Get to Know Wish me mell!

Get to Know Wish me mell!

Get to Know Wish me mell!

Say hello to Wish me mell, the cute character series from Sanrio! Mell, a rainbow-tiled rabbit who works as a postman in Merci Hill, is the main heroine of this series. Despite her shy start, Mell has been spreading joy since 2010. She doesn’t just deliver letters, she connects hearts and helps others express themselves. Join Mell on her heartwarming adventures filled with friendship and fun!

  • Japanese name: ウィッシュミーメル (pronounced u~isshu mi meru)
  • Birthday: September 20
  • Birthplace: France
  • Debut year: 2010
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Hobbies: Collecting stamps and writing letters
  • Favorite food: Pancake and omelet rice
  • Most treasured possession: Keychain from Lutz
  • Fun fact: Mell lives in an egg-shaped house.
Wish me mell GIF



Who is Wish me mell

First appearing in 2010, Wish me mell is a charming character series designed for Sanrio by Miyuki Okumura, the artist who illustrated Cinnamoroll and Jewelpet. The main heroine of the series is Mell (メル, Meru), an absent-minded and clumsy rabbit who’s also kind and honest, always ready to help out. She’s especially made for teenage girls who find it hard to share their emotions, and her mission is to help them express their feelings. With her positive spirit, Mell brightens everyone’s day!



Wish me mell story

Now, let’s learn about Wish me mell’s heartwarming backstory. The story focuses on Mell, a cute rabbit from France who loves collecting stamps and writing letters. Mell moved to Merci Hills to study and become a postman. Here, she meets her good friend Lutz and other students from Merci Hills International who come from different countries.


Wish me mell

Guided by the rainbow fairy Ciel, Mell’s mission is to connect the feelings of others as the postman of Merci Hills. Whenever Mell expresses words like “Thank you,” or “I like you,” she brings warmth to everyone’s hearts. She can even spread positivity in the human world by crossing the rainbow at the foot of the Rainbow Post Office!


This cute story of Wish me mell is based on the entries on the official blog which started in 2015. Unfortunately, the blog closed because Mell wanted to focus on her work as a staff member in Puroland and Harmonyland. Nevertheless, Mell’s story is super cute and presented in a way that’s different from other Sanrio characters. Check out our post about all the Sanrio Characters if you want to learn about their backstories too!



Wish me mell

Mell may be a super cute and charming character, but did you know that this Sanrio cutie had a rough start? Despite being created for people who couldn’t express themselves, Mell is ironically a very shy bunny. She’s withdrawn from everyone and thinks she doesn’t have any friends. In fact, when Wish me mell was first introduced on Twitter (now X) on December 27, 2010, she didn’t show herself – only her egg-shaped house.


Wish me mell rainbow tail

Mell is shy because when she first moved to Merci Hills, her fluffy white tail suddenly turned rainbow-colored. This unexpected change made her anxious and self-conscious, so she wanted to be alone. Mell also struggled with wanting to lose weight and suffering from hay fever, which added to her shyness.


Wish me mell tea party

Eventually, she learned that her rainbow tail was a sign of a special talent. With kind words of encouragement from her friends, Mell regained her confidence and cheerful personality. Finally, on January 25, 2011, Mell revealed her adorable self to the world, and everyone fell in love with her!



What animal is Wish me mell

When you see Mell and her big, floppy ears, you’ll have no doubt that she’s a bunny! Mell is a white rabbit with pink cheeks, a chubby belly, and a rainbow-colored tail which is her charm point! She also carries a red bag when delivering letters, making her as cute as can be.



is Wish me mell a boy or a girl

Mell is a female rabbit with a heart full of dreams and kindness. Though she’s targeted towards teenage girls, everyone, regardless of gender or age, is welcome to love her! Moreover, many other characters in the Wish me mell series with different genders are waiting for your love.



Wish me mell birthday

Wish Me Mell's birthday is on September 20. Mell loves to spend her birthday surrounded by her friends in Merci Hills, where she delivers letters and brightens everyone's day. With her rainbow-colored tail and sweet personality, Mell's birthday is a wonderful time to remind her how much she is loved and appreciated.



How old is Wish me mell

Mell’s exact age isn't specified, but she's forever young at heart! She has the playful and cheerful spirit of a young bunny, always eager to connect with others and make new friends. This Sanrio character debuted in 2010, which means she's been spreading joy and kindness for quite some time now.



Who does Wish me mell like

Though she doesn’t have a boyfriend, Mell has a sweet crush on her good friend Lutz. Lutz once delivered an important letter to Mell, and it opened her heart! It’s just sad that Lutz left Merci Hills and went to Kenya, only returning once to see how Mell was doing. Wish me mell treasures the letter-shaped keychain that Luz gave her and even uses the red mailbag he gifted her to carry letters!



Mell has a lot of friends, but the one who’s very close to her is Maimai. She’s a gentle pink puppy who sings to cheer everyone up. When Maimai was performing at her “Humming Concert,” her song caught Mell’s attention and they met for the first time. Since then, the girls have become best friends!



Where does Wish me mell live

Wish me mell lives in the magical land of Merci Hills, which lies on the other side of the rainbow. It’s a special place made from the feeling of saying "thank you.” In this land, Mell and her friends work on a special mission to make others happy, and each “thank you” they receive makes Merci Hills bigger and more beautiful.



Wish me mell characters

Mell is one of the students chosen from around the globe to study at Merci Hills International. Aside from her, Merci Hills is filled with adorable characters that complete Sanrio’s Wish me mell series. They’re called the denizens, and each of them has their own unique charm.



Mell (メル)

The main character in the Wish me mell series, this cute white rabbit who came from France serves as the postman of Merci Hills. She was very shy when she first arrived in town, but with the encouragement of friends, she was able to come out of her egg-shaped house. She’s a bit clumsy and distracted, but she has a super kind heart.



Ciel (シエル)

A rainbow fairy who watches over Merci Hills, she encourages the denizens to find their dreams and help the world. However, she has a condescending attitude. She lives in the Fairy Tree at the center of Merci Hills.



Chico (チーコ)

This purple cat from Japan is one of Mell’s best friends. She’s a little impatient and moody, which may be why she has rivalry issues with Roseanne. She loves fashion and she dyed her tail with pink and purple stripes!



Poco (ポコ)

A boy panda from China, Poco is cheerful and energetic. He seems to enjoy entertaining everyone with his pranks and has a crush on Maimai.



Marin (マリン)

This girl turtle from Hawaii has a multicolored shell and wears a purple bow on her head. She is good at cooking and loves to eat! She also likes tea time and bath time.



Aro (アロ)

Aro is a boy bear from the United Kingdom who is a very good photographer. He’s a serious and reliable person and is always worried about Mell.



Lou (ルゥ)

He may be small, but this pink boy koala from Australia is strong-willed and very active. Although he’s a little cheeky, he never forgets his friends. He even gives them souvenirs whenever he comes back from his vacation!



Nina (ニィナ)

A girl dragon from Northern Europe, Nina hatched from the egg that Poco gave to Mell. She’s a little selfish, but she’s also pure and fearless.



Lutz (ルッツ)

This blue-maned boy lion from Kenya served as the postman in Merci Hills while studying in town. Although Lutz left Merci Hills after completing his studies, he is still important to Mell because he gave her the opportunity to become a postman. His mane used to be super messy until Roseanne styled it.



Roseanne (ロザンヌ)

Roseanne is an alpaca from Italy who has a lot of jobs! This cutie serves as Maimai’s manager, works as a bartender, and is also a choreographer. Known as the “Blue Rose of Florence,” Roseanne likes cute boys.



Maimai (マイマイ)

This famous singer from Japan is a girl puppy who turned pink. She expresses her feelings through song and cheers people up. Maimai also likes to fantasize and has a gentle, calm personality. She loves playing the piano and watermelons!



Buzzy (バジー)

This honey bee appeared in the second chapter of the Wish me mell series when she moved to Cafe Merci Lake. Mell first met her while passing through the cafe and they became friends. Buzzy then decides to leave the hills to enjoy tea from different parts of the world.


Sunday Wish me mell

Sunday (サンディ)

One of the little birds in Merci Hills, this pink bird helps Mell deliver her letters.


Monday Wish me mell

Monday (マンディ)

This little blue boy bird delivers the letters to Lou. He’s one of the helpful mail birds in Merci Hills.


Tuesday Wish me mell

Tuesday (チューズディ)

Tuesday is another mail bird of Merci Hills. She’s a little orange bird who helps Aro deliver the letters.


Wednesday Wish me mell

Wednesday (ウェンズディ)

The helpful mailbird of Poco, Wednesday is a cute female blue bird.


Thursday Wish me mell

Thursday (サーズディ)

Thursday is a little green bird who flies around town to help Marin deliver mail.


Friday Wish me mell

Friday (フライディ)

Nina’s trusted helper is Friday, a little yellow mail bird of Merci Hills.


Saturday Wish me mell

Saturday (サタディ)

Saturday is the little purple bird who helps Chico when delivering letters.



Wish me mell

Wish Me Mell is a super cute Sanrio character who's been pretty popular over the years. She’s released several Wish me mell goods and has successful collaborations with different brands. Additionally, Mell has been consistent in being one of the top 20 characters in the Sanrio Character Awards since 2013. With her strong fan base, Mell just keeps on shining bright in the Sanrio Universe!



Want to watch Wish me mell? You’re in luck, because Sanrio released several animated shorts for this character series. The first one is called Miracle Circus, which came out in 2011. It was first for mobile users only but then was released on YouTube. The second one is Maimai’s Humming Concert, where we learn how Mell met her friend Maimai. These works were animated by Fanworks, a Japanese studio that also worked on The Bears’ School and Hanoka.



Wish me mell Hello Sweet Days

That’s not all! Wish me mell also hops onto digital platforms like the LINE app and Hello Sweet Days! You can send cute Wish me mell LINE stickers to your friends. How cool is that? Plus, in the mobile app Hello Sweet Days, Mell is bringing her sweetness to your screen with customizable avatars that you can show to your online friends!



Besides animated shorts, Wish me mell also brings her charm to fun Sanrio video games! In Hello Kitty World II, Mell is one of the characters in the Colorful School Event and the Rabbit Character Party, where you explore vibrant settings and enjoy cute activities. Not only that, but Mell also joined the fun in the arcade game Hello Kitty and the Apron of Magic.


Wish me mell game

It seems Mell is becoming a regular in cute video games as she’s with other Sanrio favorites in the game Puzzle & Dragons for a special collab. Plus, she’s also in the Sanrio Characters Miracle Match game, where she goes in thrilling missions and magical adventures. Mell's sweet personality and adorable style make every moment in the games more delightful!



Wish me mell book

Did you know that Wish me mell’s first non-digital product was a book? Unlike other Sanrio characters who first released accessories, stationery, and plushies, this character series published a storybook titled Wish me mell ~Rainbow-colored Words. With beautiful pictures and sweet stories based on the series, this book is perfect for everyone.



If you want to meet the adorable Wish me mell, head to Japan's magical theme parks, Sanrio Puroland and Harmonyland. At Puroland, you can enjoy cute shows, take fun photos, and even get a hug from Mell herself! Over at Harmonyland, join exciting parades and explore lovely attractions with Mell and her Sanrio friends. Both parks are perfect for a day full of smiles and memories with your favorite bunny!



Mell mell shop

Speaking of Puroland, Wish me mell had her own shop in this Sanrio theme park back in 2018! Painted in pastel pink hues with splashes of rainbow-like colors, this specialty store was a dreamland for Wish me mell fans. It was packed with cute Wish me mell merchandise, and there was a really cute space for taking Insta-worthy photos!



Can’t visit Mell in Japan? Well, why not fill your room with drawings of this cute rabbit? Learn how to draw Mell using this step-by-step tutorial! Don’t forget to use broken lines for your outline to make Mell look fluffy. With lots of practice, you can draw a perfect Wish me mell picture!



Wish me mell x Cinnamoroll

Wish me mell loves teaming up with other Sanrio cuties! In Puroland, you can regularly see Wish me mell and Cinnamoroll playing together. Well, we can’t blame Mell, because Cinnamoroll is really fun to be with. Read more about this adorable puppy in our Cinnamoroll blog!


Wish me mell x Hello Kitty

Mell also collaborated with Hello Kitty in a special dinner and dessert buffet at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tama City. Guests were able to enjoy some cute dishes and desserts inspired by Wish me mell and Hello Kitty, from strawberry shortcakes to rainbow jelly. Special seats even included large plushies of the two Sanrio characters!


Buzzy Wish me mell

And do you remember Buzzy, the honeybee we mentioned above? He’s actually introduced as a Wish me mell character for a collaboration of Sanrio and Karel Capek, a tea shop in Japan. Buzzy is Karel Capek’s image character, that’s why he loves tea! Limited-edition merchandise and tea-related goods with illustrations based on the Wish me mell series were also released for this collaboration.



Ritsumeikan University x Wish me mell

As part of Wish me mell’s promotion, the character visited Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto for an exciting collaboration! In this Sanrio's first-ever teamwork with a university, Mell joined Ritsumeikan University's "Journey of Cheer" event. It's all about bringing smiles and happiness to everyone! What a fantastic way for Mell to share her positivity and charm with students and staff.



Wish me mell food

How about a delicious menu inspired by Wish me mell? To celebrate Mell’s birthday in 2023, the Sanrio Characters Garden Cafe cooked up something special. They had a limited-time menu featuring Wish me mell and DOLLY MIX. Visitors of the cafe even got a super cute limited-edition coaster as a bonus!


Wish me mell Kit Kat

As if Wish me mell isn’t sweet enough, this Sanrio cutie also partnered with popular sweet treats! Imagine enjoying a special-edition Japanese Kit Kat with Wish me mell on the wrapper, eating Priroll macarons and cupcakes featuring Wish me mell, or decorating your own Wish me mell cake from Cake*JP. These sweet collaborations make dessert time extra fun and kawaii.



Wish me mell fashion

You can dress up like Wish me mell and show off her cute look! Japan has fashion brands that feature this adorable bunny. Samantha Vega and Maison de Fleur both have collections of cute bags and lovely accessories decorated with Wish me mell. Honey Salon has chic items that add a touch of Mell's style to your outfit. Don't forget the shiny platinum Wish me mell necklace from U-Treasure to make your look extra special!



Wish me mell x Angelic Pretty

The fashion industry also had the cutest collaboration ever – Wish me mell x Angelic Pretty! Angelic Pretty, known for its fancy Lolita fashion, joined hands with Sanrio to create a super kawaii collection. From dresses to hoodies, jewelry, and even a special Wish me mel plushie, they had it all! It’s a dreamy collection that’s perfect for a fabulous tea party!



Wish me mell merch

Besides Wish me mell clothing, you can also get your hands on some cute Wish Me Mell goodies! You can find Wish me mell plushies, Wish me mell accessories, and Wish me mell bags at lots of fun places. Check out your local Sanrio store or their website for a wide selection of Mell merchandise. Online shops like Blippo also have a great selection of Wish me mell merch so you can fill your world with Mell’s charm!


Wish me mell

There you have it! Whether you’re a lifelong Sanrio fan or just discovering these cute characters, Wish me mell is a friend you’ll definitely want in your life. Don’t forget to express how much you love this adorable white rabbit in the comments below!

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