapetaminilian (ぺたぺたみにりあん)

Petapetaminilian (ぺたぺたみにりあん)

They might look like cute animals, but the Petapetaminilian are actually aliens that want to invade Earth from the vast of expanse of space. Why? They want to collect stickers! Once they arrive on Earth though, the Petapetaminilian find that getting stickers can be a bit of a challenge. The earthlings are bigger than they imagined! Will the Earthlings be able to unite and bring back stickers, their favorite food, back to space?  


Peter Davis

Peter Davis (ピーターデイビス) 

Described as a dandy dog, Peter Davis has an unbeatable fashion sense. Sanrio says he’s a proper doggy playboy who believes in the motto “cleanliness and nobility.” 


Petite Ange

Petite Ange (プチアンジュ)

This girl’s name means “little angel” in English. Petite Ange loves riding bicycles. People see a wonderful dream world whenever she passes by.   



Petitmericco (プチメリッコ) 

Born on Valentine’s Day in a flower field in New Zealand, Petitmericco is a sweet and friendly lady lamb. She has eyes that sparkle as much as per personality. A happy little lamb girl, Petitmericco is constantly seeking affection. Her hobby is sitting in a flower field while looking at fluffy clouds and drinking milk. Making yummy marshmallows is her specialty (she makes seven different colors and flavors). 



Picke Bicke(ピッケビッケ)

Laid back and carefree, Picke Bicke is a Sanrio mouse who can fly by flapping his ears or using his tail. He lives in the Uppiruppi Hill and is good friends with everyone in town. He can also be a bit of a scatterbrain sometimes.  



Pink no Corisu (ピンクのこりすピンクルちゃん) 

A pink girl squirrel, this cutie’s full name is actually Pink no Corisu Pinkuruchan.  Mischievous, curious, and friendly, Pink no Corisu’s special skill is making flowers bloom with the use of the magic flower on her forehead. This magic flower actually has a special jewel at its center.  



PIX Press (ピックスプレス)

Not much is known about PIX Press except that it’s a green frog character that can be occasionally seen enjoying the rain. It made its debut in 1994. 



Pokkyokuten (ぽっきょくてん)

Also known by Sanrio fans as Poe (ぽー), Pokkyokuten is a polar bear cutie that debuted in 2022 together with Kumamilen and Gaopoweroo. Right now, Poe is traveling around his home of Pokkyoku to become a better polar bear. In his journeys, he got a part-time job at a public bathhouse called Penguinyu. This polar bear dreams of saving up and seeing the world someday! He’s such an adventurous cutie. 



Pokopon Niki (ぽこぽん日記) 

Born in the village of Kachikachi, Pokopon is a boy raccoon that currently lives in the Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. He’s training to be the best possible boy that he can be with the help of his aunt. This raccoon loves reading haiku. He’s naive and curious at the same time. Pokopon ends his sentences with “-das.” Some of his dislikes are ghosts and the Thunder God. 


Polar Picnic

Polar Picnic (ポーラーピクニック)

Every day feels like a picnic with the penguins of Polar Picnic! This heartwarming family of penguins likes having fun in the land of ice. Each one of them is nice and friendly! 


Pon Pon Hieta

Pon Pon Hieta (ぽんぽんひえた)

This boy always carries around with him a popsicle. Pon Pon Hieta loves ice cream so much, he eats until his stomach starts to ache.  


Pop'n Berry

Pop'n Berry (ポップンベリー)

Coming from a collaboration between Sanrio and Bandai, Pop’n Berry is a group of fruit fairies named Belina, Banyanyan, and Mellolina. An energetic trio, these fairies are clumsy at times. They really try their best at everything! Banyanyan’s hobby is purikura. Verina’s hobby is sports. Melorina likes observing nature.  


Puchipuchi Wanko

Puchipuchi Wanko (ぷちぷちわんこ)

A tiny, tiny dog boy, Puchipuchi Wanko is the same size as 3 strawberries. Some people call him Petit. Others call him Petitwan. Born on a strawberry farm, he was accidentally shipped out by mistake while snacking on berries. He is trying his best to get back to his hometown farm. Luckily, Puchipuchi Wanko doesn’t sweat the small stuff and has a keen sense of adventure.   


Pukapuka Paradise

Pukapuka Paradise (プカプカパラダイス) 

No one can be sure what Pukapuka Paradise really is. Is it an octopus or jellyfish? Whatever species this cute sea creature is, one thing is for sure, Pukapuka is full of mischief. Sometimes it gets electrocuted by jellyfish and almost dies! 


Puppie Love

Puppie Luv (パピーラブ) 

Puppie Luv is an animal group made up of a rabbit, a dog, a cat, and a bear. The bunny is Stylish Rabbit, a fashionable and playful girl. Her friends include Gentleman Dog, Smarty Cat, and Sporty Girlfriend Bear. 


Pururun Kyupi

Pururun Kyupi (プルルンキュピ)

A white water fairy, Kyupi can only be seen by people with beautiful hearts. This fairy can make everyone happy! Her hobby is fortune-telling. She has an antenna that lights up when she’s happy! Everytime you’re happy Sanrio says that you should take a look around because they’re sure that Kyupi is by your side.  



Puwawa (プワワ)

A genderless character from Sanrio, Puwawa is a yellow Umibozu - a kind of yokai or monster from old Japanese folklore. Despite being a yokai, Puwawa actually gets along with every living thing. It was born on the night of a full moon with a shooting star streaking across the sky. Puwawa likes collecting shells. 



Qui-Quaks (クイックワックス) 

The Qui-Quaks is a group of ducks that seem to resemble Huey, Dewy, and Louie Duck from Walt Disney. Over time, Sanrio updated the group and turned it into a family of ducks including a mischievous dad and a female duck friend, Queenie-chan!  



Risuru (りする)

Created in 2003, Risuru is a brown squirrel character from Sanrio. Not much is known about Risuru, but somehow the character manages to stay relevant in Sanrio. In the 2023 Sanrio ranking the character got 78th place. 



Robow@n (ロボワン)

A robotic dog character made by Sanrio in the year 2000, Robow@n is an energetic dog that makes a lot of poses. He runs, stands, sleeps, gets angry - he can do a lot of things. The switch on Robow@n’s chest changes color depending on his mood. He speaks in emoticons when he talks!  (^ o ^) 



RosiePosie (ロージィポージィ)

RosiePosie is actually a group of characters that includes a little girl named Rosie and her puppy O’Neill. A kind girl who keeps on smiling, Rosie’s real name is actually Rosemary Brown. She’s the kind of girl who feels happy about small things. This character was created by Masayo Hirose of Sanrio.  



Runabouts (ザ ラナバウツ) 

A retro group of Sanrio characters, the Runabouts are retro vehicles. It’s made up of a police car, a fire truck, and a helicopter.  


Runabouts Working Car

Runabouts (Working Car) (ザ ラナバウツ(働く車))

Built on the classic Runabouts characters, this group of cuties made their debut on 2007 and got a more updated look with eyes and facial features. Runabouts (Working Car) is led by Dan the dumptruck, a hardworking, gentle, and strong boy. Dan is always busy running around town filled with energy! 



Rururugakuen (るるる学園)

The Rururugakuen isn’t one character but six! It’s a group of highschool girls named Yoshiko, Tomo, Naomi, Terumi, Maiko, and Chie. The group was first created in 1989 by Sanrio designer Cheiko Hara who sketched other staff members for fun. Eventually her drawings and characters were used for a highschool group setting. 


Sengoku Prison

Sengoku Prison (センゴクプリズン)

The name Sengoku Prison might sound very hardcore, but it’s actually just a group of cats. They like to wear samurai armor and they have different weapons.  



Seven Silly Dwarfs (セブンシリードワーフ) 

A simple group of dwarves from Sanrio, the Seven Silly Dwarves are all friends with each other. They have different personalities but they still get along very well. Despite their differences, the dwarves share a love of flowers, animals, blue skies, and good food. 



Shinkaizoku (シンカイゾク)

A cute sea creature character from Sanrio, Shinkaizoku looks a bit like an octopus. It made its debut in 2014. This character is the self-proclaimed idol of the sea!



Shinkansen (シンカンセン)

Cheerful and friendly, the Shinkansen is a group of fourteen different train characters that love to run. They run through tunnels, iron bridges, railways by the sea, mountains, cities, and to places far away. The Shinkansens are always wondering how far they’ll be able to go!  



Shirirapper (シリラッパー)

Another set of odd characters from Sanrio, the Shirirapper are what we call “buttocks fairies.” These queer characters seem to be a combination of animals and food. That includes peppers, peaches, potatoes, and birds. All of them have a curved vertical line in front of them to represent the butt.  


Small People

Small People (スモールピープル)

Created in 1976, Small People is a girl-group led by Candy. She’s an adorable girl who loves sweets and candies! Candy likes singing, reading, and having fun. The group includes cuties like Lou, Joy, Lee, Tami, and Palo the dog. 


Sporting Bears

Sporting Bears (スポーツベアーズ) 

This family of bear characters have a cute retro look. Designed by Sanrio, they are now active as characters for Yamanashi Chuo Bank in Japan.


Spottie Dottie

Spottie Dottie (スポッティドッティ)

A fashion designer in New York, Spottie Dottie is a female dalmatian who’s always into the new trends. She’s very fashion-conscious and always catches the latest trends quickly! Working in New York as a designer, Dottie’s special skill is researching new trends. Her best friend is a cat named Sassy. 


Spunky Burro

Spunky Burro (スパンキーバロー) 

Debuting in 1974, Spunky Burro is actually one of Sanrio’s very first characters. A kindhearted donkey who’s very trusting of people, Spunky is hardworking and at the same time naive. He lives on a farm near a deep green forest. He’s always with his friends like Speedy the mouse, Cassie the cute kitten, Pikki the funny pig, and Robin a tomboyish bunny.  


Stillsmall tales

Stillsmall Tales (スティルスモールテイルズ)

A kind and shy snow girl character, Stillsmall Tales loves taking walks in the fluffy sky. She lives in a house made of snow. Her bed and futon are also made of snow! Everything is snow. Stillsmall Tales’ defining feature is her red scarf.  



Sugar cream puff (シュガークリームパフ) 

A laid-back and stylish white teddy bear character from Sanrio, Sugar cream puff is very good at making milk and giving hugs. He loves collecting ribbons, leisure shopping, and reading picture books. His friends include a wind-up toy duck named Custard Cream and a small brown teddy bear.  



Sugarminuet (シュガーメヌエット) 

A pair of bunny ballerinas, the Sugarminuet live in a castle made of jewels, crystals, and diamonds. The Sugarminuet is made up of two bunnies. The first is Balletusa, a pink bunny that wears a silver tiara. She’s the older of the two and loves makeup. Primausa is the younger bunny that wears a golden tiara to match her white fur. She loves fortunetelling and describes herself to be a dreamer. 


Sweet Coron

Sweetcoron (スウィートコロン)

Sweetcoron is a small, rosy-cheeked honeybee boy who loves flying happily around the flower garden. This bee was born in a sweet field full of lotus beans and clovers. It always smells sweet and delicious there! He always takes with him a bucket to collect delicious honey! Sweetcoron always feels so happy whenever he finds honey, he dances! His special skills are dancing and waking up early.  



Tabisuke ( タビスケ)

Debuting in 2001, Tabisuke is a young boy who loves to travel to various places. He enjoys things where he can relax. Tabisuke loves walking, Jasmine tea, potato yokan, and swan boats. His hobbies are writing letters, naps, and collecting handkies. He always thinks about his loved ones wherever he goes. Tabisuke’s motto is “one journey a day.”  


Tabitha Dean

Tabitha Dean (タバサディーン) 

Living in the futuristic city “Children Town,” Tabitha Dean is a fashionable girl born in the 2000s. She loves watching movies, eating ice cream, and collecting cute hats. Tabitha’s dream is to become a fashion designer someday! Her friends are Alan Allen, Candy Roper, and Linda Lewis. 


Teddy the Teddy

Teddy the Teddy (テディ ザ テディ)

As the name implies, Teddy is Sanrio’s teddy bear character. He’s always wearing a ribbon around his neck. Teddy is a little bit spoiled. He always wants to have fun! This bear is always just playing around in his room. 


Tenorikuma (てのりくま) 

The Tenorikuma isn’t just one red panda, it’s a whole group of small red pandas that are only 4 cm tall! The name of these cuties Tenorikuma translates from Japanese to English as “bears that fit in your palm.” Mistaken for raccoons because of their striped tails, these cuties wear kerchiefs around their necks. That’s how you can tell them apart.



Teruteruporon (テルテルポロン) 

Created by Sanrio artist Chieko Hara, Teruteruporon is a unique character that’s based on a teru teru bozu (a small traditional Japanese handmade doll). The teru teru bozo is believed to have magical powers to prevent rain and bring good weather. Teruteruporon is a bit of a crybaby but she gets over her feelings quickly! She loves cute and romantic things. Living in a kangeki shop, her specialties are writing poems and finding four-leaf clovers.



Tetsunagikuma (てつなぎクマ) 

A group of bear characters, the Tetsunagikuma are always wearing matching clothes and holding hands. They’re always together no matter where they go! That’s because their group name actually translates to “hand-tied bear” in English.


Strawberry King

The Strawberry King (いちごの王さま) 

The king of the beautiful and peaceful Strawberry Kingdom, the Strawberry King is a kind, royal character that wears a huge strawberry with a crown on top of it. His kingdom is the home of seven angels with very distinct and unique personalities. The Strawberry King carries a magical staff with a strawberry on it. It’s what helps him fly! This king’s time is spent bringing messages of peace and friendship.


Vaudaville Duo

The Vaudeville Duo (ザ ボードビルデュオ) 

As the name implies, this group is made up of two characters and those cuties are Eddy and Emily. Born on the same day in the same hospital, they’re both really good friends. An energetic boy who loves adventure and sports, Eddy dreams of becoming a stage director when he grows up. He’s really good at writing stories. Meanwhile, Emily is a cute and proper little lady who enjoys ballet, cooking, traveling, and watching plays. She dreams of becoming an actress on Broadway. Her parents love musicals, and that’s what inspired her interest in Broadway plays. 


Tiny Poem

Tiny Poem (タイニーポエム) 

A sweet girl character with white feathery hair, this cutie made her debut in 1975. She loves walking barefoot and riding on the breeze. Most of the time Tiny Poem plays among the green trees in the mountains. Her favorite flowers are dandelions. Tiny Poem has a boyfriend named Daichan who she gets along with really well.  



Toffeeroo (トフィールー)

Toffeeroo is a boy who lives on the mysterious planet Soda Moon which can be found in the Peppermint constellation. This character plays the lyre and sings and dances together with the stars. His best friend is his dog, Lulu.  



Tonari no kappa-san chi (となりのカッパさんち)

Tonari no kappa-san chi is actually a family of kappa - a mother kappa and her three kappa children. Kappa are mythical water creatures in Japan. These kappa characters are often featured with seasonal imagery and items from Sanrio!   



Trend Point (トレンドポイント)

There isn’t that much information about this group except for the fact that Trendpoint is a group of cactus plant characters. They look like they’re having fun with their hats! 


trend setters

Trendsetters (トレンドセッターズ)

A fashionable bunch, the Trendsetters is a group made up of three creative and stylish girls. That includes an illustrator, a stylist, and a hair and makeup artist. It’s hard work, but the girls always want everyone to shine more!   



Umeya Zakkaten (ウメ屋雑貨店) 

One of the human characters from Sanrio, Umeya Zakkaten is an old lady who owns a general store. Like a lot of old ladies, she loves talking to her visitors and helps them with their problems. Most of the time these are cute elementary school children. Umeya is busy running her store, taking care of children, and drinking tea with friends. She can usually be seen in her shop with her cat, Tora.  



Yoshikitty (ヨシキティ) 

A girl cat based off Yoshiki Hayashi, the leader of the popular visual kei band, X Japan. She specializes in rock-themed items. This cutie was created by one of the designers of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi. At one time, in 2018, Yoshikitty was voted more popular than Hello Kitty Herself. 



Zashikibuta (ザシキブタ) 

Zashikibuta is a pig that’s curious and laid back at the same time. Like most pigs, he loves to eat. This character spends most of his days making foods like sweets. He also likes growing vegetables together with his mouse friend, Tabby. 


Sanrio Characters Outro

Phew! We’re finally done with the ultimate list of Sanrio characters. Sanrio was not kidding when it said that it had hundreds in its roster. The list was definitely long, but it was fun learning about all the strange, unique, and cute characters from Japan’s biggest kawaii company. 


Sanrio Characters 

Did you have fun reading up on cuties like Cinnamoroll, Gudetama, and Cogimyun? Which of the strange characters do you like the most, the Chunenheroine Ojisan's, the Hagurumanstyle, or the Shirirapper? How about characters from the Unknown Sanrio Universe? There's a lot of cuties to choose from, so take as much time as you need. If you'd like to learn more about the kawaii world of Sanrio, you can check the Ultimate Guide to Sanrio

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