Say Hi to Pompompurin!

Say Hi to Pompompurin!

Say Hi to Pompompurin!

Pompompurin is a beloved Sanrio character, a little yellow dog born in 1996 who loves pudding and napping. Fans can enjoy all sorts of cute Pompompurin products and even visit Pompompurin-themed cafes like the one in Harajuku, Tokyo.

  • Japanese name:  ポムポムプリン (Pomupomupurin)
  • Birthday:  April 16   
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Gender: Boy
  • Home: In a basket 
  • Species: Dog 
  • Skills: Napping 

    Pompompurin burger


    If you're a fan of all things cute and cuddly, then you're going to love Pompompurin! This lovable character is a little yellow Golden Retriever who has been stealing hearts since he was born in 1996. And if you're wondering, Pompompurin is definitely a boy!

    Pompompurin Pudding

    So no, Pompompurin isn't a pudding – he's definitely a dog. But he does love pudding more than anything else in the world, so you could say it's a big part of his identity.



    Maid with Pompompurin Plushie

    Well, the "pom pom" part of his name comes from the little brown beret he wears on his head. And the "purin" part is the Japanese word for pudding, which just happens to be his favorite food in the whole world!  

    Pompompurin also looks like pudding with his cute little hat and his fluffy, jiggly, and round yellow body! 



    Cheeky Pompompurin

    Pompompurin's personality is as chill as can be. He loves to take naps, hang out with friends, and eat pudding. 

    Hardly anything's better than relaxing together.

    He's also a bit of a fashion icon, always wearing his cute brown beret and matching striped scarf.  This cutie loves to collect shoes! Sometimes he hides his father’s leather shoes, and sometimes he hides his mother’s sandals.



    Pompompurin & Friends

    Despite being a popular character, Pompompurin is very down-to-earth and always makes time for all his friends. That includes Muffin the hamster, Scone the mouse, and Bagel, a squirrel that likes to play dumb for attention. 

    Fun days of warm friendship forever

    Pompompurin is super friendly and can make friends with anyone!



    Pompompurin & Macaron

    Everyone wonders, does Pompompurin have a girlfriend? As of now, Pompompurin is just a pup, so he's not really into dating just yet. But he does have another little doggy that he likes, and her name is Macaron.



    Pompompurin has a lot of talents. He’s super good at napping and something he likes to call “Purin Aerobics.”

    This doggy’s favorite phrase is “Let’s go out!” and his least-liked word is “stay.” His dream is to get bigger and stronger!



    Pompompurin ranking

    Everyone just loves Pompompurin! In 2022, this doggy was the second most popular Sanrio character, right behind his buddy, Cinnamoroll. He won first place three times before in 1997, 2015, and 2016. Pompompurin is the king of cuteness!



    Pompompurin products

    There are loads of Pompompurin products out there for fans to enjoy. From Pompompurin plushies and stationery to clothing and accessories, you can find all sorts of cute and cuddly items featuring Pompompurin's kawaii face.



    Pompompurin cafe

    Did you know there are Pompompurin-themed cafes and restaurants where fans can indulge in all sorts of tasty treats, like pudding-shaped pancakes and cute latte art?


    One of the most famous Pompompurin cafes is located in Harajuku, Tokyo. This adorable cafe is decked out in all sorts of Pompompurin-themed decor, from cute murals to giant plushies. 


    Pompompurin Cafe Menu

    The menu features all sorts of sweet and savory dishes, like Pompompurin-shaped pizzas and pudding parfaits. It's the perfect place for fans to immerse themselves in the world of Pompompurin and enjoy some delicious food at the same time.

    Pompompurin throwing hearts

    In conclusion, Pompompurin is a beloved character with a chill personality, a love for pudding, and a knack for fashion. Fans can enjoy all sorts of cute products featuring his adorable face, and even visit Pompompurin-themed cafes like the one in Harajuku.  

    Have fun choosing from our kawaii Pompompurin collection and bringing cuteness into your life!