Relax With Rilakkuma!

Relax With Rilakkuma!

Relax With Rilakkuma!

It’s time to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures with Rilakkuma! This laid-back bear character from San-X is one of Japan's most popular kawaii icons. Spending its time napping, watching TV, and eating yummy food, Rilakkuma has become the Japanese symbol of self-care and rest! Everyone just loves chilling together with this cutie!

  • Japanese name: リラックマ (pronounced Rirakkuma) 
  • Nickname: Kuma 
  • Skills: Giving life advice 
  • Weakness: the scorching summer season
  • Favorite Food: Dango (rice dumplings) and pancakes 
  • Hobby: Relaxing, sleeping, lying around, watching television
  • Fun fact: Rilakkuma does nothing but grunt and lay around in his first Netflix series
Rilakkuma Dango


Rilakkuma Lounging

"Rilakkuma" is a mix of the Japanese words rilakksu (relax) and kuma (bear). It literally means “Relaxed Bear” and that's exactly what this kawaii creature is all about! Rilakkuma is a brown bear character who enjoys taking it easy. Its laid-back philosophy is a breath of fresh air in today's fast-paced world!

Rilakkuma Garden
Rilakkuma’s laid-back lifestyle always reminds us that we need to hit the pause button and just chill out sometimes.

Would you like to have a good time together?

We can all learn a thing or two from Rilakkuma about slowing down and savoring life's simple pleasures.



Rilakkuma Gender

Kawaii fans have so many questions about Rilakkuma. Like, is Rilakkuma a guy or a girl? Though this kawaii bear is sometimes referred to as a boy, Rilakkuma is a chill character that never reveals its actual gender. This cutie is all about relaxing, not about labels!



Rilakkuma's Suit

Another curious thing about Rilakkuma is the zipper on its back. It turns out that Rilakkuma is a mysterious creature that always wears a plushie costume with blue polka dot material! Its true form is unknown.



Rilakkuma Part of Hello Kitty

Contrary to popular belief, Rilakkuma is not part of the Hello Kitty family in Sanrio. No, it comes from San-X, a powerhouse maker of adorable characters like the Sumikko Gurashi, the Sentimental Circus, and Jinbesan who’ve stolen hearts all around the world.



When Rilkumma was first introduced by San-X artist Aki Kondo, this cutie came out of nowhere. It simply barged into Kaoru’s life on a quiet, normal day, deciding to stay in her home forever. Ever since then, Rilakkuma has been hanging out at Kaoru’s house doing nothing in particular. 



Rilakkuma Kaoru


Kaoru is the sweet office lady who finds herself living with Rilakkuma out of the blue. She is soft-spoken and mild-mannered. Sometimes Kaoru is bothered by Rilakkuma’s laid-back nature, but he makes up for it by giving some good life advice!




Korilakkuma wasn’t acquaintances with Rilakkuma when it decided to live together with Kaoru. Like Rilakkuma, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding Korilakkuma. It has a red button on its chest which has led many to believe that it may not be a real bear either!

Korilakkuma infographic

That doesn’t stop Korilakkuma from having fun though. This white bear cub is super mischievous - it just loves playing pranks! Did you know that the energetic Korilakkuma was made to complement Rilakkuma’s relaxed way of living?




Kiiroitori is a hard-working yellow chick that was Kaoru’s pet before Rilakkuma appeared in her house. He likes broccoli so much that he doesn’t mind when Rilakkuma throws it in his face!

Kiiroitori Infographic

Kiiroitori also likes to clean! From time to time he comes out of his cage to scold the lazy Rilakkuma and the hyperactive Korilakkuma. 




Unlike Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, Chairoikoguma doesn’t live in Kaoru’s house. No, this bear (and he is an actual bear) lives in Honey Forest. His best friend is Kumanbachi, a tiny honeybee.


Chairoikoguma has fangs when he opens his mouth. He also has bear prints on the soles of his feet. It’s hard not to sniff at Chairoikoguma - this cutie smells like honey! He loves honey so much that he even has honey on his butt sometimes.



Our lazy bear has definitely left its paw prints all over pop culture. Rilakkuma is so popular that it has its own shows! The first is “Rilakkuma and Kaoru,” a stop-animation Netflix series released in 2019. If you haven’t seen the show, then it's high time for you to check it out - this relaxing slice-of-life series will definitely fill your heart with warmth!


Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure

“Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure” is another stop-motion series that came out in 2022. The show is all about Rilakkuma and his friends having a day filled with fun, adventure, and friendship at an amusement park that’s about to close its doors forever.


That’s not all! Rilakkuma also has his own games like Rilakkuma Farm, Rilakkuma at Home, Rilakkuma no Mainichi, and more. Whether it's in fashion, television, gaming, or merchandise, Rilakkuma’s influence is undeniable!



Rilakkuma Goodies

From Rilakkuma plush toys to Rilakkuma stationery, Rilakkuma apparel, and even Rilakkuma home goods, this cute Japanese bear is everywhere! Starting a Rilakkuma collection could be the perfect hobby for those who can't get enough of this relaxing bear. Plus, there are loads of cool digital goodies, like apps and digital stickers, for those tech-savvy fans!



Seeing how loved this lazy bear is, it comes as no surprise that Rilakkuma has his very own shops and cafes! There are so many of them around it’s hard to keep count.

One is the pop-up Rilakkuma cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo. Held from March 9 to April 16, this cafe was made in celebration of Rilakkuma’s 20th anniversary!

This tea time will be fun. Would you like some tea? 

It offered Rilakkuma-themed cakes, parfaits, sodas, and floats. It also had limited-edition plushies, tote bags, and other goodies that fans bought as souvenirs.


Rilakkuma Tea Shop

Another is the Rilakkuma shop and cafe in Arashiyama, Kyoto.The onsen-themed store sells exclusive plushies as well as other Rilakkuma merch. Meanwhile, the Rilakkuma Sabo tea house next to it lets you fill up on Rilakkuma-themed curries, meals, and desserts. Rilakkuma crepes from the tea house are perfect for take-out!


Fans who missed the pop-up cafe don’t have to worry! Rilakkuma also has permanent shops inside Kiddy Land in Harajuku and Ikebukuro. There’s also another permanent Rilakkuma store in Character Street in Tokyo station too!



Rilakkuma Wedding

The Japanese love Rilakkuma so much, they want him to be part of their once-in-a-life-time memories! Japanese wedding company Escrit offered fans a Rilakkuma Bridal fair in 2020, allowing brides and grooms to have the kawaii wedding of their dreams. The Rilakkuma Wedding plan included Rilakkuma decor, dessert, cake, and a Greeting Plan where life-sized Rilakkuma characters attend the actual wedding.



Rilakkuma Police Officer

Did you know that Japan has also turned Rilakkuma into a police officer? In 2021, the prefecture of Saitama in Japan decided to appoint the cute, relaxed bear as its Police Traffic Safety Public Relations Ambassador. You might wonder why knowing that Rilakkuma just likes to laze around, but it seems like it does a good job of promoting traffic safety on popular social media platforms.



Rilakkuma and Mental Health

These days, Rilakkuma has been especially popular because of his impact on the movement for mental health awareness. Rilakkuma's chilled-out ethos reminds everyone to take time to relax and take care of themselves. This cutie symbolizes the need for balance in our lives, a message that resonates with many around the globe.



Rilakkuma Relaxing

So, there you have it! Rilakkuma, the charmingly lazy bear from San-X, is a whole mood, a symbol of self-care, and a pop culture icon.

Thank you, for all your warm smiles

Embrace the laid-back life, slow down, and remember to make time for pancakes and naps, just like Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma Cat Onesies

What's your favorite Rilakkuma moment or your fave Rilakkuma merchandise? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We can't wait to read about it!


  • I have a rilakkuma pliush

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  • I love rilakkuma so much, Korilakkuma is my favorite of the kumas though. So precious! My favorite collection is the cat one, I bought the stationary and it’s too cute to use, I just stare at it and appreciate the beauty.

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  • The Rilakkuma wedding’s too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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