Say Hi to Pompompurin!

Say Hi to Pompompurin!

Say Hi to Pompompurin!
Cute and cuddly and as soft as pudding, Pompompurin is a cutie from Sanrio who loves pudding and napping.  He's a super laid-back and good-natured pup. Pompompurin a pop star in the kawaii world! From Pompompurin bags, plushies, toys, cafes, to hotels - everyone just can’t get enough of this kawaii doggy. Get your bags packed because today we’re going on a walk together with Pompompurin to learn about his wonderful life as a kawaii superstar!
  • Japanese name:  ポムポムプリン ( Pomupomupurin)
  • Birthday:  April 16, 1996
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Gender: Boy
  • Species: Dog 
  • Home: In a basket
  • Skills: Napping and pudding exercises 
  • Fun fact: Pompompurin didn't always have his signature butthole!



Pompompurin is an adorable dog character from Sanrio! Born on a sunny day on April 16, this popular pup is known for his trademark brown beret that makes him look like pudding! A laid-back cutie, Pompompurin loves taking naps, doing “purin aerobics” with his buddies, and hanging out with his friends. Pompompurin is one of the most popular puppies from Sanrio! 



Waggy tail, check! Cute droopy ears that perk up when you say, “lets go,” check! A soft wet nose meant for booping, check! Well, if it isn’t clear already what kind of animal Pompompurin is, this cutie is a dog. 


Sure, he might wear a lot of different outfits, but Pompompurin is a Golden Retriever! This Sanrio superstar was born to a gentle and loving Golden Retriever family in the Sanrio universe. He lives a charming little life in his own basket at the entrance hall of his sister-owners house! 



Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Pompompurin’s really a dog or a pile of pudding. That’s because he’s super soft and cuddly. Plus, the brown beret on top of his head does make him like a pudding cup !  But as much as we’d like to put Pompompurin in our mouth and gobble him up, this puppy is not pudding. Pompompurin does love cream caramel pudding a lot though. It’s a big part of who he is as a puppy! 



Pompompurin was born from an in-house design contest by Sanrio in 1996. The kawaii company wanted their designers to come up with a brand new dog character! Pompompurin’s pudding design was the most popular and he ended up winning the contest.s During the same year, Pompompurin made his public debut in Sanrio’s official magazine, the Strawberry News. If you'd like to learn more about Sanrio, you can read about the kawaii company in our comprehensive Sanrio Blog



Well, that’s easy. The "pom pom" part of Pompompurin’s name comes from the little brown beret he wears on his head. The "purin" part comes from the Japanese word for pudding, which just happens to be his favorite food in the whole world! 


But did you know that before Pompompurin was originally called something else?  When this puppy made his official debut in the 1996 July issue of the Strawberry News, his original name was Boku, Pudding. In English, that translates to “I am Pudding.” Even from the start, Pompompurin was connected to pudding



Pompompurin's personality is as chill as can be. He loves to take naps, hang out with friends, and eat pudding. 

Hardly anything's better than relaxing together

He's also a bit of a fashion icon, always wearing his cute brown beret and matching striped scarf. Sometimes you can see him wearing all sorts of outfits - from lacy dresses to kimonos to bee costumes. 


This cutie also loves to collect shoes! Sometimes he hides his father’s leather shoes, and sometimes he hides his mother’s sandals. He has a hoard of shoes at home, just like a real dog!



A lot of people always ask why Pompompurin shows off his butthole. Well, that's because it's his charm point! Pompompurin's signature asterisk booty adds to his cuteness and quirkiness. Just like a real dog, Pompompurin loves showing off his booty for the world to see. 



Interestingly enough though, Pompompurin's butthole wasn't always there. When this Sanrio pudding pup made his debut in 1996, his butthole was an optional part of his look. Sometimes it appeared in Pompompurin drawings, sometimes it didn't. Not only that, but Sanrio didn't really give Pompompurin a proper story, showing him off as a bee, a pineapple, or sometimes as a prince. 


These inconsistencies with Pompompurin's story and design affected his popularity lessening his fanbase and likeability. In 2003, Sanrio decided they had to make changes to the puppy's look and  story. The company decided to give Pompompurin a charm point - his cute little butt! The move worked really well, because now, Pompompurin's as popular as ever!  



Pompompurin has a lot of talents. He’s super good at napping, eating, and something he likes to call “Purin Aerobics.” This doggy’s favorite phrase is “Let’s go out!” and his least-liked word is “stay.” He loves soft things (especially pudding) and he can easily make friends with everyone!



There are times that fans get a bit confused when it comes to Pompompurin’s gender. Sometimes you can see him wearing soft, girly outfits. Sometimes you can see Pompompurin in cute costumes that make him look like a bee! Purin just likes to dress up a lot, but in all honesty, this pup is a boy dog.



It’s been more than two decades since Purin made his official debut in 1996. In human years, Pompompurin would be an adult. But since he lives in the kawaii-sphere, this cutie stays forever a puppy. He’ll always be forever young! That’s why Pompompurin’s dream is to get bigger and bigger!



Pompompurin is so good-natured and likeable that he actually doesn’t have just one best friend! This adorable Sanrio puppy actually has three besties. They're called Chimpurin or Team Purin in English.

 Fun days of warm friendship forever 

His first best friend is a hamster named Muffin who will eat just about anything. This cutie loves to crack nuts and hides inside Pompompurin’s beret. 


The second bestie is Scone, a sensible, thoughtful, and hard-working yellow mouse. Scone is great at doing tricks with his tail like picking up chestnuts! Last but not the least, Pompompurin’s third best friend is Bagel. This squirrel is super enthusiastic and like Purin he loves eating things, especially sweets. 



Muffin, Scone, and Custard aren’t Pompompurin’s friends. He has a whole lot of buddies that he hangs out with. Purin also has a cute family of Golden Retrievers just like him that he loves with all his heart! In this section, we’ll get to know all of the cuties in Pompompurin’s universe.


Papa (パパ) 

Like Pompompurin, Papa is a Golden Retriever. He’s a kind, and smiling father to his son. Papa loves bad jokes and watches over his family well. He wears eyeglasses, a top hat, and he smokes a pipe.


Mama (ママ)

Pompompurin's mother, Mama wears a white and pink gingham print apron.This kind and tidy Golden Retriever works in a cake shop owned by the master’s big sister. Everyone loves the handmade pudding she makes there! 


Grandpa  (おじいちゃん)

When Grandpa was young, he traveled across the world! He knows a lot about life. There’s nothing that he doesn’t know. Grandpa is Purin’s grandfather. 


Grandmother (おばあちゃん)

Like Mom, Grandmother is gentle and kind. She’s Pompompurin’s grandmother! This old Golden Retriever loves talking about everything under the sun. 


Biscuit (ビスケ) 

One of Pompompurin’s many friends, Biscuit is adventurous and fond of sweets made with lots of butter. He's a childhood friend of Muffin from the next town over, together with his twin brother, Cookie. While he might be fun to hang out with, Biscuit can be a bit crude sometimes. 


Cookie (クッキー)

The twin brother of Biscuit, Cookie can be a bit spoiled. He enjoys round sweets like crackers and round candy. Cookie likes to follow everyone around! Like Biscuit, Cookie is Muffin’s childhood friend. 


Coconut (ココナッ)

Bright and cheerful like the sun, Coconut is a little boy monkey character that lives in a tropical island in the south. This cutie enjoys watching rainbows after the storm all the while drinking coconut juice! He’s one of Pompompurin’s friends.


Custard (カスタード) 

Easy-going, happy, and peaceful, Custard is a yellow bird character that was born up in a high tree. This bird loves to steal Pompompurin’s hat and perch on his head. Custard is a good listener! He also likes traveling and dreams of living on a cloud when he grows up.


Mint (ミント) 

A cute little frog, Mint is an amazing jumper who believes he can jump further than anyone he knows. He also spends his time swimming and walking on sunny days. Sure Mint might be a frog, but rainy days just aren’t his thing.


Powder (パウダー) 

Powder is a cute little girl rabbit character with white fur, long white ears, and rosy cheeks. Born deep in the woods in a red-roofed house, she’s often found telling flower fortunes. This kind rabbit is may have a secret crush on Pompompurin!  


Syrup (シロップ) 

Another friend of Pompompurin, Syrup is a kind and gentle seagull. His special skill is flying over long distances. Syrup loves to watch over his friends. 


Tart (タルト) 

An adventurous boy rabbit that was born in the biggest cave in the forest near Pompompurin’s home. Though Tart looks placid, he always needs to find out where the fun is! This cutie is often practicing climbing high places in the forest. 


Vanilla (バニラ) 

Vanilla is an energetic white bear that loves vanilla ice cream. This cutie enjoys the night sky. He’s particularly proud to say that he’s actually seen an aurora! 


Whip (ホイップ)  

A quiet and innocent little boy penguin, Whip was born in a very cold igloo. During the summers he stays together with his buddy, Pompompurin! He loves waddling behind his Golden Retriever friend.


Sheep (ひつじさん)

Nothing much is said about sheep. This cutie is pretty mysterious it seems. All we know about him is that he's a shy guy! 



Pompompurin’s so cute and popular that fans can’t help but wonder whether he has a significant other. Pompomurin deserves to have a girlfriend as cute as he is!

Let's cherish the small joys that each day brings!

However, as much as everyone wants to see Pompompurin get a partner, this pup is still too young. He’s not into dating just yet. Maybe he just needs a little bit more time to grow up.  



Pompompurin might not have a girlfriend, but he does have a little crush. And who else would it be but the cutesy girl dog, Macaron? This cutie lives in a beauty parlor. She admires the styling and fluffy look of poodles. 


Pompompurin and Macaron are really, really close. Sanrio has a ton of pictures of the two hanging out with each other. Sometimes they’re seen at school exchanging notes. Sometimes they’re having nice little snacks together! Hello Kitty thinks that Pompompurin has a very serious crush on Macaron. If you'd like to learn more about Hello Kitty's other thoughts and adventures, you can learn more about her in our Hello Kitty Blog



Ever since he was created, people have been falling head over heels for Pompompurin. In 1997, a year after his official Sanrio debut, Pompompurin was allowed to join the annual Sanrio Ranking. He won the top spot! Pompompurin also placed first in 2015 and 2016.


Even when he’s not the king of Sanrio’s popularity polls, Pompompurin always places high in the rankings. He’s always part of the top 10 most popular Sanrio cuties! For the past four years in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, Purin has been Sanrio’s second most beloved character right behind Cinnamoroll. Head over to our Complete List of Sanrio Characters to learn all about the different cuties Sanrio has to offer. 



You can actually head out to see Pompompurin in Sanrio Puroland, the official Sanrio theme park. He always greets his fans there together with Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Kuromi, Pochacco, and his other Sanrio siblings! In Puroland, you can get to see Pompompurin and his friends go on shows, march in parades, and do fun little skits. He also has his own meet and greet so you can get up close and personal with this popular puppy! 



Sanrio knows how much fans love Pompompurin. That’s why there are loads of Pompompurin products out there for fans to enjoy. From Pompompurin plushies, Pompompurin charms, to Pompompurin home goods, you can find all sorts of cute and cuddly items featuring this pup’s adorable face. 


While most of the newest Pompompurin items can be found in shops in Japan, you don’t really need to book a plane ticket just to nab your favorite Pompompurin plush. Just check out our Pompompurin collection here on Blippo. Pick out your fave Pompompurin item, check it out, and we’ll send it right to your doorstep! 



Seeing how popular Pompompurin is, it comes as a surprise to us that this doggo actually doesn’t have his own anime series or movie from Sanrio. It’s pretty disappointing - Pompompurin would have been a loveable TV star. Fortunately, fans can still see him in shows like “Hello Kitty & Friends Super Cute Adventures” and “Hello Kitty’s Animation Theater.” You can find them on YouTube!



Did you know that Pompompurin shares the same birthday as Consadole, the mascot of Hokkaido Sapporo’s soccer team? Celebrating their 25th anniversary together in 2021, Consadole decided to team up together with Pompompurin. The two came up with a special set of merchandise including Pompompurin charms, Pompompurin wallets, and Pompompurin pouches



Like his Sanrio siblings Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty, Pompompurin has his own set of games. There's the action pinball machine game “Pompompurin: Korokoro Daibouken” on Nintendo DS. He also has a cute pudding mini game on the official Sanrio website called the “Pompompurin Kurukuru Topping.”  


Besides his official games, Pompompurin also has a ton of gaming collabs. He and his friends appear in the casual game, LINE Poko Poko. Purin also has an official avatar and room in LINE PLAY. Popular Japanese games like “Puzzle & Dragons” as well as “How to Keep a Mummy” also has special events showcasing the Golden Retriever puppy! 



Learning how to draw Pompompurin is as easy as eating pudding! This kawaii puppy is made up of simple lines and shapes. Just grab some pen, paper, load up a good tutorial video, and get to drawing. We promise it won't take all afternoon for you to master drawing Pompompurin! 



Horse-racing and Pompompurin might sound like an odd combination, but somehow Japan made it work. In 2023, Pompompurin got a chance to work together with JRA, the Japan Racing Association. The collab created a mini game called the “Pompompurin and Keiba” challenge where you can play and learn horse racing terminology at the same time. Fans who participate in Team Purin’s full race predictions during the “JRA Purin Purin grand Race” got to receive rare collab goodies. 



In 2023, Sanrio had a special video uploaded in the “Cross Shinjuku Vision,” the giant 4D billboard in the iconic Shinjuku crossing in Tokyo Japan. The 3D animated video showcased a fun little scene with Pompompurin. Somehow, Pompompurin got himself stuck in the wall at Shinjuku crossing! He needed the help of his Chimpurin pals Muffin, Scone, and Custard to get him out of the wall! 


To add some spice to the video project along Shinjuku crossing, Sanrio also decided to spruce up the Sanrio Shinjuku Store with special Pompompurin decor. They embellished the outlet with giant Pompompurin balloons! It really added a major touch of kawaii to Shinjuku! 



When Pompompurin works together with food companies, Sanrio fans get a lot of special treats centered all around the popular puppy. Pompompurin’s collab with Pastel resulted in an assortment of yummy Pompompurin-themed desserts - from pudding, dessert cups, to actual cakes. His team up with Cold Stone Creamery produced special Pompompurin sundaes! He also got to work together with Pear Lady and make his own special set of drinks for fans to enjoy. 



Sure, everyone knows that Pompompurin’s favorite food is pudding, but it seems like Sanrio’s golden boy also has a taste for good sushi. Choshimaru Co., a popular Japanese sushi chain, celebrated its 46th anniversary in 2022 and decided to make Pompompurin part of its big day. The sushi restaurant had a special “Tuna Dissection Show” together with Purin. 


During the event, Pompompurin helped the sushi chefs dissect fish. He also gave a special spell while serving sushi to tables (that way the sushi would be more delicious). Together with the event came special Pompompurin sushi bento boxes and collectible plates! 



Pompompurin might be a laid-back puppy, but it seems like he’s been working hard at the bank everyday with SMBC. This Japanese bank has Pompompurin posting on Instagram teaching Japanese people about the basics of financing.

Get up every morning and remind yourself, I can do this! 

It seems like he’s been taking his work pretty seriously at the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation - he has the clothes and all the posts down pat!   



Knowing how skilled he is at napping, hotels around Japan often work together with Pompompurin to create relaxing rooms for kawaii fanatics to stay in. Mitsui Garden Hotels in Tokyo and Hokkaido have their own cute rooms featuring Pompompurin decor everywhere! They also came up with special merch for fans to collect, including Pompompurin plush charms, socks, tote bags, and handkerchiefs. 

In 2024, the Hotel New Otani Hakata in Fukuoka decided to open their own set of Pompompurin rooms. One room is themed the “Pompompurin Filled Room” while the  other was named “Invent Cuteness! Lab Room.” Like Mitsui Garden Hotels, New Otani Hakata also has original goods for the Pompompurin hotel room guests! They also had Pompompurin dressed up as one of their bell boys. 



Did you know there are Pompompurin-themed cafes where fans can indulge in all sorts of tasty treats, like pudding-shaped pancakes and adorable latte art? One of the most famous Pompompurin cafes is located in Harajuku, Tokyo. This adorable cafe is decked out in all sorts of Pompompurin-themed decor, from cute murals to giant plushies. The cafe menu features all sorts of sweet and savory dishes, like Pompompurin-shaped pizzas and pudding parfaits. 


If you’re wondering whether there are also places for Pompompurin fans outside of Tokyo, Pompompurin Cafe also has branches in Yokohama and Nagoya in Japan!  It's the perfect place for fans to immerse themselves in the world of Pompompurin and enjoy some delicious food at the same time. 


That’s not all! Besides his permanent cafe in Harajuku, Pompompurin also has collab cafes that pop up from time to time. An example of Pompompurin’s collab cafe was the one he had with Cinnamoroll and CHEZ MADU. The cafe had a retro theme with all sorts of Pompompurin & Cinnamoroll meals, sweets, and drinks! 


Phew, that was quite a deep dive into the world of Pompompurin! We hope you enjoyed getting to learn about Purin’s charm points, his laid-back personality, and his addiction to pudding. If you’re on the lookout for a new Sanrio character to love, then Pompompurin is definitely a worthy kawaii contender!  


Before you go don't forget to check out our exclusive Pompompurin collection! Until the next kawaii adventure, stay cool and cute!

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