Mamegoma: Kawaii Seal Sensation!

Mamegoma: Kawaii Seal Sensation!

Mamegoma: Kawaii Seal Sensation!

Dive snout-first into the kawaii universe of San-X to learn about Mamegoma! Along with Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi, these adorable seal characters have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. From merchandise to TV anime series, Magemoma’s charm knows no bounds. Get ready to discover the magic behind the name and unravel the many looks and personalities of these charming seals from Japan!

  • Japanese name: まめゴマ (Mamegoma)
  • Release date: May 2005
  • Favorite food: Edamame
  • Species: Spotted seal
  • Personality types: More than 30
  • Fun Fact: Mamegoma can fit in a fish bowl!
Mamegoma hearts



what is mamegoma

Is Mamegoma a seal? Yes, Mamegoma is a group of seals known for their chubby cheeks and petite size. Though Mamegoma may not be the most realistic representation of the seals we see in nature, it reflects the playful, curious, and adorable nature of real seals.


Mamegoma name
The name "Mamegoma" combines the Japanese word “mame” meaning bean, and “goma, an abbreviation of “gomafuazarashi” (ゴマフアザラシ) which is the Japanese term for spotted seals. When we stir these words together, we get “bean seal,” painting a picture of a seal that’s so small and adorable, you can’t help but fall in love with it!



Mamegoma creator San-X

Mayumi Yonemura is the designer behind the adorable and popular seal characters produced by the Japanese company San-X. This is the same company that brought us Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi, and Sentimental Circus! The charming Mamegoma characters have become a beloved part of kawaii culture since their release in May 2005.



Did you know that “mame” is a term that usually refers to a smaller version of something? That’s why it’s added to Mamegoma, because these seals are super tiny! A Mamegoma has an average body length of 12 cm, making it small enough to fit in a common fish bowl. In fact, the cute seal is often seen living in one, with a few ice cubes to keep their surroundings cool!



Mamegoma edamame

Unlike other seals, Mamegoma seals are omnivorous, which means they eat both meat and veggies. But Mamegoma’s favorite food is beans, especially edamame! They love having edamame every day, even during parties! These seals have a good sense of taste and smell, so when you give them a choice between regular edamame and a special one, they will always go for the extra tasty kind.


Mamegoma personality

What kind of personality does Mamegoma have? Well, these seals are more than just cuties with a playful name. They have expressive faces, showing all kinds of feelings from happy to mischievous. Although their intelligence is not really high, they make up for it by being super adorable.


Mamegoma pet

Mamegoma also have a little understanding of the human language, and if you ever want a Mamegoma seal for a pet, they’re very easy to care for! You can even take them for a walk (as long as there’s wet ground). These seals love playing balls and hoops, but they’re not physically active. You’d often see them sleeping in their tanks or on rare occasions, trying to escape!



types of Mamegoma

Imagine the cutest seals you’ve seen – those are Mamegoma! These palm-sized seals come in lots of colors like white, blue, pink, and even yellow. Each Mamegoma has its own special look, making them even more adorable. There are more than 30 types of Mamegoma, but for now, we’ll focus on the original characters from the first picture book!


shiro goma

Shiro Goma (しろゴマ)

Shiro Goma is the most common Mamegoma. The name means white sesame, which perfectly describes this seal’s all-white body.


Kuro Goma

Kuro Goma (黒ゴマ)

This is a cool black seal with a sleek and shiny coat. In the Mamegoma series, Kuro Goma is owned by an actress and lives in a fancy-looking bowl!


Goma Goma

Goma Goma (ごまゴマ)

This seal is color gray with a unique white spotted pattern on its back that looks like sesame seeds! It looks like a real harbor seal.


Shima Goma

Shima Goma (しまゴマ)

Shima Goma is a brown-striped seal who’s so playful and stylish! Because of its color, this Mamegoma is usually mistaken for a cookie!


Sumi Goma

Sumi Goma (すみゴマ)

Sumi Goma is a gray seal with a black tail. Its color gives it a mysterious vibe!


Sora Goma

Sora Goma (空ゴマ)

Sora Goma’s body is the color of the sky and she has long hair that she cuts herself. This seal also has a one-year-old son who might go bald due to stress.


Ama Goma

Ama Goma (あまゴマ)

Ama Goma is a sweet rain-themed seal! Its color is slightly darker than Sora Goma’s, and this seal has white spots on the back. 


Mizu Goma

Mizu Goma (水ゴマ)

This seal reflects the color of water with its white body and blue tail. It brings a splash of joy everywhere it goes!


Beni Goma

Beni Goma (べにゴマ)

Beni Goma is a red seal with white spots on the back. It got its name from the Japanese food “beni shoga” or red pickled ginger.


Sakura Goma

Sakura Goma (さくらゴマ)

This Mamegoma reminds us of cherry blossoms! It’s a combination of Beni Goma and Shiro Goma, giving the seal its beautiful pink color.


Ichi Goma

Ichi Goma (いちゴマ)

This Mamegoma is like a yummy strawberry milk candy! Its name comes from “ichigo” which means strawberry. Ichi Goma has a white body and pink tail.


Shio Goma

Shio Goma (しおゴマ)

Shio Goma is white with brown spots on its back, making this seal look like a sesame salt, which the name directly translates to.


Hamu Goma

Hamu Goma (はむゴマ)

This seal is white with large brown spots. It is named Hamu Goma because it looks like a cute hamster.  


Panda Goma

Panda Goma (ぱんだゴマ)

This black and white Mamegoma is as cute as a panda! In the story, there’s a Panda Goma owned by a girl named Tenten.



Baby Mamegoma

Mamegoma has a sibling! San-X released Baby Mamegoma, which is smaller, cuter, and a lot more mischievous. These little pup seals can grow up to 5 cm and at this point, their body hair begins to show. Baby Mamegoma wears diapers and loves playing with baby toys. Its favorite food is baby food mixed with Mama Mamegoma’s milk.



Did you know there was a Mamegoma game for Nintendo DS? That’s right! A game called “Mamegoma Heartwarming Diary” by Creative Core was released in 2007. It’s a simulation game where players can take on the role of an elementary student who gets to care for a cute Mamegoma character for a year! Despite starting with low sales, the game’s popularity soared, and it even outsold San-X’s signature Rilakkuma game by more than five times! 



Kupu! Mamegoma

Aside from being popular in video games, Mamegoma also starred in a TV series called “Kupu~!! Mamegoma.” The adorable seals are the first San-X characters to become a TV anime, making hearts melt everywhere. The story is completely different from the original Mamegoma picture book but is definitely just as cute.



Want to create your own Mamegoma masterpiece? It's easy to do! The Mamegoma seals pretty much look the same. You just need different colors to distinguish them. So why wait? Grab your pencils and paper, watch the tutorial, and let's start drawing Mamegoma together!



Mamegoma clothes

Mamegoma has also made its way into the world of fashion! These cute seals are featured as kawaii prints for the popular ACDC RAG clothing brand. They teamed up with San-X for this collaboration, and the collection also showcases other cute characters from San-X like Afroken, Twin Rabbit Angels, and Tarepanda.



Mamegoma Cafe

While there isn’t a Mamegoma-themed cafe in Japan that you can visit to dine in, San-X released a collection of Mamegoma merchandise with a yummy-looking cafe theme! The illustrations and design feature Mamegoma-themed desserts you can usually order in a Japanese coffee shop. With this collection, it’s like you’re inside a Mamegoma Cafe!



Mamegoma goodies

From cute Mamegoma stationery to Mamegoma plushies that you can cuddle all day long, these adorable seals from San-X have loads of adorable products that can add a splash of joy to your kawaii life! Most of these items can be found in Japan, but you can also buy them online! Check out our Mamegoma collection on Blippo!


Mamegoma hold

That’s it, kawaii fans! Mamegoma is not just a character; they are adorable seal friends who bring a daily dose of happiness and a splash of color into our lives. Whether it’s lounging around in a fish bowl or playing hoops in a tiny pool, Mamegoma reminds us to find joy in the small things.


We hope you had fun learning about the cute seals from San-X! Which type of Mamegoma is your favorite? Share it in the comments!

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