Hop Into The World of Keroppi!

Hop Into The World of Keroppi!

Hop Into The World of Keroppi!

Time to leap out of your seats and dive into the world of one of Sanrio’s superstars, Keroppi! This charming frog from Sanrio's universe is not your regular frog in the pond! He loves adventure, is a cheerful friend, and does not easily give up. Together with his friends, Keroppi showcases the fun, friendship, and cuteness that Sanrio embodies.

  • Japanese name: けろけろけろっぴ (pronounced ke-ro ke-ro ke-rop-pi)
  • Birthday: July 10
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Place of Birth: Donut Pond
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Frog
  • Favorite Food: Rice balls
  • Hobby: Singing, fishing, playing baseball, and boomerangs
  • Fun Fact: Keroppi only swims freestyle because he’s not good at swimming frog-style!
Keroppi walking



Keroppi origami surrounded with musical notes and Keroppi's Japanese name

Keroppi is widely known in Japan as Kero Kero Keroppi. It might sound like a magical spell, but it’s actually quite simple! "Kero" in Japanese is an onomatopoeic word for a frog croak, similar to "ribbit" in English. So, "Kero Kero Keroppi" can loosely translate to "ribbit-ribbit-ribbit frog". Pretty straightforward, right? But let’s agree, everything sounds cuter in Japanese!

Keroppi resting on a pond and then falling over


Moreover, this adorable frog’s full name is Keroppi Hasunoue. His family name Hasunoue which means “on the lotus” definitely adds up to Keroppi’s character. Picture a happy, ribbiting frog on a lotus leaf. Perfect fit!



A 3D Keroppi origami

Keroppi, with his big, sparkling eyes and delightful grin, is, in fact, a boy! While he was meant for the Keroppi universe, he started as a character in the Hello Kitty anime series. In addition, this male frog became popular because he was more of a unisex character, which means he can be adored by both boys and girls, compared to Hello Kitty who’s got a girl-dominated fan base.



Keroppi doing different expressions with Hiragana characters

Keroppi is one of Sanrio’s smallest characters. He has big eyes, a V-shaped mouth, and cute blush spots on his cheeks. He’s also known for his amazing singing voice. Maybe it’s all that croaking practice?

I get discouraged, but I recover quickly!

As for Keroppi’s personality, well, he’s cheerful and full of energy! Although sometimes, he can be seen as careless, he makes up for it with his resilient attitude. He bounces back quickly when he fails! He also loves adventures and playing with his friends.



A birthday banner featuring Keroppi plush toys

Keroppi was born out of the creative brilliance of Sanrio, a Japanese company renowned for its kawaii characters. But did you know that Keroppi’s design was actually from a contest? That’s right! In 1987, a design contest for Sanrio’s new frog character was held as a promotion project for the rainy season. From that design, the first Keroppi goods were sold on July 10, 1988, making that date Keroppi’s birthday. For 35 years, this cute frog has been hopping into our hearts!


KEROPPI'S FAMILY & FRIENDSKeroppi's family and friends looking at photo albums on the dining table

Keroppi lives with his siblings and parents on the edge of Donut Pond, the largest and bluest pond in the world of Sanrio!

I’m Keroppi, and these are all my friends. And this place is Frog House on Donut Pond.

His family is always ready to shower him with love and care, and even helpful words of wisdom! He’s also surrounded by plenty of friends who share his love for playing games, especially baseball, and boomerangs.

Kerota the doctor of Donut Pond

Kerota (ケロタ)

Kerota is Keroppi’s father and the doctor who runs the Hasunoue Clinic on Donut Pond. It’s easy to see where Keroppi got his traits because he’s also smart and loves fishing.


Keroma frying an egg

Keroma (ケロマ)

Keroppi’s mother, Keroma, is not only a master chef but also the proud owner of a small restaurant on Donut Pond. She’s quite the talker and is easily moved to tears.


Keroppi's sister, Pikki, waving hello

Pikki (ピッキ)

Pikki is the eldest of Keroppi’s triplets. Just like her talented mom, she’s got a passion for cooking and is a big help at the restaurant.


Keroppi's brother Koroppi waving hello

Koroppi (ころっぴ)

Keroppi’s triplet brother is Koroppi, a hard worker who enjoys tinkering with machines. Everyone mixes him up with Keroppi because they look identical!



Kokero (コケロ)

Keroppi also has an adorable baby brother named Kokero. This little guy might be tiny, but he’s a bundle of joy who loves playing with his siblings.


Keroppi's grandmother Kerobah with a handbag

Kerobah (ケロバ)

Kerobah is Keroppi’s beloved grandmother. Keroppi and his friends often visit her cozy cottage to listen to her enchanting stories and enjoy her delicious homemade treats.


Keroppi's grandfather Kerojee

Kerojee (ケロジー) 

Kerojee is Keroppi’s wise grandfather who always knows the right things to say. Like his wife, this old frog enjoys telling stories by the pond or teaching important lessons to Keroppi and his friends.



Keroleen (けろりーぬ)

Keroleen is a stylish frog who’s all about collecting the trendiest clothes and loves baking pancakes. Just a heads up, though – she’s not a fan of snakes or exercise.


Keroppi's friend Ganta

Ganta (ガンタ)

Ganta is Keroppi’s biggest and strongest buddy who can transform himself into a rock! But even though he looks all brave and strong, he’s actually afraid of the dark, heights, and snakes.



Kyorosuke (きょろすけ)

This tall and thin frog has sharp eyes that can spot things a whole kilometer away! He’s all about exploring new and exciting things, and he’s a champ when it comes to diving.


Noberun with a card

Noberun (ノーベルン)

Noberun is a smart frog who rocks a pair of glasses. He’s a little bit smaller than Keroppi and he’s not really into sports. He would like to become a weather doctor someday.



Keroppe (けろっぺ)

Keroppe is Keroppi’s cousin who was born on Hyotan Pond. He’s got this incredible knack for crafting masks and boats out of flowers.


Teru Teru

Teru Teru (てるてる)

Teru Teru’s got her looks from a traditional Japanese doll that farmers hang outside the window to prevent rain from falling. She’s an intelligent doll with a red ribbon and she can predict the weather.


Den Den the snail

Den Den (でんでん)

This trusty snail is Keroppi’s best friend. You’ll always see him tagging along with Keroppi, even if he’s a little behind.



Keroppi and Hello Kitty hugging

There's a big question on everyone's mind: Is Keroppi an enemy of Hello Kitty? Well, despite being distinct in their own unique ways, both Keroppi and Hello Kitty are part of the friendly, enchanting universe that Sanrio has created. Now that’s settled –Keroppi is far from being Kitty's adversary! If anything, Keroppi is a cool, cute companion to our favorite feline friend.



Keroppi and Keroleen

For all those rooting for a froggy love story, you're in luck! While it’s not explicitly stated that Keroppi and Keroleen are dating, we can’t help but ship these two. They look so cute together and the chemistry between them is undeniable.



Hapidanbui mascots with a girl in the middle

In 2020, Sanrio created the Hapidanbui group which is made up of classic Sanrio boy characters who rocked the 80s and 90s. We’re talking Pochacco, Tuxedosam, Bad Badtz-Maru, Hangyodon, Pekkle, and of course, Keroppi! The mission of the Hapidanbui? Bring happiness to everyone!



Keroppi Sanrio Character Awards ranking

Keroppi’s popularity peaked in 1990 when he ranked first place in the Sanrio Character Award and he became more popular than Hello Kitty in Southeast Asia. Now that’s called a leap into stardom!

Jumping up and floating down, we laugh and sing. We’re having fun!

However, Keroppi’s popularity went down in the late 1990s and there was almost no new merchandise in Japan. This prompted Sanrio to expand the license to United States to keep selling Keroppi products there. They even expanded the target market to infants and toddlers! After some time, Keroppi managed to keep his popularity and finally ranked 10th place in Sanrio Character Award in 2022!



Keroppi’s first show appearance was in a “Hello Kitty and Friends” episode, but back in 1994, he took the spotlight with his very own anime series called “Keroppi and Friends!” It only lasted one season but it’s full of exciting and magical episodes!

And a one, and a two, and a you know what to do!

This beloved Sanrio frog also made appearances in a bunch of other Sanrio animated series and even starred in Sanrio-produced movies like “Kero Kero Keroppi's Three Musketeers”. Not only that, but Keroppi even had a cameo role in the beginning scenes of the cool film “Ready Player One” alongside Hello Kitty and Bad Badtz-Maru!



Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken

There are a bunch of super cool games all about Keroppi, but the most popular is Keroppi’s Big Adventure (Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken) series from Nintendo. Similar to Super Mario, Keroppi’s mission is to save Keroleen who’s all locked up in a tower. It’s a puzzle-packed adventure that will totally get you hooked!



Dokonjō!! Kero Kero Keroppi

Back in 2016, Yasumi Yoshizawa’s manga “The Gutsy Frog” got a sequel, and guess who popped up? Keroppi! They called it “Dokonjō!! Kero Kero Keroppi” and it was brought to life with illustrations by Yasumi’s daughter, Yuuko Ootsuki. Then in 2018, there was a Pokopang x Kero Kero Keroppi collaboration where the adorable frog appears in ranking events and Poco battles in the LINE Pokopang puzzle game.


Keroppi-themed products from The Creme Shop

Keroppi also did some collaborations with other popular products and artists. He appeared in various product packaging of cosmetics, snacks, and drinks. Some examples are Pocky, The Republic of Tea, and The Creme Shop from South Korea, but there are lots more! In addition, Keroppi was part of the Sanrio x My Hero Academia collab where he was paired with Tsuyu Asui, a frog-like character from the cool anime.



Osaka Shoko Shinkin Bank poster featuring Keroppi

It’s not every day that you’ll see a beloved Sanrio character in the commonly serious banking scene. But on April 1, 2023, Keroppi hopped right into the spotlight as the official mascot of Osaka Shoko Shinkin Bank! He’s rocking a cute light blue shirt adorned with the bank’s logo, all set to spread some charm alongside the bank’s team. Who knew finance could be this adorable?



Keroppi-themed Rakuten Spa

In 2020, something totally magical happened – Keroppi teamed up for an epic collaboration with Gokurakuyu and Raku Spa! The bathtubs rocked a Keroppi design and the menu offered drool-worthy treats like “Kero Kero Keroppi’s Green Curry” and “Kero Kero Keroppi’s Thick Cheese Roll Cabbage.” But the real show-stopper was the Kero Kero Keroppi No Yu, where the tub is filled with floating Keroppi balls! This spa collaboration was for a limited time only, but we surely hope there’s a next time.



Keroppi decorated Floresta donuts

Keroppi makes our taste buds dance each time he leaps from one cafe to another for a menu collaboration! Floresta Nature Donuts featured Keroppi-decorated donuts that are as delightful to look at as they are to devour. Even fellow Sanrio-themed cafes got in on the action – Pompompurin Cafe and Gudetama Cafe collaborated with this cute frog for some Keroppi-themed food. From savory meals to hot and cold drinks, Keroppi was able to turn up the cuteness of the food served in these cafes.



Keroppi in Sanrio Puroland

While Keroppi might not have his own section in Puroland, he steals the show with his leap and grin in the theme park’s iconic Miracle Gift Parade! This adorable frog is part of the parade of cute Sanrio Characters in dazzling and colorful floats. Park visitors can also take pictures of the super cute Keroppi mascot!



Keroppi-themed food from Kero Kero Keroppi Cafe

Keroppi also had a chance to tickle people’s taste buds when a limited-time cafe Kero Kero Keroppi Cafe opened in Keikyu Department Store. It only lasted four months, but in that short time, the cafe was able to pull out all the stops with the most delightful Keroppi-themed treats that looked almost too cute to eat.



Keroppi merchandise

When it comes to Keroppi merchandise, the options are endless! Sanrio produced a ton of cute products like Keroppi plushies, Keroppi bags, Keroppi clothing, and more! The Keroppi magic is everywhere in Japan, but you don’t really need to go far because our Keroppi collection on Blippo’s got you covered. It’s like a Keroppi wonderland right at your fingertips!



Drawing Keroppi is super easy and loads of fun! With his simple shapes and adorable features, anyone can give it a try. So, grab your pencil and give it a go. You'll be amazed at what you can create!

Keroppi wearing a kimono and holding Japanese fans

Thank you for visiting the vibrant world of Keroppi! From his humble beginnings to becoming a beloved Sanrio character, Keroppi has hopped his way into our hearts. Why do we love this little guy so much? Is it his singing, his love for adventure, his fighting spirit, or simply his super cute face? Whatever made you a Keroppi stan, we’d really like to know!


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