Welcome to the Fab Life of Tuxedosam!

Welcome to the Fab Life of Tuxedosam!

Welcome to the Fab Life of Tuxedosam!

Dive into the world of Tuxedosam, Sanrio's dapper blue penguin from Antarctica who adores eating and boasts of a sophisticated style! He's all about chill vibes, delicious snacks, and fashionable bow ties. He’s also a good friend to Hello Kitty and the Hapidanbui gang! Let’s get to know this less-talked-about Sanrio character from the past who has come back to steal our hearts again!

  • Japanese name: タキシードサム (pronounced as Takishīdosamu)
  • Birthday: May 12, 1979
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Sophisticated, cool, and loves eating
  • Species: Emperor penguin
  • Favorite Food: Ice cream, shrimp, scallops, and sardines
  • Sports: Tennis, hockey, rowing
  • Special Skills: Fluent in English
  • Fun Fact: Tuxedosam isn’t a fan of bargain jeans because it ruins his style!
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Tuxedosam antarctica

This cool penguin comes from Tuxedo Island in Antarctica, the coldest place in the Sanrio Universe! But don’t worry, this fluffy penguin from the South Pole has a heart so warm that it can beat the cold. Sam may have been from the South Pole but he spent most of his years studying in the United Kingdom.



Tuxedosam penguin

You bet your chilly flippers he is! Tuxedosam is Sanrio’s charming male penguin. His full name is Tuxedo J. Orville Samuel, but you can also call him Sam. He’s the eldest child from a wealthy Emperor Penguin family, and he got so good at speaking English from studying abroad in England.



Tuxedosam is a blue and white penguin with a big round belly that’s just begging for a hug. Sometimes, Sanrio makes Tuxedosam pink just in time for Valentine’s Day. He keeps his weight a secret, but he sure looks cuddly with his bust, waist, and hips all measuring 100cm in circumference. Picture a chubby penguin in the fanciest tuxedo you can imagine. And don’t forget that snazzy bowtie. He’s always dressed to impress!



Tuxedosam trying hats

Tuxedosam wasn’t always as active as a penguin on ice. He started as a serious, dignified gentleman. Then, he started to let loose, showing off his active, laid-back, and sometimes clumsy side. But that doesn’t mean he lost his dashing demeanor! Even though he has become friendlier and more easygoing, he still manages to keep his sophisticated charm.



Tuxedosam birthday

This cutie is one of Sanrio’s oldest characters! Tuxedosam made his debut on May 12, 1979, which makes him a big veteran of Sanrio for over 40 years now. Since he’s been around for a long time, he caters to both young and old generations. He gives a nostalgic feeling to people who are around 40 and older, and he’s adored by kids and teens for his cute retro charm.



Tuxedosam falling

Tuxedosam is a certified Taurus baby! He believes in the saying, “Fall down seven times and get up eight,” which perfectly shows his Taurean determination. He’s a bit clumsy, but what he lacks in grace, he makes up for with his loyalty and gentlemanly manners. Sam also likes extravagant things, which shows in his style and taste in food. A true Taurean indeed!



Tuxedosam’s birthday might be 1979, but the penguin party started way back in 1975! That’s when Sanrio released the very first Tuxedosam merchandise, a 3D wind chime that took everyone back to the Showa era. It was like a rare gem because usually, items with Sanrio Characters have two-dimensional drawings and not 3D!


Tuxedosam phone

Back then, the Sanrio penguin didn’t have a name yet, just listed as “Furin Penguin” in the product catalog. But in 1978, the character development began. Finally, in 1979, this cute penguin stepped into the limelight with his dapper name, Tuxedosam! The 80s were his glory days, with pouches, tote bags, and even table clocks dressed up in his simple yet stylish design. Imagine having a Tuxedosam electric fan or phone – talk about making your home cool!


Tuxedosam walking with mic

Tuxedosam started as a 3D product and was originally designed to stand upright and remain motionless. But by 1984, the design was updated to give Sam more movement, with Sanrio wanting people to get to know the charming penguin better, including his personality and inner world.



Tuxedosam with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel

Back when Sanrio was all about girl characters, guess who stole the spotlight as a dashing boy character? Yes, it’s the very cute Tuxedosam! By July of 1982, Tuxedosam goodies were selling hotcakes, making the cute penguin the fourth most popular Sanrio character. He became so popular that other Sanrio male characters like Keroppi, Pochacco, and Bad Badtz-Maru couldn’t resist joining the party.


sanrio ranking 2022

However, there was a little dip in Tuxedosam’s popularity. The production of Tuxedosam merchandise stopped, and the character didn’t appear in a lot of Sanrio films. But Sam made a stylish comeback around 2010 when people started to bring back the retro culture. In 2019, he even made it to the top 10 of the Sanrio ranking!



While Tuxedosam may not be a showbiz sensation, he did appear in Hello Kitty and Friends episodes. He also had his own short films like “Sam and Chip’s Chaotic Big Race” and “Sam’s Not Scared of Ghosts.” From thrilling races to ghostly adventures, Tuxedosam knows how to keep us entertained in style!



Tuxedosam on a boat

Tuxedosam isn't just a stylish penguin, he’s also a Navy veteran. He holds a second officer’s license and has served in eight Navy battles. Sam was honorably discharged once he reached the rank of captain, earning a bowtie-styled medal of honor. Impressive, right?



Tuxedosam rowing

Because Tuxedosam lived in England, he is into gentlemanly sports like tennis, golf, and rowing. Even if he’s a bit clumsy at times and has no sense of exercise, he’s still a self-proclaimed good sportsman. 

Always stay cool!

He also has other hobbies such as fishing and going on adventures with his friends. And did you know that he’s a good musician? That’s right! He plays the drum for the Hapidanbui band!



Because of his comeback, Tuxedosam was chosen to join the Hapidanbui group in January 2020, teaming up with five other Sanrio boy characters – Bad Badtz-Maru, Pochacco, Hangyodon, Keroppi, and Pekkle. These boys aren’t just sitting around and showing off their cute faces; they’re off to make the world a happier place! They make music together in a band, with Tuxedosam and his short limbs rocking the drums.


Hapidanbui claw game

Aside from making music, this group is also known for spreading kawaii vibes on social media. They have a Twitter account where you can get updated on Hapidanbui collaborations, promos, and cute goodies! Sometimes, the group also appears in Sanrio shows, especially in Puroland.



Tuxedosam family

Though Tuxedosam’s mostly seen with the Hapidanbui gang, he has other close friends! He’s got two brothers who look just like him and share his love for collecting. He also has friends to play with all the time! They’re all sea creatures who happened to meet the charming penguin.


Tuxedo Pam

Pam (パム)

Pam is Tuxedosam’s younger brother who’s a bundle of curiosity and energy. He’s always up to something fun but can be a bit stubborn sometimes. Like Sam, Pam’s got his own collection – hats of all shapes and sizes! But here’s the twist: You’d think a penguin would be a pro swimmer, right? Not Pam! He loves swimming rings so much that he forgot how to swim correctly.


Tuxedo Tam

Tam (タム)

Tam is the shy but oh-so-sweet penguin. He’s Sam’s youngest brother. While he may be a bit spoiled, Tam has a special talent – calming everyone around him. His favorite pastime? Snoozing! That’s why he loves collecting pajamas.


Sanrio Chip

Chip (チップ)

Chip is more than just a seal, he’s Tuxedosam’s best friend! He has a bright personality, and he’s really good at cleaning! When Chip was just a wee pup, Tuxedosam saved him from drowning in the Southern Ocean.


Robustan Sanrio

Robustan (ロブスタン)

Robustan, the hermit crab, may be a little scared sometimes, but his bright personality shines through. Born at the beach where Sam has been, Robustan has become Tuxedosam’s friend til the end!


Kanyan Sanrio

Kanyan (カニヤン)

Kanyan is a bright, fussy, and restless crab. What sets him apart? His special skill? He can cut letters with his very own scissors. He lives on the same coast as Robustan and he likes playing with his friend Tuxedosam.



Tuxedosam ice cream

Tuxedosam has an insatiable appetite and is almost always seen munching on something. That’s probably why he is sometimes described as a glutton. But he does have a refined taste! He loves eating shrimp, baked scallops, and sardines meuniere. Above all, his go-to comfort food is a scoop of ice cream.



Tuxedosam surfing

Tuxedosam’s favorite color is blue! And we aren’t just talking about any blue, but a vivid and cool shade that matches his spirit and tuxedo. It’s like the bright blue sky on a sunny day, the big blue ocean that reminds Sam of his friends, or that blueberry ice cream scoop that he loves to eat!



Tuxedosam bowtie

Sam has a huge collection of bowties – he’s got 365 of them! That’s one for every day of the year! Talk about making a statement. When it comes to bowties, we believe Tuxedosam wears them best. He has become an icon with this fancy accessory. That’s why he always gets featured on National Bowtie Day!



Tuxedosam Puroland

Want to meet Tuxedosam in person? Head to Sanrio Puroland! You might spot him at a Character Greeting Event at the Charaguri Spot. Here, you can chat and snap photos with the dashing penguin. Another option is Harmonyland in Kyushu. If you take a boat ride in this outdoor theme park, you can see Tuxedosam!



Back in the summer of 2017, Tuxedosam and The Guest Cafe brought a wave of cuteness to Shibuya with a limited-time pop-up cafe. Fans flocked to this cool spot to indulge in all things Tuxedosam. Not only were there seven delightful Tuxedosam-themed items on the menu, but you could also snag some exclusive Tuxedosam goods at the attached shop.



Tuxedosam collab with UI

Tuxedosam has ventured into stylish collaborations! His iconic style has been used in many products like accessories, cosmetics, and virtual apps. To name a few, the Jorte Calendar app features a cute Tuxedosam theme. Imagine planning your day with those cute Tuxedosam designs – it’s like a daily dose of dapper!

I’m having a good dream right now!

Lovisio Cosmetics also got in on the action, featuring Sanrio’s adorable penguin on their packaging. Other popular brands that Sam worked with are My Hero Academia, Pillup Doll, and Syrup Apparel. He even collaborated with virtual YouTuber and illustrator, Ui Shigure!
Tuxedosam donuts

And when it comes to treats, Tuxedosam has worked with some of the yummiest treats in Japan! Floresta Nature Doughnuts whipped up some mouthwatering Tuxedosam-themed donuts – a feast for your taste buds and your eyes. Moreover, in 2018, Tuxedosam visited the Gudetama Cafe in time for a special Christmas-themed menu.



Tuxedosam U treasure

Tuxedosam influenced the world of jewelry with his sophisticated style! In 2020, U-Treasure unveiled a jaw-dropping collaboration, releasing a super posh 950 platinum engagement and wedding rings featuring Tuxedosam. Imagine saying “I do” with a touch of penguin charm!

Remember, you must be careful never to say ‘never’!

Tuxedosam also teamed up with the fabulous jewelry brand White Clover, adding his suave style to some dazzling accessories. Who knew Sanrio’s penguin could bring so much sparkle?



Tuxedosam merchandise

You’re probably wondering where you can buy items featuring this super adorable penguin. Well, wonder no more! Blippo is filled with Tuxedosam plushies, Tuxedosam stationery, Tuxedosam accessories, and more. You’re sure to fill your Sanrio collection with Sam’s cuteness!


Tuxedosam Puroland picture

And there you have it! Everything you need to know (and more) about the chill, thrill, and ever-so-dapper Tuxedosam. Next time you're feeling a little blue, just think of this cool penguin, and things might just seem a tad bit brighter!


Tuxedosam kimono

This Sanrio penguin has held a special place in our hearts for decades. Don’t forget to tell us how Tuxedosam won you over in the comment section!

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