The Complete List of San-X Characters

The Complete List of San-X Characters

The Complete List of San-X Characters

Last time in our blog "Explore the Kawaii Kingdom of San-X", we learned all about San-X and how it’s filled the kawaii-sphere with a ton of cute, loveable, and quirky characters! There’s the laid-back albeit lazy bear, Rilakkuma. There’s the Sumikko Gurashi, the awkward bunch that prefers living their lives huddled in corners. Then there’s also the Sentimental Circus, a group of abandoned plushies that come to life at night! 


Rilakkuma, the Sumikko Gurashi, and the Sentimental Circus aren’t the only cuties in San-X’s roster though. This kawaii powerhouse actually has around 200 different characters! Most of these characters are based on funny and cute animals. Some are based on food. San-X even has characters based on people! 


Though a lot of these characters aren’t as popular as Rilakkuma or the Sumikko Gurashi, all of the San-X cuties have their own quirks that make them easy to fall in love with. They have kawaii designs, interesting backstories, and unique personalities that make them stand out! 


Today, we’re going to meet all of the kawaii characters from the wonderful world of San-X! Buckle up and get ready because we’re going down a very long rabbit hole to meet all the cuties that San-X has to offer. 



These are some of San-X's most popular characters.You can easily find their merchandise all over Japan! Some have their own cafes, some of them have their own TV shows. Some even have their own series on Netflix! 


Rilakkuma (リラックマ)

A bear who lives life at his own pace, Rilakkuma is without a doubt the most popular character from San-X. Great at relaxing, laying around, and eating dango, Rilakkuma  knows how to enjoy life as it comes. This bear's laidback lifestyle reminds kawaii fanatics to take things slow and easy. It’s a breath of fresh air in this fast-paced world. 


Rilakkuma is often seen hanging out with his friends the mischievous bear Korilakkuma, the hardworking chick Kiiroitori, and the honey bear Chairoikoguma. This bear is one of the most popular stars in the kawaii-sphere. He even has a couple of highly-rated Netflix shows! You can read more about this lazy cutie in our comprehensive blog about Rilakkuma


Sumikko Gurashi (すみっコぐらし)

Sumikko Gurashi is the name of a group of cute but extremely shy characters that feel calmer when they find themselves in the corner of the room. Their name literally translates to “life in the corner.” These cuties were made by San-X to relate to the Japanese feeling of comfort when staying on the sidelines and out of the spotlight! Because of their awkward relatability and their cute mannerisms, the Sumikko Gurashi are really well-loved in Japan. 


While the main characters in the Sumikko Gurashi consist of the Sumikkos named Shirokuma, Neko, Tokage, Penguin?, there are actually more than 50 cuties in the group. From time to time, San-X adds even more! You can read all about them in our Complete List of Sumikko Gurashi characters. If you want to learn more about the group, you can also check our Sumikko Gurashi blog


Sentimental Circus (センチメンタルサーカス) 

The background story for the Sentimental Circus might be a little bit sad, but this group is filled with a whole lot of magic and cuteness! A troupe of plush toys abandoned by children to the sides of rooms and streets, the Sentimental Circus comes to life at night. Led by the circus ringleader Shapo, these cuties put on one of the most dazzling shows that you can imagine! You can head on over to our Sentimental Circus blog to learn more about the kawaii circus group. 


Mamegoma (まめゴマ) 

Another popular group of characters from San-X, Mamegoma are tiny spotted seal characters! Their name comes from the combination of the Japanese word “mame” which means bean, and “goma” from the word “gomafuazarashi” or spotted seals. According to San-X, Mamegoma are friendly and palm-sized seals that you can keep at home. We have a comprehensive blog about Mamegoma if you’d like to have a deep dive about them! 


Jinbesan (じんべえさん) 

Everyone feels relaxed around Jinbesan! This large, large whale shark has a heart and a body as big as the ocean. Created by San-X in 2015, Jinbesan has been coasting the ocean together with his sea friends like Nekonbui the seaweed that looks like a cat, Ei-san the stingray, and Kokujira the baby whale. A lot of kawaii fanatics love Jinbesan’s relaxed demeanor. If you’d like to learn more about his story, you can read up on our Jinbesan blog



These are the other cuties that San-X has to offer. Sure, they might not be as well known as Rilakkuma or Jinbesan, but these characters sure do have a lot of charm. We've listed them down alphabetically so you can get to know them one by one! 


A Carrier of Happiness (しあわせの運ぶた便) 

No, A Carrier of Happiness isn’t a pig. It’s a courier pig! This box character has tires made of duct tape. It’s also made of packaging materials like Puchi Puchi tape. You need to stop with your feet when you use the break with A Carrier of Happiness. 


A Little Good Thing (ちょこっといいこと) 

The character series “A Little Good Thing” from San-X focuses on a small kappa living in the world of Boku-kunchi. The kappa doesn’t have a specific name, but he’s always giving out “little good” heartwarming words that make readers feel relieved. It wants people to remember the little things that have become so commonplace that you’ve forgotten all about them. 


Abauchuu (アバウチュー)

An outspoken baby mouse, Abauchuu is a cutie that often finds itself a little out of step with the people around it. Despite all of that, it tries not to stress out too much about it. Abauchuu lives life at its own pace. Most of the time it’s being pushed around by its friend the squid Ma Ikka though it gets help from Malchy the dog. 


Afro Ken (アフロ犬) 

A special dog with really fluffy hair on its head, Afro Ken can transform into different things when it approaches objects that have the same shape as an afro. This San-X cutie is always excited! It believes that a different view lets you see something new. Afro Ken has a lot of different dog friends all with different hairstyles and transformations. 


Amaguri-chan (あまぐりちゃん) 

Glossy and delicious with just the right amount of natural sweetness, Amaguri-chan is a chestnut character. It’s loved by adults and children alike! This cutie is impatient so it always wants to be eaten early! Amaguri-chan originally came from Tianjin, China.


Anything is Fine Car  (なんでもいーカー) 

When you’re worrying about what you should do about this and that, the Anything is Fine Car will help you. If you’re feeling lazy, all you have to do is take this friendly car out for a nice drive.


Apple Hoppe (アップルホッペ) 

A 4-year-old girl living in Northern Europe, Apple Hoppe is one of the rare human characters from San-X. Her charm point is her cute apple cheeks! Apple Hoppe loves drawing and singing. She lives happily with her dog Toto and her pet cat Palette. 


Asparadays (あすぱらdays)

Apsara-chan is the lead character of the Asparadays series of San-X. A positive and energetic mini-asparagus girl, she always looks upward. Aspara-chan has a head made of 100% water that helps prevent her body and mind from drying up. She lives together with her veggie friends in Marche Town, a cute little vegetable town. 

Atsugari-san (あつがりさん) 

Atsugari-san is a strange fairy that appears in places where temperatures go beyond 30 degrees. You can sometimes find it appearing on top of hot and spicy food! It sweats 10 buckets a day. Atsugari-san’s biggest fear is Samugari-san. Its favorite food is gyoza. 


Atsumare Nyankoromekuji (あつまれにゃんころめくじ) 

Cat-like creatures with horns on their head, the Atsumare Nyankoromekuji are timid beasts that stay active in groups. You can rarely see them acting on their own. When the Nyankoromekuji get together, they get pretty feisty and try out different things. In all honesty, though, the Nyankoromekuji is a mutant species. When they come into contact with salt, the creatures split into a cat and a slug! 


Aquamarine (アクアマリン) 

One of the older set of characters from San-X, Aquamarine was released in 1980. These seasonal characters include dolphins, whales, and other popular motifs at aquariums. Aquamarine has a cute summer image. 


Babyboo (ベビーブー) 

A colorful little pig, Baby Boo can be seen wearing seven different lucky colors every day. Its friend is a sweet little ladybug that looks like a strawberry. Baby Boo always seems to be sending messages to people like “Are you happy?” and “So happy with you.” 


Bamuku (バームークー) 

A cute baby bear, Bamuku has ears like the treat Baumkuchen and a nose as red as forest nuts. Bamuku’s dream is to become a big tree someday, that’s why it munches on Baumkuchen a lot. 


Berry Puppy (ベリーパピィ) 

Berry Puppy isn’t just one San-X character but two! It’s made up of Pappy, a sweet, strawberry-loving puppy, and its friend, Jam, a mischievous pup. Sure, gentle Pappy might get pranked by Jam a lot but the two are still pretty great friends. 


Bits World (ビッツワールド) 

Making its debut in 1994, this series from San-X was created for people who don’t like cute characters. Boasting a simple and casual design for miscellaneous goods like office items and stationary, it became a hit in Japan. 


Bobby Soxer (ボビーソクサー) 

Released in 1980 by San-X, the Bobby Soxer is more of a design than a character. It’s the company’s first original American pop design series that was inspired by the 50’s American graffiti boom. The Bobby Soxer appeared in a lot of San-X products ranging from stationery to miscellaneous goods. 


Boku Kawau (ぼくカワウー)

This otter is a tad bit serious. That’s because Boku Kawau was born in a serious river. However, this cutie was also born as a cute type of otter, that’s why it’s really sensitive to the word lie. Never ever lie to Boku Kawau! 


Bonsai-san (ボンサイさん) 

A bonsai plant, Bonsai-san tends to speak in a commanding tone. One might think of bonsai plants as soft creatures, but this one is a bit cheeky. You can’t really hate Bonsai-san though. 


Bunanna Yatsura (ぶなんなやつら)

Another set of animal characters from San-X, the Bunanna Yatsura are okay with living a safe and boring life. The group includes a dog, a cat, and sometimes a bear. 


Buruburu Dog (ぶるぶるどっぐ)

A scared little puppy, Buruburu Dog is always trembling even when it’s happy or having fun. This cutie is scared a lot and cries a lot. It doesn’t like ladybugs! Buruburudog does love strawberry-flavored jelly though. It has a lot of favorite pants, especially the polka dot ones. 


Cheese Family (チーズ一家) 

A family of cheese blocks that come to life, the Cheese family is made up of the 6P cheese brothers, the Emmental cheese father, and the melting cheese mother. The Cheese Family always has fun with other cheese characters appearing! 


Chickip Dancers (チキップダンサーズ) 

Created by San-X in 2021, the Chickip Dancers is a group of strange but cute characters who love dancing. It includes a curious leg of chicken called Chicken Bone, the dance teacher Coach Skipping Frog, Dango, Milky Ice, Kushikatsu, Gristle, and Candy Apple. This group has their very own anime series from Fanworks that’s run for three seasons! 


Chimachima Chiimee (ちまちまちいめえ)

This tiny little sheep appeared out of the blue after its owner took a nap. The owner named it Chiimee and decided to keep her. Chiimee fits perfectly in a mug. It moves in such a cute way that it makes your heart flutter. However, this tiny little sheep also has a dark side - it likes knitting with other people’s hair and it also likes lamb meat. What a surprise. 


Chiwawanko ( ちわわんこ) 

 Made up of three cute little chihuahuas, Chiwawanko is a group of kawaii characters from San-X. They might fight from time to time, but the puppies of Chiwawanko are actually very good friends. They’re always waiting for their master to return, eager to greet their owner at the front door. 


Chocopa (チョコパ) 

This cutie from San-X is a panda cub that loves chocolate. Chocopa eats nothing but chocolate every single day! It loves chocolate so much that one day that it turned brown right after eating its favorite chocolate. Once it drinks milk though, it turns back into a panda! This is the mystery behind the panda bear Chocopa. 


Coon Days (あらわずぐま) 

Sure, Coon Bear from Coon Days might like being clean, but it doesn’t like to wash themselves a lot. This creature appears out of the blue while someone is washing his/her hands. Coon Bear just wants to wash together. 


Choromel (ちょろメル) 

Choromel are little caramel children who love moving around. They’re always getting into all sorts of shenanigans. Look, there the Choromel are, playing with lots of mischief. The Choromel children are always jumping into tea cups, fighting over sugar cubes, and playing with milk.


Chou-Fleur (シューフルール) 

Sure, Choufleur might mean cauliflower in French, but you can’t eat Chou-Fleur the rabbit. Pink and elegant, Cho-Fleur is named the way she is because she looks as fluffy as cauliflower. 


Corocoro Coronya (ころころコロニャ) 

This San-X cat lives life at a leisurely pace in a small bread shop down the corner of the road. However, when it meets new friends and strangers, Corocoro Coronya gets really shy and has trouble calming down! One day it tried to hid in a discarded bread cone in the shop and found that it was a good fit. Ever since then, it’s been staying in the cone bread. 


Dande no Kimochi (ダンデのきもち)

We’re not quite sure what Dande might be, but he has a yellow body the same color as the pollen of a flower and a white fluffy mane. This character is a shy creature, though his mane reveals his unspoken feelings. It's Dande’s mane that makes everyone happy! 


Domo-gumi (獰猛組) 

Be careful! The Domo-gumi might have cute faces, but they’re actually kind of dangerous. Are they tired of living in cages, or maybe they’re yearning for the outside world? The Domo-gumi is composed of a slightly silly hippo, a panda that’s discovered a love for meat, and a self-proclaimed highly intelligent chimpanzee.  


Dosukoi Mole (どすこいもぐら) 

A normal mole, Dosukoi Mole was digging holes as usual, but when it came out of the hole, it was suddenly in a sumo wrestling ring. Fascinated by all the action, it came up close and became the first mole wrestler. It’s still a novice mole wrestler, but Dosukoi Mole practices in the morning with mawashi made from towels found on the road and wigs made from hardened and polished clay. Dosukoi Mole wonders when it can become a real sumo wrestler. 


Esparks (エスパークス) 

A hero who stands up with his sidekick monkey to defeat Dr. Gallipoli, Esparks tries his best to save the world from destruction. Esparks actually has a manga series of the same name by Hiroshi Seiya, an employee of San-X during the manga’s release. 


Eto House (えとはうす) 

Eto House is a shared house by San-X where the 12 animals of the Japanese zodiac live. They come from all over the world! It’s quite a sight to see unique animals like a greedy dog, a snake, and a fashionable sheep living together. 


Fluffy Ferret (モコモコフェレット)  

A cute ferret with pink accents, Fluffy Ferret lives in an apple house. Though it’s not really good at climbing trees, Fluffy Ferret still loves taking naps in hammocks.


Funwari Necolon (ふんわりねころん) 

Funwari Necolon’s story starts in the perfume store. A girl was trying to pick up her favorite perfume at the shop, only to realize that she had gotten a white, round, fluffy cat with a gentle scent instead! This San-X cat is Funwari Necolon, a kitty with a tail that emits the gentle scent of flowers. Funwari Necolon has other cat friends like her that smell really nice giving people a soft and gentle feeling. 


Funwari Solaran (ふんわりソララン) 

A fluffy creature from the sky, Soran has feather-like ears, and a cloud-like, cottony, rabbit body. This cutie lives in the sky, always singing her Hanauta. Soran sings the Hanauta even on rainy days and bad days to cheer her friends up.


Fuwatto Umitto (ふわっとうみっと)

This cutie might seem like a bunny with its rabbit-like ears and fluffy fur, but Fuwatto Umitto actually lives near Carrot Rock on the ocean floor. It loves exploring the sea and taking naps! Fuwatto Umitto’s slow movements and fluffy appearance make them super popular in the sea. 


Ginsharisan (ギンシャリさん) 

A tiny, tiny San-X character, Ginsharisan can usually be found in odd places like the bottom of a tea bowl or the hem of a t-shirt. It has a small body that measures 9.5 mm and is filled with charm. This odd little thing thinks that if it can drink water, things will be back to normal soon! 


Go Ahead, Otama-chan! (それ行けお玉ちゃん!) 

Otama-chan are vegetables come to life! They work hard every day to make delicious meals like Japanese curry and hamburgers. Otama-chan spends a lot of its days with its other veggie friends.


Golingo (ゴリンゴ)

A monkey that looks a lot like an apple, Golingo is a character created by San-X in collaboration with Fuji TV. This strange-looking apple monkey has a strong appearance and likes living life at his own pace. Golingo loves having fun! He’s a genius at it! 


Goodnight Bakura (おやすみバクラ)

A pillow-like creature, Bakura arrived in the house through mail order. This kawaii San-X character likes to keep busy by singing muffled songs and accompanying its owner until he/she goes to sleep. Sometimes she goes to bed first though! Goodnight Bakura tries to remind everyone that it’s important to make sleep time more comfortable.


Guessies (げっしーず) 

Living in a forest somewhere far, far, away, the Guessies are mysterious animal friends with chubby bodies. Their charm point is their front teeth! All the Guessies live happily together. 


Ham Yama-san (ハムやまさん) 

Could Ham Yama-san be a mountain that looks like a hamster? Or could it be a hamster that looks like a mountain? Well, Ham Yama-san says that he’s half hamster and half mountain, even though he doesn’t really know the truth either. A 30 cm long creature, Ham Yaman-san is a generous cutie with a presence large enough to soothe other people’s hearts. 


Hamipa (はみぱ)

Starting as a regular panda living a relaxed and carefree life, Hamipa noticed something strange with his body. The black parts of him started looking like loose pants! They began falling off his legs, sticking out of his normal panda folds. Hamipa doesn’t mind it though. He still wanders out of the zoo living a leisurely life. 


Happy Kotori-Chan (しあわせのことりちゃん)

Kotori-chan is a meddlesome little bird from San-X that believes it’s a happy soul. It’s always looking for unhappy people every day so that it can help them out! This bird brings seven different tools in its red pochette along with its lucky item, the clover. Kotori-chan tends to fall in love at first sight with any unfortunate person it sees! 


Happy Sun (ハッピーSUNさん) 

Happy Sun is a character that’s literally a happy-looking sun. This cutie was made with the idea that “no matter what happens, if you’re with Sun, you’ll always feel happy.”


Hamumane (はむまね)

A strong hamster with a desire to transform into different things, you can often find Hamumane hiding in food. His favorite imitation act is the “hamu burger” where he pretends to be a hamburger. Hamumane’s dream is to make the world happy by imitating different things. 


Healthy Gorilla (ヘルシー・ゴリラ) 

Goro is an adult gorilla from San-X who’s conscious about his health, that’s why he’s nicknamed Healthy Gorilla. This character lives together with Avo, an avocado who he thinks is healthy. Goro wants to inspire everyone to have a relaxing and fun life while doing healthy exercises and cooking healthy food. 


Hedgehog-style Mouse (はりねずみ風ねずみ) 

A hedgehog-loving mouse, Hedgehog-style mouse tries to imitate hedgehogs by making its own spiky back out of yarn. It doesn’t go out much because it’s a shy mouse. However, if you leave something fluffy for Hedgehog-style Mouse, it’ll come out of its hole to add to its hedgehog back. 


Hijitsu no Funwachan (ひつじのふんわちゃん) 

Simply known as Funwachan, this kawaii little sheep has a good heart and body. It’s a very soft sheep - so soft that it can be blown away by the gentle breeze. Funwachan likes to give sweets when people feel lazy and when they’re tired it helps out a little to make everyone feel mentally and physically better. 


Homecolo (ホメコロ) 

This San-X puppy is good at doing home things. It will turn anything into a home! Homecolo is the kind of dog that wants to be welcomed and healed. This puppy is wondering whether you’d like to do “homefication” together with it. 


Howamoko (ほわもこ) 

Howamoko is actually fluffy sheep fur. It didn’t want to be used as a sweater like the rest of its friends. That’s why it decided to put a roll of cake on its head so it could run away and pretend to be a sheep!


Hyutte! (ヒュッテ!) 

This kawaii San-X character duo is made up of the little twin squirrels Cassis and Marron. Their tails look just like real roll cakes! These squirrels love entertaining mountain visitors in their acorn-shaped mountain hut with homemade roll cakes and herbal tea. The group’s name comes from the word Hutte, the German word for mountain hut. 


I can do a little (ちょこっとできるもん) 

Once a lazy animal, I can do a little realized that it was actually fun to move. He’s a little bit clumsy while moving, but he doesn’t mind it that much really. This once lazy cutie has become a hard worker who takes on different challenges. His motto is “I can do it.” 


I made a fluffy cake. (ふわふわケーキをつくったよ。) 

The name of this group of characters might sound odd, but they’re cute nonetheless. I made a fluffy cake. is a group of sweet fairies like a shortcake fairy, a mille-feuille fairy, a donuts fairy, and a jelly fairy. Every single one of them loves baking! They make big, fluffy cakes, every day. 


I wanna stay at home (おうちでたくにゃい) 

This San-X cat loves home so much, it’s become one with the house! I wanna stay home is a cat that understands that there are a lot of fun things to do outside, but home is still the best. This cat can move together with its house. When things get troublesome, it can run away straight with its home. 


Illatora (イラトラ) 

A new breed of tiger, Illatora easily gets irritated, even by the smallest of things. Before it knows it, the stripes on this small tiger’s body become prickly. Though Illatora gets annoyed often, it actually wants to become a kind tiger. 

Ishikoro-kun (いしころくん)

A persistent rock, Ishikoro-kun always says, “I won’t stop, no matter what happens.” This rock believes that hard and sad things won’t stop even if you fall, that’s why it’s important to go and find something fun. It rolls on forever and ever. Ishikoro-kun’s smile lets others feel like it’s okay to stop worrying about the little things in life. 


Ishiyowa-chan (いしよわちゃん) 

Don’t worry about Ishiyowa-chan looking a bit naked - this puppy was just shaved three days ago! Somehow Ishiyowa-chan’s become a little bit weak-willed because its ears and tail which used to be straight have started to droop a little. Ishiyowa-chan’s friend is a cat named Ishitsuyo-chan who’s strong-willed and stoic. 


It’s Bittersweet (渋いにゃあ) 

A stray cat from San-X that tends to be a bit dirty, It’s Bittersweet wanders the streets of the city. With melancholy on its back, It’s Bittersweet is admired by all the other cats around it. Its hobbies are public baths (it loves baths), bonsai, and origami. 


Iiwaken (いいわけん) 

Iiwaken looks like a normal dog and most people suspect that it might be a Shiba Inu. This dog loves her husband very much. It makes excuses for her husband who’s a lazy office worker. She’s even studied and memorized the excuses her husband makes! Most of the time she delivers the excuses to her husband’s company herself. 


Jewel Cat (ジュエルキャット) 

Rumor has it that Jewel Cat has eyes made of gemstones! This cat is a special fairy that lives in a jewelry box. It has a coat and eye color that changes depending on the conditions of the light and the phases of the moon! If you’re lucky enough to find Jewel cat, you’ll be able to receive the power of happiness (though the efficacy varies depending on the color you see the fairy in). 


Kaijyu Paradise (カイジュウパラダイス)  

Another older group of San-X characters that made their debut in the 80’s, Kaijyu Paradise are cute Japanese kaiju or monsters. The leader of the group is Gao Gao-kun. He plays an active role in space as a kaiju together with his friends Oyoyo Alien and the little Garuru-kun. 


Kamonohashikamo. (かものはしかも)

Sure, Kamonohasikamo might look like a duck, but somehow some sites say that he’s a kimono. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though - San-X says that this character is both ambiguous and indecisive. It can’t decide whether something is its problem or whether it isn’t. Kamonoshikamo’s special skill is eating everything in one big bite! Its favorite food is melonpan. 


Katakoi Meteor Shower (片恋流星群) 

There’s a special story behind Katakoi Meteor Shower. According to San-X, it’s a shooting star that grants unrequited love to those who wished for it. Seira is a young girl wished that her love, a boy named Hikaru, would notice her. Instead, she turned into a cat. And Hikaru turned into a cat too!


Kawawachans (かわわちゃんズ) 

A San-X duo made up of otter brothers, the Kawawachans love bathing, fishing, and doing mischievous things. You can often find these two tickling each other. 


Kerodon (けろどん) 

Have you ever met a character with as much confidence as Kerodon? This frog is dignified, fearless, and somehow somewhat bossy. No matter what happens, Kerodon is always upset. It has the skin of the boss and tends to be inconsiderate in the name of living its life its own way. 


Keropop (ケロポップ) 

Using bright colors that pop out, San-X decided to create the frog Keropop. This cutie has fun with his friends every day - rain or shine! Keropop wants to have a pop day today and tomorrow. 


Kinakoron (きのころん)

Like Parasitic Life, Kinokoron is a mushroom character. It arrived at an empty village and decided to name it after itself. In Kinokoro Village, Kinokoron would breed its own kin! Fresh from the ground, Kinoron was able to make a family of four different mushrooms. 


Kireizukin Seikatsu (きれいずきん生活) 

When the lazy raccoon Mar puts on his hood, he turns into Kireizukin, a cutie who loves to clean. Not only does he appear to have a sparkly room, but he has a sparkly heart and life as well! The red hood really changes the way he does things. 


Kogepan (こげぱん) 

Kogepan is bread that got ruined because it was left in the oven too long and burnt. Because it’s burnt bread, everything that Kogepan does is done carelessly. He always does things backwards too! What people don’t know though is that inside Kogepan is high-quality red bean paste made from azuki beans from the Tokachi Plains in Japan. 


Koinu no Toromi (こいぬのとろみ) 

A French bulldog that feels like mochi when touched, Toromi tends to move slowly but cutely. She can be really lazy sometimes. Toromi brings great comfort to the people around her. 


Kokekkodama (こけっこだま) 

The Kokekkodama are moss balls from San-X that are shaped just like birds! The furry top of its head looks just like a bird’s crest. Kokekkodoma helps soothe people with its lush green color and the mysterious healing ingredient it calls “phytoncide.” 


Kokepiyori (こけぴより) 

A green chick that popped out of a small moss bonsai, Kokepiyori loves chatting with sparrows and sunbathing. Sometimes, when she goes outside, her buddies Kokedama Piyo and the other birds follow her. She has to be careful about meeting cats though! 


Komaru the Cat. (ねこのこまる.) 

An oddball character, this kitty’s name comes after the word “komaru” which means “to be in trouble” and “kimeru” which means “to make up one’s mind.” Komaru the Cat is often confused about its personality and everything else in its life! Despite being a lost and confused kitty, Komaru enjoys taking his time and choosing carefully. His friend Kimeru often comes by to help him make important decisions. Komaru also has a cute “komaru eyebrow” pattern on its forehead.


Komugi’s Tail (こむぎのしっぽ)  

Welcome to Komugi’s Tail, a cat cafe located in an unknown town in Japan! This cute place is run by Komugi, the cat manager who’s also a calico cat with a fluffy that looks like an ear of wheat. Komugi tries his best to bring everyone in the cafe together but sometimes he feels like he’s pushed around by all the other cats. 


Koneko Oni (コネコオニ) 

Koneko Oni is a San-X cat that thinks that it might actually be a demon! That’s because this kitty has stripped ears that looks like horns and a spiky tail that resembles a metal rod. This cutie researches NyaTube videos every day because it wants to help the world like its Namahage-senpai. 


Kororoaraiguma (ココロアライグマ) 

A clumsy raccoon, Kororoaraiguma has a pure little heart. This cutie has a good sense of distance and can notice people’s feelings pretty well. He’s always taking care of his friends. Kororoaraiguma pampers Heart-chan, the teacher prone to depression. He also takes time to talk to the Asian raccoon every time it has a bad day. Kororoaraiguma really tries to take care of everyone’s hearts! 


Koyainu (小屋犬) 

Is he a shed or is he a dog? He’s Koyainu! This doggie has a built-in roof over his head, that way he can hang out with you on rainy days and sunny days. In English, this cutie’s name directly translates to shed dog. 


Kumausa (くまうさ)

A San-X rabbit that’s as big as a bear, Kumausa is a cutie that often finds an ache inside its chest. There are times that the feeling gets heavier during hard days, but when Kumausa surrounds himself with his friends, it gets better. Kumausa’s name comes from a mix between the Japanese word Kuma which stands for bear, and usa which is short for usagi, or rabbit.


Kuruhowa (くるほわ)

This white fairy loves looking for spiral things. When it gets close to the spiraling object, Kuruhowa starts spinning round and round. People say that you get good luck when you find Kuruhowa. It’s close to its snail friend, Kurutsumuri. 


Kutusita Nyanko (靴下にゃんこ)

Don’t be fooled by the name Kutusita Nyanko! While it might directly translate to Sock Cat in English, this kitten isn’t a sock cat at all. Instead, it’s a regular black cat that likes to wear socks on its little feet. This cutie has a lot of other cat friends with their own special quirks.  


Kyo Usa (京うさ) 

An elegant bunny from San-X, Kyo Usa gets its name from the city “Kyoto” and “usa” which is the Japanese word for rabbit. It likes using cute, popular, and small Japanese-style things. Kyo Usa likes living life with the seasons. This cutie was made so that you’d be taken in by its relaxed and elegant Japanese tempo. 


Let’s go home (おうちへかえるのじゃ)

A cute frog god, Let’s go home is the deity of people who want to go home. It appears to those who want to go home and urges them to do so by saying, “Let’s go home.” When the time comes, the frog god will dance the scheduled dance and give people an excuse to quit overtime at work. 


Little Boo (リトルブー) 

A small piglet measuring 15cm in length, Little Boo has a warm smile that cheers people up. Her round butt and her bright red ears are her charm points. Little Boo’s cheeks seem to take on the shape of a heart when something makes her happy.


Lu & Su (ルゥ&スゥ)

A couple of twin girl rabbits created by San-X, Lu & Su are filled with cute dreams. These two live in a kawaii little flower shop. They help around the place by picking out cute and sweetly-scented flowers. 


Makimakineko (まきまきねこ) 

This cat likes being wrapped up. Makimakineko has fun wrapping itself in clothes and furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloths). Its favorite material to wrap itself in though is fluffy, dried futons! Makimakineko’s favorite food is rice balls wrapped in seaweed. It dreams of being wrapped in rice balls too one day!


Mamepyon (まめぴょん)

A relaxed Soramame bean, Mamepyon loves having fun with all of its friends. Soramame beans are special beans that get their name from the fact that the pods point toward the sky. True to its nature, Mamepyon dreams of being able to fly in the sky someday. 


Mamerou (まめろう) 

A small owl that looks a lot like a coffee bean, Mamerou loves the smell of coffee. It was drawn to a small cafe with delicious coffee one day when the shop owner made coffee as usual. Ever since then, Mamerou decides to live in the coffee shop with the coffee maker. 


Manmaru 7 Kyodai (まんまる7兄弟) 

Also known as the Seven Maru Brothers in English, the Manmaru 7 Kyodai are round fairy siblings from San-X. These perfectly round fairies were born from the colors of the rainbow. Their job is to make rainbows appear in the Sky. 


Marimoko-chan (まりもこちゃん) 

Based on the marimo moss plant that grows in lakes in Japan, Marimoko-chan lets itself be swayed around a lot. Loved by plant collectors, marimo moss plants became better known thanks to Hokkaido’s trading routes. 


Memetan (めめたん) 

Memetan is a pink goldfish who loves swimming. This kawaii goldfish loves playing with her father Kin-chan, her friend Kintoki-kun, and the stoic and silent Demeo-kun.


Mikan Boya (みかんぼうや)

Just like the name implies, Mikanboya is a small Mandarin boy character. It dreams about becoming a fine frozen mandarin orange in the future! Mikanboy has a lot of fun and delicious friends like Sudachi-chan and Yuzu-chan. 


Milk & Sugar (ミルク&シュガ) 

In this San-X duo, the boy bear is called Milk while the girl rabbit is called Sugar. The two really love each other. Milk can’t stop from falling in love with his girlfriend and Sugar loves her boyfriend just as much.


Mimipico (ミミピコ) 

A sweet rabbit angel, Mimipico loves music. It plays different instruments. This bunny’s charm points are its soft pink ears which are shaped like wings. People also love the small hearts on the back of her feet. 


Mirukuma (みるくま) 

Born from the Milk Crown, Mirukuma is a bear that appears around milk. It has fun playing with milk every day! 


Mixed Cats (ミックスドキャッツ) 

This character design was made to have the gentle look of watercolor and the humor that only cats can have. According to San-X, kawaii fans never get tired of watching these playful cats. “Enjoy every day” is the Mixed Cats’ motto. 


Modoki Zoku (モドキ属)

A group of kawaii characters from San-X, Modoki Zoku is a new species of living creature that had evolved. There are many different kinds of Modoki Zoku and all of them are working hard to become more popular than the original species they evolved from. 


Mofutanzu (もふたんず) 

Another rabbit character from San-X, Mofutanzu is incomparably soft. It has a lot of other bunny friends like the mysterious mini rabbit Ikimonogari who’s always playing tricks. Tomotan is another friend who often sticks by Mofutanzu’s side. 


Monokravitz (モノクラビッツ)

A team of two rabbits, Monokravitz is made up of a white bunny named Shiroshiro and a black bunny Kurokuro. These cuties are the exact opposites of each other in terms of color and personality. Despite that, Shiroshiro and Kurokuro do get along. Today the  Monokravitz bunnies are spending their time looking for shooting stars in a sea of fluffy clouds.  


Monokuro Boo (モノクロブー)

A couple of black and white pigs, Monokuro Boo say simple words from time to time like “Boo,” “Love,” “Enjoy,” and “Happy.” They say different things every day. Even though it might seem a bit confusing at times, one just has to think about them in a simple way. 


Momo Buta (ももぶた)

In Japanese momo means peach while buta means pig. Put that together, and you get peach pig, or Momo Buta! Hardworking with a gentle personality, this peach-colored pig dreams of becoming an idol someday. Though there are times that Momobuta feels discouraged, she has her friends Momokuro and Momohiyo to lift her back up. 


Nagomimakuri (なごみまくり) 

A mysterious San-X creature that resembles a salamander, Nagomimakuri lives in beautiful rivers and deep forests. It might be weak, but it does have its charm points like its plump figure and its gentle movements. Nagomimakuri is meant for people who love to see creatures relaxing in nature taking life at their own pace. There’s also a Water Nagomimakuri and a Flower Nagomimakuri in the series.  


Nakayoshi Ducks Momo & Mimi (なかよしダックスモモ&ミミ) 

You might think that Momo and Mimi are ducks, but they’re not. Momo is a cat, and Mimi is a dog. They’re good friends who work hard as fruit vendors. Momo and Mimi love throwing parties with things that everyone wants like sparkly items. 


Nakayoshinet (なかよしネット) 

Nakayoshinet is a group of cute animal characters from San-X. It includes the animals Usagipon, Papapanda, Hamuchin, Kaerucchi, Piyopiko, and Chibiham. 


Neko no Panya (ねこのパンヤ) 

This cat is named Panya because it has the same golden brown color as freshly baked bread. Panya works as a baker at a cozy little bakery. It always has a good time with its friends. 


Nekogoke-san (ねこごけさん)  

This cutie is a cat moss! It’s always curled up like a moss ball by the window where soft sunlight shines through. Nekogoke-san likes living slowly and peacefully like moss.


Niji no Mukou (ニジノムコウ)

This group of animal characters from San-X has a heartwarming handwritten touch to them. Niji no Mukou live a life under a big sky and a full tomorrow. Their goal is to go to the other side of the rainbow to see the girl they love. 


Nikuman Usagi (にくまんうさぎ) 

Nikuman Usagi might have nikuman (dumpling) in its name but you can’t eat it. This magical food creature was born when a nikuman shop owner made a dumpling shaped out of a rabbit. Nikamun Usagi loves eating! It will eat, eat, and eat anywhere. 


Nobitto (のびっと)

Once a normal rabbit, Nobitto grew amazingly long after it started practicing yoga. This relaxing bunny was made by San-X to help soothe kawaii fans’ tired minds and bodies by encouraging them to relax. 


Nombiri de Daijoubou (だいじょーぶさんと)

A group of relaxing and easy-going friends, Nombiri de Daijoubou is made up of Daijobu-san, Funanakafun-chan, and Chokohamu-san. These San-X cuties like spending their day relaxing and taking it easy! 


Nukunuku Onpen (ヌクヌクおんぺん) 

A penguin who loves hot springs more than the Arctic oceans, Nukunuku Onpen immigrated from his cold country in search of warmth. This cutie is warm and caring. Although he is a penguin, most people think of Nukunuku Onpen as a fat person. It wears a towel around his neck and he changes it depending on his mood. Nukunuku Onpen’s favorite hot spring manju is the one with red bean paste.


Nyakko Island (にゃっこアイランド) 

The story of Nyakko Island begins with the ancestor of cats and sea otters, a creature called Nyakko. These animals look like cats but have long furry tails like sea otters. Thought to be extinct, Nyakko was discovered by San-X on an island in 2020. These creatures sing songs with “nya-nya.” In any situation whether they’re in a pinch or in a good mood, Nyakko creatures have survived with their “nya-nya” calls. 


Nyan Nyan Nyanko (にゃんにゃんにゃんこ) 

At first glance, Nyan Nyan Nyanko seems like an ordinary cat, but it can actually imitate a lot of things. It especially likes copying food that looks so good to eat! You can also call this kitty Nyan for short. 


Nyanpuku (にゃんぷく) 

A god that was previously trapped in an ornament, Nyanpuku is a generous San-X cat. It gives lucky balls whenever it meets people! Nyanpuku has items hidden in odd places that help make everyone a little bit lucky. 


Nyantauroso (にゃんたうろす) 

The birth of Nyantaurosu began on a normal day. A cat woke up from sleep and all of the sudden, half of its body had become that of a horse! What a problem for the kitty. It can’t move as well as it used to. Now its butt is getting stuck in narrow spaces and whenever it sees a carrot its legs start running on their own! Despite all this, Nyantayrosu has a relaxed and easy life even though it has trouble with its powerful horse part. 


Omusubi Ya-San (おむすびやさん)

Translating to riceball shop in English, Omusubi Ya-san is the name for a group of riceball characters from San-X. They come from a rice ball shop in a certain town in Japan with a reputation for being very, very delicious. Most of the time, the Omusubi Ya-san rice balls sell like hotcakes! 


Osarurai (おさるらい) 

This group of characters is made up of monkeys with banana top knots.To make an osarurai monkey, all you have to do is put on a banana topknot and then hold the top of the banana! 


Oto-fu Penguin (オトーフペンギン)

Tofu-like penguins, Oto-fu Penguins were discovered by chance at a tofu shop in a downtown shopping district. These creatures appear within 30 minutes when you leave freshly made tofu on your desk. The sharp division on the Oto-fu Penguins’ heads are said to be caused by soy sauce poured on top of their heads. 


Otogi no Uta Chronicle (音戯の譜~CHRONICLE~) 

Mixing together fairy tales and music, this group of characters was created by San-X in collaboration with Nippon Columbia. The story is centered around Utaibito, a boy who decides to fight with the power of song hoping to make everyone’s wishes come true. 


Otome (おつきもの) 

A group of spirits that follow people around, the characters of Otome can give you good luck. They want to see people smile. 


Pakka & Pokka (パッカ&ポッカ) 

These two friends from San-X love walking. They enjoy seeing a pleasant sky, snacking on sweets, and walking to discover all kinds of things. Pakka & Pokka take leisurely walks to find all sorts of “treasures.” 


Palette’s Sweet Street (パレッツスウィートストリート)

Imagine a foreign city across the ocean with exciting shops, cafes, and general stores. This is the street where Palette the cat belongs. It often goes out to its favorite places on Sweet Street with a calm expression on its face. 


Panda Days (パンダデイズ) 

This group of pandas has a lot of cute poses lying around, sitting down, and playing with each other. 


Panda Happy (パンディーハッピー) 

A cute little panda, Panda Happy is trying to search for four-leaf clovers all over the world so that it can deliver happiness. When it finds four-leaf clovers it gives it to its friend Happinessless Mochi Happa. 


Parasitic Life (寄生生活) 

This kawaii character tries to encourage people to live a mushroom-like lifestyle. It’s always asking everyone whether it would be nice to live a stress-free life. It always wants to have a relaxing day. That doesn’t mean that this mushroom won’t work though! 



Another character duo from San-X, PATTERNxPATTERN is made up of Tron the striped cat, and Popol the panda. While Tron loves playing with toys, Popol spends its time drawing. These two are really good friends who share a little secret with each other. 


Penbeans (ペンビーン)

Small penguins that are the size of beans, the Penbeans love playing everywhere! Today their favorite spot is on top of a delicious parfait. There are many different kinds of Penbeans and they all have different personalities! 


Pencil Club (ペンシルクラブ) 

The key point to the characters for the Pencil Club is that they look like they were drawn with crayons. These simple illustrations include a girl character named Pun-chan and a boy character named Santa-kun. 


Petite Wanko (プチットワンコ)

Petite Wanko is a series of San-X characters from a fairy tale world where best friends Chihuahua, Dachshund, and Corgi are always playing together. It’s called Petite Wanko because the dogs are so small and cute! 


Piggy Girl (ピギーガール) 

First, Piggy Girl takes care of her nails today. Tomorrow she’ll go shopping. This little pig girl is trying her best to become cute every day. Piggy Girl’s friends include the mouse Mabby and the stylish rabbit Rabby. 


Pinnymoo (ピニームー) 

A classic character from San-X, Pinnymoo is a greedy and slightly clumsy bear boy. Making its debut in 1987, this bear is friends with the mouse Pick, the shy penguin Poe, and the fox Kick. Pinnymoo lives in the peaceful Woody Town. 


Pocket Picnic (ポケットピクニック) 

A colorful and bright world, Pocket Picnic was created by two good friends, Honey and Cream. These two love eating sweets and napping underneath a rainbow. They’re hoping to make a bento box tomorrow and go on a picnic if the weather is nice, sunny, and warm! 


Poipoizaurus (ぽいぽいざうるす) 

Nicknamed Poipoi, the Poipoizaurus is actually a creature that silently appears next to people who are sad or tired to help relieve them of their feelings. Poipoi’s charm points are her baby teeth and her cheerful smile. 


Pokantotan (ぽかんとたん) 

Pokantotan is a slightly forgetful San-X rabbit that made its big debut in 2023. This cutie often feels dumbfounded. It has trouble finding the right words to say to the people around it. Still, Pokanto Tan thinks that it’s all going to be alright! This forgetful bunny has a lot of friends including Hyatan, Toritan, Acorn, and a whole lot more. The gang likes doing ordinary things like eating sushi together, taking breaks, and hanging out. 


Pokoneko Cheeks (ぽこねこほっぺ) 

Pokoneko Cheeks is a cat with cheeks that puff up when something good happens to it! The size of its cheeks differs depending on how happy it is. This kitty makes people happy when they touch its cheeks! It has the kind of personality where even the smallest things make it happy. Pokoneko’s hobby is looking for good things in life. 


Pocola France (ポコラ・フランス)

This cutie was longing for Higeshine La France (a Japanese pear) one day until suddenly its body took the shape of the fruit it was craving. Pocola France is working hard to get harvested just like a pear! You can easily tell it apart from the real La France pears though because it keeps wearing a beret, its charm point. 


POODROID (プードロイド) 

The year is 2999, a time when everything in humanity’s life is supposed to be automated. Keeping living things wasn’t allowed. That’s when POODROID was born. A dog-shaped robot, this cutie seems to be a lot different from the excellent robots that the year 2999 has to offer. That’s because POODROID is kind of stupid and clumsy. But that’s what makes it adorable! 


Poteham (ぽてはむ) 

Cute little San-X hamsters, the Poteham love floating around the sky! They also really love strawberries. The Poteham was created during the pet boom in Japan when hamsters were super popular among children and adults. 


Poteshiba (ぽてしば) 

A tubby little Shiba Inu, Poteshiba isn’t very good at walking. But when it comes to food though, this cutie’s feet tend to become a little bit faster than usual.


Potteri Ponpo-Chan (ぽってりぽんぽちゃん) 

A chubby, chubby dog, Ponpo-chan finds many inconveniences because of its tubby body. It doesn’t mind though! There are always good sides to being chubby. Like Ponpo-chan never gets cold and he has pockets. That’s why despite being tubby, Ponpo-chan always seems to be having fun smiling all the time. 


Prunpao (プルンパオ) 

Cute animals made out of gel, Prunpao can transform into a lot of things. There are a lot of wonderful Prunpao friends that you can play with! You can also make water and clouds come out of the flowers in the universe of Prunpao.  


Puchira. (ぷちら。) 

An egg-sized dinosaur from San-X, Puchira took a nap in Hakuaki with all of its friends only to find that they’d woken up to the present day. Now he and his buddies spend their days relaxing. 


Punsukanyan (プンスカニャン)

With its round cheeks, plump limbs, and slanted blue eyes, Punsukanyan is a cat that always seems to be in a bit of a mood. She’s not angry though! Sure, she might look mad, but Punsukanyan is actually a sweetheart. 


Rabby’s Happy Diary (ラビーズハッピーダイアリー)

A character series named after a rabbit named Rabby, Rabby’s Happy Diary showcases sparkling and fun days. Rabby is always hoping for tomorrow to be just be as good as today. 


Rompish Clown (ロンピッシュクラウン)

Released in 1979, Rompish Clown was San-X's first-ever original character. No one’s quite sure whether Rompish Clown is a boy or a girl. It’s often seen throwing around confetti while juggling, balancing on unicycles, and riding unicorns. 


Rose Hip Bunny (ローズヒップバニー) 

Rose Hip Bunny is a rabbit girl who lives in a small rose garden. She has a fluffy, flower-like tail. If you apply cologne on to it, it becomes colored like a real color. Rose Hip Bunny’s favorite is the rose scent. Her good friend wants to help you pick the proper cologne that fits your mood. 


Sabokappa (サボカッパ) 

A cute little kappa (a Japanese mythical water-dwelling creature), Sabokappo likes to sit in a pot and pretend to be a cactus. This cactus-wanna-be lives in a small flower shop filled with real plants and cacti. It spends its day together with the pet Piyokichi.


San-X Yosei (サンエックスのようせい)

A lucky clover that came to life, San-X Yosei was a character created out of the San-X logo. It loves cute things! It always says “kawaii,” when it finds something cute. Born on April 28, San-X Yosei can use mysterious magic powers! 


Sankaku-tachi (さんかくたち) 

Do you know why these characters are called Sankaku-tachi? That’s because Sankaku means triangle in Japanese, and all of these cuties’ heads are shaped like triangles. The Sankaku-tachi hide in the human world. Animals, plants, food, tools, these triangle-heads are everywhere. All you have to do is look around carefully. The Sankaku-tachi might be next to you. 


Sea Paradise (シーパラダイス) 

Sea Paradise is a design series from San-X that features dolphins, penguins, and other sea creatures having fun playing in the ocean. It’s perfect for a bright and cheerful summer season. 


Seal Prince (あざらし王子) 

A sweet little seal, Seal Prince came to the human world searching for his destined princess. Seal Prince is a bit troublesome though. When he finds her, he proposes to her right away with his plump body and moist eyes. 


Shabondamon! (しゃぼんだもん!) 

Peek into the colorful bubble-filled world of Shabondamon! The rabbits in this bright universe are made of soap bubbles. They’re always so busy playing with bubbles every day! These bunnies like to sleep surrounded by huge bubbles. 


Shaeiti (シャイエティ) 

This yeti is shy, that’s why it’s called Shaeiti. There are lots of rumors about this San-X creature saying that there are multiple unidentified versions of him running away. 


Shibakoro Biyori (しばころびより) 

A kawaii Shiba Inu puppy, Shibakoro Biyori has beautiful fluffy green fur. This dog is laid-back. Its friends include the dog Pooh, the bird Daifuku, and the chick Mochi. 


SHINPAIDACAT (シンパイだキャット) 

SHINPAIDACAT got its name because it’s always worrying! Its name is a mix of the Japanese word for worry (shinpai) and cat.  “Did you lock it? Did you unplug it? Did you turn off the light in the room,” this kitty is always asking. A restless and anxious San-X cat, Shinpaidacat actually wants to be carefree like its friend Cat. 


Shirasutai (しらす隊) 

A group of whitebait that were packed unconscious in a can, these fishes were initially served on rice. They were supposed to be eaten but then they revived! Hoping to return to the sea alive, the fish planned a way to escape from dangerous cats and birds. Together, they formed Shirasutai. 


Smiling Masked Rabbit (にこにこ仮面うさぎ) 

Also called Emi, the Smiling Masked Rabbit is a bunny that wears a mask of a smile. This rabbit is always smiling even when she’s lying down, even when she’s sad, even when she’s tired. That’s because she believes that if you keep smiling, everyone smiles too! 


Sora no Umi no Kurakko (そらのうみのくもらっこ)

The lead character in this group of cuties is Kumurakko, a spoiled baby born from a dream-colored cloud. Kumurakko lives in the sky of the sea where she plays with her cotton cloud friends. She loves floating around, picking up stars at the stardust pond, and playing on the rainbow slide. 


Soraneko (ソラネコ) 

Born from a cloud egg, Soraneko is a cat that can fly energetically through the sky. Chasing planes and resting on clouds, it lives such a carefree life. The clouds it likes the best are sardine clouds! Its most hated thing is lightning. 


Star Cutie (スターキティー) 

An America-loving panda from San-X, Star Cutie loves to surround itself with the blue and red stars of the US flag. It loves American clothing, bags, and accessories! 


Stupid Dog (トホホな犬) 

Tohoho no Inu, otherwise known as Stupid Dog in English, is a simple, honest, and eternally hungry puppy. Stupid Dog runs around, rolls around, and has lots of rivals. It isn’t afraid to cry, to laugh, and get things wrong occasionally. This dog believes that there is always tomorrow beyond sadness. 


Sukimaneko (すきまねこ) 

A cat with divine fluffy fur, Sukimaneko somehow looks like a god. This kitten loves the gaps it can find in the home and won’t give them up to anyone. Its favorite object is the gap in a paper bag. Sometimes, Sukimaneko notices the gap in a lonely person’s heart and decides to help them ease the pain. 


Sukitoisho. (スキトイッショ) 

Another set of animal characters from San-X, the gang of Sukitoisho likes to live a very simple life. These animals find the biggest pleasure in just being able to be together and doing what they like! 


Supoken (スポケン)

Athletic dogs that train every single day, Supoken make the people around them feel energized. These doggos are made of jersey material with two white lines that run along their limbs. They can show the world that they can do anything! 


Sweet Face (スイートフェイス) 

These characters' charm points are their big, sweet faces! The Sweet Face lineup from San-X includes pigs, elephants, chicks, dogs, and other animals. 


Taapun (たぁぷん) 

A big pudgy rabbit, Taapun is the perfect comfort buddy. You can sit on its stomach - it feels just like sitting on a sofa! Have fun squeezing and sitting on this big bunny. 


Tamago Inu (たまごいぬ) 

Not a dog, not an egg, but a dog egg! Tamago Inu loves eggs. He and his friends started their own restaurant that serves delicious eggs. It's a restaurant that’s filled with egg dishes and hearts! 


Tanaka Butamochi (たなからぶたもち) 

The story of Tanaka Butamochi began when a pig mochi fell from a tree. Since then, good things have started happening. There are different kinds of pig mochi for kawaii fans to enjoy! 


Tarepanda (たれぱんだ)

This droopy  panda rolls over with a record speed of 2.75 meters per hour! It gets its name from the Japanese word “tare” which means “droopy” in English. Its favorite food is squishy mochi, especially the suama kind (a treat made using a sushi mat). Kawaii fans love Tarepanda for its droopy design and its gentle movements. Tarepanda was one of the very first characters to launch San-X to success! 


Today is also Torihada Tatsuro (今日もトリハダ・タツロー) 

Tatsuro makes a living by selling the feathers on its body. It’s particular about leaving the feathers on its face and its tail though. That’s why it’s always half-naked. You can see this bird getting goosebumps all the time because it gets scared or moved by all the little things. When it sees fried chicken, Tatsuro reflexively gets goosebumps! Fried chicken is something that Tatsuro would never eat. French fries though, that’s its favorite food. 


Tottemo Kantan-kun (とってもかんたんくん) 

Kantan-kun is a confident boy. He takes on any kind of challenge saying “easy, easy” even when that task might seem a bit impossible. Tottemo Kantan-Kun is a character from San-X who strives to teach the importance of a determined spirit. “Even if something seems boring, you won’t understand until you try.” 


Tsuginohikerori (次の日ケロリ)

A special kind of San-X frog, Tsuginohikerori only looks green when he’s filled with worries. When he feels okay, he turns into a pure white frog! This cutie comes from the idea that no matter how shocking something might be, you’ll be able to handle it the next day. Tsuginohikerori’s catchphrase is “Well, good Kero.” 


Tsuri Puri Neko Nyanko (つるぷりネコンニャク)

A mysterious creature, the Tsuri Puri Neko Nyanko actually has the qualities of both a cat and a konnyaku or Japanese conjac jelly. These squishy jelly cats mainly live in pots. Though they have a clean personality, the Tsuri Puri Neko Nyanko get messy very easily if you neglect to take care of them. Their charm points are their clear, firm skin and a tail that seems easy to swallow. Tsuri Puri Neko Nyanko can slip away from the hands of those who try to catch it. 


Twin Angels (ツインエンジェルス)

Cloud bunnies, the Twin Angels are twin sisters that get along with one another. These cuties live above the clouds! Their charm points are their soft, fluffy, white fur and their round, round eyes. At night you can see the Twin Angels walking together under the starry sky! They love the stars and sparkling things. 


Twin Kogi-Chans (ふたごのコギちゃんたち) 

As the name implies, this San-X character duo is made up of twin corgis! You can see them in the neighborhood with their butts lined up like freshly baked bread. The twins are made up of the silly Pop who often gets caught in fences with its short legs and the reliable Kon who’s always trying to help his brother. The Twin Kogi-Chans are always having fun!


Ucky Monkey (ウッキーモンキー) 

A bright little monkey, Ucky lives in a world where the day starts when the sun greets everyone with a big “Banana Morning.” It’s all about bananas in Ucky’s Universe. Ucky lives in a banana house together with Cookie, and Lucky. It eats bananas every day to stay healthy! 


Wan Wan Wanko (わんわんわんこ)

This design line from San-X was super popular because of its cute dog photos. It had different photos of puppies with all sorts of breeds.


Wankoto Piroshi (わんことピロシ)

Wankoto Piroshi is actually a duo! It’s made up of Wanko, a puppy with a hole in its heart. Then there’s the solitary chick Piroshi who fits in the spot just perfectly. These two are always seen together even when they’re busy visiting their other friends. 


Wanroom (ワンルーム)

Imagine coming home tired from work to enter the studio room, Wanroom, a relaxing space where dogs have magically transformed into interior decor and home appliances. When you go into Wanroom, all the dog furniture greet you happily with a smile! There’s only one Wanroom in the world, and it exists in an ordinary apartment. Can you find it? 


With Kawamote-san. (こわもてさんと。)

Another group of animal characters from San-X, With Kawamote-san characters are kind of scared-y cats. Most of them run away when you see their face. Despite their fears, they try their best to be hospitable. They love rabbits and flowers. 


Yogur-kun (ヨーグルくん) 

This cutie was made for people who love yogurt. Yogur-kun is a homemade yogurt character. He’s perfect for your health and diet! His friends include Yogurt Mushroom-chan, Hachi-kun, and Pudding-kun. 


Yorisoinu (よりそいぬ) 

A dog that gently leans towards something, somewhere, or someone, Yorisoinu tries to comfort people. When you’re feeling tired, down, lonely, or even happy, this dog will be by your side. 


Yugata Shokudo (ゆうがた食堂)

A special restaurant, Yuguta Shokudo is run by the Usagi brothers. It’s called Yugata since the shape of a rabbit’s head resembles the letter U. The restaurant’s U-shaped croissant is the most popular item on the menu. 


Zetsumetsu shite yaru! (ぜつめつしてやる!) 

These animals were thought to be extinct from the earth but then they’ve been confirmed to be alive. The catchphrase of the Zetsumetsu shite yaru group is “I’ll give it to you.” When something sad or unpleasant happens, they say, “I’ll kill you” and then they turn into fossils. When something like that happens, all you have to do is put them in a room at 20°C and 45% humidity and they’ll return to normal. 


Zombit (ゾンビット)

Oh no! Cute rabbits from San-X have turned into energetic zombies called Zombit. These zombie rabbits are eager to bite and gnaw into anything and everything. 


There you have it! These are all of the characters that San-X has to offer. From the laid-back Rilakkuma to the divine Sukimaneko, all of San-X's characters have something cute and unique to offer the kawaii universe. They all have pretty unique backstories and personalities that help them stand out! 


Which of San-X’s characters do you like the most? Which one are you the most curious about? Don’t be shy, let’s get talking. We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to gush over San-X’s cuties in the comment section below. 

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