Cast Magic With Cardcaptor Sakura!

Cast Magic With Cardcaptor Sakura!

Cast Magic With Cardcaptor Sakura!

Girlhood has never been more magical than with Cardcaptor Sakura! This Japanese manga and anime series by CLAMP is one of the biggest titles in the mahou shoujo (magical girl) genre. It's loved by so many people not only in Japan but all around the world! Starring the cheerful and energetic Sakura Kinomoto, Cardcaptor Sakura reveals an exciting world filled with magic, love, and acceptance.

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  16. What Is The Dark Clow Card?
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Now's the time to bring out your wands and put on the cutest and most magical outfit in your closet!  Today we're going on a grand adventure to learn more about one of the most influential magical girl series in the kawaii-sphere, Cardcaptor Sakura!

  • Japanese name: カードキャプターさくら (Kādokyaputā Sakura)
  • Japanese abbreviated name: CCS
  • Number of manga volumes: 12  
  • Number of anime episodes: 70
  • Creator: CLAMP
  • Fun fact: Syaoran and Sakura are the stars of a totally different universe in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles!



If you’re not a big anime fan and aren’t sure what Cardcaptor Sakura is, it’s actually a super popular shoujo or girls’ manga and anime series. Filled with magic, girls, and cute costumes, Cardcaptor is in the same Japanese subgenre as Sailor Moon - mahou shojou. Emerging in 1962 with the manga Himitsu no Akko-chan, the mahou hojou genre is known for centering on young girls with magical abilities that they use through an ideal alter ego which they transform into. 


The mahou shojou genre is loved by so many anime & manga readers around the world for its stories of femininity, youth, friendship, and romance. Featuring the relatable struggles of young girls through the clumsy but well-meaning and determined Sakura Kinamoto (otherwise known as Sakura-chan), Cardcaptor Sakura is considered by many as a timeless mahou shoujo classic. 



It’s all about magic!  Taking place in the fictional Japanese town of Tomoeda, Cardcaptor puts the spotlight on Sakura Kinomoto. In the series, This cheerful but clumsy elementary school girl accidentally released a magical set of cards called the Clow Cards from a book in her basement! Created by the sorcerer Clow Reed, each card has its own unique magical ability and can assume alternate forms when activated. 


Capturing the cards can be hard work, but Sakura has a lot of help! By her side is Cerberus, the guardian of the Clow Cards. She’s also assisted by Tomoyo Daidouji, Sakura’s pretty best friend who loves dressing Sakura-chan up in all sorts of battle costumes. Then there’s Syaoran Li, a boy Sakura’s age who’s a descendant of Clow Reed. Syaoran wants to recapture the cards himself, but later on, he becomes one of Sakura’s biggest allies! 



When Cardcaptor Sakura first starts, we meet Sakura-chan as a young elementary school student. She was 9 years old when she accidentally released the Clow Cards. As the series goes on we get to see her grow older and become more mature! Not only does Sakura become a stronger magic user as time goes on in Cardcaptor, but she also gets a better handle at understanding her emotions and the emotions of the people around her. 



The first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura actually came out way back in June 1996! It ran for four years under the manga Nakayoshi, later on receiving a 12 tankobon compilation from the publisher Kodansha. Gaining so much popularity among manga readers, Cardcaptor  was eventually adapted into an anime series that helped people in Japan and all around the world fall in love with Sakura’s magical missions! 



This timeless mahou shoujo series was created by CLAMP! For those who aren’t sure who or what CLAMP is, it’s actually an all-female group of manga artists that was formed in the middle of the 1980s. Originally it was an eleven-member group that created dojinshi or self-published fan works till it started creating original manga in 1987 like X, Chobits, xxxHolic, and of course, Cardcaptor Sakura


Filtered down to four members, CLAMP consists of lead writer Nanase Ohkawa and the artists Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi, and Satsuki Igarashi. Ohkawa was the one who decided to write Cardcaptor Sakura, hoping to dip her toes into the magical girl genre despite not knowing much about it. Meanwhile, Sakura Kinamoto’s design was created by Mokona. 



On April 7, animation Studio Madhouse released the very first episode of Cardcaptor Sakura on NHK. The series ran for three whole series with 70 episodes! It was really well-loved among anime fans. Critics praised the show for revitalizing the “stale” mahou shoujo genre, noting that it was possibly one of the best magical girl series ever produced. 


Not only did anime critics say that CCS was beautifully animated, but it was fun, clear, touching, genuinely warm, and exciting all at once. Not long after its release in Japan, American anime studio Nelvana caught wind of the series and produced a dubbed version of the show to the US. Though a lot of fans didn’t like how the editing focused too much on action sequences instead of the relationships in the series, Cardcaptor became one of the Top 50 anime shows to be released in the USA. 



Besides Sakura Kinomoto, there are a ton of great characters in Cardcaptor Sakura. In this section, we’ll learn more about Sakura, her friends, her guardians, and the enemies that she comes across in Cardcaptor. Get ready because we’re going to take our time to meet everyone from the series.


Sakura Kinomoto (木之本 さくら) 

Named after the Japanese word for cherry blossom, Sakura is sweet, energetic, and cheerful. Though she can be naive, clumsy, and clueless at times, this elementary school girl is actually pretty athletic and nimble. She’s an excellent runner and she’s considered the “best baton twirler in school” by her friends. Sakura becomes the Cardcaptor after accidentally releasing the Clow Cards. She tries her best to capture them together with the help of Kero-chan, Tomoyo, and later on, Syaoran. 


Cerberus (ケルベロス)

The appointed guardian of the book that holds the Clow Cards, Cerberus has two different forms. His true form is that of a lion, however, most of the time in the manga and anime, we get to see him in his “hidden form” as a small stuffed cat-like creature with wings. Nicknamed Kero or Kero-chan (ケロちゃん) by Sakura, this cutie can be bossy, demanding, and a bit gluttonous (he loves eating desserts). He has a lot of fondness for Sakura and helps her gather the Clow Cards together. 


Tomoyo Daidouji (大道寺 知世) 

Sakura’s best friend, Tomoyo Daidoji is a wealthy girl who’s sophisticated and very lady-like. She’s the daughter of the president of Daidoji Toy Company and Sakura’s second cousin on her mother’s side. Tomoyo is very attentive of her best friend and spoils Sakura to no end. Crafty and artistic, she loves creating dresses for Sakura to battle in. Sometimes Tomoyo seems to be a bit obsessed with Sakura, insisting on joining her magical (and occasionally non-magical) adventures so that she can film her best friend in action. 


Syaoran Li (リ・シャオラン) 

A member of the Li clan of sorcerers from Hong Kong, Syaoran is initially Sakura’s rival for the Clow Cards. Over time though Syaoran comes to respect Sakura for her determination and earnestness. He also begins helping her capture the Clow Cards. Eventually, in the third season of the series, Syaoran begins to realize that he’s fallen in love with her! Not only does he blush whenever Sakura is around, but he gets jealous when he sees her spending time with Eriol.


Touya Kinomoto (木之本 桃矢)  

Touya is the older brother of Sakura. He cares a great deal for his sister even though he loves to tease her. Touya is fully aware of what Sakura does as a Cardcaptor and so he makes sure that his part-time jobs put him in a position to be nearby when capturing cards. Though he’s known to be a chick magnet, he’s not really romantically interested in anyone. His closest friend is Yukito. 


Yukito Tsukishiro (月城 雪兎)

The best friend of Touya, Yukito is kind, gentle, and vaguely feminine. Sakura has a crush on him throughout most of the series. However, when Sakura finally musters the courage to confess, Yukito gently rejects her saying that he actually has feelings for Touya, her brother. In Cardcaptor, fans learn that Yukito is actually the human alter-ego of the Clow Card guardian, Yue. Don’t be mistaken though, Yukito and Yue aren’t the same - apparently Yukito has a completely separate “heart” from that of Yue’s “true form.”


Yue (月)

Named after the Mandarin Chinese word for the moon, Yue is the second guardian of the Clow Cards. While Cerberus is the elector of the new Clow Card Master, Yue has been set as the judge who tests whether the candidate is worthy of the role. Throughout the most of Cardcaptor, Yue spends his time in his human form, Yukito Tsukishiro who initially has no memory of knowledge of his true self. This guardian’s true form has no biological sex or gender - not male or female, Yue apears as a beautiful angelic non-binary being. Unlike Cerberos and Yukito who are very fond of Sakura, Yue is reluctant to accept her. He can be a little bit cold and aloof at times.  


Meiling Li (リ・メイリン ) 

Syaoran’s cousin and self-declared fiancee, Meiling only exists in the Cardcaptor Sakura anime adaptation, appearing towards the end of episode 19. Impulsive, bratty, clingy, and overconfident, Meiling comes to Tokyo to help Syaoran find and gather the Clow Cards. Like her cousin, she’s proficient in martial arts. She actively dislikes Sakura, however, as CCS progresses Meiling develops a begrudging respect for her. They eventually become good friends! Meiling is a bit possessive of Syaoran, however, when she sees how he’s fallen in love with Sakura, she releases him from the promise that they would be married.


Clow Reed (クロウ・リード)

The sorcerer who originally created the Clow Cards and their magical guardians Cerberus and Yue, Clow Reed is one of Clamp’s characters that appears in other manga outside of Cardcaptor Sakura. Clow is only seen in flashbacks in the Cardcaptor manga as he has long since been dead before the Cardcaptor story starts. The series reveals how he has to split reincarnations. The first is Eriol Hiiragizawa who has his memories and magic. The second reincarnation is Fujitaka Kinomoto, Sakura’s father.


Eriol Hiragizawa (柊沢 エリオル)

Moving from England to Tomoeda Elementary during the second season of Cardcaptor, Eriol is one of Sakura’s classmates. Though he’s quiet and mature, Eriol has a mischievous side that’s shown when he joins Yamazaki in weaving complex lies about the history of things. To Sakura, Eriol seems like a nice, normal boy, however, the series showcases him as the secret main antagonist. It turns out that Eriol was actually the reincarnation of Clow Reed and that his main purpose in coming to Japan was to help Sakura use her own magical powers to convert the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. Though he has the form of a young boy, Eriol’s true age is unknown. He becomes romantically involved with Kaho Mizuki in the series. 


Fujitaka Kinomoto (木之本 藤隆)

The father of Sakura and Touya Kinomoto, Fujitaka works as an archaeology professor at Towa University. He’s a kind and caring father who tries his best to attend to his children after his wife Nadeshiko’s passing. Though it’s been seven years since her death, Fujitaka still loves her and is devoted to her memory. In the manga, Fujitaka is the second reincarnation of Clow Reed. In the Cardcaptor anime though, this role is removed and Eriol is the only reincarnation of the magician. 


Takashi Yamazaki (山崎 貴史i

Another of Sakura’s classmates, Yamazaki is infamously known for making up stories on the supposed history of any subject. Being naive as she is, Sakura tends to believe him. Syaoran who is also gullible falls for Yamazaki’s lies too. It doesn’t help that Eriol adds on to these stories to make fun of both Sakura and Syaoran. These shenanigans make for a lot of the funny moments in Cardcaptor Sakura. 


Chiharu Mihara (三原 千春)

Chiharu is one of Sakura’s friends and classmates who appears together with Rika and Naoko at school events. She’s on the same cheerleading squad as Sakura. Since Chiharu is a childhood friend of the mischievous Yamazaki she can easily see through his lies. She tries to put an end to all his silly little stories by trying her best to strangle him.  


Naoko Yanagisawa (柳沢 奈緒子) 

Another classmate and friend of Sakura, Naoko is often seen in Cardcaptor Sakura during school events. Though she’s not really good at gymnastics, Naoko is a member of the cheerleading squad with Sakura. She loves reading books, especially those that tell fantasy stories and ghost stories. In the Cardcaptor anime, Naoko's love of stories causes trouble when she finds The Create card in the form of a notebook and writes a fantastic story within it. 


Kaho Mizuki (観月 歌帆)

Kaho sensei is a shrine maiden who appears as Sakura and Syaoran’s substitute math teacher at Tomoeda Elementary School.  Throughout the series, Kaho secretly helps Sakura in some of her missions like when she, Syaoran, Meiling, and Tomoyo find themselves trapped by the Maze Clow Card. Cardcaptor reveals that Kaho had once dated Sakura’s older brother Touya, however, the two broke up when Kaho left to study in England. In the third season of the series, she and Eriol develop feelings for one another. 


Spinel Sun (スピネル・サン) 

The counterpart of Cerberus, Spinel Sun is a cat-like magical guardian created by Eriol. It’s true form is a black panther with butterfly wings. Spinel Sun’s nickname is Suppi. It spends most of its time reading. During most of Cardcaptor Sakura, Suppi remains out of sight of the main human characters. This cutie becomes good friends with Kero-chan. 


Ruby Moon (ルビー・ムーン)

The second magical guardian created by Eriol, Ruby Moon is supposed to be the counterpart to Clow Reed’s original guardian, Yue.  When Eriol transferred to Tomoeda Elementary, Ruby Moon created itself a false form named Nakuru Akizuki (秋月 奈久留, Akizuki Nakuru). It then enrolls in Seijou High School out of sheer boredom and enters the same class as Touya and Yukito. Ruby Moon’s true form resembles a human-sized fairy. 


Sonomi Daidouji (大道寺 園美)

Tomoyo’s mother, Sonomi is a wealthy woman who serves as the president of the Daidouji Toy company. She was the first cousin of Sakura’s late mother, Nadeshiko Kinomoto. This makes her Sakura’s aunt. Sonomi loved her cousin Nadeshiko very much and disapproved of her marriage to Fujitaka. She blames Fujitaka for Nadeshiko’s death at a young age. However, when Sonomi meets Sakura for the first time, she comes to realize that Nadeshiko lived a happy life and comes to terms with her marriage to Fujitaka. She eventually shows great affection for Sakura and treats her like her own daughter.


Nadeshiko Kinomoto (木之本 撫子)

Nadeshiko is the mother of both Sakura and Toya. She was sixteen when she met their father, Fujitaka who worked as a student teacher at her high school. Nadeshiko fell in love with him after he saved her from getting hurt when she fell from a tree trying to rescue a bird’s nest.  She worked as a model from her teens up until her late twenties when she died from an unnamed illness. 


Yoshiyuki Terada (寺田 良幸) 

A teacher at Tomoeda Elementary School, Yoshiyuki is Sakura’s homeroom teacher in the fourth and fifth grades. He’s also shown teaching other classes like PE. In the manga, Tereda sensei has a secret relationship with one of Sakura’s classmates, Rika Sasaki. They have secret picnics and dates together and at some point when Rika gets old enough to two even get engaged. However, the anime adaptation changes the dynamic, removing their relationship, noting that Terada just reminds Rika of her absentee father. 


Rika Sasaki (佐々木 利佳) 

One of Sakura’s classmates and friends, Rika is a shy and elegant girl who is considered to be mature for her age. In Cardcaptor Sakura, Rika is affected by the Clow Cards a few times. The first time is with The Sword Card which possesses her to attack Sakura. The second time is when she nearly drowns during a magical trial by Eriol. Rika has a secret relationship with her teacher Terada-sensei in the manga.However, in the anime, this relationship is removed, though the two still seem to have affection for one another in the show. Rika is the only one among Sakura’s friends who doesn’t appear in the Clear Card sequel of CCS. 



Well, well, well, we’ve finally gotten to the good part! In Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura has quite a few love interests. For the most part, she had been in love with her brother’s best friend, Yukito. In episode 66, Sakura finally musters up the strength to confess to him. However, Yukito rejects her, saying that her feelings for him could just be fatherly instead. 


So who does Sakura end up with?  Well, Syaoran of course. Starting off as rivals, Sakura and Syaoran become very close friends. Over time, Syaoran realizes that he had fallen in love. However, with eyes only for Yukito, the naive Sakura has no idea about Syaoran’s feelings. When Syaoran finally confesses to her in Episode 69, Sakura is taken by surprise.


The very last episode of Cardcaptor Sakura is pivotal for both Sakura and Syaoran. Sakura ponders over her feelings for Syaoran and realizes that he had been there for her all this time. The series finale ends with Syaoran deciding to return to Hong Kong and Sakura rushing to him to the airport to see him off. She doesn’t really confess then - the two only start dating at some point in the series’ sequel, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. 



Athletic and handsome, Touya is pretty popular among the girls in his high school. However, he barely shows any interest in them. Most of the time in Cardcaptor, Sakura’s big brother is seen working part-time jobs trying to look out for his little sister. Eventually, we learn that Touya had an old relationship with Sakura’s substitute teacher, Kaho-sensei. However, Touya’s closest person is his best friend, Yukito. The two even end up becoming boyfriends. 



Well, besides Sakura and Syaoran, there are quite a number of other well-loved canon pairings in Cardcaptor Sakura! First off is the romance between Touya and Yukito. Cardcaptor fans loved that CLAMP created the queer couple, letting everyone know that we should accept all kinds of love.


Another canon couple is Eriol and Kaho-sensei. It might seem strange seeing how Eriol has the body of a ten-year-old child, but he’s actually an older magician who’s stopped aging his body. Despite all their bickering, Yamazaki and Miharu are also a canon Cardcaptor couple. Sakura’s parents Nadeshiko and Fujitaka are also considered a canon couple in the series. That's a lot of love in one show!



While most readers are too busy gushing over the Sakura and Syaoran pairing, those with a keen senses have noticed something more in Tomoyo’s obsession with her bestie. Every time she’s with Sakura, Tomoyo blushes. Plus, she’s always there for Sakura - not just to film her exploits or to dress her up, but to be by her side. 


So did Tomoyo really have romantic feelings for Sakura in the show? Well, the answer is yes. Tomoyo professes her love for Sakura on numerous occasions in the Cardcaptor manga. Unfortunately, Sakura doesn’t love Tomoyo in the same way, and so the feelings remain unrequited. It doesn’t matter to Tomoyo though. As long as Sakura is happy, she’s happy!  Now, that's true love. 



Cardcaptor is such a well-loved manga and anime series that fans can’t help but wonder which character in the show reflects them the most. Are they the sweet but clumsy Sakura? Are they the quiet and cunning Eriol? Or could they be the glutinous but well-meaning Kero-chan? Lucky for fans there are so many different Cardcaptor personality tests that they can take online! 



Besides Sakura’s wands and other magical implements, the Clow Cards are the most important items in Cardcaptor. Not only do they drive the entire story forward, but they also make useful weapons. In the Cardcaptor Sakura manga, there are 19 cards that appear. Let’s get to learn about them all! 


The Light (ライト) 

As the name implies, The Light is a Clow Card that can control the light and manipulate time. A serene and gentle card, she is very supportive of Sakura as the candidate for the Clow Cards’ master. Its sister is The Dark. These two cards are formative - everything that is done involving The Light like sealing and transformation must be done together with The Dark.


The Dark (ダーク) 

The sister card of The Light, The Dark’s primary magic is warping space and creating dark voids. She can also manipulate time like The Light. Though The Dark is just as gentle as her sister, in Cardcaptor Sakura she needed time to be sure of Sakura as the candidate to be the master of the Clow Cards. 


The Windy (ウインディ) 

One of the four elemental cards, The Windy can create strong winds used to blow away objects or bind creatures. It is one of the most powerful Clow Cards. Appearing as an elegant, naked fairy surrounded by yellow and green swirls of wind, Windy tends to be very demure. Despite being powerful, the Windy is one of the gentlest cards and hates to fight. 


The Watery (ウォーティ)

The Watery is another elemental card and thus one of the most powerful among the Clow Cards. Though it appeared shapeless at first, Watery is a blue mermaid with webbed elven airs and wing-like fins. The Watery is an attack card. It can be extremely aggressive and violent. In Cardcaptor, The Watery attempted to drown many things including Sakura and her friends. 


The Earthy (アーシー) 

The third elemental Clow Card, The Earthy has the power to control earth. One of the most powerful cards, The Earthy appears as an elegant stately lady with a bodice made from rocky material. While she did act violently before she was captured by Sakura (she created earthquakes and tremors), this elemental card is said to have a gentler disposition compared to The Firey. 


The Firey (ファイアリー) 

Being an elemental Clow Card, The Firey is one of the most powerful cards. Resembling a male angel with bright orange wings and long elf-like ears, The Firey can be a bit difficult to handle. Though he is no more powerful than the other elemental cards, Cerberus tells Sakura to use him with caution. The Firey will do as asked but he can also harm his owner. Aggressive and a bit arrogant in nature, he enjoyed toying with Sakura before she managed to capture him. Despite his violent temper, he eventually comes to show care for his master. 


The Wood (ウッド)

Aligned under The Watery card, The Wood has the power to grow and manipulate plants like vines, bushes, and brushes. This Clow Card appears as a beautiful woman with a leaf symbol on her forehead and leafy, wing-like ears. Like The Windy, The Wood is gentle and docile. She was one of the few cards that chose to be sealed of her own will. Sometimes she can act wildly when she gets agitated by the influence of The Rain. 


The Flower (フラワー)

As the name implies, The Flower can manifest all kinds of flowers. This Clow Card appears as a playful young woman in a frilly, tiered gown. Ditsy and frivolous, The Flower is eager to celebrate festivities. She tends to get so preoccupied with enjoying herself that she isn’t aware of the damage she can cause. Despite being a happy card, The Flower has no practical use aside from her master’s enjoyment. 


The Fly (フライ)

Aligned under The Windy, this Clow Card can grant its user the power to fly. It initially appeared as a giant, pale blue bird resembling a crane because of its injury. However, when Sakura comforted it, The Fly shrunk to a small, infantile size. In the Cardcaptor anime, The Fly seems a bit chaotic. However, in the manga, Windy is quiet like the Windy. There, it only acted violently because it was hurt.  


The Jump ( ジャンプ) 

Another Clow Card aligned with The Windy, The Jump can help it user jump long distances from one place to another. Before it was sealed by Sakura, The Jump appeared as an angry, squishy, pink animal. After being sealed, it turns more gentle. This card is feisty. Not very bright, The Jump loves picking fights. 


The Erase (イレイズ) 

A mysterious card that appears in a harlequin-esque design, The Erase has the power to erase anything from existence. It is aligned under The Dark. Though Erase’s personality is unclear, The Erase seems to be a bit mischievous, erasing Sakura’s friends and the faculty during a test of courage. Users have to be careful with The Erase. Anything that disappears by her power will be gone permanently if erased too long. This card also has the power to remove people’s memories. 


The Mirror (ミラー) 

Aligned under The Earthy, The Mirror is a Clow Card that can imitate a person’s appearance and deflect ranged attacks. She appears as a young girl with a round mirror in her hand. At first, in Cardcaptor Sakura, the Mirror causes mischief by taking on Sakura’s form and wreaking havoc all over town. As a result, it indirectly wounds Touya. When Touya shows sympathy for The Mirror, the card expresses remorse and guilt by hinting at her true identity. 


The Maze (メイズ)

Like The Mirror, this card is aligned under The Earthy. It can distort the space around it and entrap people in a pocket dimension that it designs on its own. Maze enjoys trapping people inside it and forces them into a game of finding a way out. It hates cheaters, distorting itself even more when Sakura tries to fly out or cut through its walls with The Sword. A person with enough magic like Kaho Mizuki can break through the Maze. 


The Illusion (イリュージョン)

Unlike most of the other cards, Illusion has no fixed shape. It changes its form based on its witness’ expectations. Aligned under The Card, this card has the power to create illusions. It will often appear to people as what they fear or love the most. It didn’t want to be captured by Sakura, showing hostility by appearing as her mother and then attempting to drown her. 


The Sword (ソード) 

A powerful weapon that can be wielded by its master, The Sword is a Clow card that is aligned under The Firey. It looks like a European Rapier sword. Like The Firey, The Sword can be very violent. In the manga it was first seen possessing Rika Ssakit, trying to kill Sakura during its first encounter.  


 The Shield (シールド) 

This Clow Card creates magical barriers and force fields. Aligned under The Earthy, The Shield appears as a blue-white-green dome. It looks like a single-winged shield with red jewels on both sides in its true form. Unlike The Sword which tends to be aggressive, The Shield is relatively good-natured. It’s purpose is to protect precious objects and the things people hold close. 


The Shadow (シャドウ)

Appearing as a somber figure wearing a mysterious black cloak with no visible form underneath it, The Shadow can control and manipulate shadows. It is a card that is aligned under the Light. The Shadow tends to be eccentric and volatile. In fact, Clow Reed himself had trouble controlling this card. 


The Thunder (サンダー) 

Aligned under The Firey, The Thunder is a Clow Card that can control both lightning and electricity. It appears as a beast with a wolf or lion-like form. The Thunder’s body is made entirely of electricity glowing in an icy-blue color. This Clow Card tends to be very aggressive.  


The Glow (グロウ)  

A gentle Clow Card, The Glow has the ability to create tiny glowing lights that resemble fireflies. This card is aligned under The Light. In its visible form, The Glow looks like a delicate sprite with a long, glowing dandelion-like flower in its hands. She’s a gentle card that causes no harm to living beings. 



Though the anime tried its best to be as faithful to the source material, it took a few creative liberties to make the story more exciting. That includes adding 34 Clow Cards that don’t appear in the manga at all! In this section, we’ll explore them all. 


The Arrow (アロー)

A Clow Card aligned under The Firey, The Arrow is a smallish, white girl with a bluish-white outfit. She can volley magic arrows under her master's command. Since The Arrow is an attack card, she tends to have an aggressive personality. 


The Big (ビッグ) 

Manifesting as an extremely tall, slim, and lithe, blue-colored young woman, The Big is a Clow Card aligned under The Light. Its direct opposite card is The Little. A seemingly harmless and benign card, The Big allowed Sakura to seal her away without any protest. She has the power to grow creatures and objects in size. If she is left to her devices, The Big will enlarge anything, leading to problems. 


The Bubbles (バブル) 

A seemingly frivolous Clow Card, The Bubbles has the power to create a mass of soap bubbles for bathing. It was made by Clow Reed to wash Cerberus. Alignder under The Watery, The Bubbles appears as a young, mermaid-like girl.  


The Change (チェンジ) 

Aligned under The Dark, The Change is a Clow Card that can cause people to switch bodies. It appears as a blue, chameleon-like creature. The swap can only occur once a day. If it isn’t reverted after some time, then it becomes permanent. 


The Cloud (クラウド)

A Clow Card aligned with The Watery, The Cloud has the power to create clouds with heavy wind and move freely in the sky. Appearing as a small, childlike person with pointed ears, this Card is gentle and playful like The Rain. It’s more mischievous than combative. It can create thick clouds and then move them however it pleases all over the sky. 


The Create (クリエイト)

This Clow Card can bring creatures and objects into existence. Aligned under The Light, its physical manifestation takes the form of a book with a brown spine. Inside the book is a story written over a dozen pages while the rest is left blank. 


The Dash (ダッシュ) 

Aligned under The Windy, The Dash can grant its user super speeds to run for short distances. It takes on the form of a small fox-like creature with rabbit ears and a long slender tale. A shy Clow Card, The Dash tends to run when confronted. However, it can become very loyal once its trust has been earned. 


The Dream (ドリーム) 

As the name suggests, The Dream is that gives its user the ability to manipulate dreams. A Clow Card aligned under The Dark, one of The Dream's forms is a mysterious blue butterfly that reflects the sky. When The Dream takes on its true form, she appears as a young woman with long hair. She can make people dream their greatest desires and tell them their fortune. 


The Fight (ファイト)

A Clow Card that can grant its user heightened fighting abilities, The Fight looks like a teenage girl with long odango pigtails. It is aligned under The Firey. She is an extremely aggressive card that can be fiercely competitive with others. She’s always looking for new opponents to test her skills. The Fight will only engage if she deems an opponent strong. 


The Float (フロート)

A Clow Card with the power to float anything in the air, The Float is aligned with The Windy. In its card form, it appears as a small, hot air balloon. Outside of the card, it appears as a stripy pink and purple balloon with small wings. The Float is pretty mischievous. However, it is also gentle making it easy for Sakura to seal. 


The Freeze (フリーズ) 

Aligned under The Watery, this Clow card can freeze anything. It can also lower the temperature of any localized area to a freezing point. The Freeze appears as a giant veil-tail goldfish made out of ice. It’s as large as a killer whale! This card can be aggressive. 


The Libra (ライブラ)

The Libra has the power to detect whether a person is lying. Aligned under The Earthy, this Clow Card appears as a pan-scale with one side holding the sun and the other side holding the truth. 


The Little (リトル) 

The opposite of The Big, The Little can shrink creatures and objects to a miniature size. It is aligned under The Light. In its visible form, this Clow Card is super tiny - Sakura could only perceive a tiny pinprick of bouncing yellow light. The Little is very naughty. It’s a sadistic little thing that loved shrinking Sakura, taunting and giggling at her misfortunes. The Little can also reduce its victim’s ability to use magical powers.


The Lock (ロック) 

Aligned under The Earthy, The Lock is a Clow Card that can magically lock anything. It appears as a small green and yellow padlock with wings on its front.  The Lock can lock almost anything and prevent things from getting unlocked by conventional means. This card tends to be elusive and protective. 


The Loop (ループ)

Another Clow Card aligned under The Earthy, The Loop has the power to manipulate space. It can connect different locations as if in a Loop. This card appears as a simple, small band that loops. It was defeated by the combined efforts of both Sakura and Syaoran. 


The Mist (ミスト)

As the name implies, The Mist is a Clow Card that can create mists. Aligned under The Watery, this card can create a blanket of fog for cover. It can be corrosive, eating through almost any material like metal bars and stone. The Mist’s visible form is a thick bank of green acidic fog. When it's in its card form, it appears as a young woman with elf-like ears surrounded by drops of dew. 


The Move (ムーブ) 

This Clow Card can move objects freely within a short distance. The Move is aligned with The Windy. It’s a pretty mischievous spirit that likes to inconvenience others by moving the things they need. This Card’s true form can only be seen through its Card form. 


The Power (パワー) 

Aligned under The Firey, this Clow Card can grant its user immense physical strength. Though The Power seems to appear as a tiny, pink, elfin girl, she has tremendous superhuman strength. She’s a very proud Clow Card who loves physical challenges. The Power likes showing off her abilities with feats of strength.


The Rain (レイン)

The Rain can create drizzle and heavy rain from the small cloud that it’s mounted on. Aligned under The Watery, this Clow Card is a naughty little thing that loves sending downpours on people to surprise them. It appears as a cute young girl with a jester hat. A free spirit, The Rain tends to be very chaotic. 


The Return (リターン) 

A Clow Card aligned under The Light, The Return has the ability to return time to the past. In its visible form, it appears as a fast, tangible black mist. Unlike The Time, this card can let its user travel back into the past to witness events like a ghostly observer. The Return also protects its user from detection. 


The Sand (サンド) 

As suggested by its name, The Sand is a Clow Card that can control sand. Aligned under The Earthy, its visible form is a flow of sand that moves like a snake. Its card form features a woman dressed in Arabic clothes. The Sand is one of the aggressive cards in Sakura’s deck.


The Shot (ショット) 

Aligned under The Firey, this Clow Card can fire powerful bolts of energy at any given target. It becomes increasingly accurate with each attack. The Shot’s visible form is a young elfin spirit with yellow hair and pink eyes. He often appears to be violent and relentless when given a target to attack by his master.


The Silent (サイレント)

The Silent is a Clow Card aligned under The Dark. it has the power to manipulate silence. Appearing as a tall slender woman standing with one finger raised to her lips, she detests noise. The Silence prefers to keep her direct vicinity quiet. She will use her magic to expel any noise. This card can cut off the sound of any passerby’s voice and transport the source of any noise away from herself.  


The Sleep (スリープ)

Resembling a young, bluish-white pixie with a star on her forehead, the Sleep can put anyone into a deep slumber using the dust from her wand. This Clow Card is aligned under The Dark. Only those with powerful magic can resist the power of The Sleep. It became one of Sakura’s most used cards - she often uses it to put possible witnesses to sleep when magical events pop up. 


The Snow (スノウ)

A Clow Card aligned under The Watery, The Snow has the power to create and control snow. Appearing as a young woman with pale, white skin, this Card can manipulate the weather. She can create massive amounts of snowfall and control existing sources of snow. Unlike most Clow Cards, The Snow has a lot of wit about her. 


The Song (ソング)

The Song loves singing! Aligned under The Windy, this card can imitate anyone with a good singing voice.  Appearing as a young girl with headgear resembling a treble clef, The Song is attracted to any beautiful song that it hears often copying them to memory. She loved copying Tomoyo’s voice. Though this card tends to be shy and gets scared easily by loud sounds or sudden movements, it can be coaxed into its visible form when it feels safe. 


The Storm (ストーム)

An aggressive and powerful Clow card, The Storm is aligned under the Windy. It has the power to create huge rainstorms and tornadoes in the sky. Appearing as a young elf with curly hair, The Storm is similar to The Cloud and The Rain. Despite its power though, this card is vulnerable to attacks directed towards the eye of the storm. Syaoran easily defeated it with the Raitei Shourai. 


The Sweet (スイート) 

A Clow Card aligned under The Light, The Sweet can turn everything into candies, cakes, and desserts. This card’s visible form is a small, wingless fairy with afro hair that resembles cotton candy. She is a mischievous Clow Card who enjoys turning anything into edible sweets or turning other foods sweeter. Sealing The Sweet reverts everything that it changed into its original form. 


The Through (スルー) 

Aligned under The Firey, The Through has the power to let its user pass through solid objects. This Clow Card’s visible form is a young woman dressed in a flowy hanfu gown. Though she can allow the user to pass through walls, ceilings, and floors, the strength of the user’s magical powers and the thickness of the object are factors for using The Through successfully. If it doesn’t work, the summoner may get stuck in the object forever! 


The Time (タイム) 

As the name implies, The Time can manipulate the time. This Clow Card’s visible form is a robed, old man with a long beard and pointed ears. He’s carrying a large hourglass. Aligned under The Dark, he can freely control the movement of time like speeding it up, slowing it down, freezing it, or having recent events repeat themselves. It requires a lot of magic to use The Time. The owner of this card gets exhausted after using it. 


The Twin (ツイン) 

A Clow Card that can duplicate objects, The Twin appears as two small children wearing jester outfits. Aligned under The Firey, it can be feisty and mischievous. In the Cardcaptor anime, The Twin causes chaos by duplicating things as a joke. Syaoran and Meiling are able to defeat this card by synchronizing their attacks to overwhelm it. 


The Nameless (ザ・ネームレス) 

This card exists only as a Sakura Card as it was born from Sakura’s tears in the final episode of the anime. It is a representation of Sakura and Syaoran’s intense romantic love for one another. The Nameless appears as an angel-winged heart with a crown sitting on top of it. In Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card, it merges together with The Nothing to become The Hope. 


The Nothing (ナッシング)  

A top and superior Clow Card, The Nothing has the ability to enclose anything in a dark sphere and put it in a state of non-being. Its appearance is a spherical black void of emptiness with a young girl with silvery hair sitting in its center. Aside from the ability to vanish things into nothingness, she can control inanimate objects, teleport, and levitate. In the second Cardcaptor movie, this card combines with The Nameless and turns into The Hope. 


The Hope (ホープ) 

Like The Nameless, The Hope exists only as a Sakura Card. It takes on the appearance of the original girl of The Nothing smiling as she carries the winged heart from The Nameless. This card was created when The Nameless and The Nothing merged together in Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card. At the end of the film, when Sakura manages to seal The Hope, all the destruction created by The Nothing comes undone. 


The Voice (ヴォイス) 

A bit similar to The Song, The Voice has the power to steal anyone with a good or amazing singing voice like Tomoyo. Appearing as a young, pink-colored girl with long wavy hair, this card is aligned under The Dark. She is shy and timid, fleeing quickly when someone tries to confront her.  Mischievous and somewhat greedy, the Voice will steal people’s voices and then render them completely mute. 


The Wave (ウェイブ) 

Though its capture is never really seen in the Cardcaptor anime, The Wave has been surmised to be a less powerful version of The Watery. It can control existing water near it. However, it is unable to create new water like The Watery. This card transformed during Sakura’s frantic wave of transformations in episode 53 of the Cardcaptor anime. 



The main deck of 52 cards in Cardcaptor Sakura has a hierarchy to it. The Four Elements (The Earthy, The Firey, The Windy, and The Watery) and the Two Attributes (Light and Dark) are all top-tier cards with immense power. All of the remaining 46 cards are divided between the six to rule.   


Despite this set hierarchy, The Nothing stands out as an extraordinary card that defies the influence of The Four Elements and the Two Attributes. While the 52 cards in the deck bring wonders to humanity when used in the right way, The Nothingness can only bring emptiness. Harnessing the power of the moon, the sun, darkness, and magic from the East and the West, this card is considered one of the most potent.



We tackled The Dark in the Clow Card list, but it isn’t bad to have a quick refresher!  The Dark is one of the Two Attributes of the Clow Cards. It’s one of the foremost cards in the deck. Appearing as a regal woman with long, straight, black hair, Dark is a gentle and serene card whose sister is The Light. This card can warp space, manipulate time, and create dark voids that isolate and nullify non-magical beings. 


For one thing, Cardcaptor Sakura has a beautiful art style. A lot of anime fans were drawn to the show’s iconic character design. Everyone loved that Sakura had a slew of outfits for each episode of the show. Not only that, but outside all of the jaw-dropping magic and the action, Cardcaptor  offered a relatable, heartwarming, and genuine story. Fans could feel like they were growing up together with Sakura and her friends. 


Of course, while all of this is well and good, relatability and art style aren’t the main reasons that Cardcaptor is so well-loved by everyone is well. The answer really, is love! Cardcaptor Sakura might be a mahou shoujou series, however, the central theme of the show is love, openness, and acceptance in human relationships. 


Sakura x Syaoran might be the biggest canon pairing in Cardcaptor, but the show is known for fearlessly showcasing all kinds of relationships! From the openly queer love between Touya and Yukito, the mature love between Fujitaka and Nadeshiko, to the unrequited love that Tomoyo has for her Sakura - Cardcaptor has it all. It's all about magical love that knows no bounds!  


This progressive kind of thinking was intentional too! Speaking in an interview, Clamp leader Ohkawa discussed the Cardcaptor’s take on diversity and sexuality.  “I wanted a story with a protagonist who had an open mind towards different family structures, different kinds of love, and different perspectives from society,” she said.



Years may have passed since the completion of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime series, but lucky for you, the show can be easily found online! Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have the full show for fans to revisit. You can also binge-watch the entire series on the popular anime site, Crunchyroll! 



Cardcaptor Sakura is a warm and genuine series intended for all ages. While love and relationships might be a major part of Cardcaptor Sakura, there’s nothing really explicit in the show. There aren’t any explicit sexual scenes or moments of violence. Cardcaptor Sakura is a pretty wholesome mahou shojo series that teaches young children to believe in themselves and to accept love in all its forms. 



Well of course! All things have to come to an end. Sure, a lot of anime series can run for a very long time like One Piece and Naruto, but at some point, a conclusion has to be made for every story. In the anime, Cardcaptor Sakura ends after 70 episodes. In the manga, it ends after 80 chapters. 


While we don’t want to spoil you with the actual ending of the series, we do have good news for you: Cardcaptor has a sequel! Titled Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, the series follows Sakura as she enters junior high school. After having a prophetic dream about a mysterious cloaked figure, Sakura finds the Sakura Cards she has all turned blank. Now, she has to discover and capture the transparent cards with her guardians Cerberus and Yue. 



That’s right! Cardcaptor Sakura also has a couple of official movies that add to Sakura’s magical journey. The first one was Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie. Released in 1999, the anime film is set between the first and second seasons of the TV series. It shows Sakura and her friends visiting Hong Kong only to find themselves head-to-head with a vengeful spirit who was hurt by the magician Clow Reed in the past. 


Released a year after the first movie, Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card provides a direct conclusion to the anime series. In the film, we get to see Syaoran returning to Tokyo to get an answer to his love confession. It’s an exciting film for all of the fans who ship Sakura and Syaoran together! 



Did you know that some of the Cardcaptor characters appear in other Clamp universes? Clow Reed is also in Clamp’s dark fantasy manga, XXXholic. This manga crosses over with another Clamp manga called Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles which features a different version of Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo! 


An isekai (otherworld) adventure series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles presents an older version of these characters. Here, Syaoran is the lead character of the series. Sakura is the princess of Clow while Syaoran is an archeologist. Both are childhood friends who find themselves going on a long journey after Sakura suddenly loses all her wings / memories. Meanwhile, Tomoyo is the princess of Nihon who is also a powerful miko or sorcerer. 



2024 marked the 25th year since Cardcaptor Sakura began! Celebrating the iconic mahou shoujo series, Clamp decided to hold a special exhibition at Tokyo Solamachi from January to March for fans. Not only were there stills from memorable episodes in the series, there were standees featuring some of Sakura’s best outfits, photo areas, Clow Card installations, and limited-edition merch. 



Cardcaptor has a ton of fun video games to play! They were made for different platforms like Game Boy, Playstation, WonderSwan, and Dreamcast. Some games like Tetris Cardcaptor Sakura: Eternal Heart feature fun mini-games. Others like Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura Card-hen Sakura card to Tomodachi offers story gaming for fans. 


In 2019, Cardcaptor Sakura got its first smartphone game called Cardcaptor Sakura Happiness Memories. Based on the Clear Card sequel, this app lets gamers complete missions, dress up Sakura, and create their own unique space within a sandbox. The year after that, Cardcaptor got a puzzle game called Cardcaptor Repaint Record. It let players enjoy an original Sakura story while casually playing puzzles. 



Everyone wants to be a part of Sakura’s magical world! Cardcaptor Sakura has had quite a number of interesting collabs over the years. That includes a team-up with Japanese media franchise Revue Starlight, Japanese discount store Don Quijote, and Japanese tea shop The Daily Club. Campaigns with these brands and companies have produced super cute Cardcaptor Sakura collectibles for fans to add to their stash! 



Cardcaptor Sakura might be cute enough on its own, but the kawaii factor always gets upped 100% when the series works together with Sanrio! Over the years, Cardcaptor has teamed up together with cuties like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll to dabble in kawaii magic. 


Collaborating together in 2021, 2022, and 2023, Cardcaptor Sakura and Sanrio have produced super cute merch for fans to collect. There are plushies of Sakura hanging out with Sanrio characters while wearing matching outfits, there are super cute pouches, charms, stationery, and other goodies that go really well in any sort of kawaii collection. 



Seeing how stylish Sakura is (thanks to the efforts of her bestie Tomoyo), it comes as no surprise that clothing brands love working together with Cardcaptor Sakura.  Over the years, Japanese Lolita apparel store Baby The Stars Shine Bright has produced specialty dresses for Cardcaptor fans. So has the Japanese clothes shop the Favorite (though most of their Cardcaptor outfits are already sold out). 


In 2021, Wego teamed up with Cardcaptor to release a series of t-shirts, pajamas, and pouches featuring Sakura. Uniqlo also has a line of Sakura tees! Not to be left out, Japanese children’s clothing brand any FAM produced a Sakura-themed line of girls' wear including skirts, shirts, uniforms, and costumes in March 2024. It was uber-cute to see young Cardcaptor fans dress up like Sakura! 



Clothes aren’t the only thing you need to follow Sakura’s look, you need good shoes too! In 2023, Japanese shoe company Mayla teamed up together with Cardcaptor Sakura to produce a line of magical shoes. Decorated with lace, ribbons, and kawaii trimmings, these closed-toe shoes would go perfectly with any Sakura costume. 



Fashionable fans know that accessorizing can make a kawaii outfit perfect. Jewelry shops in Japan have made quite a number of cute accessories for Cardcaptor fans to choose from. Thanks to Japanese brands like Q-Pot, Liefel, U-treasure, and Takeup, you can complete your Sakura-themed look with specialty necklaces, rings, and earrings. 



Cardcaptor Sakura is such an iconic series that a lot of fans love cosplaying as the show's characters. Most of the time you can spot a few girls dressed as Sakura in anime conventions. You can occasionally spot people dressed as Syaoran or Tomoyo. Some cosplayers even go the extra mile and perform fun cosplay dance videos! 



One of the most iconic infrastructures in Japan, Tokyo Tower has appeared multiple times in Cardcaptor Sakura. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the real Tokyo Tower loves celebrating Sakura! In September 2023, Tokyo Tower decided to host a series of magical events for Cardcaptor Sakura. Not only did fans get limited-edition Sakura items on-site, but they also got a unique puzzle-solving experience and a cafe menu inspired by the anime’s characters. 



Trains are a big part of everyday living in Japan. Hoping to add a bit of magic to the Japanese commuting experience, Sanyo Electric Railway decided to team up with Cardcaptor Sakura. Not only did the company deck its train with a magical Cardcaptor design, but it also helped a fun train station stamp rally. Commuters could collect five Sakura stamps and have the event staff stamp the rally to completion. The first 12,000 people to complete five stamps got special gifts! 



For a limited time in 2022, EJ Anime Hotel in Tokorozawa Sakura Town decided to do a collab with Cardcaptor Sakura. The hotel opened up a Sakura-themed room for fans to visit. Not only does the room have a cute Cardcaptor design, but it also has a standee with Sakura’s battle costume and a TV with pre-recorded character voices of Sakura, Kero, Syaoran, and Tomoyo. Booking the room also got guests a full-course dinner inspired by Cardcaptor. EJ Anime Hotel also provided original goods that guests could take home! 



Sakura and Tomoyo love tea and pastries. Though Cardcaptor Sakura doesn’t have any official cafe for fans to visit, the series has had a few collab cafes. In 2021, Cardcaptor had a collab cafe at the Shibuya Tokyo Parade Goods & Cafe at Shibuya Parco. The cafe served unique Sakura-themed treats as well as Kero-chan’s favorite food, takoyaki-flavored pasta! There was even a complete Cardcaptor-themed sweets party set. 


In 2023, Tree Village decided to celebrate Cardcaptor Sakura’s 25th anniversary by opening a special collaboration cafe from February to March at the Tokyo Solamachi shopping mall. The cafe featured a Sakura-themed menu with treats made from sweet and slightly bitter chocolate. It also sold limited-edition merchandise like Cardcaptor coasters and collectible stickers. 


Did you know that Kero-chan also had his own collab cafe? Cerberus might not be the lead character of Cardcaptor Sakura, but this cutie is known for his insatiable appetite. In 2018 the lovable guardian of the Clow Cards got a collab cafe at Tokyo Skytree Town. It was a dream-like cafe that had a menu filled with all of Kero-chan’s favorite food! 



Savory food-loving Cardcaptor fans were in for a treat when THE GUEST Cafe decided to do a collaboration event with Sakura. From December 2023 to February 2024, The Guest Cafe ran the “Cardcaptor Sakura Kero-Chan Restaurant” with an authentic Chinese-style menu. There was a special dim sum set, a shrimp salt wonton men, Chinese omelet rice, and a kakuni burger shaped like Kero-chan’s face. 



Sporting a wispy bob, green-eyed Sakura Kinamoto has such a kawaii design. Though CLAMP’s beautiful art style might seem too challenging to try out, there are many different drawing guides online to help you draw Sakura-chan! This one right here is a great example. Just follow the steps till you finally get the hang of drawing Sakura’s pretty little face and coloring in her cute green eyes. 



So you’re thinking of enchanting your kawaii collection by adding in some Cardcaptor Sakura merch? In Japan, there are tons of specialty shops with cute Cardcaptor goods.  There are a lot of great Sakura items to choose from including Cardcaptor Sakura stationery, Cardcaptor Sakura accessories, and even Cardcaptor Sakura home goods.  


Don’t have the time or the money to scour Japan for Cardcaptor collectibles? We’ve got you covered. You can check out our Cardcaptor Sakura Collection on Blippo. We’ve got a ton of great items featuring Sakura, Kero-chan, and the rest of the Cardcaptor gang. 


So there you have it! We’ve come to the end of our extraordinary quest to learn more about the magical world of Cardcaptor Sakura. Considered a mahou shoujo classic, the series has captivated people all around the world with its iconic design and its message of love and acceptance. 


Who’s you’re favorite character in Cardcaptor Sakura? Which card would you like to try out the most? What’s your favorite Sakura dress? We love Cardcaptor a lot, so if you’d like to fangirl, feel free to do so in the comment section below! Until the next time, ja ne!

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